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Slic show and_tell_cilips_2014

  1. 1. Public Library Improvement Fund  2013 Grants Health & Wellbeing Amina Shah, SLIC CEO
  2. 2. Why Take Control? • One in three people face cancer • Information on the internet can be unreliable, confusing and even dangerous • Patients and their families need resources close to home • A single focus service, engaging specialist professionals maximising chances of lasting success • Encouraging self referral reduced reliance on health professional referrals and widened potential service use • Patient self management is encouraged and gives people back some control
  3. 3. Partners A small project team was deliberately set up to make sure the decision making process was effective and focused. It meant it was easier to schedule meetings where everyone was present
  4. 4. Planning Process • Bid prepared for funding sent to SLIC • A plan was written to identify realistic targets to ensure project was completed in time • It was decided to aim the collection at both cancer patients and their families • Referrals could be done via both health professionals but self referral was to be strongly encouraged • A Collection Policy was written to allow us to identify potential material and keep the collection relevant
  5. 5. Collections to include: • Cancer types and treatment based upon the most common cancers identified in Tayside but also to try and include material on other cancers • We looked up Amazon to see what titles were being purchased • Nutrition and exercise - whilst undergoing treatment this is an area the medical profession often do not have time to discuss fully with patients and their families • Relaxation and mindfulness • Survivor’s stories - more and more people are surviving cancer
  6. 6. Promotional Material • We tried to brand the material to match the colour of the quick pick units we had chosen to house the collections • Angus Council Design unit devised a logo and colours were used to reflect the branding • Posters – Surgeries, Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Citizen’s Advice, Shops • Leaflets for health professionals • Explanatory leaflets • Credit card sized reminders to put in purses or wallets • Feedback bookmarks • All promotional material was reviewed by health professionals and patients to ensure we had the correct terminology
  7. 7. Marketing • To engage both health professionals and the public information about the new service was drip fed to local newspapers • Partners in NHS Tayside provided us with avenues we had never heard about! We had press releases on the NHS Intranet • ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) • We used social media on our own facebook site and the Angus NHS news • Adverts were run on local radio for two weeks • Social media – facebook and now a web presence
  8. 8. Getting the message out • Health Professionals put us in touch with Practice Managers, Pharmacists, Hospitals • Presentations were scheduled at CMRR Groups (Community Medicine and Rehabilitation Redesign) – GP’s, Consultants, Specialist nurses, Social Workers, OT’s, Physiotherapists • Libraries were encouraged to visit surgeries
  9. 9. Pre launch • Procedures were drawn up for library staff • Very important staff are discreet and books are issued in confidence • A staff member joined a Sage training, a course designed for medical receptionists to help people in distress • Altered our loan period so that people did not get unwelcome reminders at a time they may be having treatment • The location of the collections is important so they are visible yet allow people who may not have told their families about a diagnosis privacy to browse • We signposted people to other support agencies
  10. 10. Monitoring • LMS Statistics will tell us how many times particular books are being borrowed • We can see how the collections are being used in different locations • Hits to the website and the way people interact with it are recorded monthly • Feedback bookmarks tell us how people find out about the collection and its relevance to them
  11. 11. The way forward……. Chi gung? Creative writing? Benefits advice? Collections for other conditions?
  12. 12. For more information
  13. 13. Keep Well With Your Library A health project supported by SLIC and  the Scottish Government Public Library  Quality Improvement Fund
  14. 14. East Dunbartonshire Asset Map
  15. 15. Ramblers Scotland Medal Routes  leaflet
  16. 16. Walking group leaving from Milngavie  Library with promotional bag
  17. 17. Walking group leaving from Milngavie  Library with promotional bag
  18. 18. Volunteers looking at the contents of  Memory Boxes
  19. 19. The Holidays Memory Box
  20. 20. Our listening group
  21. 21. Creative Art Therapy Session
  22. 22. Creative Art Therapy Session
  23. 23. Creative Art Therapy Session
  24. 24. Leaflet promoting the joint approach to supporting long term conditions in East Dunbartonshire
  25. 25. Timetable of Groups, Classes and  Activities
  26. 26. NHS leaflets on various long  term conditions
  27. 27. First meeting of a new Stroke Support  Group
  28. 28. Alphabet Soup: health literacy with Inverclyde Libraries
  29. 29. Alphabet Soup Launch with Fischy Music
  30. 30. Alphabet Soup … the competition! We asked for … Your favourite healthy recipe and the story behind it (primary & secondary age) Artwork of your favourite healthy meal or food (nursery school age)
  31. 31. Events: storytellers at our libraries
  32. 32. Chef sessions at local schools and nurseries
  33. 33. Open days with fantastic facepainting
  34. 34. Partnership with West College Scotland
  35. 35. Alphabet Soup Social Media
  36. 36. Alphabet Soup Resources
  37. 37. Alphabet Soup Celebration
  38. 38. Carrot and Honey Soup By Marisa, age 8
  39. 39. Grannie’s Soup By Mikey, age 3
  40. 40. Tree with Blueberries By Freya, age 4 ½
  41. 41. Avocado & Bean Salad in a Lettuce Wrap By Rachel, age 14
  42. 42. Happy Carrots & Apples By Edward, age 4 ¾ Mince & Potatoes By Logan, age 4
  43. 43. Alphabet Soup: Ingredients 1 great launch event 3 new kitchens 2 Alphabet Soup Story and Song Sessions (West College Scotland) 8 storyteller sessions (at libraries and Young People’s Centres) 10 chef demonstration sessions LOTS of new books linked to healthy eating for 0-16 year olds (and families) Healthy locally-sourced recipe books for every family in Inverclyde 1 fun celebration of Alphabet Soup project 1 partnership with local college 3 open days with family facepainting 600 Alphabet Soup entries 392 adults attending events 795 children and teenagers attending events
  44. 44. Health and Wellbeing Information in Libraries Rhona Arthur Senior Manager, Information and Culture North Ayrshire Council
  45. 45. Gaun Yersel - Self-Management Strategy The Scottish Government Strategy calls for: • People to have more access to high quality information about their condition and its impact on their life. • People to have more access to support including peer support. Increased provision of emotional and mental health support for people with long term physical conditions. • A change in culture so that people - those receiving and those delivering services - have the confidence and capacity to work together as partners. • Better partnerships working by NHS, voluntary sector and local authorities. Scottish Government & The Local Term Conditions Alliance Scotland (LTCAS), Gaun Yersel: The Self Management Strategy for Long Term Conditions in Scotland, 2008
  46. 46. Health and Wellbeing Information in Libraries Project Background  Libraries at the heart of the community providing: health information; community spaces; book/knitters groups; access to Internet and signposting  Already many links between libraries, NHS and other partners e.g. Macmillan, Public Partnership Forum and Action on Hearing  Successful funding bid from the Public Library Improvement Fund, Scottish Government through the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC)  Produce publicity to help raise awareness of our services to health professionals in order that they can signpost to their clients  Reciprocal promotion and support of health and wellbeing projects in libraries
  47. 47. Project Team  North Ayrshire Libraries, South Ayrshire Libraries and East Ayrshire Leisure  Self-Management Network Co-ordinator from NHS Ayrshire & Arran  Health Information & Resources Service  Managed Clinical Networks – Diabetes, Respiratory  Macmillan Cancer Information Services  Keep Well Programme – Coronary Heart Disease/Diabetes  VASA – Voluntary Action South Ayrshire
  48. 48. Project Plan – Team Talks Self-Management Network Keep Well Programme Podiatry – Enablement and High Risk Speech and Language Therapists Moving on Together patient self-management programme Diabetes Managed Clinical Network VASA – Voluntary Action South Ayrshire – Strictly Seniors Event Respiratory Patient Group
  49. 49. Team Talk Outcomes • Raised awareness of libraries and how they can support self-management – engaged with around 230 health professionals • Resources in libraries, e.g. Speech and Language parents’ book in North Ayrshire libraries • Group using library spaces, e.g. Voice Group • Poster and leaflet publicity, based on feedback from talks
  50. 50. Launch 9th May – Greenwood Conference Centre
  51. 51. What’s Next?  Distribution list for materials  Further promotion at NHS team meetings  Promotion at Health events e.g. Diabetes Conference, Ayr Hospital and Mindfulness Conference, Irvine  Poster at NHS Scotland Event, Glasgow 3-4th June  Presentation at Cilips (Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals, Scotland) Conference, Dundee 2-3rd June  Possibility of further funding bid to extend project
  52. 52. What’s Next?  Distribution list for materials  Further promotion at NHS team meetings  Promotion at Health events e.g. Diabetes Conference, Ayr Hospital and Mindfulness Conference, Irvine  Poster at NHS Scotland Event, Glasgow 3-4th June  Presentation at Cilips (Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals, Scotland) Conference, Dundee 2-3rd June  Possibility of further funding bid to extend project
  53. 53. Health and Wellbeing Information in Libraries Contacts If you would like us to come and talk to your team about how public libraries can help support your project in the community, please use the following contacts: Alison McAllister – North Ayrshire Libraries Systems and Support Officer Joan Black – South Ayrshire Libraries Lifelong Learning Librarian Julia Harvey – East Ayrshire Leisure Systems and Support Officer