"Well organised ePortfolio to Manage an Unruly MOOC. Skills Required" by Kirstie Coolin


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Presentation of a paper for EPIC 2013
"This paper discusses a personal perspective on using a learner-centred ePortfolio to manage learning in a MOOC and reflects on the skills and literacies required to maximise the benefits of a MOOC experience. "

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  • It is still early days for the MOOC. There has been a massive amount of hype from ‘education is broken – the MOOC is going to disrupt education’ to the defensive stance from institutions, and those who initially saw MOOC as heralding the open agenda but in reality, using different definitions.
  • Over the last couple of years, there have been scores of articles about MOOCs disrupting HE, Hype about ‘education being broken’, responses to the high fees.
  • Since January, I have completed 2 MOOCs, ‘lurked’ in one and signed up for another. I have had discussions with many learners all over the world who participated in these MOOCs and continue to do so despite them finishing.
  • Participants were from all over the world. This image shows a map of EDCMOOC participants created by one of the students.
  • Students soon set up their own social networks through Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook. The Elearning and Digital Culture course was focussed on producing a digital artefact so a huge range of tools were used, blogs shared and so on.
  • This soon became overwhelming!This is a graphical representation of a Saturday Twitter chat – set up and organised by students.
  • This soon became overwhelming.
  • As someone who has worked with ePortfolios for quite a number of years, I thought an ePortfolio would help me to organise my learning.
  • This is my ePortfolio for eLearning and Digital CultureI have shared aspects of this with others, but primarily it was for me.
  • I kept journals for the courses, some posts I made public, some I shared with other participants and some were purely for private reflection, notes or to answer study questions.
  • Bearing in mind these courses are huge. Connecting with others for discussion is one challenge. Ensuring that you can remain motivated is another. Motivation comes from a sense of achievement, interest and community. The weekly Twitter chats and Google Hangouts were useful in this respect. EDCMOOC followed a ‘connectivist’ model and encouraged ‘networked’ Rhizomatic Learning. This is fairly chaotic, and there is a risk that people get confused and lost without the lectures/quiz model.
  • A quote from Trent Baston’s recent article ‘The Taming of the MOOC’
  • A quote from Trent Baston’s recent article ‘The Taming of the MOOC’
  • "Well organised ePortfolio to Manage an Unruly MOOC. Skills Required" by Kirstie Coolin

    1. 1. 1EPIC 2013, London Wanted: Well organised ePortfolio to Manage an Unruly MOOC. Skills Required. Kirstie Coolin Centre for International ePortfolio Development, (CIePD) Libraries, Research and Learning Resources University of Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk/ciepd/
    2. 2. MOOCS: Massive Open Online Courses
    3. 3. 7/10/2013 http://www.legendsofamerica.com/ca-argonauts3.htm Image of Gold Panner http://www.educ.state.ak.us
    4. 4. http://www.technoduet.com/a-comprehensive-list-of-mooc-massive-open-online-courses-providers/
    5. 5. 7/10/2013 Event Name and Venue 6 Scene from Westworld, with James Brolin and Richard Benjamin in the foreground. Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Features Education is broken!! NO IT’s NOT!!
    6. 6. Where is the learner? www.texastech.edu Help!
    7. 7. A Personal Perspective
    8. 8. Why I enrolled Interest in the subjects Curiosity about the learner experience Free and Flexible LOW COST/LOW RISK It didn’t ultimately matter if I didn’t complete it Revisit academic learning
    9. 9. Worldwide, 40K+ participants
    10. 10. Social Media, networks 7/10/2013 Event Name and Venue 12
    11. 11. Padlet assignment wall (student created)
    12. 12. http://mashe.hawksey.info/2011/11/twitter-how-to-archive-event-hashtags-and-visualize-conversatio
    13. 13. 7/10/2013 Event Name and Venue 15
    14. 14. 16
    15. 15. What I used eportfolio for 7/10/2013 18 Structure the tasks, temporally and thematically Placeholders for tasks and social media channels Public and Private/reflective blogs Receiving comments/feedback Aggregated external content A trusted place to create, host and share the final assignment artefact An archive to record learning Display digital certificates for PDP
    16. 16. Private and Public
    17. 17. A note on public/private spaces Public/private spaces supported flexible engagement with other participants alongside the social media spaces Confidence about privacy meant entries were more reflective Regular reflection meant that the final assessed artefact was easy to create and share Ability to control public and private information after the course end = control of Digital Identity
    18. 18. Autodidactic, motivated and self-directed – know how to learn Organisational, time and space for learning Digital literacy, using software, web-based tools Digital Identity, developing and engaging in online community, navigating networks, data privacy, and presentation of an online identity Confidence within the connectivist model (CMOOC) Skills required to get the most out of a Massive Online Course
    19. 19. OR… For those who already have learned to learn? MOOCs for all? A low/no cost lifelong learning experience
    20. 20. “over a quarter of learning opportunities for older adults (have been) lost” Alan Tuckett, NIACE, 2011 NIACE Tough Times for Adult Learners http://www.niace.org.uk/news/tough-times-for-adult- learners-survey-shows Widening access?
    21. 21. Will Massification Occur? YES? Demographic normalisation of social media/web Increases in Higher Education fees / a step change in adult education delivery NOT YET? Digital literacy Autonomy/self-directed learning Managing public and private learning
    22. 22. MOOCs and Lifelong Learning Increased participation into higher level learning? Replace some of the lost adult learning opportunities? Information, Advice & Guidance – so much choice! How can the benefits of face to face be met within a MOOC? Reward/credit those who teach themselves – modular Badges at key stages Globally Delivered, Locally Facilitated e.g. Further Education colleges, Union Learn, educators
    23. 23. ePortfolios to add value… “MOOCs are one manifestation of our era of openness in which learning opportunities are almost infinite. MOOCs need ePortfolios to improve their value.” Batson, T. (2013) The Taming of the MOOC http://campustechnology.com/articles/2013/01/ 16/the-taming-of-the-mooc.aspx
    24. 24. Thank You http://www.rayvintona.com/2011/02/sunset.html