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Julian Tenney: You learn a lot when you teach: Student Generated Content


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Presented at the CETIS/CIEPD event Future Learners, new Opportunities and Technology at the University of Nottingham on 11th December 2012

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Julian Tenney: You learn a lot when you teach: Student Generated Content

  1. 1. Student Generated Content Xerte Online Toolkits
  2. 2. Intermediate Russian
  3. 3. ResultsImproved Score: 21Worse Score: 4Same Score: 2Absent / Errors: 9
  4. 4. “While creating the definitions and examples, we had to think of the easiest andlogical way to express what Present/Past Active Participles actually are and how theyshould be used. … we have done a little revision guide of Present/Past ActiveParticiples before we actually put any tasks.”“The Xerte Project gave us many new experiences in the field of language knowledge,as well as the opportunities of developing our ideas.”“Since we are students ourselves we know the problems that other studentsencounter quite well and have tried to address these. We hope that our work will helpother students in the future.”“We have learnt that working as a team could also be an effective way in developingour language skills; it enabled us to discuss and contest each other’s interpretation ofthe script and therefore produce a more accurate translation.”“Another benefit is this, that we learn to listen to each other’s ideas and suggestions,we respects our lacks of skills and help each other to overcome the obstacles.”“It was interesting to be able to develop exercises on our own. We have learned thatthis does require a good understanding of the subject in order to be able to explainthis to someone else.“
  5. 5. “The main difficulty we encountered was trouble getting to grips with the newsoftware.”“Overall, we felt that the technological difficulties impeded us to such an extent thatthe benefits did not exceed the frustrations that we experienced throughout theproject.”“I do not think that the task of creating the exercises was particularly helpful.”“I think my time would have been much better spent learning in traditional ways.”“We do not see how creating slides with the programme is beneficial to students, asthe skills taken away are only IT ones rather than language ones.”“We feel our time would be better spent concentrating on doing language exerciseswhich benefit our education and degree rather than making them.”“I also think peer written grammar exercises are quite unhelpful for others to usebecause ultimately we are not experts, we all make mistakes and we have all onlylearned as much as each other in class.”
  6. 6. Compelling evidence that student generated content can be a useful exercise, but it remains a niche activity.Challenges with perceived ‘technical’ skills Harder challenges with ‘identity’, for both students and teachers