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From student to graduate trainee : a user perspective / Liz Antel, Graduate Library Trainee, University of St Andrews


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An insight into the user experience of modern library resource discovery. Presented at the CIG Scotland seminar 'Resource Discovery : from catalogues to discovery services' at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 21st March 2018.

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From student to graduate trainee : a user perspective / Liz Antel, Graduate Library Trainee, University of St Andrews

  1. 1. From student to graduate trainee: a user perspective on discovery Liz Antell Graduate Library Trainee, University of St Andrews
  2. 2. Perspective • Student at St Andrews, 2010-2014 • Graduate Library Trainee, August 2017-present What did I think about St Andrews’ discovery services as a student? What reflections do I have on that perspective now, as a trainee cataloguer?
  3. 3. Comparing catalogue and discovery layer
  4. 4. Why? SEEKER: • contains everything that SAULCAT does – and more! • can find journal articles • searches multiple databases simultaneously • can show the most recent scholarly work on a subject or by a particular author, even if not held by the Library
  5. 5. What’s the user experience?
  6. 6. What use are resources that I can’t access?
  7. 7. Why are my results so irrelevant? Impatience? Ineffective filtering? Vague keywords? Too many results? Something else?
  8. 8. Limitations in the service? Lack of user skill?
  9. 9. Search 1: looking for journal articles Scenario: • undergraduate student researching for an essay about gender roles in Shakespeare • looking for journal articles only My search: • ‘Shakespeare’ and ‘gender’ as title keywords • select ‘Academic Journals’ as my source type
  10. 10. What’s the user experience?
  11. 11. Search 2: an academic’s publications Scenario: • student researching the work of a potential supervisor • academic is Dr. James Palmer My search: • author search for ‘Palmer, James’
  12. 12. IMAGE CREDIT: Beta secretase inhibitor, molecular model. RAMON ANDRADE 3DCIENCIA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY. Rights Managed / English bishop - costume from 15th century. Lebrecht / Universal Images Group / Universal Images Group. Rights Managed / For Education Use Only
  13. 13. Comparing catalogue and discovery layer
  14. 14. What’s the user experience?