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We are proud to be launching a new series of syndicated reports which cover industries, topics and provide invaluable insights into China’s social media as applied to brands and products. While a useful tool for any brand or industry operating in the Chinese market, these reports are a must-have for those contemplating a China market entry. Welcome to contact us for the full report and more details, email:

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SKINCARE IWOM INSIGHT - CIC 2010 Syndicated Report Teaser

  1. 1. Vol. 2010<br />IWOMCATEGORY OVERVIEW<br />2010年更新版<br />行业网络口碑概览<br />SKIN CARE IWOM INSIGHT<br />An IWOM Category Overview Report focused on Skin care in China: your guide to Skin care consumer insight and digital intelligence from Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM)<br />© 2010 CIC<br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents<br />Introduction <br />Part One: China IWOM Introduction <br />Part Two: 6 Areas of Skin Care IWOM Insights<br /><ul><li>Category Talk Overview for Business INTELLIGENCE
  3. 3. Consumer INSIGHT from Product Talk
  4. 4. Digital Expression culture for Marketing INSPIRATION
  5. 5. Social Media Application and E-community ENGAGEMENT
  6. 6. Case sharing of Digital Marketing EXECUTION
  7. 7. Brand IWOM Reputation EVALUATION</li></ul>Part Three: CIC IWOM Research Methodology<br />Appendix: About CIC<br />
  8. 8. 6 AREAS OF IWOM INSIGHT<br />营销管理需要研究,分析,借鉴网络口碑和网络社区文化<br />Reshaping the Relationship between Brands and Consumers <br />激发营销创意<br />参与网络社区互动<br />Marketing team / advertising agency<br />Digital PR/ <br />Digital / Media agency<br />消费者研究与产品反馈<br />营销活动执行与反馈<br />Consumer insight /<br />Marketing research/R&D<br />Marketing dept./<br />Digital marketing agency<br />Business intelligence /<br />Strategy planning<br />PR / Brand team<br />品牌网络声誉评估<br />行业与竞争情报分析<br />
  9. 9. What?<br />What are the most popular brands?<br /><ul><li>What products enjoy sustained buzz?
  10. 10. What makes them popular?
  11. 11. What fuels the buzz?
  12. 12. What’s being said?</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Available time : Random
  13. 13. Frequency: Low
  14. 14. Buzz Volume: Small</li></ul>CATEGORY ONLINE CULTURE – DAI GOU (PURCHASING AGENT) <br />Dai Gou has become a common practice for netizens who want to seek cheaper products overseas<br />Profit-driven <br />Masters <br /><ul><li>Available time : Regular
  15. 15. Frequency: High
  16. 16. Buzz Volume: Moderate</li></ul>Specialists <br /><ul><li>Available time: 24/7
  17. 17. Frequency: High
  18. 18. Buzz Volume: Big</li></ul>Organization <br />Individual <br />Amateurs<br />Note: the bigger the circle, the higher the visibility/ buzz volume.<br />Relationship-driven <br />
  19. 19. IWOM HEALTH OF SKINCARE BRANDS – IWOM HEALTH MATRIX II<br />The top 3 brands saw an increase in reputation in the 2nd half of the year compared with the 1st half, while both Clinique’s buzz volume dropped in the second half of 2009.<br />High<br />Ⅰ<br />Ⅱ<br />Estee Lauder<br />Reputation (NSR)<br />Lancôme<br />AVG<br />No. of posts2nd half year 2009<br />Clinique<br />No. of posts1st half year 2009<br />Ⅳ<br />Ⅲ<br />Awareness: Buzz Volume<br />Low<br />High<br />Data Source: Data Source: CIC Cosmetics IWOM Practice Data Panel<br />Data Base: Total brand related posts= 2,137,271<br />Notes: The AVG(average) point is located by the mean value during 2nd half of 2009<br />
  20. 20. Who?<br />Friends or foes?<br /><ul><li>Who’s talking about you?
  21. 21. Who’s talking about the competition?
  22. 22. Who leads them into discussion and how?
  23. 23. Where do they “congregate”?</li></li></ul><li>EFLUENCER TYPE – COMMUNITY MODERATORS<br />Community moderators like Jiu Shi Mei Nvenjoy a good reputation through their highly interactive behavior on BBS. <br />PV: 249,336<br />Replies: 8,529<br />Quotes:<br />RE: 来给美女顶贴啦,写得真详细,我要慢慢学习了,呵.(link)<br />RE: I support our administrator. You have shared very detailed information and I will study it thoroughly. <br />RE: 我静静的看你们对话学知识.(link)<br />RE: I’ll follow your conversation and learn from it.<br />Jiu Shi Mei Nv (就是美女) is the administrator of Estee Lauder’s branded forum under the Sohu community. She enjoys wide popularity across a large number of audience. <br />She is a big fan of Estee Lauder, although sometimes she also shares her ideas about other brands. <br />Total posts: 53,646<br />Total best posts: 571<br />Credit: 15,023<br />Total time online: 5,116 hours<br />No. of times logged onto forum: 1,551<br />
  24. 24. MAIN E-COMMUNITY ANALYSIS – SOHU WOMEN <br />Netizens talked about shopping, skincare brands, or emotional stories on Sohu Women.<br />link<br />Topic Features in the Beauty and Skincare forum<br /><ul><li>Comments around mass market brands are more commonly seen than around premium brands
  25. 25. Community members here tend to be more price-sensitive </li></ul>Shopping, brand clubs and emotional stories enjoyed great popularity on Sohu Women BBS <br />
  26. 26. How?<br />Engaging the netizens<br /><ul><li>How to conduct successful campaigns?
  27. 27. What determines a campaign’s success?
  28. 28. What provokes a major crisis and how does a brand deal with it?</li></li></ul><li>SOCIAL MEDIA APPLICATION FOR SKINCARE – BLOG<br />Estee Lauder launched a themed campaign -‘Find the pomegranate code’, which successfully ignited curiosity and desire to search for product messages within related posts.<br />PV: 538,739 Replies: 1,420<br />link<br />Very effective product message delivery and engaging approach<br />Buzz around ‘Nutritious’ series contributed more than 30% of all the EL anti-aging buzz, although most of the buzz was product oriented. <br />The campaign message on EL Lady Salon gained 538,739 PVs and 1,420 replies.<br />Looking for pomegranate code from related posts <br />Thus, the campaign focused intensely on product information delivery as netizens were reminded of ‘pomegranate’ all the time. The code-search approach also made it fun for netizens to participate, which successfully ignited netizens’ passion to look for relevant messages.<br />11<br />