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ePortfolios for Employability: Promoting Career Learning through Business Engagement - presentation at ALT-C 2012, Wedneday 12th September @ 9am - Paper 40

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  • Employer engagement happens throughout the institution, not only via Business Engagement units or through Business Development staff. It also happens via students, community partnerships, individual academics, careers services etc. While CRM goes someway to streamlining this, it also may bottleneck relationships not allowing for the diverse connections and relationships that are made throughout the institution.
  • Students increasing aware of importance in gaining work experience and access to employers
  • Students need to know what employers are looking for and how to access them as well as being able to analyse, recognise the value of, assess and showcase their employability and subject-related skills to employers.
  • 7.3 Employability tools There is the potential to develop a range of tools which could be plugged into an existing/used eLearning system, such as an ePortfolio through use of widgets, plugins or other module technology. Access to University-engaged employersA place to view employer opportunities (e.g. unfinished projects, placement offers etc.)Tagging and storing ‘favourite’ employersAn enhanced and structured employability profileTool to find and collaborate with fellow-students to pool resources for responding to employer project needs for placements/internships or work. Development and release of richer evidence for job seeking
  • Alt c 2012 - kc -e portfolios for employability - 40 - v2

    1. 1. ePortfolios for Employability:Promoting Career Learning throughBusiness EngagementKirstie CoolinCentre for International ePortfolio Development, (CIePD)Research and Learning Monday, September 10, 2012 ALT-C 2012 1
    2. 2. 3 JISC funded projects 2011 - 2013ESCAPES 2011-2012Relationship Management ‘blueprinting the Placement ExperienceImproving placement processes for better student 2011-2012Learning and Teaching Innovation‘student/employer matching’ - Unlocking institutional data for KnowledgeHub 2012-2013Business and Community EngagementImproving access to HE resources for SMEs, social enterprise and
    3. 3. Lets start with a video… 9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 3The Academy of Irving, Texas
    4. 4. Challenge space “The relationship between universities and Relationship colleges, students and employers is crucial to ensuring that students experience the higher education they want while studying and leave their course equipped to embark on a rewarding career”(HE White Paper, Students at the Heart of the System, BIS, 2011, p45).9/10/2012 ALT-C 2012 4
    5. 5. The University of Nottingham‟s student newspaper „The Gongster‟:- “the Graduate Employment Survey revealed 13% and 3% of Nottingham University graduates were unemployed three and six months, respectively, after graduating.” year 1 9 4 9 9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 5
    6. 6. Supporting students • Access to placements, internships, work experience • Part of a course, not part of a course? • Formal and informal recognition of skills? • Access to employers? Milk round? SMEs, microbusinesses, social enterprises, 3rd sector? “More than half of graduates are interested in jobs that will make a difference, despite increasing difficulty in finding work” Article in the Guardian 22nd August 20129/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 6
    7. 7. What do employers want? What do students want? How can these be reconciled with mutual benefit to improve employability learning for students?9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 7
    8. 8. “We come to University and “(ePortfolios) a tool for assume that employability marketing to differentiate is getting the degree but ourselves to employers” are starting to learn that it‟s (Construction students at Derby College) the degree plus other stuff” (student participant in “Students would be SHED project workshop) motivated to use their e- Portfolio if they could have it when they leave to help them find a job” (Student, Nottingham)9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 8
    9. 9. Students EmployersCentral place to find placements A „front door‟ to the UniversityUp to date links to the company applicationprocedures. Up to date links to the company Access to research and innovation headlines,application procedures. University eventsAccess to employer lists, tagged and Knowledge transfer and research partnershipssearchable by sector and organisationalinformation Filtered based on interestPrevious placements information More university engagement with social media for easier personal networking and identifyingInformation about company project opportunities key contactsCareers fairs with wider range of employers Find student skills for projects 9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 9
    10. 10. 9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 10 Happisburgh 2012 Kirstie Coolin
    11. 11. How can learners be motivated? Course and career learning as well as the practicalities of finding placements, internships and work do not exist in isolation. “Employability can be enhanced through personal development planning, but success will depend upon the extent to which students see a „pay-off‟ for the effort that they put in.” (Embedding employability into the curriculum, HEA) Event Name and Venue 11 ployability_into_the_curriculum_338.pdf
    12. 12. Using ePortfolio processes to support:- • Personal Development Planning (PDP) alongside practical employability concerns for students. • „marketing‟ for students to match their skills to employer interest • Communication and networking for career learning.9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 12
    13. 13. Institutional Resource Employers Institution employer network Courses Administration Research d i Business engagement: Events s • Employer profile More reasons to engage Professional Learning: • Easier to find University Equipment • c Details, sector, About employment market • Employment sectors o projects resources • Access to students for work • v Expertise What employers are interested in • How to organise and present their e r Careers and work experience • Wider range of employers Placements skills rd • Finding placement or work y Employer searches student profiles (e.g. 3 sector, social CRM enterprise, SME) opportunities • Learning to network (and integrate other social tools) AUDIT Learning + teaching student profile Student searches employer profiles ePortfolio Student Evidence, Personal skills, showcaseStudent opts-in, ‘releasing’ contact information and showcase Kirstie Coolin, CIePD, University of Nottingham September 2012
    14. 14. Some final questions... • How can students and employers be motivated to use new tools for employability? • Where do student, employer and institutional requirements meet, and what would this look like in terms of processes and tools? • How can existing institutional learning technology be used to promote student-led employability learning? • How can institutions open their doors for employers in new ways to present opportunities for students to interact directly? • Can employer engagement be widened and streamlined?9/10/2012 Event Name and Venue 14
    15. 15. Thank youKirstie.Coolin @ of by Gideon Coolin