Ayub khan presentation at cilipwm agm 2012


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Ayub Khan's presentation on Career Planning

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Ayub khan presentation at cilipwm agm 2012

  1. 1. Career PlanningWednesday 18th April 2011 Ayub KhanHead of Libraries (Strategy) ayubkhan@warwickshire.gov.uk
  2. 2. Career Development Group Context LIS Landscape (types of Jobs) SWOT analysis Risk Management Other considerations Career planning Getting involved professionally Summary
  3. 3. “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step “ Chinese Proverb
  4. 4. Me ! Sat Assistant Ass Community Librarian Open Learning Development Officer Learning Resources Librarian J/S Children and Young People OOHL (secondment –outside sector) Principal Project Officer Quality & Operations Manager Head of Libraries (Strategy)
  5. 5. - Your Career YOU Job for Life Portfolio Career?
  6. 6. Types of Jobs available Public Libraries Academic Libraries Education and training sector Workplace libraries Learned societies, professional bodies Research
  7. 7. Types of Jobs Government Libraries Law sector Publishing sector Technology-based jobs Lecturing/training Library supply: the book and ICT trade
  8. 8. Swot Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Good Training Policy Lack of Progression 20 days’ annual leave Poor physical surrounding IIP status Inflexible leave Good after-work social life arrangements Opportunities Threats Recession means funding isBoss have 6 months to retire shaky and the library may be vulnerableChance to travel toconferences IT sections is making a stronger bid than the libraryNew restructuring due to to run knowledgehappen management
  9. 9. Risk Management  Risk analysis  Take risks  Track Job markets
  10. 10. Other Considerations inCareer Planning Are you happy with what you are doing? What really interest you? Serial Temporary work? What other benefits does a package offer?
  11. 11. Continue Flexibility Where do you want to be in five years time? Life-work balance
  12. 12. Looking sideways.. and back Other opportunities in your organisation Short –term posting (transfers) Secondments (in and outside your organisation) Working Groups – additional responsibilities, Lead Officer role localities
  13. 13. Career Planning Analyse your current/future lifestyle Analyse your likes/dislikes Analyse your passions Analyse your strengths and weaknesses Analyse your definition of strengths Analyse your personality Analyse your dream job Analyse your current situation
  14. 14. Joining a professional groups
  15. 15. Why shall I get involved? Your professional organisation can alert you to new thinking and developments – especially useful in times of rapid change Professional activities can extend and complement your day to day work Involvement in a professional association helps to develop your skills and career
  16. 16. More Benefits of involvement Learn about the conduct of meetings and dynamics of groups in different settings Gain experience and skills in new areas Making contacts with people willing to offer help and support with career development
  17. 17. Personal Benefits from activities Forming a broader cross-sectoral view of lis service provision Compare experience and practice with colleagues working in other organisations Gaining understanding of new specialises after changing jobs and/ or moving sectors Contributing to national policies and strategies for libraries and information Developing/pursuing personal interests and influencing professional practice
  18. 18. Think about ? Experience Education Skills Knowledge Training
  19. 19. Taking a worldwide approach
  20. 20. Good Luck…..