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Sustainable landscapes and food systems


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Presented by Terry Sunderland

Published in: Environment
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Sustainable landscapes and food systems

  2. 2. CONTEXT • “Forests & landscapes” not a new concept for CIFOR – been part of the strategic framework since establishment in 1993 • However, “sustainable landscapes” only recently integrated into development lexicon – GLF(s) have helped to do this • Forests, food and nutrition approach heavily rooted in NTFP paradigm, sustainable forest management, agroforestry (includes bushmeat) • SLF very closely mapped to FTA/FP4 Landscapes From the CIFOR Strategy 2015-2025: • Integration of diverse communities of practice in the sustainable landscapes debate: to be achieved by reconciling the principles of multifunctionality with the practice of managing sustainable landscapes for food security and nutrition and other benefits. • Increased policy recognition of the to need to better integrate the forestry and agricultural sectors: to be achieved by using the landscape approach as the convening factor (c.f. simultaneous yet separate declarations on forestry and agriculture).
  3. 3. BEYOND PROJECT: TOWARDS A “BODY OF WORK” Bushmeat Research Initiative Operationalising the landscape approach Agrarian Change in Tropical Landscapes Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition Nutrition and trees KANOPPI EU/DEVCO – forests and fish Ecosystem services and oil palm PEER: Integrated watershed management
  4. 4. OPERATIONALISING THE LANDSCAPE APPROACH: HOW? THEORY PRACTICE “Lack of strong evidence of the effectiveness of “landscape approaches” in reconciling conservation and economic development objectives has been well-documented”. Review of FTA, 14th September 2016 E.g. Ten principles Real integration Local stakeholders Conservation: WCS, CI Development: USAID LESTARI Private sector: e.g. APP, APRIL Government: e.g. Ministry of Forestry
  5. 5. FORESTS AND FOOD SECURITY: THE MISSING PIECE Seasonality Off-farm income Agriculture *Rights and access*
  6. 6. FORESTS SUSTAINING AGRICULTURE How does landscape configuration maximise the provision of these goods and services for both forestry and agriculture??? Water regulation Climate regulation Pollination Pest control
  7. 7. 2017: LAUNCH OF HLPE REPORT • Much of the recent work of our theme has influenced the drafting of the HLPE Report: “Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition” for the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) • At e-consultation stage, many individuals, civil society and governments provided formal review and feedback: e.g. Russian Federation, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, India, the Netherlands • Report will be released in February and then officially launched at CFS Annual Congress in October • Probably greatest opportunity to get forests and food security and nutrition onto global food security agenda and policy arena
  8. 8. THANK YOU