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Europe's Digital Payment Network


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Syncing bank accounts to smart devices for instant POS payments. Jonathan Hayes (Dinube).

Curso de Verano 'Ciberseguridad y Fintech'.
'Cybersecurity & Fintech' Summer Course.

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Europe's Digital Payment Network

  1. 1. Syncing bank accounts to smart devices for instant POS payments Cybersecurity & Fintech Aranjuez, 4-6 July 2016
  2. 2. Urgent state of affairs
  3. 3. The Digital Economy
  4. 4. Pan-European Instant Payment solution* *Based on SEPA Credit Transfer scheme (SCT) V. 8.2 Digital Payments
  5. 5. Dinube Digital Payments
  6. 6. The Dinube Advantage
  7. 7. Payments in 34 Countries individuals & businesses can initiate and receive cross-border payments throughout Europe Available instantly (≤ 10 sec) Available 24/7/365 • New impulse with ApplePay / SamsungPay • Greater user concerns about privacy • Mobile-customer expectations not met SCT Instant Payment Framework Why now
  8. 8. ECB: EuroRetail Payments BoardTimeline
  9. 9. Dinube is the digital payment network designed with Banks and Retailers to enable instant payments at a point of sale with the features consumers actually want on a mobile device Purpose
  10. 10. Europe’s Instant Payment Network
  11. 11. Jonathan Hayes Founder & President, Dinube (+34) 934 054 667 @DINUBE