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Mobile Marketing May 2011


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Mobile Marketing, a copy of the presentation delivered by Mark Challinor, Telegraph Media Group from the CIM Peterborough, Digital Marketing Boot Camp held on 25th May 2011 at Perkins Innovation Centre

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Mobile Marketing May 2011

  1. 1. Phones or shoes? Double the 2-5 year olds can play with a smartphone app (19%)… …than can tie their shoes (9%)2010 AVG study
  2. 2. Mobile MarketingA new interaction and revenue stream … lessons from the news publishing industry Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile and Interactive Services, Telegraph Media Group
  3. 3. 1
  4. 4. UK quality newspaper market Average Daily Readership (000s) 2,000 1,800 1,751 1,600 1613 1,400 1,200 (000s) 1,000 1130 800 600 556 400 391 200 0 es ph es n t en ia m m ra rd nd Ti Ti g a le pe e Gu l ia Te Th de nc e ily In Th na Da e Fi ThSource: NRS Oct 09 – Sep 10
  5. 5. Europe Newspapers: 2,398North AmericaNewspapers: 1,577 Middle East Newspapers: 272 Asia Newspapers: 5,071 Africa Newspapers: 400 Latin America South Pacific Newspapers: 1,400 Newspapers: 89 2
  6. 6. INMA: Our focus in 2011Theme: practicalities of transition from “news on paper” to multi-media 1. Culture change, processes to support transition 2. Paid content opportunities in “passion niches” 3. Integrating advertising sales 4. Reallocation of marketing 5. Revenue opportunities with mobiles/tablets
  7. 7. Are we aware of where our customersare or are moving to?We envision literally, a billion peoplegetting inexpensive, browser-basedtouch-screen devices over the nextfew years” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, 2011
  8. 8. Environment: Mass Market Factors?• Individual mobility up• Sense of community changes: change from geography to interests (25 yr old London/NYC)• Consuming more media, but in smaller bites• Multi-task activities more than ever• Technology transforming the market esp. net, mobile
  9. 9. Mobile Attributes• Ubiquitous “Always On” Access - Reach your audience in the right place at the right time – they always have their mobile phone with them• Viral – 1 in 4 forward campaign participants “refer a friend”• Actionability/ Interactivity – adds a level of interactivity to marketing, regardless of the media, that no other technology can…and allows the consumer to act on impulse – no need to make a call, tear something out, go online etc.• Measurability – campaigns can be tracked and monitored
  10. 10. Mobile Attributes• Qualified Respondents – by “texting in, consumers are expressing a clear interest in your product or brand – these lists if used creatively and responsibly will be an extremely valuable and effective way to reach your audience for years. (With number portability people may very well keep the same mobile number for their entire lives).• Low Cost – given the high conversion rates and the relative low cost of using mobile, consumer acquisition costs can be much lower in the mobile space• High Conversion Rates – we have seen conversion rates on text campaigns as high as 80% . On average, conversion rates for text have been dramatically higher than print or online (up to 10% )
  11. 11. Telegraph mobile strategy Build customer interaction Data collection opportunity Objectives/Advantages to Generate new revenue mobile marketing strategy Facilitate content collection & distribution Added value to advertisers Provide bridge to younger audiences Brand association new technology
  12. 12. Mobile at The Telegraph 2010 into 2011 Free mobile internet site 2m unique users a month ( 300,000+ News app downloads Free iPhone apps (e.g. News, World Cup, Crosswords Lite) 280,000+ World Cup app downloads Paid apps (e.g. Fantasy Fantasy Football app #2 in the paid Football, Crosswords Full) download chart (250,000+ teams) Sponsored apps (e.g. F1, TaylorMade Golf, Jaguar) Commercially-lucrative potential Tablets: iPad v1 Free. 126,000 downloads. Sponsored
  13. 13. Tablets (esp. iPad): next mobile frontier  iPad launched in the UK in "iPads will save June 2010 (not years ago!) newspapers, they really will.”  +500k in market now… growing fast  Telegraph v.1 app launched in Sep 2010 (free…now!)  Strategy for iPad is core to our future business model - Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever
  14. 14. 6x longer ad interactions30 seconds: the average time auser is interacting with anonline ad on the iPad6x: it‟s six times longer thanhe/she is spending on the samead on a desktop pc.Pintroll & Ad Marvel Report via 2010
  15. 15. Compare the no. of days it took toreach 1m units sold! iPad 2 sold ½m in first weekend!
  16. 16. Further measurement:analytics package• 1. About the User• Visits, sessions, visitors• 2. About the App• Article or views and product type, outbound links, conversions, media plays by media type (ie video) and title• 3. About the Device• Device O.S., connection type
  17. 17. Results and feedback iPad consumers don‟t just want the web  Consumers want a highly- curated experience on their tablet devices  Not just a website  Real-time news is not important  Will go to other sources for that  There are some „newspaper‟ essentials before they will pay e.g. crossword  Personalisation is perceived as an added benefitAugust 2010 data: IAB.
  18. 18. So what now?
  19. 19. Telegraph iPad v2 iPad Version 2, out now. – deeper, much more of the newspaper – Interactive graphics and video – include crossword and other essentials – paid-for…or free…
  20. 20. The product…• £9.99 per month for new App Store customers – „Bedrock‟ of digital subscriptions• £1.19 for a daily edition – First paper to offer this• The Telegraph iPad edition – Not the newspaper• FREE for print subscribers
  21. 21. The key issues• Learning from V.1 has informed product development – We have taken the time to get this right; our free app has been a great asset – Daily edition makes app accessible and provides a great sampling opportunity• App is added value for existing subscribers – We‟re committed to giving subscribers access to Telegraph when/how they want it – Builds upon value strategy started with our loyalty programme last year• Research indicates that the iPad is complementary to the newspaper, not a substitute – We have an iPad edition with digital features e.g. video, animation – Supplements, lifestyle content not in the iPad edition: print completes package at weekend
  22. 22. Some proof points• There are more over 55s with iPads than under 35s – Resonates with Telegraph audience• 25% of iPad owners say their iPad usage has been additional to their current media consumption i.e. not at the expense of other media – The iPad generates more reading occasions.• 50% of owners share their iPad with other members of their family – Understanding household consumption patterns is vital (2 per h/hold). “Fair use policy”Source: YouGov survey of iPad owners, Feb 2011
  23. 23. Already popular feature• Night Reading Mode…
  24. 24. Normal Reading Mode
  25. 25. Night Reading Mode
  26. 26. But let‟s not forget the basics…e.g. the importance of SMS still!• The first commercial text message was sent in December 1992.• Today, the number of text messages sent and received everyday, exceeds the population of the planet!
  27. 27. Sponsored ads by SMS MiD DAY provides content via news alerts to subscriber base (twice a day).• Challenge: to create subscriber base for news alerts, marketable to advertisers for rev gen.• Revenue is generated via advertiser messages at the end of every news alert sent.• The service was extensively promoted by MiD DAY through print, radio, online.
  28. 28. When would you expect mobile usage? office after work Travel to way to work get up work at home Relevance for mobile advertisers morning forenoon afternoon evening SMS push messaging
  29. 29. Reality!• Big Brother• X-Factor• Dancing with the Stars• I‟m a Celebrity…• Soapstar Superstar!• Etc.
  32. 32. What Other Mobile Services will webe able to Offer in the Future?
  33. 33. The Mobile Future!• Location based services (• Couponing/ticketing/bar coding• 3G/4G development (LTE…faster web, video, voice)• Enhanced Ad services (“click to call” ads etc)• Augmented Reality (CGI v reality)• “Pay for it” services (• Mobile social• Mobile payment systems…
  34. 34. The Mobile Opportunity• Mobile can add a new dimension to your marketing• It can rejuvenate products and markets• It can enhance positioning, brand or service• It can provide a new, modern way, for customers to interact• It can generate a powerful segmented, usable database• It can be an excellent content distribution method• It can be a revenue stream• But…do have a strategy!
  35. 35. The Telegraph media family SMARTPHONE Breaking news, utility or fun Luxurious, complete, older NEWSPAPER demographic (weekday), lifestyle (weekend) Highly curated, once-a-day, TABLET aimed at time-poor, younger demographic WEB Search-driven; archive and multi-media
  36. 36. Key takeaways/lessons?• Think about your future audiences and where they will be.• Talk to mobile experts who can guide you. Remember it‟s a new space for everyone. Don‟t be afraid to experiment.• Have a mobile strategy!• Keep abreast of new developments: new ideas/trends• Dominate your market with relevant apps/mobile services• Focus on mobile optimisation of all the content in your ecosystem.• Be relevant!• Do something!
  37. 37. Thanks for listening! Twitter: @challinor