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Please find below the latest news from fei6


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Please find below the latest news from fei6

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of IcelandicHorse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandichorse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile .A roadtrip to new sport judges guidelinesThe making and the maintenance of the sport judges’ guidelines is one of thedesignated tasks of the FEIF Sport Judges Committee. As our sport is constantlydeveloping the guidelines needs to be adjusted regularly. Once in a while, when themany adjustments have unsharpened the guidelines, a major overhaul is necessary.The last time such an overhaul took place was in 2000. Now the time has come again.Stud presentations at the World Championships 2013During the World Championships 2013, a presentation of studs is planned for Friday,August 9th, 2013. Details on registration and the selection process can be found in theinvitation. New Instructor & Trainer Matrix The revised FEIF Instructor & Trainer Matrix, launched by the FEIF Education Committee, now also includes the list of skills it takes to become a young-horse trainer. Every instructor or trainer at level 1-3 who has gained a qualification in one of the FEIF member states is entered into the list of instructors on the FEIF website, and this list can be searched by country and by the level of qualification, so it provides a good overview of the instructors working in your area. The matrix document summarises the minimum skills, experience and knowledge that than can be expected from a qualified instructor or trainer at any given level. Also the document can help those organisations, which are currently in the process of designing their own training programme, or plan to do so in the future.Delegates Assembly 2013Delegates and guests from 11 FEIF member countries participated in the DelegatesAssembly 2013, February 8th 2013 in Strasbourg. All FEIF Board members who werefor re-election as well as Doug Smith, US, as a new Board member were (re-)elected fora period of two years. The delegates agreed to follow the same line in finals in tölt aswell as gaited classes and so the sequence of gaits in finals of 4- and 5-gait will nolonger be open for discussion among riders. Furthermore, it was decided that the riderin the fastest position in a starting group of Pace Race may decide which box he or shewill take. The proposal regarding a change in the selection of judges for WorldChampionships was withdrawn and will again be discussed in the Sport Meeting in2014.
  2. 2. Annual Chairperson Meeting 2013In the annual meeting for national Chairpersons the proposal for the acceptance ofEthical standards was discussed further after the presentation in the DA. Participantswere generally in favour of the proposal, but many good comments were raised and theneed to emphasize on ethical behaviour was stressed. Some participants wanted toimplement the rules in the new FEIF rulebook so they would be binding for everybodywithin the organisation. The Board will review the proposal together with comments fromparticipants at the conference. Participants discussed the current situation regardinganti doping rules and the enforcement thereof. A presentation was made on the currentstatus of the matter, the outcome of the survey made by the FEIF board and thepossible ways to move forward. The Chairpersons were of the opinion that FEIF shouldfollow the FEI general principles of the matter, but the rules and enforcement shouldcover all activities. FEIF needs to step in when there are no actions from the membercountries. Some were of the opinion that FEIF should make sure that all memberassociations were linked to their national authority on doping, and FEIF would then onlyhave to control the matter at World Championships. A proposal from the Board on aproject where national associations would do a SWOT analysis on the current situationof the Icelandic horse activities in their countries got a good acceptance. On basis ofthis process, we might be able to identify focus areas for the coming years and mutuallyagree on how FEIF best supports its member countries.Annual Sport Meeting 2013The annual meeting for Sport discussed a long list of items. One of the main items is anexperiment that will take place in 2013 in Tölt T3, where the judges will only judge oneside of the oval track in the second section and the riders will be asked by the speakerto show the transitions from slow tölt into distinct lengthened strides (and back) one byone. Dependent of the outcome of this experiment a proposal may be prepared tochange the rules permanently. The meeting re-discussed a previous decision about therequired gradient in the oval track and decided to prepare a proposal to leave thegradient open to the organiser of an event, with a maximum of 7.5%. At the same timethe Sport Committee is asked to find evidence that any gradient is needed in relation tothe various speeds demanded in different sections of tests on the oval track. Themeeting tried to redefine fast tölt as a demand in many oval track tests. This is oftenwrongly interpreted as as fast as possible, while the actual demand is a faster tölt thenshown before with lengthened strides. This discussion will be continued next year. TheSport Committee presented a change of requirements for World Ranking events.Starting 2014 the number of FEIF International Sport Judges will be raised from 2 to 3,and the number of hours a judge may judge per day is limited, to ensure the bestquality. At the same time results from oval track tests will only be accepted from 250mtracks. In a joined meeting with the Youth Meeting it was decided to present a proposalat next years Delegates Assembly to allow the reigning Youth World Champions todefend their title at the next World Championships, provided that they are still able tocompete in the Young Riders class.Annual Breeding Meeting 2013In a very constructive and positive atmosphere the annual Breeding meeting went
  3. 3. through a very long agenda. Basis line in this was to proceed step by step on the way tobetter standardization and more professionalism in holding FEIF breeding horseassessments. It was agreed upon the certification of tracks, the same rules for theselection of judge panels and uniform procedures of the health and equipment controls.To follow the demands of horse welfare and good riding and training a check of thehorses mouths shall be included in the standard before the show and consequences ofinjuries have been discussed and decided. Further actions as for example a list ofprohibited equipment will be prepared for the next DA. The breeding departmentrecommends the installation of an international inter-disciplinary expert group to speedthe progress. The integration of foal and young horse assessments into WorldFengurwas brought on its way. Þorvaldur Kristjánsson was elected as a member of theBreeding judge committee, Barbara Frische was re-elected. For the Breeding committeethe two breeders representatives, Sussi Lund and Inge Kringeland, were also re-elected. New projects were introduced, among them the embryo transfer topic, newmarkets for the Icelandic horse, etc. For 2013 a lot of activities - as several seminars,the Breeders forum and a presentation of breeding farms at WC Berlin and the secondOpen Breeders Meeting in autumn - are planned.Annual Education Meeting 2013The national Education leaders and participating guests had a stimulating andproductive annual meeting in Strasbourg, and we would warmly welcome all the newfaces! Excellent things are happening all over the place. Again, the presence of anumber of new representatives illustrated the importance of meeting colleges fromdifferent countries, and the opportunity this offers for sharing ideas, innovation and goodpractice. Later this spring, we will hear the outcome of a Leonardo application forfunding from Europe, which is lead by Iceland in collaboration with Norway andSweden. The money will facilitate the translation Icelandic teaching materials intoseveral languages, including English, and the publication of textbooks and an Icelandicriders badge system. Another highlight was the launch of the young-horse trainermatrix, the last missing section of the Instructor & Trainer Matrix. The full document willbe available for download shortly. And finally the preparations for the next FEIFEducation Seminar are underway. The seminar is hosted by Sweden and will take place7-9th September, near Stockholm. Invitations will be sent out soon later this month.Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2013At the annual meeting of Leisure Riding it was agreed that the mission will be tofacilitate the creation of an open including environment within FEIF for Leisure Riding.The preferred horse for Leisure Riding is defined as a well trained horse, which ismentally and physically mature and stable. It is a horse with soft gaits, good looking andwith rich colours. A number of goals were defined and there is plenty of work ahead.The complete minutes of the meeting will be available for download soon.Annual Youth Meeting 2013More participants than ever attended the annual Youth meeting where a lot of goodideas and best practice were shared between the countries. Norway reported about thecoming FYCamp 2013 - see a separate news item. The important role of the leaders on
  4. 4. the FYCup was in focus as being one of the key factors for the success as seen by theparticipants. It was decided to prolong the next FYCup with one day to encourage evenmore team building within the teams as well as giving more time to try out the horses.The latter important as the next FYCup will be hosted in Hólar, Iceland meaning thatmost youngsters will ride on borrowed horses. It was decided to propose a change inFIPO for flag race: removing the calculation from time to a point and instead keep thetimes (like is done in the pace race for example). It was also decided to replace T5 withT3 the next FYCup. A youth reunion for participants at FEIF youth activities will takeplace on the WC and more information will follow in due time.Changes in FIPO 2013The Delegates Assembly 2013 decided upon 2 changes in FIPO, to be valid as of April1, 2013. To follow the same line in finals in Tölt classes and in gaited classes it isdecided to change FIPO in such way, that the sequence of gaits in finals in four gait andfive gait is no longer open for discussion among riders, but has to follow the sequenceas described in FIPO. At the last three World Championships riders couldnt choosetheir own start box, but had to take the box marked with their colour. This was done toensure calm and quiet handling of the start, and the general feeling is that it helped.However some riders considered this as being of disadvantage, as they could changeeven if they would agree. It is decided now to adapt FIPO 8.5.5 in such way, that thefastest rider in a start group has to decide before the start group is called into the startboxes which box the rider prefers, with no right of change the moment the startingprocedure has started. The new edition of FIPO will be available for download fromMarch 15, 2013 on.Horses on Ice 2013Saturday, March 23, the fifth edition of Horses on Ice (HOI) will take placein Haarlem (NL, near Amsterdam) on a 400 m skating rink. Horses on Iceis also the European Championships on Ice 2013. The first participants willenter the ice on 23 March at 9.00 am, and that will be the kick off for HOI2013. This will be followed by a day of fire, flowing manes, spectacle andexcitement during a amazing event. Many international top riders canthardly wait to go on the ice in Haarlem, and set the floor on fire. Nameslike Nils Christian Larsen, Uli Reber, Johannes Hoyos, Styrmir Árnason,Jens Füchtenschnieder, Jolly Schrenk and Högni Fróðason have conformed theirparticipation. And of course the Dutch World Champion in Pace Test SigurðurMarínusson will be there as well! Tickets can be booked on line. Impressions from the FEIF Conference 2013 The FEIF Conference 2013 was the largest in our Conference-history with 112 registered participants from 11 different member countries. The annual meetings of sport, breeding, youth, education and leisure riding took place. And apart from that participants could enjoy different presentations, e.g. Characterisation of leisure horses (Sylvie
  5. 5. Rizo), Definition of gaits (Þorvaldur Kristjánsson), or A roadtrip to a new sport judgesguideline (Þorgeir Guðlaugsson).FEIF Events until 27 July 2013 European Championships - Horses on Haarlem (nr23-Mar Netherlands Ice 2013 Amsterdam)05-Apr - FEIF Sport Judges Seminar Berlin Germany06-Apr (International Sport Judges) World Championships Sport Judges06-Apr Berlin Germany Meeting19-Apr - Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar Skeidvellir Iceland21-Apr 201322-Jul - FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde Norway28-JulFEIF WorldRanking Events until 03 May 201319-Apr - 21-Apr Iceland Mánagrund Keflavík Opna íþróttamót Mána01-May - 05-May Iceland Víðidalur Reykjavík ReykjavíkurmeistaramótFEIF International Breeding Shows until 03 May 201317-Apr - 18-Apr Austria Panoramahof22-Apr - 23-Apr Germany FIZO Kronshof23-Apr - 24-Apr Germany FIZO Berlar27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Stutensee29-Apr - 30-Apr Germany FIZO Töltmyllan29-Apr - 03-May Iceland Skagafjörður02-May - 05-May Germany FIZO Wurz