Placements Administration, Placements Learning and the P3 Project - Webinar Presentation


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Employability is a key priority for students and educational institutions. In today’s competitive market, an increasing number of institutions recognise the potential of placements and work experience to help their students secure a good job following their course. For institutions, managing the placement processes efficiently across the board can be a challenge as the placement lifecycle touches upon employer engagement, student learning, administration and tracking and more.
At the University of Nottingham, the CIePD have been working with placements professionals to introduce technology into aspects of this lifecycle and would like to share examples of our practice and tools with others in the Higher Education and Further Education sector.

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  • Ruth
  • Kerry is going to tell us about why she helped us develop it,
  • Placements Administration, Placements Learning and the P3 Project - Webinar Presentation

    1. 1. Placements Administration, Placements Learning and the P3 Project CIePD, University of Nottingham Start time: 3pm and will be recorded. Participant Link: 49424ABE&sid=2009077 Recordings (Table): 5F724&sid=2009077
    2. 2. How the session will work: audio • Only use your microphone when guided by a moderator • To ask a question, – Raise your virtual hand – When invited to, click on the TALK button in AUDIO and VIDEO box to speak, click again/off when finished speaking – to prevent echo – Or, type your question into the chat box and the moderators will ask it for you • When asked to respond to poll, use the tick/cross to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ • Feel free to use the emoticons available | slide 2
    3. 3. Schedule 3:00 Introduction/Webinar Etiquette 3:10 The Placements Portal 3:25 Q&A 3:30 Using Mahara to support placements 3:45 Q&A 3:50 The P3 Project 4:00 Close
    4. 4. Who are we? University of Nottingham Kirstie Coolin, Head of the CIePD Mike Leam, CIePD Application Developer Carina Neil, CIePD Administrator Kerry Wright, Placements Manager, Graduate School Judith Wayte, Placements Manager, Biosciences Jisc Ruth Drysdale, Programme Manager Embedding Benefits
    5. 5. 18/07/2013 5 HIs tor y
    6. 6. University Drivers Sailing the stormy seas of... Efficiency Student Experience Employability Business Engagement hergé
    7. 7. SAMSON 2009-2011 Workforce development and lifelong learning: Data sharing/communication between student, employee, academic and business ESCAPES 2011-2012 Relationship Management ‘blueprinting the Placement Experience, improving processes for better student experience' SHED 2011-2012 Learning and Teaching Innovation: ‘student/employer matching’ - Unlocking institutional data for knowledge exchange 4 JISC funded projects 2009 - 2013 P3 2012-2013 Embedding Benefits: ‘Packaging the Placements portal' for the wider sector
    8. 8. Personal Administration Careers and work Course Data – XCRI Admissions Student Lifecycle Placements Learning + teaching ePortfolio, Placements, Skills and Competences, tutoring, personalised learning, recording achievement Information, Advice + Guidance, Showcase/engage employers, Open Data, Alumni Institution Lifelong / wide learning TransitionandProgression Community
    9. 9. • Pre-application • Application • Pre-registration • Registration • Induction • Teaching and learning processes • Placements • Pastoral care • Employability and careers services • Graduation • Alumni processes • Marketing Student Lifecycle Relationship Management ESCAPES
    10. 10. Addressing placement experiences from a student point of view Issue Academic staff Administration / central services Student Employers Administration Communication √ √ √ Tracking √ Publicising √ √ √ Learning √ √ Feedback √ √ Assessment √ √ Skills and employability √ √ … others …
    11. 11. 18/07/2013 11 Achieved through...
    12. 12. AND Nottingham Postgraduate Placements Placement Discovery and Management to support: ERDF Postgraduate Placements project run by the University of Nottingham’s Graduate School.
    13. 13. The Placements Portal We developed the Placements Portal in 2010 to streamline administration for postgraduate placements into SMEs for a Nottingham ERDF project. It was: - Jisc-funded, initially SAMSON and ESCAPES projects - Developed to support ERDF postgraduate placements - Lightweight, web-based
    14. 14. The Placements Portal
    15. 15. Kerry Wright, Graduate School Placements Manager, Graduate School • Life before the Portal • Administrative and recruitment benefits • Marketing to postgraduates • Understanding the market
    16. 16. Judith Wayte, Biosciences Placements Manager Using the Mahara ePortfolio to support students seeking and undertaking Placements in Biosciences 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 16
    17. 17. Example 1: Placement learning in Nottingham 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 17 School of Biosciences
    18. 18. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 18 Placement journey Before Researching employers and sectors, application, letters, support During Recording skills/ relation of placement to course, journal, feedback (staff/employers), communication, support and encouragement After Reflection, showcase, resume, career information Student-centred e-Portfolio: Placement lifecycle information and activity in one place Careers/employability learning embedded throughout the lifecycle
    19. 19. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 19 Support and information pages
    20. 20. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 20
    21. 21. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 21 Student placement page. She has also created a page about the social side of student life with other interns in the company.
    22. 22. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 22 Placement page – about – used to communication with learning community about placement and research
    23. 23. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 23 During placement – weekly reports shared with supervisor, placements coordinator and in some cases, employer
    24. 24. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 24 Threaded feedback on student ‘placement ‘page’
    25. 25. The P3 Project • Jisc Embedding Benefits Programme • Aims to transfer benefits from SAMSON and ESCAPES projects into other institutions • Listen to the wider sector and placements professionals in other contexts • Improve the Placements Portal software • Work towards a sharable Open Source product projects/placement-portal-package-p3/p3.aspx 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 25
    26. 26. Features 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 26
    27. 27. 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 27 Placement Opportunity detail available to anyone with a University of Nottingham login who have registered with their details. Available also as an RSS feed
    28. 28. Questions? Please ‘raise your hand’ or type into the Chat room 7/18/2013 Event Name and Venue 28 Thank You CIePD, Libraries & Research and Learning Resources University of Nottingham