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Visioning Development Cooperation of the Future


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Visioning Development Cooperation of the Future

  1. 1. Visioning DevelopmentCooperation of the Future Simon Maxwell
  2. 2. • Characterising development cooperation today• Future challenges: working from the outside in• Illustration: climate change• Implications for development cooperation in the future
  3. 3. Characterising development cooperation today• Focused on aid for poverty reduction and MDGs• Driven by the search for results (often 1.0 not 2.0)• Favouring vertical initiatives (e.g. GAVI)• Prioritising growth (incl agriculture, energy)• Seeking new ways of working with the private sector• Paying more attention to resilience• Rediscovering governance and conditionality• Preferring bilateral over multilateral• Bringing all this together under the umbrella of aid effectiveness
  4. 4. Busan outcome document• Ownership, results and accountability• Transparent and responsible cooperation• Sustainable development in conflict and fragility• Resilience• S/S and triangular cooperation• Private sector development• Combating corruption• Climate change financeSource: Third Draft – 10 October
  5. 5. Future challenges: the problems we are trying to help solve Well-beingIncome Health Education Inclusion ParticipationFavourable national policy Favourable international policyenvironment environmentPublic Regulatory A B C E F G H I J K L Mexpenditure environment GPGs or ‘things we need to fix’
  6. 6. MICs, LICs and Fragile States 2003 2011LIC 61 40LMIC 56 56UMIC 37 48HIC 54 69World 208 213Source: Glennie, J, 2011, ‘The Role of Aid to MICs’, ODI WP 331, June
  7. 7. Things we need to fix globally Natural resource nexus Health Climate pandemics change Financial stability Knowledge TradeInclusive Food rulesglobalisation security Conflict Energy Migration security Fisheries
  8. 8. Climate Compatible Development‘Climate compatible developmentmeans reducing poverty and securinghuman development in a way whichreduces the extent of climate change,and also helps societies to adapt toinevitable change’
  9. 9. Climate compatible development Uganda
  10. 10. Climate compatible development Nepal
  11. 11. Climate compatible development: Bolivia
  12. 12. Reconstructing narratives (NAPAs)
  13. 13. Reconstructing narratives (NAMAs)
  14. 14. Managing the politics•National: •Giddens’ paradox •(Maxwell’s paradox) •Options for building a national consensus • The role of think-tanks•International •Iconic targets •Managing international negotiations (big bang versus incremental)
  15. 15. Implications for development cooperation in the future Less More• Poverty • Global public goods• Poor countries • Poor and middle income countries• Aid • Policy• Aid departments • International development departments• Single ministries • Whole of Government• Bilateral • Multilateral• Government-to-Government • PPPs and civil society partnerships• Aid effectiveness • Entitlement and Partnership
  16. 16. Implications for development agencies?(a) Spring (b) Spigot (c) Spoon (d) Spanner
  17. 17. Website: Twitter: @simonmaxwell001