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Wheat Initiative: A global research coordination platform for wheat improvement


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Presentation delivered by Dr. Helene Lucas (Wheat Initiative, France) at Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Security. March 25 - 28, 2014, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.

Published in: Science, Technology
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Wheat Initiative: A global research coordination platform for wheat improvement

  1. 1. Celebrating 100 years of Dr. Norman Borlaug Ciudad Obregón, March 25-28, 2014 Hélène Lucas (International Scientific Coordinator) A global research coordination platform for wheat improvement
  2. 2. 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 2 An international partnership for wheat improvement research • A framework to identify synergies and facilitate collaborations for wheat improvement at the international level • Created in 2011 following endorsement by G20 Agriculture Ministries to improve food security
  3. 3. • Vision: a vibrant global wheat research community sharing resources, capabilities, data and ideas to improve wheat land productivity, quality and sustainable production • Mission: develop a global Strategic Research Agenda and support its implementation through coordinated actions, knowledge and resource sharing and efficient investment 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 3 Vision and Mission
  4. 4. 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 4 Facilitating delivery by leveraging synergies and collaborations
  5. 5. Expert Working Groups Established • Wheat Information System • International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium • Genetics and Genomics of Durum Wheat • Wheat Breeding Methods and Strategies • Wheat Phenotyping to Support Wheat Improvement • Wheat Plant and Crop Modelling Newly approved • Control of wheat pathogens and pests • Adaptation of wheat to abiotic stress Under development • Genetic resources • Quality • Nutrient use efficiency • Agronomy
  6. 6. Initial outcomes of the Wheat Initiative EWGs Wheat Information System 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 6 Wheat Genome Sequence Bioinformatics experts from 7 countries & CIMMYT working together to develop the WheatIS IWGSC-ICC taskforce created to raise funds
  7. 7. From an international vision… 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 7
  8. 8. • Increase yield potential • Protect yield • Protect the environment and increase sustainability of wheat production systems • Improve quality and safety • Deliver / share methods, resources and capabilities • Promote and support knowledge exchange, education and capacity building 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 8 … to a Strategic Research Agenda Components WHEATCRP IWYP BGRI IWGSC
  9. 9. Global alliance for wheat research targeted at developing countries Executes prioritised activities along 5 flagship projects Funded by philantropic, aid, private and public organisations Expert Working Groups Knowledge sharing Capacity building Contribution of research programs to the Wheat Initiative NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATED PROGRAMMES Facilitates coordination of wheat research, information and knowledge sharing Enables and supports formation of international Expert Working Groups on priority topics /addressing gaps Advocates for wheat and programme funding from wheat stakeholders Does not execute research projects
  10. 10. The Wheat Initiative is • A science-led initiative • A way to bridge national and international programmes • A mechanism for the wheat community to identify gaps, and to define and update research priorities • An information platform for institutions to establish investment priorities • An opportunity for public & private funders to support international programmes • Self-funded through members The Wheat Initiative is • Not a research programme • Not competing with existing national or international initiatives • Not a funding entity The Wheat Initiative in summary 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 10
  11. 11. Raising the profile of wheat and working together to add value for all Farmers Industry Consumers International consortia National research programs WHEAT CRP Research programmes NARS Extension Services delivering Delivery of research outcomes Research providers ARIs NARS Universitie s Etc. Etc. CGIAR National funding agencies International funding agencies Foundations Aid agencies Funders Private Sector
  12. 12. 15 countries, 9 private companies, 2 international organisations All countries and companies welcome!
  13. 13. 08/04/2014, Borlaug 100, # 13 Contact: