Into the Void: Change as a Catalyst, presenting new opportunities to embed e-Portfolios into Community and Lifelong Learning - EPIC 2012


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In times of challenging educational and technological change, there exist opportunities for ePortfolio processes to gain mainstream adoption. This paper considers how ePortfolio’s central processes can deliver increasingly relevant technologies for individuals progressing through work and education, and how ePortfolio-activities may be on the cusp of being truly mainstreamed through evolutions in education, personalised technology, social media and open data.

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  • Note, ePortfolios are climbing into the mainstream with estimated mainstream adoption in less than 2 years. <read extract on what Gartner refers to as e-Portfolio and also the vendors it mentions. – No PebblePad, Mahara..)
  • There is also a focus on the standards and interoperability side as the main barrier to adoption. This isn’t our experience.Note: Gartner is assuming a type of ePortfolio and type of function.
  • Into the Void: Change as a Catalyst, presenting new opportunities to embed e-Portfolios into Community and Lifelong Learning - EPIC 2012

    1. 1. Into the Void: Change as a Catalyst, presenting new opportunities to embed e- Portfolios into Community and Lifelong Learning Kirstie Coolin Centre for International ePortfolio Development, (CIePD) Research and Learning Resources, August 17, 2012 EPIC 2012, London 1
    2. 2. Introduction • Where are e-Portfolios now? • What is the common vision? • How can we articulate this? • Can opportunities be realised in the challenge space?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 2
    3. 3. A Journey...8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 3
    4. 4. With possibly no answers...8/17/2012 4
    5. 5. Event Name and Venue 5
    6. 6. From Gartner • E-Portfolios are Web-accessible repositories for student work, both graded and ungraded, which may be shared with authorized parties. • Adoption is still hampered by interoperability issues • Problem of who owns and supports the portfolio • Until megavendors (Google/Facebook) enter the market and offer lifelong srevices in the form of cloud e-Portfolios this issue is not likely to be solved..and e- Portfolios will experience a limited uptake Extracts/summary from Gartner Hype Cycle for Education report, 20118/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 6
    7. 7. What questions does this raise? 1. Are we all talking about the same thing? 2. Are e-Portfolios actually mainstream? what is the evidence? 3. Are these the only drivers? What about individual drivers? 4. How can they be used most effectively? 5. Do students use them willingly? Are they empowered to take responsibility for their own self-directed and lifelong learning? 6. Where are the challenges and opportunities for transformational change?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 7
    8. 8. Shoebox/file store vs. assessment Portfolio vs. Personal learning space ?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 8
    9. 9. Are e-Portfolios mainstream? • What is a successful implementation? • A lot of e-Portfolio activity still occurs in pockets – represents siloed activities • Name “e-Portfolio” is still problematic – has baggage • Need to redefine and describe its core processes, in accessible language8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 9
    10. 10. What would motivate senior managers and decision makers to decide on a transformative role for e-Portfolio within their organisation? What would motivate learners to take ownership of their learning?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 10
    11. 11. Current challenges for education • Employability • Global competiveness • Impact of higher fees (greater expectations) • Savings and efficiency • Student experience8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 11Frank Hurley
    12. 12. Move e-Portfolio processes into the challenge space These present educators and implementers with an opportunity to promote the process benefits of e- Portfolios to decision makers E-Portfolio can respond to new challenges – more relevant than ever? The need for self-directed, professional and lifelong learners – who can argue with that?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 12
    13. 13. Ride the change • Easier to „sell‟ to senior management, students, services and careers – decision makers open to new technologies and approaches to e.g. Assessment/employability • Demand for work experience/placements • Professionalism and reflective practice • Learning communities – e.g. mentors, tutors, employers, careers advisers • Integrative learning – recognition of wider employability skills8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 13
    14. 14. How can learners be motivated? “Employability can be enhanced through personal development planning, but success will depend upon the extent to which students see a „pay-off‟ for the effort that they put in.” (Embedding employability into the curriculum, HEA) ployability_into_the_curriculum_338.pdf8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 14
    15. 15. Some student viewpoints (CIePD SHED project 2012) • “We come to University and assume that employability is getting the degree but are starting to learn that it‟s the degree plus other stuff” (engineering student at Nottingham) • “Students would be motivated to use their e-Portfolio if they could have it when they leave to help them find a job” (Student, Nottingham) • “a tool for marketing to differentiate ourselves to employers” (Construction students at Derby College)8/17/2012 15
    16. 16. E-Portfolios and other technologies Where do student, employer and institutional drivers meet, and what would this look like in terms of processes and tools? – transformation through evolution? • Couch the language for the audience? • Integrate into day-to-day activity/platforms • Use communities around learning activity • Join up learning activities with e.g. Useful information, Employment search, access to placements, mentoring etc.8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 16
    17. 17. Competition Government Policy Institution Assessment Educator Professional competence Communities Learner Individual concerns What goes into Tools the void?8/17/2012 Event Name and Venue 17 Current
    18. 18. Thank youSome Acknowledgements:• ePortfolio Implementation Study (Gordon Joyes,• E-Portfolios: Go Big or Go Home (Darren Cambridge,• Blurring the Boundaries: Social Networking and E-Portfolios (Helen Barratt, networking-e-portfolio-development)