How new mothers play with social media a collaborative baby care white paper by GroupM & CIC


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How new mothers play with social media a collaborative baby care white paper by GroupM & CIC

  1. 1. How New Mothers Play With Social MediaA Collaborative Baby Care White Paper by GroupM & CIC© 2012 CIC
  2. 2. Introduction According to GroupM’s “Baby Care Food Industry Fourth Quarterly Analysis Report 2011”, the rate of newborns has reached 16-18 million per year, generating vast expansion of the baby care product market. The report estimates that in 2015, China’s milk powder market alone will be worth 70 billion RMB, up from 40 billion RMB in 2010. By that point, baby care products will make up an estimated 30%-40% of total household expenditure. With this expansion, the ideas and lifestyles of a new generation of expectant and new mothers is also experiencing dramatic changes. The blossoming role of social media in society is also generating profound penetration in the parenting market, as a wealth maternal knowledge, information on parenting and infant products, access to shared experience, and even specific purchasing channels are ushering in a new era of consumption for young families. Evolution in modes of communication and product purchasing will inevitably result in changes to brands’ marketing methodology. It therefore becomes both a challenge and opportunity for marketing personnel seeking to understand how to best utilize social media to create new channels for communication, which draw brand and baby closer together. It is from this exciting prospect that GroupM and CIC again collaborate on a comprehensive study of consumer behavior, this time focusing on a new generation net-savvy mothers, engaging with baby brands, products and services in China’s dynamic social media landscape. Incorporating CIC’s knowledge and experience in IWOM study, and GroupM’s vast expertise in the field of media research, this collaboration will educate brand marketers in how best to shape their social strategy for better business performance. The research findings expressed in this report are based on 3,731,310 posts extracted from CIC’s baby care industry BBS panel, between January and March 2012. Analysis of marketing cases originated from China’s major social media platforms.© 2012 CIC 2
  3. 3. Executive Summary  Compared with other social media platforms, BBS is capable of carrying more information and more interactive activities, so BBS tops the resource list as most interactive platform for new mothers discussing topics through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and infancy.  Mom Daren (Daren meaning those who are influential in the social media space), who contribute 80% of the total buzz to the baby care BBS communities, can be categorized as ‘Quasi-expert’, ‘Active facilitator’, ‘Willing to share activists’ and ‘Event organizers’. When a brand wants to select one of these Mom Daren for campaign engagement, they should be a fit for the brand’s marketing objectives and brand’s own features.  Pregnancy/baby growth diaries are the major content format used by online moms. 43.7% of the online baby care discussions are presented in the format of pregnancy/baby growth diaries, which mostly go hand in hand with the child’s education, rearing, and mental and physical health related topics. The second most popular format are incentivized activities (28.8% of the total online baby care discussions), which are closely linked to baby care product related topics.  Sub-demographics are women in pre-pregnancy preparation, pregnancy, with an infant from 0-3 years old, or mother to a child aged 3- 10, focus their attention on different topics. Means of conception are most discussed among women in pre-pregnancy, prenatal examinations are the most popular topic amongst pregnant females, DIY baby birthing kits are the most interactive topic for women in this stage. Baby care products are the most buzzed topics amongst new mothers, of whom moms with infants from 0-3 years old are the most active participants in the conversation.  There are different marketing models tailored to the baby care category across different social media platforms: ‘grabbing floor’, lucky draws, SecKill activities and incentivized Q&A are the most important and mature marketing models on BBS forums. Baby care microblog marketing is still in its early stage, experimenting with knowledge quizzes, forwarding activities, Charity Relay and online APPs. Other categories can also contribute effective microblog marketing models to the baby care industry. For example, parents can open up a microblog diary for their baby or a brand can initiate celebrity micro-interviews.© 2012 CIC 3
  4. 4. An Overview of Baby Care in Chinese Social Media© 2012 CIC 4
  5. 5. Baby care BBS are the major platform for new mothers to discuss topics on pre- Baby Care BBS Sites Categorization pregnancy, pregnancy and infancy. Posting rate 45 The top buzzed baby care BBS sites can be broadly grouped into three categories: PCbaby  Online communities that are highly professional and are populated by a large 40 varieties of users, such as Seedit.  Online communities with high interactivity and a high incidence of new 35 posts, such as Pcbaby. 30  Communities with a more standard levels of interactivity and topic creation. 25 Inspiration for Brands 20 While carrying out social media marketing activities, baby care brands should pay close attention not only to their design and execution, but also to the defining Lyaya Seedit 15 BJmama Liba characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of various baby care platforms. Selecting the proper platform for engagement is a very important ingredient in generating resonance with these expecting and new mothers. 10 GZmama Ci123  BBS sites that are highly professional, whose users are common in nature, are 5 55BBS Babytree 19Lou best suited to brand marketing that seeks high interactivity. 0  Those sites with a large and varied user base are best suited to activities that boost brand profile. 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 Poster number  Sites with fairly ordinary interactivity and posting rate are the more cost effective option. Note: Size of the ball = Number of posts (buzz); Posting rate = Number of posts/Number of posters Data source: CIC Baby care BBS Panel, 3,731,310 posts in total, Q1 2012© 2012 CIC 5
  6. 6.  Quasi-Experts: Having accumulated relevant knowledge and experience, they are willing to initiate relevant baby care topics and educate Mom Daren contribute 80% of other moms. “Fatty Grass” is a mom that frequently visits the Xamama website. Her posts cover topics ranging from nutrition replenishment during and after the total buzz and can be pregnancy, to social events for moms. She often initiates topics to share the knowledge and experience she has accumulated, which often contain lots of categorized into four types; useful information and are extremely popular with other moms. She averages 285 comments in reply to each of her topic posts. ‘Quasi-Expert’, ‘Active Sharing experience of maternity and infancy care centers: Fatty Grass:Every afternoon, some Facilitator’, ‘Willing to Share professional nursery teachers would show the staff and family members how Activist’ and ‘Event Organizer’. to give the baby strokes and massages. It is said that this is the best way to help the babies feel safe. Lovely little Pipi:The broadcast by Fatty Grass is fantastic! Very helpful! I am so Inspiration for Brands looking forward to my baby coming. While choosing Daren, brands should pay close attention to their behavior and  Active Facilitator: Keen to participate in a wide range of discussions; very defining characteristics, to ensure they meet the aims of engagement. proactive and helpful in maintaining the discussion’s momentum.  Event Organizer Daren should be leveraged for product based  Willing-to-Share Activist: Willing to share their photos and “Shai”(show off) engagement, because they play an important role in maintaining BBS quite simple content. activity.  Event Organizer: Motivated to be in charge, organizing and publishing online  The Quasi-Expert Daren should be selected for Q&A based activities for websites and brands, they’re often also BBS moderators. interaction, leveraging their knowledge resource and associated pride in educating.© 2012 CIC 6
  7. 7. Baby care products are the Baby Care Industry Major Topics Baby Care Products 76.5% most discussed topic on Baby Physical and Mental Health 13.2% parenting BBS; pregnancy and Child Education Child Rearing 2.9% 6.2% growth diaries are the key Personal Care 0.7% formats for netizens’ content. Work and Family Others 0.3% 0.2%  Across all topics, infant & child products account for 76.5% of the total buzz. This is largely due to the paramount concern of product safety and recommendation among mothers with babies from 0-3 years old. Types of Topic Formats in Baby Care Industry  43.7% of the online baby care discussion is presented in the format of pregnancy / baby growth diaries, which mostly go hand in hand with child Pregnancy/Baby Growth Dairy 43.7% rearing and education, as well as mental and physical health related topics. Incentivized Activity 28.8% The second most popular format are incentivized activities, making up 28.8% of the total online baby care discussion, which incorporates baby Experience Sharing 15.4% care product related topics. Q&A 7.3% Inspiration to brands Selling/Advertising 2.6% While planning campaign activities and event formats, brands should address "Shai" 1.3% the mothers’ digital behavior on BBS. As diaries are the most frequently used 0.9% Others format by Mom Daren, encouraging mothers to write on topics related to their use of trusted baby care products could be highly effective. Data source: CIC baby care industry panel, Q1 2012; 404,694 dialogues in total© 2012 CIC 7
  8. 8. Social Media and Phases of Motherhood© 2012 CIC 8
  9. 9. Moms at different stages are drawn to different topics, driven by their varied physical and psychological status. Different Stages Post Ratio Number of Posts Hot Topics at Different Stages Pregnancy Ways of conception Nutritional supplements Prenatal taboos 3% 111,939 Preparing Stage (26.6%) (21.6%) (5%) Prenatal examination Relevant products for Pregnancy Stage 23% 858,201 Baby birth kit (10%) (26.5%) pregnant women(5.2%) Mom with Kid of 0- Baby care products Work moms and stay-at- 48% 1,796,925 Others (7.6%) 3 Year Olds (86.8%) home moms (5.6%) Child physical and Mom with Kid of 3- Child elementary Moms’ self investment 26% 970,141 mental development 10 Year Olds education (60%) (4%) (30%) Data source: CIC baby care industry panel , Q1 2012; totally 3,731,310 posts Notes: The percentage in parenthesis after each hot topic of a certain stage is the buzz ratio of the topic, the percentage of posts on a topic (such as ways of conception) out of all the posts corresponding to the stage (such as pregnancy preparing stage)© 2012 CIC 9
  10. 10.  26.6% of the buzz volume among women Methods of conception are the preparing for pregnancy relates to methods of conception. The discussion is mainly driven by most discussed topic among women of senior maternal age. women preparing for pregnancy.  Most participants of this topic are women of senior maternal age, who have a high level of education and independent economic status, leading to relatively late marriages and Major Topics in Pregnancy Preparation CPR family planning. Therefore, they seek doctors’ and experts’ assistance in conception-related Methods of Conception 26.6% 2.2 issues, going to BBS forums to express their longing for a child, personal concerns, and to get Nutritional Supplements 21.6% 2.6 advice from mothers who faced similar circumstances. Time of Pregnancy 20.7% 2.3 Seeking advice from mothers at more advanced stages of parenthood. Prenatal Examination 13.7% 2.2 Question:A friend recommended this website Psychological Factors 9.4% 2.2 to me, saying there are many kind sisters here. I am 39, yet due to all kinds of reasons I have Prenatal Taboos 5.0% 2.6 never been pregnant before. Now I really want a baby. Others 3.0% 1.8 Reply : It depends on your menses cycle. Conversation Participation Rate (CPR) =number of posts/number of conversations Normally, if the cycle is 28-30 days, you could Data source : posts about pregnancy preparing stage, CIC baby care industry panel, Q1 2012, 111,939 posts in total start checking at Day 12. Of course, you should also consult a doctor.© 2012 CIC 10
  11. 11. Health concerns make prenatal Factors to be Considered When Choosing a Hospital examination the most popular Topic example: Topic: [Editor to announce good Topic example: Topic:【Meiyue International news] A dragon baby was born on Cup】 Pregnancy Diary + July topic among pregnant women. Feb 11 in Donghua Hospital Reply: The Dragon Mom, the birth of baby Liu surroundings, sanitation, doctors Reply: The environment is nice. and nurses of the hospital are nice. The best thing is that it is close  26.5% of the discussions among pregnant women is about physical Most importantly, the hardware to my home. examinations during pregnancy, because good quality physical exams from facilities are advanced and assuring wellness. a credible hospital are vital to both mother and baby’s health;  While discussing prenatal examinations, pregnant women pay a lot of Hospital Distance to attention to the choice of hospital. They like to express these topics in the environment home format of a pregnancy diary and “Shai” posting. Table2.2 Buzz Ratio of Major Topics During Pregnancy Qualification Connections CPR of hospital in hospital Prenatal examination 26.5% 4.2 Fetus 3.2 Topic example: 20.0% Topic example: Topic: New moms, please recommend a good hospital. Topic: Hey moms! I want to know Birth kit 10.0% 13.1 which hospital is the best for Requirements: Top-grade, class A hospital, Creating a record now. prenatal examination? Which one Family relationship 6.0% 3.6 Thanks! is the best for delivery? Reply: A friend said that Military Reply: I have two conditions for Food 5.5% 2.8 General Hospital can create files my choice: 1. Have connections while the fetus is 12 weeks old. Yet it there; 2. .Choose the one with Pregnant Products 5.2% 3.4 is near Dongzhi Gate, which is far better skills when other conditions from you. are similar. *Others 26.7% 2.1© 2012 CIC 11
  12. 12. Contributing 10% of the buzz, baby birth kits are the most interactive topic amongst pregnant women. There’s particular interest in making and showing-off your own. Case study: The campaign plan of BabyBox originates from the brand’s  Being concerned about the brands and overall quality of baby birth trial marketing strategy. Nowadays, free samples of singular kits, many mothers want to DIY their own baby birth kits. Yet they products have lost the ability to incite an enthusiastic often feel confused as to what actually goes in them. response from customers. Babytree use products of various brands to make up large gift package, sending them to  Mothers essentially want someone to tailor a bespoke baby birth applicants that meet the requirements. At the same box for them, addressing their particular requirements on brand time, they share product knowledge with pregnant women and quality. and encourage them to experience the brand. The mom may go on to buy these brands before and after delivery. Inspiration to Brands Offering tailor-made baby birth kits for mothers would create new brand opportunities. With the concept of DIY, brands could attract moms-to-be by making trial sets of hot products. The Baby Box event promoted by Babytree allow mothers to try the brand’s product sets for free, establishing their good faith and trust in the brand, which would turn into reliance in the long run.© 2012 CIC 12
  13. 13. Buzz Volume of Major Infant Products Mothers of children from 0-3 years Milk powder 241,115 old have more direct experience of Diaper 203,735 infant products, making it their Baby care product 202,913 major topic of conversation, with Baby clothes 181,842 milk powder generating most buzz. Toy 105,289 Buzz Ratio of Major Topics Among Moms of Milk bottle 85,066 0-3 Year Olds Supplementary food 84,055 Baby care product 86.8% Health care drug 37,062 Work mom VS stay-at-home mom 5.6% Kid bike 36,560 Child bed 26,856 Others 7.6% Conversation Participation rate = number of posters /number of conversations Data source:Posts about baby care products from mothers with 0-3 Data source:Posts by from moms with 0-3 year olds, CIC baby care panel, Q1 2012,796,925 posts in total year olds, CIC baby care panel, 1,559,731 posts in total, Q1 2012© 2012 CIC 13
  14. 14. Distribution of Top 10 Milk Powder Brand Attributes The safety of milk powder Brand image 36.7% drives significant conversation; Place of production 20.5% brand image is the most Purchasing strategy 11.2% discussed attribute, including Applying stage 7.0% country of origin and reliability. Side effect 5.3% The IWOM Health of the Most Buzzed Baby Products Net preference rate Formula 5.0% 1.0 Daily necessities 0.9 Diaper 0.8 Baby stroller Baby Purchasing 4.4% channel 0.7 Cot clothes Baby care product 0.6 Wipes Milk powder Price 3.4% 0.5 Toy 0.4 Health care product/drug 0.3 Package 2.5% 0.2 Supplementary food 0.1 Milk bottle 2.5% 0.0 Buzz volume Basic attributes 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 Data source: posts discussing milk powder, CIC baby care industry panel, Q1 Data source: posts about baby care prooducts, CIC baby care industry panel, Q1 2012, totally 2012, totally 117,098 posts 1,559,731 posts© 2012 CIC 14
  15. 15. Recent quality crises in the Negative Milk Powder Association (Top 10) CPR milk powder industry cause bad flavor 17.5% 1.3 excessive 1.7 concern about the reliability internal heat 13.8% allergic 9.1% 1.6 and site of production of 1.8 expensive 8.7% milk powder brands. diarrhea 8.3% 1.8 vomit 8.3% Side effect 4.1  We find that the latest incidents, such as finding a condom Crisis in milk powder or bacteria beyond safety standards, are constipation 8.0% 1.4 featured among the top 10 most discussed negative aspects Others of milk powder brands. The condom incident has become condom incident 6.4% 12.3 the most interactive topic. overweight 5.0% 1.3 bacteria  Negative events associated with specific brands affect infection 3.7% 2.2 customers’ evaluation of the entire industry. Therefore, the quality of products must be communicated more often by Data source: Negative posts about milk powder, CIC baby care industry brands, to restore consumers confidence. panel, Q1 2012, totally 11,332 posts© 2012 CIC 15
  16. 16.  While the children are in kindergarten, aspects such as elementary education, child growth, mothers’ self-awareness and self investment, child’s physical and mental health, and the child’s personality generate most attention among mothers. Moms of children 3-10 Major Topics Among Mothers with Topic Example years old pay more Children 3-5 Years Old Andrew of intermediate class attention to education Elementary education 524,364 (born at the end of March, 2007) family education diary and physical and mental My daughter is a little slow in development. Physical and mental development 305,109 mental development. Are there any mothers in a similar situation? Help! How to recover my figure Meanwhile, as they Mothers self invenstment 58,357 and confidence after giving birth? begin to rebound from Child personality issue 14,189 Will my disobedient two-and-a- half year old nephew be a bad the birth, they invest influence on my daughter? Data Source:posts by mothers with kids from 3-5 years old, CIC baby care more energy into industry panel, Q1 2012, totally 902,019 posts  After the children enters elementary school, mothers become their first themselves. teachers. They pay close attention to the child’s academic performance and become the most important person in the child’s education.© 2012 CIC 16
  17. 17. The Social Media Marketing of Baby Care© 2012 CIC 17
  18. 18. China Social Media Map Microblog users have reached 270 million The social media SNS users have reached platforms most often 250 million used by baby care Video users have brands: Mobile Internet reached 350 million users have reached 388 BBS users have •BBS forums million reached 160 million •Microblog (Weibo) •SNS (Social Networks) •Video Sites •Mobile Internet Note: CIC China Social Media Map Data source: The Thirtieth Statistical Report on Internet Development in China© 2012 CIC 18
  19. 19. Activities like ‘Grabbing floor’, Lucky draw, SecKill and Award-winning Q&A are the most important and mature marketing models on BBS forums. Grabbing Floor Lucky Draw SecKill Incentivized Q&A Conversations: 77.5% Conversations: 2.4% Conversations: 18.9% Conversations: 1.2% Posts: 96.7% Posts: 0.3% Posts: 2.8% Posts: 0.2% Grabbing floor usually Lucky draws normally SecKill normally Q&A normally requires requires participants to require participants to requires participants to participants to answer reply to the campaign share experience as reply with certain questions according to post with certain requested (such as content within a certain the rules. The first content and the one experience sharing on a time, as instructed by replier or the one with with a certain number certain topic, or trial campaign rules. If the the best answer wins reply wins the prizes. experience of certain reply is posted at the the prize. products) to win prizes. pre-specified time, the Many brands also use poster wins prizes. screenshots to grabbing floor. Note: The signs from to show the number of posts Data Source: CIC baby care industry panel, Q1 2012,, totally 2,618 conversations, 1,176,269 posts© 2012 CIC 19
  20. 20. Floor Grabbing floor campaigns event content Pre-designated topic Quick answering increase participation rate in Pre-designated lucky Pre-designated lucky floor: participants need a short period of time, as Fixed floor floor: the participants who grab the lucky floors with relevant contents to answer questions, or air personal views on certain topics. The ones well as boosting the buzz win prizes, such as Floor 10, Floor 100 grab the lucky floors win prizes. around a particular brand. Lucky floor of a certain Lucky floor of a certain percentage: the percentage: Participants participant who grabs need to answer Flexible the floor of a certain questions or air personal  The design of Grabbing Floor should be based on attractiveness floor percentage wins prizes, views on certain topics. and time-effectiveness. For example, the milk powder tracing such as 7%,97% of all the The ones who grab the back system is interesting and addresses mothers’ concerns floors. lucky floor win prizes. about milk power. Case:  Grabbing floor should ensure gaps between the value of prizes Firmus Milk Powder held a “grabbing floor” campaign of different floors. If the gaps are too small, it won’t stimulate during the period of Feb 28,to March 2, 2012. The netizens’ enthusiasm to participate. campaign encouraged netizens to experience the milk powder tracing back system, and answer questions to grab the designated lucky floors. The campaign triggered responses of 106,397 floors in three days© 2012 CIC 20
  21. 21. Event type Introduction If the prizes are reasonably The replies are normally related to content, such as replying Replying posts with words with “Wahaha Edison milk powder, 100% imported from Netherland, I am enrolled in this lucky draw event”+ your arranged, lucky draws can new year wishes to your baby Posting For example, "China Fashion Mom Show” held by Pcbaby, efficiently stimulate netizens’ pictures encouraging moms to post pictures of their kids enthusiasm to participate; if Games and Encouraging moms to take part in games and send messages lucky draw of certain contents to win the opportunity of lucky draw the campaign is closely Answering questionnaire Encouraging moms to answer online questionnaires to win the opportunity of lucky draw associated with a Case: brand, lucky draws can Pcbaby held “China Fashion Mom Show” from May 2012 to August 2012, in which mothers were asked to post their pictures as a fashion mom and win the opportunity of lucky draw. As this campaign went well along with the online quickly establish brand culture of posting pictures of moms and their kids, and was hosted on Pcbaby, a highly interactive website, China Fashion Mom received good response, with more recognition among netizens. than 11,200 moms participating in the audition section.  Apart from the attractiveness of prizes, lucky draws should have new and A mom posted a sweet picture interesting formats, which conform with the popular online culture, such as of her and her daughter. Her moms’ “Shai” culture. slogan is “Love photography and food, love enjoying  Interesting and corresponding with “Shai” culture, China Fashion Mom was freedom while walking” well received by netizens.© 2012 CIC 21
  22. 22. Like grabbing floor, SecKill Case study: could effectively attract Ibabyzone held a SecKill campaign with Feilala Kids Mall on March 9th, 2012, in which participants needed to post at participation from mothers if the exact locations that were temporarily designated. As SecKill could easily stimulate strong excitement, this the prizes are reasonable. It campaign was viewed more than 22,200 times. could quickly generate enthusiasm due to its nature of uncertainty and excitement.  SecKill to a large extent is testing participants’ endurance, because they need to wait for the SecKill moment. The prize should be handed out randomly and able to compensate their efforts. The usual principle is that the netizens who hangs on longer will be awarded with more valuable prizes.  The overall value of prizes in this case is rationally set, with apparent gaps between the values of different prizes, which is conducive to keeping up the participants’ enthusiasm.© 2012 CIC 22
  23. 23. Case study: organized an incentivized Q&A campaign. Every month there was a new set of questions for netizens to answer, and Professional Q&As and the participants who answered more questions got more prizes. reasonable prizes could Q:Which powder brand is suitable for kids? make mothers feel more A: Heinz is quite good. It produces milk powder reassured by a brands’ targeted at children of different ages… professionalism and expertise, gradually enhancing their reliance on the brands.  The mechanism of Q&A should be clearer, so that it is easy for netizens to look up in the future. In this way, netizens can not only ask questions but also refer back to the answers and solutions on the website.  Brands or websites should persist in holding campaigns of this sort to enhance netizens’ trust and reliance on the brands.© 2012 CIC 23
  24. 24. Forwarding to friends is the Campaign Design Introduction Forwarding campaign Netizens are encouraged to forward the campaign most frequent microblog posts posts and @ some friends marketing model, which can Following official microblog and forward Netizens are expected to follow the official microblog, and forward the screenshots to friends screenshots help generate brand Netizens are required to answer the questions in Experience and popularity in a short time. knowledge sharing the posts, or share some experience and knowledge and @ some friends.  The model “forwarding to friends” can quickly increase brand Case study: exposure and boost growth in followers. Dumex, the well-known milk powder brand, held a “Milk powder  Yet, since this model commonly employs an incentive, some playing European Cup” on its official microblog in June. In the participants may have only taken part for the prizes. So, these event, milk powder brands of various countries play on behalf of followers have relatively low value for brands. their motherland, and Dumex represented China.  The campaign must be interesting to draw in more participants Although the mechanism is simple and common, encouraging and their friends. Moreover, it should demonstrate the brand netizens to forward answers and @ some friends, it had quite a culture, so as not to waste a great exposure opportunity. Last good response. This campaign won 1,769 forwards and 1,598 but not least, the prizes should be appealing, for the prize is comments, far surpassing the average forwarding rate (9.6) and central to the campaign message going viral. commenting rate (7.8) of Dumex in Quarter 1, 2012.© 2012 CIC 24
  25. 25. Case Study: Charity relays by microblog Mead & Johnson held a charity campaign named “Mead & Johnson Loving-heart Trip – Children Growth Support Plan for Three Golden Years” on its official microblog from July 2 to July normally leave a good 4. impression on netizens. The campaign encouraged netizens to write down their wishes for poor children and forward to their friends. Although the However, that impression model seemed ordinary, its influence was quite profound with 3,593 forwards and 1,238 comments. might be short lived if the mechanism and core value are poorly designed.  This model is quite popular with netizens in today’s society, where materialism develops rapidly but leaves spiritual civilization relatively underdeveloped.  Although charity campaigns would invite lots of responses under most circumstances, it does not mean that all charity- themed campaigns guarantee success. Charity relays need to be designed for the long haul, be easy to understand, and rich in social value.© 2012 CIC 25
  26. 26. The expert Q&A model could set Case study: Dumex organized an event on its official microblog for up long-term communication experts to answer questions. Whatever baby care questions the participants raised was answered by the between brands and Dumex baby care experts. Dumex had a professional team of 200 experts deal with netizens, sharing baby care moms’ questions. The tweet below shows a Dumex expert answering a question on how to preserve breast milk. knowledge and experience, which promotes netizens’ loyalty to the brand. increases the interaction between brands and netizens, as  This campaign mechanism offers participants an opportunity to solve their problems, which well as the reliance and dependence of netizens on the brand.  Yet the disadvantage is that it fails to increase the brand exposure and number of followers rapidly. Hence the achievement of reducing the distance between brands and netizens requires a long-term and patient adherence to this model.  Experts Q&A on microblog is similar to the incentivized Q&A mechanism on BBS. Its arrangements should be open and clear so that it is easy for netizens to look up. The popular way is to put all the posts with experts’ answers under the same topic for easier reference. More importantly, brands or websites should persist in such a campaign in the long term, to increase netizens’ reliance on the brand.© 2012 CIC 26
  27. 27. Case study: J & J organized an event called “mutual aid among new moms” The richness and flexibility on its official microblog. The event is charitable, encouraging mothers to help each other ease their pain during the lactation of the content and interface period. Participants could share the problems that new moms encounter to friends through an APP, apply for cards of of microblog APP campaigns temporary breast-feeding rooms to create a more soothing environment for breast-feeding. Meanwhile, moms could share attract more netizens. the addresses of nearby breast-feeding locations for other mothers’ convenience. This event attracted the participation of 20,477 netizens in just one week (Aug. 6 – Aug. 11).  The major characteristic of the APP model is that it provides netizens with a lively and interesting process. Therefore, the advantage of APP activities is in arousing the netizens’ curiosity and interest, so that they are more willing to take part in the campaign and share the fun.  The design of the interface and the choice of the campaign theme are vital to the effectiveness of APP activities. Lots of factors, such as the attractiveness of campaign interface and the accessibility and workability of programs, could all affect the willingness of netizens to participate. It is also essential that the campaign match mothers’ emotional needs. For example, J & J’s concern for mothers during the lactation period contributed to the high resonance among mothers, engaging many participants in a short period of time.© 2012 CIC 27
  28. 28. Micro-interviews and social games play an increasingly important role in Microblog marketing across categories, so can certainly serve brands in the baby care industry.  Baby care brands could consider arranging pregnant celebrities  Baby care brands could borrow the successful APP or celebrity mothers for a micro-interview on Mother’s Day. It game concept and conduct unique game could involve baby care, choosing baby food and products, how marketing, incorporated with product related to be a beautiful mother, etc. This model could greatly increase elements. Themes such as how to utilize baby food and contact between netizen mothers and brands. products, and how to dispose of used infant products could be popular. Case study: Case study: On Women’s Day (March Coca Cola borrowed the 8), Yuxi hosted a micro- popular game “Angry Birds” interview on beauty with and developed a game two Chinese Miss encouraging netizens to Universe. Yuxi recycle used bottles, which successfully interpreted enhances people’s awareness and spread the concept of environment protection. of beauty and Online games often manage strengthened their brand to infuse brand culture, value image. and ideas to netizens while they are relaxed and playing.© 2012 CIC 28
  29. 29. Case study: SNS users are usually closely Redbaby hosted “The Sound of Mid-Summer, Prenatal Education Concert” in May 2012, via its account on Kaixin. Netizens connected to each other, It participated by becoming a fan of Redbaby, posting a request for tickets and uploading an ultrasound photo of the baby. This campaign received strong feedback, getting 63,558 declarations. offers baby care brands a nice channel to effectively promote their IWOM.  Users of SNS platforms are closely connected to each other, usually relatives, schoolmates, colleagues, or very trust- worthy cyber friends. As such, SNS can be an effective platform to spread brand reputation.  SNS sites are a nice marketing platform for brands to establish brand reputation and promote brand culture.© 2012 CIC 29
  30. 30.  Micro-variety shows and micro-movies have become Micro-Variety Shows and increasingly popular with brands. Short videos can attract significant attention through celebrities micro-movies make brand involvement and resonant plot. Introducing the brand image to potential consumers in a short period of time. marketing more vivid.  However, sometimes netizens might pay so much attention to the celebrities that they overlook the brand information in the video. Case study: OMO shot a series of shows with Li Jing, featuring happiness, touch, hope, playfulness, hygiene, serendipity and specialty as their themes. OMO hopes to present its brand spirit, concept and culture to netizens through Li Jing’s telling stories of her relationship with her baby. This series of videos have been watched over three million times in total. This high exposure indicates the potential of video sites to serve as the main brand marketing platform. Yet this model is still in its early stage, as it still brings no interaction between netizens and brands or among netizens themselves.© 2012 CIC 30
  31. 31. Case: Mobile Internet platforms #Zhang Shang Yu Er# is an app designed for moms by Iyaya. It enables moms to carry child-care knowledge with them all the provide baby care brands time, to record their babies’ lives whenever they want to, and to search web pages immediately. All these functions make bringing up a baby more convenient and fashionable. Although with a more flexible, lifestyle this is only an early attempt by baby care to engage on mobile, the rise of such an APP signals the potential of mobile based marketing space, not marketing in the near future. confined by place and time.  Mobile platforms not only include the marketing models of traditional platforms, such as campaign organizing and ePR release, but also various models that are exclusive to the mobile network, such as LBS (location-based service) check- in mechanisms.  Application of mobile platforms by baby care brands in the future could provide feeding knowledge, or timely answers to any questions concerning babies, or the addresses and contact information of baby care vendors and service providers nearby, creating a channel for exchanging first- hand experience with other moms on the go.© 2012 CIC 31
  32. 32. Research Methodology and Data Source  Macro Market Data GMK provided CIC with relevant industry report, such as“Baby Care Food Industry Fourth Quarterly Analysis Report 2011”, for reference. These reports gave CIC a bird view over the current status and development trend of baby care industry. With the ever increase of personal income, and a phenomenon of over-pampering of baby by new generation parents, a new age of baby rearing concept and culture is coming up in our society.  Social Media Data CIC started studying IWOM in the baby care industry back to 2006. In the past few years, CIC has collected a good volume of data related to the baby care industry. This report was made by using CIC specific data collection technology, text mining mechanism and by being analyzed by a professional team of analysts. The over- million data so applied was lately collected from the baby care industry panel of CIC. CIC collected 10,046,601 posts in total,among which 3,731,310 posts were relevant to our current study。  Introduction to The Baby Care Industry Data Bank of CIC In average, CIC collect more than 3 millions posts a month, covering close to 80 mainstream baby care forums, monitoring more than 200 baby care brands, gathering more than 900,000 posters’ information and more than 600,000 brand comments.  List of The Major Indices - Net Forum: a place gathering discussions published on the social media - Posting Rate=Number of Posts/Number of Posters, referring to the level of passion of an online community - Conversation Participation Rate=Number of Posts/Number of Conversations,referring to the level of interactivity and hotness of a certain topic - Net Sentiment Rate: measuring the overall sentiment of netizens on a brand or product© 2012 CIC 32
  33. 33. Conclusion of Inspiration to Brands  While A baby care brand selects BBS site for marketing purpose, it should pay more attention on the features of each site, beside paying much attention on the marketing plan and execution. Opting for the most suitable BBS site for your campaign will bring you a better ROI.  Sites with highly professional contents, and highly concentrated user group suits for brands targeting at niche market;  Sites with wide population of users and large volume of posts suits for quick building-up of brand awareness;  Sites with average level of interactivity, and posting rate shall be the economical ones for brands’ activities. Brands should select the suitable site for its campaign objective and match the site with a tailor-made campaign design.  When brand selects Daren, it should pay attention on his/her characteristics, and see whether they are fitting into the brand elements, marketing objectives and method of execution. If the objective is to lift the trial rate or penetration rate, brands should bet on the “Event organizer”Daren, because organizing events and exposing brands and products were the major part of the cyber life of them.  Marketing contents and content formats should be planed in such a way that they should fit for the social community life style of mothers. Dairy is the most used content format by mom Daren, thus adopting to use dairy format and implant brands into dairies could be a good trial for brands’ marketing purpose.  Grabbing floor is the most chosen campaign model on BBS, it is able to lift up the participation rate and the endurance of the participators in a short while.  Baby care is still in the testing water stage when talking about marketing on Weibo. Baby care brands could refer to good weibo campaign models of other industries for self use, making weibo a full-fledged platform for brands and products’knowledge sharing, consumer feedback collection and consumer service deliverying.© 2012 CIC 33
  34. 34. About GroupM China About GroupM China GroupM is WPP’s consolidated media investment management operation, serving as the parent company to agencies including Maxus, MEC, MediaCom and Mindshare. GroupM is the global leading media investment management group. GroupM employs more than 1800 people in eight cities across China. With total media billings in excess of US$ 4.41 billion (RECMA: 2010 Definitive), GroupM is China’s number one media communications group and the industry’s biggest investor in syndicated and proprietary media research and optimization tool development. About GroupM Knowledge GroupM Knowledge (GMK) is GroupM’s think tank and knowledge management arm in China. GMK is chartered to establish industry-wide thought leadership in media research and consumer insight, work with syndicated research agencies to deliver meaningful perspectives, and maintain GroupM’s proprietary tools, research, and systems to increase employee productivity. GMK also supports incubation of forward looking products and services, and cultivation of knowledge-oriented strategists. Finally, GMK takes on media consultancy projects, advising clients with research requirements to address business challenges.© 2012 CIC
  35. 35. GroupM Knowledge Research Projects 2012  Project Deep Dive (PDD) 2012: GroupM proprietary consumer survey on media habits, life style, and brand usage and attitude in China’s lower tier markets  Mobile Internet Research: to understand mobile phone as an effective communication tool across touch points  China’s Youth Research: to explore media consumption habits and aspirations of Chinese youth  GroupM Knowledge-Hurun Report 2012: to identify geographical concentration and life style of wealthy people in China  Media Synergy between TV & Internet: to measure synergistic effect of multi-screens and their effectiveness in media communications  Category specific usage and attitude research: studies in mom/baby, travel, e-Commerce etc. Contact Us: Please send email to Ms. Eve Lo(CIO GMK China): GMK Weibo: Or Log in iGroupM:© 2012 CIC
  36. 36. 关于CIC CIC is Chinas leading social business intelligence provider, enabling enterprise to fully leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) intelligence across the organization. Since 2004, CIC has pioneered IWOMized technology, research and consulting. Firstly, by coining the term IWOM and then being the first to raise the concept of “social business” in China. As the industry thought leader, we have always been at the forefront of China’s internet and social business revolution. CIC is China’s largest integrated 3rd party provider of technical IWOM solutions, social media studies and social business intelligence. In order to help companies effectively leverage this social business intelligence, CIC provides customized research, consulting services, syndicated reports, and industry trend watches, rich in actionable insight. In addition to helping brands accomplish their social business aims, CIC is also monetizing the social business industry in China, creating an integrated social business support system (IWOMmaster), powered by our proprietary technical solutions and platforms. In early 2012, as China’s leading social business intelligence provider, CIC agreed to be acquired by WPP’s Kantar Media, the media research and insight division of Kantar, as a move to strengthen its position and with aim to expand its social offering across Asia Pacific. Kantar Media has over 5,000 employees around the world, is currently working with 22,000 companies, tracking 3 million brands across 50 countries. As the consumer insight arm of WPP, Kantar Media provides strategic advice and competitive intelligence to the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies, helping them navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. (media release) CIC will continue to provide social business intelligence from an objective, third-party perspective, to the world’s leading brands and agencies.© 2012 CIC 36
  37. 37. CIC Resource Sharing Find more CIC white papers on our CIC slideshare site: 2012: CIC 2012 White Paper: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 2: The Social Innovation of Market Research | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2012: SINA Weibo and CIC release “2012 Corporate Weibo White Paper“ | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2012: CIC & Ogilvy PR joint white paper - ‘Crisis Management in the Microblog Era’ | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2011: Weibo Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development (CIC and Sina) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2011: The Voice of Luxury: Social Media and Luxury Brands in China (CIC and GroupM Knowledge) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2011: CIC 2011 White Paper: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 1: An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2010: Chinese Consumer Report (in collaboration with Roland Berger) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2010: Internet word of mouth proven to have impact (CIC and R3) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2010: ExpoSay: Shanghai Expo tickets are the focus of intense buzz in Chinas Social Media (Edition_1) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2009: Making Sense of IWOM Topic 1: IWOM White Paper on the Role of Internet Word of Mouth in Driving Purchase Decisions | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk Topic 2: How IWOM is generated and disseminated | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk Topic 3: How Brands Can Participate in Online Communities | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2009: Chinese Consumer Report (in collaboration with Roland Berger) | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2008: The Internet is THE community Topic 1: The Chinese IWOM Landscape | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk Topic 2: Alternative Ways to Measure Internet Community Dynamics | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk Topic 3: The Diversity of Chinese Net Language | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk Topic 4: Reshaping the Relationship between Brands and Consumers | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2008: Tuning into Sports IWOM | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2008: Tuning into Notebook IWOM | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2007: Whats Driving Auto Buzz | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2007: The Talk About Phones | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk 2007: Word of Health: China | view on Slideshare | view on Vdisk© 2012 CIC 37
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