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Viral Video Cinema Volume.12 :Do You Believe In Santa?


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Viral Video Cinema Volume.12 :Do You Believe In Santa?

  1. 1. Bi-weekly Powered by CIC In this video bank we collected assortments of viral videos, creative ads and micro movies, covering Beauty, Sports, FMCG, IT products and Services, Food and Beverage, Luxury, Education, Auto and other seven industries. Up till now, more than 700 videos and 41 lists have been stored in SEEISEE official video bank in and And we will keep updating latest and best videos all the time. seeisee微电影 / 病毒视频 / 创意广告 圣诞专辑 Merry Christmas! This issue is about videos brands make around Christmas. Dior Coca-Cola Dove Mercedes-Benz 特别圣诞节 你相信圣诞老人吗 德芙巧克力分享篇 烤圣饼的圣诞之夜 Special X’mas Do you believe in Santa Dove for sharing Ginger Christmas Eve Macy’s Louis Vuitton NBA MUJI 圣诞老人橱窗布置 圣诞万花镜动画 NBA圣诞球衣 无印良品圣诞节广告 Santa auto typewriter Million glasses Big Colour Christmas home 本期视频收集时间: Dec. 15th — Dec. 27th 行业 品牌 视频名称 URL地址 奢侈品 2012迪奥特别圣诞节 Dior Luxury Diors special Christmas =18746640 食品&饮料 2012可口可乐圣诞家庭夜 Coca-cola Food&Beverage Christmas Family 18746640 食品&饮料 2012德芙郭采洁、房祖名分享篇 Dove Food&Beverage Dove: the sharing spirit in Christmas =18746640 汽车 奔驰SLSAMG烤圣饼 Benz Auto Benz SLSAMG Christmas 2012 18746640 服饰&时尚 2012圣诞橱窗-纽约梅西百货 Macys Clothe&Fashion Macys 2012 Christmas Window =18746640 服饰&时尚 John Lewis 圣诞广告 2011 John Lewis Clothe&Fashion John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011 18746640 服饰&时尚 John Lewis 圣诞广告 2009 John Lewis Clothe&Fashion John Lewis ChristmasTV 2009 f=18746640 服饰&时尚 John Lewis07年圣诞广告:奇妙的影子 John Lewis Clothe&Fashion John Lewis Christmas Advert 2007 =18746640 奢侈品 卡地亚 冬日传奇 圣诞广告 2012 Cartier Luxury Cartier Winter Tale 2012 f=18746640 汽车 AMG 圣诞2012 Benz Auto Benz AMG Christmas 2012 =18746640 奢侈品 路易威登 - 2012圣诞精选动画 Louis Vittion Luxury Louis Vuitton- for 2012 Christmas =18746640 体育运动 NBA球星聖誕特別球衣! NBA Sports BIG COLOR for Xmas 18746640 奢侈品 Dior圣诞节广告:金色圣诞夜 Dior Luxury Dior:Golden Xmas Eve =18746640 服饰&时尚 gap圣诞广告:让爱在分享中如影随形 GAP Clothe&Fashion Gap:Love Comes in Every Shade =18746640 Tiffany钻戒圣诞节电视广告.flv 奢侈品 Tiffany Tiffany Rings for Christmas =18746640 体育运动 NBA群星搞笑圣诞歌,姚明跑调加错词. NBA Sports NBA Stars sing out of tune! f=18746640 食品&饮料 可口可乐: 被圣诞老人遗忘的信 Coca-cola Food&Beverage A letter forgotten by Santa =18746640 体育运动 梅西FIFA13圣诞电视广告 FIFA Sports Messi for FIFA13 Christmas 18746640 其他 瑞典邮局创新圣诞送礼活动 Parcel Memory Others Parcel Memory’s Christmas gift 18746640 汽车 冈田将生 2012铃木Lapin 广告圣诞篇 SUZUKI Auto SUZUKI Lapin ad 2012 Christmas =18746640 奢侈品 玩偶梦幻 Dior巴黎春天百货圣诞橱窗 Dior Luxury Dior Puppet for shopping window 18746640 服饰&时尚 萨克斯第五大道百货店圣诞灯光show Saks 5th Avenue Clothe&Fashion Saks 5th Avenue’s Lighting show 18746640 家居装饰 无印良品圣诞节广告 MUJI Home&Deco MUJI XMAS HOME 2012 =18746640 食品&饮料 M豆圣诞节广告 M&M Food&Beverage M&M scares Santa! 18746640 电子电器 能找到圣诞老人的礼物 BestBuyElectrical Products Gifts That Do Finding Santa =18746640 奢侈品 蒂芙尼圣诞短片 Tiffany Luxury A Very Tiffany Holiday f=18746640 服饰&时尚 Morrisons超市圣诞节广告 Morrisons Clothe&Fashion Morrisons Christmas Ad =18746640 食品&饮料 可口可乐2010圣诞节广告 Coca-cola Food&Beverage 2010 Coca-cola Christmas Ad =18746640 手机 苹果官方广告--圣诞老人也要用siri Apple mobile Santa loves Siri =18746640 电子电器 3D版Mac广告:圣诞快乐 AppleElectrical Products 3D Mac Ad: Merry Christmas =18746640 Old Spice 圣诞病毒视频MANta Claus 服饰&时尚 _beautyjunkies. Old Spice Clothe&Fashion l?f=18746640 Old Spice Christmas Viral Video 体育运动 FIFA 12 鲁尼球星圣诞礼物广告PS3 FIFA Sports FIFA 12 Rooneys Xmas present =18746640 服饰&时尚 Boots 2011家庭主妇圣诞特别行动广告 Boots Clothe&Fashion Boots 2011 Mad Housewives 18746640 家居装饰 ALESSI圣诞小动画 Alessi Home&Deco ALESSI Christmas animation f=18746640 食品&饮料 7喜圣诞许愿活动广告(2分35秒版) 7 ups Food&Beverage 7-ups Christmas wish 8746640 食品&饮料 七喜2012圣诞许愿互动完整版 7 ups Food&Beverage 7-ups Christmas wish 2012 =18746640 食品&饮料 7 喜圣诞 - 遇见未来篇 7 ups Food&Beverage 7-ups Back to future f=18746640 服饰&时尚 John Lewis 圣诞广告 2012 John Lewis Clothe&Fashion John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 f=18746640 服饰&时尚 John Lewis2010圣诞节温馨广告 John Lewis Clothe&Fashion John Lewis Christmas Advert 2010 8746640 关于CIC CIC是中国领先的社会化商业资讯提供商,专业致力于帮助企业和组织充分利 用中国社会化媒体和网络口碑资讯来实现其整个组织的商业创新。 官网: CIC白皮书: 新浪微博: 花瓣网: 博客: IWOMmaster平台: CIC微信号:seeiseeCHAT