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Increasing maize productivity and varietal diversity in Pakistan


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Abdu Rahman Beshir (Ph.D.) / CIMMYT-Pakistan / /

Published in: Science
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Increasing maize productivity and varietal diversity in Pakistan

  1. 1. Increasing maize productivity and varietal diversity in Pakistan: Experiences from CIMMYT-AIP AbduRahman Beshir (PhD) CIMMYT-Pakistan 14th Oct. 2014, University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  2. 2. Outline CIMMYT and GMP in brief Maize in Pakistan Opportunities and challenges AIP-maize projects Diversity of maize germplasms under AIP AIP maize partners
  3. 3. CIMMYT and Global Maize Program A non-profit R4D international organization Research in the 1940-50s and officially in 1966 More than 700 staff from 38 countries in 18 offices A major custodian of world’s maize and wheat 150,000 wheat and 27,000 maize accessions CIMMYT’s Global Programs
  4. 4. CIMMYT’s-GMP Use maize genetic resources to provide high yielding varieties Work with partners to generate and share knowledge Offer training in maize breeding and crop management About 50 internationally recruited scientists GMP projects: DTMA,IMAS,IRMA,WEMA,HTMA… MAIZE-CRP (
  5. 5. Maize in Pakistan  The third most important cereal crop  Area coverage 1.12 million ha. (PBS,2013)  First in productivity among all cereals  In an increasing trend in the past and projected to increase in the future  Maize production increased by 76% (1994-2013)  Food, feed and alternative energy
  6. 6. Opportunities Diverse agro ecology (Spring and Kharif) Potential to achieve high yield per unit area Demand is projected to increase (food, feed) Export potential (China, Afghanistan, Iran, ME) The untapped seed and wet milling industry Growing middle class and food habit Available technologies for maize farming
  7. 7. Challenges Lack of diverse maize germplasm Low variety turn over: between 1993-2012 Pakistan 16 varieties ( 6 hybrids) India 104 varieties (64 hybrids) South Africa > 400 varieties Absence of vibrant maize seed industry (> 85% seed import) Lack of skill in variety development & seed production Poor agronomic practices Climate change : planting and harvesting dates…
  8. 8. Maize seed import and value in USD in Pakistan (drawn from FSC&RD data) Rs 3.6 Billion Annually
  9. 9. AIP maize project areas Climate resilient maize Biofortified maize Maize tolerant to biotic stresses Enhancing the maize seed sector
  10. 10. Diversity of maize varieties under AIP Introduction and evaluation of more than 680 maize germplasm: 332 white maize hybrids 30 white maize OPVs 28 yellow maize hybrids 50 white QPM 10 Yellow QPM 24 Provitamin A hybrids 75 Provitamin A inbreds for evaluation Seed increase of 137 parental lines Diverse maturity group: EPOP, EHYB, IHYB, LHYB Public-private partnership in variety evaluation
  11. 11. NARS involved in AIP-maize variety evaluation No Partner institution Province 1 Maize and Millet Research Institute (MMRI) Punjab 2 Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI) KPK 3 National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) ICT 4 Jullundur Private Ltd Punjab 5 Four brothers seed company Punjab 6 Ali Akbar Group Punjab 7 ICI Pakistan Ltd Punjab 8 Petal Seed Company KPK 9 Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)-Dadu Sindh 10 Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)-Quetta Balochistan 11 Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)-Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan 12 Department of Agriculture AJK 13 University of Agriculture Faisalabad Punjab 14 University of Agriculture Peshawar KPK 15 Tara Crop Sciences Punjab 16 Kanzo Seeds Pvt Punjab 17 Tassko seeds Pvt Sindh
  12. 12. AIP maize- trial sites in Pakistan
  13. 13. Preliminary results of the top 10 white hybrids out of 40, LHYB14 Spring 2014 Entry Name Yield t/ha Rank 8 CZH131007 11.16 1 12 CZH132064 9.77 2 18 CZH132070 9.77 3 20 CZH132073 9.59 4 21 CZH132074 9.57 5 9 CZH131008 9.34 6 7 CZH131006 9.34 7 39 Local check 9.28 8 22 CZH132075 9.28 9 1 CZH122 9.22 10 Mean 7.64 LSD (0.05) 1.85 MSe 1.28 CV 14.80 p 0.000
  14. 14. Thank you!