Sentinel landscapes – criteria to optimise needs across CRP6 components


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This brief presentation on criteria to optimise needs across CRP6 components for sentinel landscapes formed part of the CRP6 Sentinel Landscape planning workshop held on 30 September – 1 October 2011 at CIFOR’s headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia. Further information on CRP6 and Sentinel Landscapes can be accessed from and respectively.

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Sentinel landscapes – criteria to optimise needs across CRP6 components

  1. 1. CIFOR, 1 October 2011THINKING beyond the canopy
  2. 2. CGIAR Research ProgramProposal available at: tium%20Research%20Program%206.pdf THINKING beyond the canopy
  3. 3. Criteria 1 Purpose – describing and understanding patterns of change Funded – or to be funded? (typical 3-4 year cycles vs 10-15 year minimum commitment) Research and/or development (linked to funding and donor evaluation criteria) Use existing sites (IMFN, IFRI, ASB, MAP, AfriTron, CIRAD et al.) Extend timescales by using historical evidence more effectively THINKING beyond the canopy
  4. 4. Criteria 2 Minimum # of CRP6 components? Physical, biological and socioeconomic characteristics Governance regimes – to include weak/fragile states? Geographic representation – to include regional approaches? (cf. drivers of deforestation – Gibbs et al. 2010) Scale and flexible boundaries (plot size 0.1 – 500,000 ha) - global value chains Defining baselines THINKING beyond the canopy
  5. 5. Criteria - Process Buy in – to include budgetary buy-in? Joint conceptualisation and planning – from the outset Institutional entry point(s) Markets as institutions – global reach Logistics – infrastructure, access and security Data sharing protocols Learning from CCAFS (31 sites) What can be done? Impact pathways and partnerships THINKING beyond the canopy