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Integrated Landscape Approaches: A systematic map of the evidence


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Presented by Terry Sunderland

Published in: Environment
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Integrated Landscape Approaches: A systematic map of the evidence

  1. 1. Integrated Landscape Approaches: A systematic map of the evidence James Reed, Liz Deakin, Terry Sunderland Centre for International Forestry Research, Bogor, Indonesia
  2. 2. Systematic Maps • Methodical overview of quantity & quality of evidence • Follows methodology of systematic review process Objective Formulation Stakeholder meetings, topic setting Method Development Search strategy, inclusion criteria, protocol draft Searching Process Establish literature database, screen for relevance, remove duplicates Screening Process Filter literature by screening at title and abstract level Retrieve Full Texts Final filter, study quality assessment Report Production Dissemination Publish map, make searchable database available, other outputs.
  3. 3. Landscape Approaches
  4. 4. The terminology problem • Ecoagriculture (LPFN) identified 78 (!!) different terms all alluding to integrated landscape management • There remains no single agreed definition within the scientific community for landscape approaches • BUT one size does not fit all
  5. 5. Landscapes Multi-functional landscapes Integrated landscape management Climate smart agriculture Landcare Ecosystem Approach Integrated Conservation and Development platform Community-Based Adaption Integrated landscapes approaches Landscape-scale ecosystem-based adaptation Integrated natural resource management Conservation agriculture Green Growth Landscapes Approach Green Agricultural Economy Green Infrastructure Landscape Mosaics Sustainable Intensification (just some of the) Current Terminology!
  6. 6. Objectives of the systematic map Our (current) primary research questions: What is the landscape approach, and how has it evolved into current discourse and practice? How, and where, is it actually being implemented? 3 Key objectives: • Map the development of landscape approach theory • Review and synthesize current terminology • Review integrated landscape research by documenting current (and prior) examples of landscape scale initiatives in the tropics
  7. 7. Anticipated Outcomes • Support existing platforms working on ILAs • Clarification of ILAs • Help guide decision making processes • Accessible database of ILAs • Interactive map of ILAs freely available online
  8. 8. Challenges & areas for discussion 1. Thoughts on framing the research question/s 2. Suggestions for search terms 3. Key actors, who, what and where?
  9. 9. Discussion topic 1. Thoughts on the research questions? What is the landscape approach how has it evolved into current discourse and practice? How (and where) is it actually being implemented? Halimun Salak National Park landscape, Indonesia
  10. 10. Discussion topic 2. Search terms – other suggestions? Integrated Landscape Approach Integrated natural resource management Sustainable landscapes Ecosystem Approach Landscape Approach Environment and development reconciliation Rural development Integrated Approaches Landscape Connectivity Socio-economic objectives Landscape ecology Integrated Landscape Management Landscape Configuration Sustainable Use Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable forest management Landscape Matrix Integrated conservation and development projects Sustainable Intensification Adaptive Management Landscape Mosaic Biodiversity Conservation Production Landscapes Production Landscapes Multifunctional Landscapes Environmental Sustainability Poverty alleviation Poverty alleviation Evergreen Agriculture Climate-smart agriculture Resilient natural systems Sustainable land and water management
  11. 11. Discussion topic 3. Key actors, who, what and where? The Great Rift Valley landscape, Kenya
  12. 12. Call for grey literatureContact: / Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park Landscape, Indonesia
  13. 13. Forming an advisory group Contact: Halimun Salak National Park landscape, Indonesia