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Multiple financial streams and benefits harnessed and bundled


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This presentation was given on the “Regional workshop on Payment for Environmental Services” on November 20 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The overall aim of the workshop was to enhance the understanding and capacity of policy makers, PES practioners, and researcher communities on the topic of payments for ecosystem services and ecosystem-based approaches and also to increase dialogue between them on latest lessons learned and recommendations for effective, efficient and equitable implementation of PES.

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Multiple financial streams and benefits harnessed and bundled

  1. 1. Multiple financial streams and benefits harnessed and bundled Dang Thuy Nga- PES development Specialist VFD- Winrock International
  2. 2. • Started in 2012 until 2017 • Working on sustainable landscape, Adaptation and policy development • Landscape component: Thanh Hoa, Nghe an • Adaptation: Nam Dinh, Long An • Policy: MARD (VNFF etc).
  3. 3. Sustainable Landscape • Support Land Use Practices that Slow, Stop and Reverse Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Expected output: • GVN establishes effective governance systems and capacity • GVN builds a sustainable financial base for improved land use • GVN and local communities take actions that demonstrate net emission reductions from forests
  4. 4. ECOSYSTEM SERVICES- Bundling? Provisioning Services Regulating services Cultural services Supporting services
  5. 5. ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Supporting services Nutrient cycling Primary production SRI
  6. 6. SRI & CC CO2 offset mechanism ? National strategy to support small farmers SRI . Mannure Action Pressure on Farmers Increasing yield, changing environment, high cost of inputs, unsustainable practices Adaptat ion Lodging Resistance Pets resistance shorter duration reduce water use Stronger roots reduce labour for transplanting Reduce seed Better conservation of local varieties Mitigation CH4: 23 GWP ( 23 CO2e x 100 years) N2O: 310 GWP (310 CO2e x 100 years) Reduce pesticides
  7. 7. Provisioning Services Fresh- water Energy Biomass Energy Hydropo wer plant Food Fuel- wood Livestock PFES Water accounting
  8. 8. Biomass energy & livestock
  9. 9. Biomass energy & livestock Green bamboo charcoal briquetteRice straw baling machine Biomass residues pellets Rice residues to bio-fertilizer
  10. 10. Regulating services Climate regulationCarbon credit Water purification PFES REDD+ Water quality trading Carbon GHG Water regulation
  11. 11. Cultural services Recreation Ecotourism
  12. 12. REDD+ • Capacity building - basic REDD+, forest cover assessment, mapping, GIS, reference levels • Technical study on REDD+, agriculture and energy (REAP) • Baseline assessment of drivers of deforestation and degradation • Development Provincial REDD+ Action Plan • Develop Reference Level for Provincial REDD+ Action Plan
  13. 13. PFES – Central level • National 3 year review • PFES violation sanction • Community of practices • Monitoring system ( forest health) • Payment for underground water (pilot in Nghe An/TH)
  14. 14. PFES - Provincial levels • Thanh Hoa – Distribute payment, mechanism for group of households (2 districts) – Pilot monitoring – Pilot software – Equity payment • Nghe An – Provincial 3 year review – Develop PFES mechanism guidelines – PFES monitoring software – Mechanism distribute payment to area managed by communes/ households – Water accounting (linked with payment for underground water)