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Please find below the latest news from fei7 june 22 13


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Please find below the latest news from fei7 june 22 13

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile users: . Time to party: Let's rock Berlin! With the last scores of the day shown and noted, the World Championships' arena will turn into your number one hotspot for partying all night long every night of the week (August 4- 11) in Berlin. The organisers have spared no expense in order to create for the riders and guests a truly unique setup of rock'n'roll to the sounds of Bavarian Oktoberfest, Icelandic folk, dancefloor hits and back. The after-show parties will provide the best in entertainment to all visitors - here's just a first sneak peek into what they have in store for you: The Clogs have been touring successfully through Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria for many years, and it is their sound and look which makes for an amazing experience on stage and in the party hall. Sebastian Frisch will come and join us with his band - he is the creator of the official WM 2013 theme song "Gait(e)s to the Heart", and of course he'll be performing that popular tune alongside other well- known hits. Jim and Dean Blues are true globetrotters, playing their songs to audiences the world over, and once you hear the familiar sounds of "Everybody Needs Somebody", you'll know that you're in for a fabulous ride. These "Berlin Blues Brothers" are true masters of their craft, and they will guarantee an evening of splendid entertainment for all generations. Helgi Björns has been Iceland's musical superhero for around three decades, and his amazing sound which is both powerful and emotional is not only suited to make Icelanders rejoice. Whether it was his band called "SSSól" in the early stages of his outstanding career or today's highly popular "Reiðmenn vindanna" - Helgi fills concert halls wherever he goes. His special program "Helgi Björns and friends" will happen at the World Championships on August 8. Much more Soul, Jazz and Pop will be offered to the guests, and just to give everyone a little "Early Oktoberfest Flavour", we are proud to have Antonia with us, a true party legend who with her friend and partner DJ Ötzi covered his own no. 1 song "Anton aus Tirol" and then climbed the charts in her own right. She has only one thing on her mind: having a great time at World Championships 2013 and adding to the can't-miss lineup of superstars which will rock this place! Book your tickets at . Spectacular opening of World Championships 2013 'Action' and 'Emotion' - those are the names of both shows presented at the opening of the World Championships 2013 with 8 and 12 Lusitanos, respectively. The organizers of WC 2013 (August 4-11) have managed to sign worldwide superstar Lorenzo as their headlining performer. True to its name, it will feature throughout its 2.5-3-hour-long program the best of the best with lots of equestrian action. After the
  2. 2. relay ride will have passed through the historic Brandenburger Tor and before competitions begin at Berlin Karlshorst, this will be the place to be on August 4 with all entertainment kicking into high gear at 15:00h. Next to Lorenzo and his unique performances, come and enjoy Belgium's 'Thunderguys' with all their stunts and colorful fun in the heart of the WC 2013 arena. There will be jumping, dressage, races, Friesians, Roman chariots and so much more. You'll be surprised by this world full of discovery! Furthermore, the hundreds of WC 2013 relay riders will end their journey in front of our great crowd in the stadium, and the audience on this Sunday afternoon will also be welcoming into the arena all participants of the World Championships from as many as 17 countries in a grand celebration. Tickets for 'HorsePower' are now available through the ticketing system on the WM 2013 website: . FEIF Events until 19 November 2013 22-Jul - 28-Jul FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde Norway 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships 2013 Berlin Germany 06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Stockholm Sweden 03-Oct - 04-Oct Sport Judges Test Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany 25-Oct - 27-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2013 Malmö Sweden 25-Oct - 27-Oct WorldFengur Work-Shop Malmö Sweden FEIF WorldRanking Events until 26 August 2013 22-Jun Switzerland Grenchen Islandpferde Turnier 22-Jun - 23-Jun Denmark Hundested Elitestævne A 22-Jun - 23-Jun Germany Dorsten OSI Dorsten 2013 22-Jun - 23-Jun Great Britain Marston British Championships and summer show 22-Jun - 23-Jun Netherlands Oirschot Breidablik A+ wedstrijd 28-Jun - Finland Åland Finnish championships
  3. 3. 30-Jun 28-Jun - 30-Jun Germany Großholzleute OSI & BW Meisterschaft Alpenhof 2013 28-Jun - 30-Jun Netherlands Noord-Sleen Fitjar kwalificatiewedstrijd 29-Jun - 30-Jun Germany Bebelsheim Mittsommernatchtstunrier und Isihammer 2013 03-Jul - 07-Jul Iceland Vesturlands Fjórðungsmót Vesturlands 04-Jul - 07-Jul Norway Grimstad Norwegian Championships 04-Jul - 07-Jul Sweden Norrköping Svenska Mästerskapen 04-Jul - 07-Jul Switzerland Brunnadern Schweizermeisterschaften 05-Jul - 07-Jul Austria Semriach ÖM und Jugendmeisterschaften, 3rd WM qualification 05-Jul - 07-Jul Germany Schwanewede Witt Cup 2013 06-Jul - 07-Jul France Kappelkinger Concours de Kappelkinger 11-Jul - 14-Jul Denmark Herning DM- RID 2013 11-Jul - 14-Jul Germany Lindlar DIM 2013 11-Jul - 14-Jul Iceland Borgarnes Íslandsmót í hestaíþróttum 11-Jul - 14-Jul Netherlands Oirschot Wedstrijden Zuid / NK 19-Jul - 21-Jul Sweden Romme Sommarmästerskapen SM-kval WR 24-Jul - 28-Jul Germany Ellenbach DJIM 2013 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships Berlin (DE) World Championships 2013
  4. 4. 22-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Wehrheim OSI Hirtenhof 2013 23-Aug - 25-Aug Austria Gänserndorf Niederösterreichische Landesmeisterschaften 23-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Hörpel Norddeutsche Meisterschaft & VM des IPZV Nord 2013 24-Aug - 25-Aug Iceland Hella Suðurlandsmót FEIF International Breeding Shows until 26 August 2013 22-Jun - 23-Jun Netherlands WK-selectiekeuring 2013 03-Jul - 04-Jul Austria Semriach 04-Jul - 07-Jul Iceland Fjórðungsmót á Kaldármelum 04-Jul - 07-Jul Sweden Norrköping, Swedish Championships 04-Jul - 05-Jul Switzerland Zuchtbeurteilung und Qualifikation WM-2013 Brunnadern 08-Jul - 10-Jul Germany Lindlar 19-Jul - 21-Jul Denmark Hundested 22-Jul - 26-Jul Iceland Selfoss 04-Aug - 11- Aug Germany Berlin, World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2013 12-Aug - 23- Aug Iceland Hella 12-Aug - 16- Aug Iceland Hvammstangi 12-Aug - 16- Aug Iceland Miðfossar 19-Aug - 23- Aug Iceland Dalvík 19-Aug - 23- Aug Iceland Skagafjörður