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Enigmedia: una start-up desde cero // Enigmedia: a start-up from scratch


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Enigmedia: una start-up desde cero
Gerard Vidal
CEO de Enigmedia

Curso de Verano 'Innovación en ciberseguridad aplicada a la protección de la identidad digital #CIGTR2015'. (ES)

Enigmedia: a start-up from scratch
Gerard Vidal
CEO of Enigmedia

Summer Course 'Innovation in security applied to the protection of digital identity #CIGTR2015'. (EN)

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Enigmedia: una start-up desde cero // Enigmedia: a start-up from scratch

  1. 1. Dr. Gerard Vidal, CEO | (+34) 644 21 05 37 | | Enigmedia: A start-up from scratch
  2. 2. Enigmedia is the most efficient encryption tech suitable for RT, constrained devices and large amount of data. Internet of Things
  3. 3. Security Problem increase: Devices – CAGR 11,5% Data – CAGR 30% Encryption technologies Information technology 1997 2014 90% of IoT devices send Personal Data. Today only 30% of IoT devices uses encryption; And none offer control to their owner, only to the manufacturer. IT and Cybersecurity did not grow at same pace Problem! 30Bn vulnerable points to securize
  4. 4. How we do it? PERFOMANCE 95% less CPU consumption than standards PORTABILITY No specific hardware required SECURITY 252 bits of seed – customizable CERTIFIED Laboratories, Researchers, Universities, CC certified We have discovered, implemented and patented a new method of encryption, that is 160 times faster & more efficient than current Standards, ready for market adoption.
  5. 5. Since a year ago... Headcount 12 32 Budget $1.7M $3.2M 2014 2015 Trust Increases! Investors Customers Advisors Certification
  6. 6. YES, You are here & NOBODY CARES But Problems too! HHRR Finance Sells
  7. 7. Introducing new products in the market Complex paths… Accidents happen Keep playing
  8. 8. Opportunities everywhere!
  9. 9. Friends pop up! Dídac Lee Javier Santiso Ed Fernandez Santiago Bergareche Elies Campo
  10. 10. Customer authorize (Services & Devices) New opportunities arise Own & control their information.