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FLEGT: insights, impacts and synergies with key markets


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Presented by Thomas Colonna of the EU FLEGT Facility at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit, on 23–25 April 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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FLEGT: insights, impacts and synergies with key markets

  1. 1. FLEGT: insights, impacts and synergies with key markets Thomas Colonna Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit Yogyakarta, 24 April 2018
  2. 2. FLEGT Action Plan • Development cooperation with timber-producing countries • Trade agreements between EU and timber-exporting countries (Voluntary Partnership Agreements – VPAs) • Broader legislation to exclude illegal timber from EU market (EU Timber Regulation) • International cooperation and dialogue with other consumer markets • Encouragement for private sector supply chain control initiatives Supply- side measures Demand- side measures
  3. 3. EU Timber Regulation - Key obligations EU traders (after first placing on the EU market) shall be able to identify from whom they bought the timber products and, where applicable, to whom they have supplied the timber products Traceability The placing on the market of illegally harvested timber or timber products derived from such timber shall be prohibited Prohibition EU operators shall exercise due diligence when placing timber or timber products on the market by implementing procedures so as to minimise the risk of illegal timber in their supply chain Due diligence
  4. 4. 2798 checks on imported timber resulting in: • 525 notices of remedial action (~19% of checks) • 139 penalties (~5% of checks) • 286 other measures (~10% of checks) • 5 court cases concluded (more ongoing) 17735 checks on domestic timber resulting in: • 916 notices of remedial action (~5% of checks) • 992 penalties (~6% of checks) • 370 other measures (~2% of checks) • 21 court cases concluded 4 EUTR implementation and enforcement March 2015 to February 2017 91% related to Due Diligence 6% related to Prohibition 4% related to Traceability 44% related to Due Diligence 45% related to Prohibition 11% related to Traceability
  5. 5. VPA countries 8 countries in VPA negotiation 6 VPAs in VPA implementation (Cameroon, CAR, Ghana, Liberia, Republic of Congo, and Vietnam*) 1 VPA operational licensing (Indonesia) *The agreement is yet to be ratified but preparation for implementation is already ongoing
  6. 6. One year of FLEGT licensing In the first year of licensing, Indonesia issued For exports worldwide 200 000 Verified legal export documents usd 10 billion in value which are part of Indonesia’s
  7. 7. 1. Within stakeholder groups 2. Between stakeholders groups 3. Bilateral negotiations with the EU VPA negotiations
  8. 8. Impacts of VPAs on Governance Stakeholder inclusion Transparency Traceability Law enforcement Sustainability
  9. 9. Synergies with key markets  Bilateral Coordination Mechanism on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance  Forum for policy dialogue  Mechanism for  sharing information on policies and legal frameworks  coordinating initiatives to stop illegal logging and associated trade. EU-China cooperation to combat illegal logging  Support the development of timber legality legislation in China  Support cooperation between China and VPA countries
  10. 10. Thank you