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Investing in Inclusive Agriculture, Protecting Forests


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Presented by Felia Salim at Blue Carbon Summit, on 17-18 July 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Published in: Environment
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Investing in Inclusive Agriculture, Protecting Forests

  1. 1. Sail Ventures is the investment advisor for &Green FELIA SALIM Board of Directors BLUE CARBON SUMMIT Mainstreaming blue carbon into the national agenda to meet global commitments 17 -18 July 2018 Investing in inclusive agriculture, protecting forests
  2. 2. advised by Sail Ventures © strictly confidential 2 The &Green Fund aims to prove that financing inclusive, sustainable and deforestation-free commodity production can be commercially viable and replicable, thus strengthening the case for a rural development paradigm that protects valuable forests and peat lands and promotes high-productivity agriculture.
  3. 3. advised by Sail Ventures © strictly confidential 3
  4. 4. advised by Sail Ventures © strictly confidential 4 &Green’s return targets Economic returns • Only finances financially viable projects. • &Green aims to be financially sustainable. • Catalyzes commercial actors at transaction level through &Green’s risk subordination. Environmental Returns • Aims to maximize additionality of ha of Forest Conserved + ha of Forest Restored + ha of land intensified/regenerated (avoided deforestation) per project. • Client must have an NDPE and meet IFC PS. • Client engaged in a sustainable land-use and management plan on surrounding landscape (multi-stakeholder approach). Social Inclusion • &Green targets jobs created + smallholder suppliers financed. USD 2 billion of commercial capital catalyzed 5 million hectares of tropical forest conserved. 500,000 households benefiting from the Fund.
  5. 5. advised by Sail Ventures © strictly confidential 5 &Green Pricing • &Green does price transaction costs and project risk - to recover its costs and potential losses. • However able to absorb high short- and medium-term risk, with lower than market cash-flow requirements in early years. Investor base vs Project financing • &Green raises patient and non-commercial capital at the Fund level • Donors – e.g. NICFI – will represent >60%, through grants and redeemable grants • Private Sector – e.g. Unilever – senior to public donors, investments redeemable in the long-term • At the Project level &Green catalyses semi- commercial and commercial investment from other investors &Green Pricing – a public-private blended finance tool Sustainable land-use projects &Green Concessional Capital Private Investors Commercial capital Public Donors
  6. 6. advised by Sail Ventures © strictly confidential 6 Jurisdictional eligibility process &Green will invest exclusively in projects located in jurisdictions where the authorities demonstrate commitment to, and are making progress on, reducing deforestation. The purpose of the Jurisdiction Eligibility Criteria (“JEC”) and the Jurisdictional eligibility assessment and approval process is to help &Green to select jurisdictions where it can invest. Whilst the JECs are the same for all Jurisdictions, the interpretation of the criteria will be tailored to the specific Jurisdiction.