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Enigmedia. Innovación en comunicaciones cifradas


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Gerard Vidal. Fundador / Founder. Enigmedia.

Curso de Verano "Innovación Disruptiva en tecnologías de seguridad". Campus Vicálvaro de la URJC.

Summer Course "Disruptive innovation in security technologies". URJC's Vicálvaro Campus.

Published in: Technology
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Enigmedia. Innovación en comunicaciones cifradas

  1. 1. Gerard Vidal, Founder PhD (+1) 347 264 0454 ROBUST & LIGHT-WEIGHT ENCRYPTION
  2. 2. 1. A brief intro to Chaos 2. How can you study Chaos? 3. The innovation 4. Secure Communication Platform 5. Roadmap OUTLINE
  3. 3. • Una teoría matemática reciente • Primeros trabajos a finales del XIX • Se hizo popular en 1963 con E. Lorenz • Forma parte de la matemática No Lineal • Problemas con propiedades básicas: • Asociativa => a + b + c = (a + b) + c • Conmutativa => a + b = b + a • Elemento neutro => a + 0 = a • Elemento opuesto => a + b = 0 => a = - b • Están muy presentes en nuestro día a día Henri Poincaré 1854 – 1912 ¿QUÉ ES EL CAOS?
  4. 4. • Nos gusta la sopa • Nos gusta el chocolate EJEMPLOS NO LINEALIDADES
  6. 6. • Inhalamos oxígeno • Expiramos dióxido de carbono O2 CO2 EJEMPLOS NO LINEALIDADES
  8. 8. • Propagación del error • Dos ejemplos • Caída libre • Trayectoria planetas (según la mecánica clásica) ERROR EN SISTEMAS LINEALES
  9. 9. Tiempo Descenso En azul la trayectoria con g = 9,7 m/s2 En rojo la trayectoria con g = 10 m/s2 ERROR EN SISTEMAS LINEALES 𝑣 𝑦 𝑡 = 𝑣0 − 𝑔𝑡 𝑦 𝑡 = ℎ0 + 𝑣0 𝑡 − 1 2 𝑔𝑡2
  10. 10. • Trayectoria de los planetas • Leyes de Kepler • Ley de la Gravedad EJEMPLO NO LIEALIDADES
  11. 11. Un pequeño error hace que la estructura de las soluciones cambie. EJEMPLO NO LIEALIDADES
  12. 12. P R E S E N T E F U T U R O ESTADO 1 El ESTADO 1 está descrito por unas condiciones iniciales. El error no viene dado por un error en la medida, sino porque el cálculo tiene precisión finita. LEYES DE LA NATURALEZA ESTADO 2 ESTADO N RUPTURA DEL PARADIGMA DETERMINISTA
  13. 13. CCD CAMERA Telescopical Mirror Point Light Source Convective Cell Data Multiplexer Temperature Measurement Spatial Filter Image Processing Video Recorder Beam Splitter Beam Splitter THE EXPERIMENT-THIS IS REAL
  14. 14. Pitchfork Hopf Heteroclinic Connection T.Ondarçuhu et al., “Dynamical patterns in Bénard-Marangoni convection in a square container”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 3892 (1993). THE PATTER DYNAMICS
  15. 15. • El sistema de ecuaciones que modela el experimento tiene unas propiedades especiales. • Usamos la impredectibilidad para generar secuencias pseudoaleatorias. CÓMO SURGE ENIGMEDIA
  16. 16. Classical Pseudo-Random Bit Generator XOR’ed with the plaintext. In order to securely distribute the same seed to both sides (A and B) we use standards such as TLS, PKI & Certificates. SHEME
  17. 17. Enigmedia has developed a Keystream ciphering system based on Chaos and non-linear dynamics, this system is characterized by: PERFOMANCE PORTABILITY SECURITY TESTED %95 less CPU consumption than standards No specific hardware required 252 bits of seed – customizable A secure videoconference system has been implemented to prove improvements from our ciphering respect state-of-the-art OVERVIEW
  18. 18. 1st STEP GENERATE A SEQUENCE OF PSEUDO RANDOM BITS. A chaotic system has special properties: Its inner symmetries assure the equiprobability when binarizing respect a symmetry axis. Knowing the dynamical invariants we can set the sampling rate to obtain uncorrelated samples, i.e., samples “look randomly chosen”. HOW IT WORKS – 1/2
  19. 19. 2nd STEP MIX THE SAMPLES We use a set of transformations related with the Baker’s Transformation, a process described by the Smale’s Horseshoe [1967]. This process has advantages: HIGH SPEED NO INVERSE FUNCTION PERTURBATIONS (errors) growth exponentially HOW IT WORKS – 2/2
  20. 20. Patent Pending The figure shows how temporal correlation between bits tends to zero. MUTUAL INFORMATION
  21. 21. RANDOMNESS TESTS - DIE HARD AND NIST 800 sequences, 1 Million bits each one All tests have been passed. P-values for all tests are bigger than p>0,0001 General p-value for all tests is: SECURITY ANALYSIS- RESUME
  22. 22. The cycles/byte have been measured using OpenSSL speed test algorithm in the different processors. WE DO NOT USE MULTICORE, ACCESS TO EXTRA-REGISTERS, SIMD OR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS PROCESSOR ENIGMEDIA (Cycles/Byte) AES 128CBC (Cycles/Byte) ARM A8 1 GHz with Neon 2,33 ARM A8 1 GHz without Neon ARMv7 720 MHz AMD C-60 800 MHz INTEL i3 2 GHz 11,00 4,80 2,95 1,77 *** *** 55,28 49,95 32,26 Cycles/Byte *** *** 20,79 7,56 10,92 BENCHMARK
  23. 23. Encrypting 20 times faster We secure everything Our core encryption technology gives us the advantage to provide security in any other market. For example, VPN, Internet of things, cloud storage… PORTABLE & SECURE 252 bits - 95%CPU
  24. 24. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 HTTPS RTMPS RTMPE Enigmedia Codification Extra BW Base Here we shown a comparison among different protocols and the overhead while encrypting. Communication Platform uses compresion and Enigmedia encryption, obtaining savings around the 50% while making secure real-time video/audio communications. STREAMING PROJECT- BW
  25. 25. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 RTMP ENIGMEDIA RTMPE RTMPS Connections Here we present the number of simultaneous connection in a standard server using different streaming protocols. In order to have a reference of the encryption pay-off, we show RTMP (a non encrypted protocol) against RTMPE & RTMPS solutions and Enigmedia. S.P CONNECTIONS PER SERVER
  26. 26. • Quién compra cifrado? • Cómo se vende cifrado? • Por qué no hay tiendas de cifrado????!!!!!!!!!! • Por qué nadie me entiende si se lo he demostrado matemáticamente? CHOQUE DE REALIDAD
  27. 27. 1. Montar la empresa 2. Hacer lista de gente que nos pueda entender 3. Hacer un prototipo para que la gente que no nos entiende lo vea LAS PRIMERAS DECISIONES
  28. 28. Platform to create secure and private network with Voice and Video communications with a Tablet, Smartphone, PC, TV and under a single license. SECURE COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION
  29. 29. + 220%- 50% Enigmedia created a secure VoIP software. Achieving a 50% reduction in bandwidth consumption, while doubling the standard amount of talking time. BENEFITS
  30. 30. Downloadable directly from the App store and Google Market. Simple and customizable interface. Tablet / PC Smartphone ENIGMEDIA APP
  31. 31. Encrypted Teleconferencing Room Blue-Ray Quality Plug & Play ENIGMEDIA BOX – TV SYSTEM
  32. 32. Guest mode: Secure communication between Enigmedia user and other user. Secure communication between Enigmedia users GUEST MODE: SECURES YOUR CONTACTS
  33. 33. Invite contacts from Your address book with just one click GUEST MODE
  34. 34. Adaptive system single-function maximizes quality of bandwidth available. Codec 1: Prioritize highest quality, when the network and infrastructure allow better user experience. Urban areas Codec 2: When coverage is poor and there is a low signal enables communication even with signal levels 10 times lower than possible for other solutions. BANDWITH MANAGEMENT- AUDIO
  35. 35. ● Identifies users ● Generates the key seed on each call ● Centralized Management ● Statistics Message encrypted communications network Authentication and certificates necessary to pass through the Central Authority CENTRAL AUTHORITY
  36. 36. All information is encrypted. The central server contains information on the agenda, the keys and is responsible for verifying the identity of users and devices. Communications (messages) never go through the central server. The control packets are also encrypted communication. DATA NETWORK
  37. 37. Enigmedia strongly believes that our clients has every right be the owners of their communications. Saas Mode: The Central Authority is owned by Enigmedia and kept in its Privacy Data Center. Private Mode: The client owns the Central Authority and it remains in the Cloud. On Premise Mode: The client owns and stores the Central Authority in his own Center of Data Protection. OWNERSHIP
  38. 38. A simple Web application makes it easy to export, manage, insert or delete contacts and even manage groups. USER MANAGEMENT
  39. 39. Statistics SYSTEM MANAGEMENT
  40. 40. 2012 3 Friends with a new technology on Scientific Paper 2014 $400K Seed Investment $2Mn R&D Grants & Loans One Product 23 People 2015 Round A in US Tier -1 investors BECOME WORLD STANDARD ROADMAP
  41. 41. Thank you very much!