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Collaborative fire management


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Presented at 'Understanding the role of climate in Indonesian fires, to better support fire management interventions' workshop, Jakarta, 25th July 2019

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Collaborative fire management

  1. 1. A SHARED  WORK LOAD • Fire cannot be managed by one  single agency or community. • The work of fire management  must be undertaken by all  partners using their available  skills and expertise. UNIQUE SOLUTIONS,   NOT COOKIE CUTTER UNIQUE SOLUTIONS,   NOT COOKIE CUTTER• Each situation is unique, no  one solution matches  everywhere • Use a site specific set of  ideas not a cookie cutter  solution • A willingness from all  stakeholders to jointly work on  the fire challenges. • A forum for collaboration  between Govt, Company and  Community partners. COOPERATION ACROSS STAKEHOLDERS
  2. 2. Landuse Plan / Spatial Plan ‐Camera Towers Initial attack Environment PREVENTIONPREVENTION PREPAREDNESS RESPONSE RECOVERY