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  1. 1. IWOMWATCH<br />网论观察<br />2006-2010<br />IWOM WATCH COMPILATIONS<br />Topic5: Interaction in virtual gaming word between brands and netizens<br />© 2010 CIC<br />
  2. 2. ABOUT IWOM WATCH<br />什么是网络口碑网论观察:<br />CIC网络口碑网论观察,包括对互联网热点话题、社区文化、最新营销案例三部分内容观察,经由CIC分析师的深度解读,让您于第一时间掌握消费者洞察和数字营销资讯。<br />作为专业的社会化媒体及网络口碑分析咨询公司, CIC热衷关注网络上的热点事件,并且自2006 年起每月发布网络口碑网论观察月报。不仅是对中国“营销2.0和公关2.0”信息的及时更新,能为品牌,代理制定网络口碑营销战略计划时提供参考。网络口碑网论观察也是CIC为多数客户提供的长期服务之一。<br />本册网络口碑网论观察合集,精选了自2006年至2010年间有关营销案例部分的7个类别共34篇文章,其中21篇经过整理提供了中英文版本并印刷成册(全部文章请参阅随书附赠的光盘),为您展示过去4年中网络口碑网论观察的精彩内容。<br />What is IWOM watch: <br />A monthly trend guide making sense of hottest buzz, unique online culture as well as dissecting case studies of online marketing campaigns seen in the past month.<br />As a professional social media & Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) consultancy, we always pay close attention to the latest hot issues online and issue IWOM watch reports every month since 2006. It serves as a timely update of "Marketing 2.0 and PR 2.0" in China and can be used as a reference for IWOM strategy planning. It is part of CIC's retainer service package for many of our clients.<br />For this IWOM watch compilations, we collected 34 articles and combine into 7 categories, 21 articles in bilingual are printed out for this book (you can get all articles in CD contained in book), which offer various highlights of our IWOM watch content covering 4 years at a time.<br />本网络口碑网论观察中的多数图片与相关引用均来自互联网公开信息,凡带CIC字样的图片均为CIC公司所有。任何对本网络口碑网论观察中任何内容的不当使用都将被视为对CIC知识产权的侵犯,CIC有权诉诸于法律。<br />
  3. 3. 目录<br /><ul><li> 进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界
  4. 4. P6 万人情迷开心餐厅
  5. 5. P10 “悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注
  6. 6. P14 肯德基联合热门网络社区,一起“吸乐无穷”
  7. 7. P17 虚拟紫禁城上线
  8. 8. P18 上海大众将品牌体验延伸至虚拟游戏世界</li></li></ul><li>CONTENTS<br /><ul><li>Interaction in virtual gaming wordbetween brands and netizens
  9. 9. P5 Netizens fascinated with Kaixin Restaurant
  10. 10. P9 Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’
  11. 11. P13 KFC launched their “Drink Joyfully” campaign on major Chinese SNS
  12. 12. P17 The Forbidden City virtual game
  13. 13. P18 Shanghai VW extends POLO experience into virtual gaming world</li></li></ul><li>5<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Netizens fascinated with Kaixin Restaurant<br />万人情迷开心餐厅<br />Virtual outdoor advertisements of Gucci <br />Mission list<br />Mission<br />Flash screen Ads<br />The main body - restaurant<br />Summary<br />It is reported that Kaixin Restaurant, emerged early this year on, followed Kaixin Garden’s success in engaging netizens (see here). Netizens play chef, manage their own restaurants, cook daily food, hire friends as servers, set up furniture, etc. <br />In addition, netizens are encouraged to get special rewards via accomplishing specific missions. The flash screen advertisement has been recently added into the game. Netizens can earn extra money by accepting advertising orders and publishing them on their own screens for exposure.<br />How can brands connect with netizens in this game? Here are two cases we would like to share: Gucci’s virtual outdoor advertisement and Dico’s cooking mission.<br />| Source: April, 2010<br />
  14. 14. 6<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Netizens fascinated with Kaixin Restaurant<br />万人情迷开心餐厅<br />GUCCI <br />的虚拟户外广告<br />任务列表<br />任务<br />Flash广告位<br />餐厅主体<br />概要<br />据报道,继开心农场在网民参与度方面获得巨大成功以后,开心餐厅也在今年年初正式上线开心网 (参考此处). 用户可以在游戏中扮演厨师,经营自己的餐厅,烹饪日常食物,雇佣好友,添置及摆放家具等等。<br />除此之外,开心餐厅还鼓励用户通过完成特定任务获得特殊奖励。Flash广告屏最近已加入到游戏中,用户可以通过接受广告投放订购和将广告投放在自己的广告屏中获得额外的收入。<br />在开心餐厅中,品牌如何才能与网民加强联系?我们想分享如下的两个案例:GUCCI的虚拟户外广告和德克士的烹饪任务。<br />| 来源:2010年4月刊<br />
  15. 15. 7<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Netizens fascinated with Kaixin Restaurant<br />万人情迷开心餐厅<br />A mission of cooking food from Dico’s, a food company<br />Get orders from Gucci for virtual outdoor advertisements <br />Award<br />Hi buddy,<br />Dico’s Crispy chicken leg (脆皮火枪腿) is on sale. I would like to invite you to cook 15,000 servings in a week, and as a reward, I will give you a gift.<br />The status of the mission<br />Advertiser: Gucci<br />Running cycle: 7 days<br />Revenue: 35,000<br />CIC View<br />So far, Gucci has been the first and the only one advertiser who leveraged the flash screen advertising for exposure. Netizens can make money via accepting advertising orders with a seven-day limit of publishing. Moreover, netizens can re-accept the orders after the previous round closed. Dico’s, a food company, sends netizens on a time and quantity-limited cooking mission. As a reward, Dico’s will offer those who accomplish the mission a mysterious gift which can be used in the restaurant game. <br />No doubt such a highly popular game provides brands an opportunity to expose itself and to connect to the community and netizens. The problem that brands should think about is how to proactively leverage it.<br />| Source: April, 2010<br />
  16. 16. 8<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Netizens fascinated with Kaixin Restaurant<br />万人情迷开心餐厅<br />德克士食品公司的一个烹饪食物的任务<br />从古奇那里接受虚拟户外广告的定制<br />奖励<br />大家好:<br />德克士餐厅的脆皮手枪腿超级热卖,刚上市就供不应求,拜托你在7天之内帮我做好15000份脆皮手枪腿,任务完成后我会感谢你的。.<br />任务详情<br />广告商: 古奇<br />投放日期: 7天<br />广告收入: 35,000元<br />CIC观点<br />到目前为止,古奇是第一个也是唯一一个利用开心餐厅的Flash广告屏进行展示的品牌。用户可以通过接受一个七天限时投放的广告定制来获得收入。此外,用户可以在前一轮订购结束后重新订购。德克士,一个食品公司,也会给用户指派一个限时限料的烹饪任务。作为回报,德克士公司将会给那些完成任务的用户一个可以用在开心餐厅游戏中的神秘礼物。<br />毫无疑问,这样一个极受欢迎的游戏将会给品牌提供一个展示自我,联络社区与网民的机会。问题是,品牌能否自行思考如何才能积极地利用它。<br />| 来源:2010年4月刊<br />
  17. 17. 9<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’<br />“悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注<br />3. Produce virtual Lohas juice by using its fruit<br />IWOM quotes: (Link)<br />种悦活得人特别多,我天天收到果汁!他们想抽奖,可是多数都是中兔子,都一窝小兔子了还乐此不疲~~<br />So many people have planted Lohas fruit! I now receive virtual Lohas juice everyday! They sent it to me to try and win virtual rabbits, even if they have already won many rabbits.<br />ay 21 st<br />2. Harvest virtual Lohas fruit<br />4. Present Lohas juice to friends to win a lucky draw<br />May 21 st<br />1. Plant virtual Lohas seeds in Kaixin garden<br />5. The award is a virtual rabbit or Lohas juice<br />May 21 st<br />Summary<br />Kaixin is one of China’s most popular SNS’s with the number of registered members now exceeding 25 million, mostly white collar office workers. One of the reasons for the SNS’s popularity is due to their wide selection of interactive online games. One of the most popular of these being ‘Kaixin Garden’ whose netizens must plant, grow fruit, convert it into juice and then sell it, whilst trying to stop their friends from stealing their goods.<br />As such Lohas (a fruit juice brand) started to encouraged ‘Kaixin Garden’ players to plant Lohas seeds, harvest Lohas fruit and produce Lohas juice. If netizens then present this juice to their Kaixin friends, they are given the opportunity of winning either a virtual rabbit or a bottle of real life Lohas juice. <br />In order to win these prizes, netizens enthusiastically produced Lohas juice and gave it to their friends. Making the ‘Lohas’ brand and its products very well known on Kaixin.<br />May 21 st<br />| Source: May, 2009<br />
  18. 18. 10<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’<br />“悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注<br />3. 用悦活果实生产虚拟悦活果汁<br />网络口碑摘录: (Link)<br />种悦活得人特别多,我天天收到果汁!他们想抽奖,可是多数都是中兔子,都一窝小兔子了还乐此不疲~~<br />So many people have planted Lohas fruit! I now receive virtual Lohas juice everyday! They sent it to me to try and win virtual rabbits, even if they have already won many rabbits.<br />ay 21 st<br />2. 收获悦活果实<br />4. 给朋友赠送一瓶悦活果汁即可参加抽奖<br />May 21 st<br />1.在开心农场种植虚拟悦活种子<br />5. 奖品是一个虚拟的兔子或悦活果汁<br />May 21 st<br />概要<br />在开心网最热门的应用“开心花园”中,网民需要购买种子、进行种植、等待结果、再将果实榨成果汁、然后卖掉或者送给朋友,而且需要始终设法阻止他们的朋友进行“偷窃”。中粮旗下的新果汁品牌“悦活”联手开心网,并借助社交游戏“开心花园”的影响力推出一个品牌活动,悦活鼓励玩家种植悦活种子、收获果实并加工成悦活果汁。如果网民在此时将果汁赠送给开心网上朋友,他们将得到赢取一只虚拟兔子或一瓶真实的悦活果汁的机会。<br />为了赢得这些奖品,网民热情地生产悦活果汁并将其送给他们的朋友,致使“悦活”品牌和产品在打入市场之前便在网上人尽皆知。这种品牌推广的新方法开创了战略性植入SNS网站的趋势,成为网络文化的一部分,并通过热门社交游戏应用与目标消费者实现有效沟通和联系。<br />May 21 st<br />| 来源:2009年5月刊<br />
  19. 19. 11<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’<br />“悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注<br />One netizen generated a post to tell others Lohas juice can be found in real life<br />Lohas juice was discussed in well-known communities<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />Sample reply: (Link)<br />悦活出名了....Lohas becomes famous now.<br />中午我看看食堂有没有这种的...I will go to canteen to see whether Lohas juice is sold there<br />Link<br />Link<br />Summary<br />Since introducingits products into Kaixin garden, talk about the Lohas brand has dramatically increased both in the Kaixin community and on other well-known communities such as KDS and Tianya. As such when the product was found to be an actual good, many netizens then expressed their desire to buy it. From this campaign Lohas recieved great IWOM on the Internet community, IWOM that has then seen to translated into offline sales.<br />Due to the close association between China’s SNS’s and games. By partenering your brand with popular online games not only can this be an effective way to promote online awareness, but also as shown will be an effective way to boost offline sales. <br />| Source: May, 2009<br />
  20. 20. 12<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’<br />“悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注<br />一个网民发帖告诉大家,在现实生活中也可以找到悦活果汁<br />在一些知名社区,悦活果汁被积极地讨论<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />Link<br />回复示例: (Link)<br />悦活出名了....Lohas becomes famous now.<br />中午我看看食堂有没有这种的...I will go to canteen to see whether Lohas juice is sold there<br />Link<br />Link<br />概要<br />自从被引入开心农场这个游戏,悦活品牌在开心网社区以及其他知名社区的讨论量逐渐上升,例如宽带山以及天涯。因此,当网友们发现悦活果汁是一个现实生活中的真实品牌之时,他们也渴望购买与尝试。在这个活动中,悦活赢得了网络社区中的良好口碑,好的网络口碑促进了销售额的增长。<br />因为中国SNS社区与网页游戏之间的紧密联系,将自己的品牌与知名在线网络有限合作不仅可以有效地提高网络知晓,还可以有效地提升销售额。<br />| 来源:2009年5月刊<br />
  21. 21. 13<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />KFC launched their “Drink Joyfully” campaign on major Chinese SNS<br />肯德基联合热门网络社区,一起“吸乐无穷”<br />IWOM quotes:<br />出KFC吸乐无穷当天就加了这个组件,但是当时没人玩,就荒废了,没想到现在很多人都好多级了啊,我又落伍了? / I installed the game on the first launch day, but there was not so many players then. Now the players has graded up a lot. Am I out? (Link)<br />酷乐值说明不了什么,多吸好友的饮料,便会升级,我开了20个小号,一天就能升级。/ Ku Le Zhi can’t do this, one need to sneak friends’ drinks to upgrade. I’ve opened 20 accounts, and upgraded in one day! (Link) <br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />Summary<br />KFC has recently launched a summer drinks campaign on some mainstream Chinese SNS’s called “Xi Le Wu Qiong”. From June 15th when a customer buys a Summer Drink they will also receive a campaign card, with the code on each card activating an individual game account. The campaigns participants win points in two ways, either by inviting friends to join or by then stealing away their friends’ drinks. Those participants who accumulate the most points will then be awarded a variety of prizes once the campaign has finished. <br />| Source: July, 2009<br />
  22. 22. 14<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />KFC launched their “Drink Joyfully” campaign on major Chinese SNS<br />肯德基联合热门网络社区,一起“吸乐无穷”<br />网络口碑摘录:<br />出KFC吸乐无穷当天就加了这个组件,但是当时没人玩,就荒废了,没想到现在很多人都好多级了啊,我又落伍了? / I installed the game on the first launch day, but there was not so many players then. Now the players has graded up a lot. Am I out? (Link)<br />酷乐值说明不了什么,多吸好友的饮料,便会升级,我开了20个小号,一天就能升级。/ Ku Le Zhi can’t do this, one need to sneak friends’ drinks to upgrade. I’ve opened 20 accounts, and upgraded in one day! (Link) <br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />概要<br />肯德基近期在中国的一些主流SNS社区中发起了一项名为“吸乐无穷”的夏日饮品活动。从2009年6月15日开始,顾客购买一份夏日饮品产品的同时,也将获得一张欢享卡,每张卡片都印有激活游戏账号的密码。这场活动的参与者可以通过两种方式获得积分:邀请好友加入游戏或者抢其他好友的饮品。那些累积最多积分的活动参与者将在活动结束时得到各种各样的奖品。<br />| 来源:2009年7月刊<br />
  23. 23. 15<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />KFC launched their “Drink Joyfully” campaign on major Chinese SNS<br />肯德基联合热门网络社区,一起“吸乐无穷”<br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />CIC View<br />Due to netizens starting to use SNS’s more and more and because of the close relationships that can be found on this space, brands and companies are now starting to use them more frequently as a platform to promote their campaigns and products.<br />In this example, KFC ran their campaign over a number of the most popular social networks in China, encouraging netizens to also add their online friends in order to win points. By doing this not only do KFC acquire more participants and exposure to this branded drink game but they also create a great platform that can be used to promote future KFC products and brands. <br />| Source: July, 2009<br />
  24. 24. 16<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />KFC launched their “Drink Joyfully” campaign on major Chinese SNS<br />肯德基联合热门网络社区,一起“吸乐无穷”<br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />CIC 观点<br />因为越来越多的网民使用SNS社区,人与人的关系越来越近,因此,当下的一些品牌或公司也开始经常使用SNS社区作为一种平台来宣传活动和促销商品。<br />例如, 肯德基在一些中国最知名的SNS社区中发起活动,鼓励网民邀请好友参加“吸乐无穷”活动赚取积分。这样不仅有更多的参与者参加到肯德基品牌饮品的游戏中,而且,打造了一个促进肯德基未来产品销售,提升肯德基品牌知名度的一个平台。<br />| 来源:2009年7月刊<br />
  25. 25. 17<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />The Forbidden City virtual game<br />虚拟紫禁城上线<br />Link<br />TheForbidden City: Beyond Space and Time<br />IWOM quotes:<br />在很多“戏说历史”风格的网络游戏中我们尚能看到汉服的身影,而作为一个款超写实的“虚拟现实”作品,本身就应该尊重客观历史事实,却在这方面让人感到十分的遗憾~~~~。(link)<br />We can see Han dressing even in many entertaining games, but I am pretty disappointed that The Forbidden City, as a super real virtual game, didn’t show any respect to the history.<br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />Summary<br />IBM launched "The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time," a new cultural heritage initiative that presents the history and splendor of China's Forbidden City to a global audience. The project brings Chinese culture to the world by creating a virtual online recreation of the Forbidden City and associated sites in Beijing. <br />It created much buzz online, and many netizens showed interest in playing it. However, a number of netizens criticized that the game ignored and insulted the achievement of the Han dynasty as they cannot find Han style in the game (Han dynasty represents the Chinese race).<br />CIC View<br />Chinese history and culture are extremely important to Chinese netizens and they do not tolerate distortion of Chinese culture. Many Internet crisis have evolved from misinterpretation of Chinese history and culture, such as the Starbucks case (see appendix). As the Forbidden City is a key cultural relic, the producer should identify existing and potential issues by listening to current IWOM, in order to anticipate and avoid crisis situations..<br />| Source: October, 2008<br />
  26. 26. 18<br />进驻虚拟游戏的互动世界<br />Players can buy their VW polo and cruise in it in the game<br />Shanghai VW extends POLO experience into virtual gaming world<br />上海大众将品牌体验延伸至虚拟游戏世界<br />ay 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />May 21 st<br />Summary<br />Shanghai VW is now making its POLO available in the virtual gaming world “疯狂赛车”(crazy race). Players can purchase the virtual car and drive it in the game. POLO banners are also displayed in the gaming space. <br />CIC View<br />The fast developing online gaming world has become a potential mature platform for companies to extend their brand/product experience. Through creating an online-offline mixed connection, it helps to establish/strengthen the emotional bond between brands and consumers. <br />This kind of initiative recently is getting more and more mainstream in the U.S online virtual space “Second Life” Related reports can be found at CIC Watch issue: Oct 1-15, Nov 1-15<br />| Source: December, 2006<br />
  27. 27. 附录<br />2006 – 2010 所有网络口碑网论观察月刊主题<br />9月(上) - 首批90后大学生宣言:我们就是不一样!<br />9月(下) - 今天你SNS了吗? - 火热SNS在中国<br />10月(上) - 虚拟紫禁城上线<br />10月(下) - 微软黑屏行动在中国<br />11月(上) - 社交网站能否有潜力成为有影响力和<br />公信力的点评站点?<br />11月(下) - 网民热捧山寨版春晚<br />2008下半年刊 (7月 - 12月)<br />2010年<br />1月 – “快”就一个字<br />2月 – 互联网危机预警<br />3月 – 网民的力量<br />4月 – 互联网创意无限<br />5月 - “团购”正流行<br />6月 - “69圣战” 一触即发<br />7月 – 今天你凡客了吗<br />2006年<br />7月(上) - 全球最热博客主人徐静蕾成为AMD代言人 <br />7月(下) - 欢迎进入危机2.0时代 <br />8月(上)- 莱卡好男儿易趣开店<br />8月(下)- 谁说一线品牌才有粉丝军团?奇瑞 “新奇军” 军号嘹亮 <br />9月(上)- “门”事件频繁现身网络<br />9月(下)- 最高通缉 – 视频追击雅阁女<br />10月(上)- 什么样的企业博客适合你的公司?<br />10月(下)- 肯德基产品广告网络质疑绵延不断<br />11月(上)- 品牌与网络意见领袖的合作基础 – 意见独立性<br />11月(下)- 电子消费品零售巨头赞助网络社区意见领袖博客<br />12月(上)- 上海大众将品牌体验延伸至虚拟游戏世界<br />2006下半年刊 (7月 - 12月)<br />7月(上) - MySpace中国取代奇虎成为MSN社区频道合作伙伴<br />7月(下) - 危机可能通过任何渠道来传播<br />8月(上) - 专业爆吧组织-逐渐得势的破坏力量?<br />8月(下) - 百度知道里的肯德基均衡饮食<br />9月(上) - 吃麦当劳汉堡得淘宝抵用券<br />9月(下) - 从”晒客“到”晒黑“族<br />10月(上) - 网络实名制能否强化社交网站根基?<br />10月(下) - IBM计划扫除虚拟世界间的障碍<br />11月(上) - 网民衷于参与富有争议性的品牌相关讨论<br />11月(下) - 网络口碑让奥妙修改其电视广告<br />12月(上) - Ku6通过”拍客” 概念激发网民讨论<br />12月(下) - 摩托罗拉牵手兔斯基网络营销Q8 <br />2007下半年刊 (7月 - 12月)<br />2009年<br />1月 - 火爆!今年年货网上买<br />2月 - 各大搜索引擎情人节图案浪漫绽放<br />3月 - 新东方打造教育2.0<br />4月 - 网民狂欢在愚人节<br />5月 - “悦活”果汁,不仅仅在开心花园受到关注<br />6月 - 社会化媒体网越来越贴近我们的生活<br />2009上半年刊 (1月 - 6月)<br />7月 – 我们都在互联网“生活”<br />8月 - 在线娱乐新方式<br />9月 – 我们是中国年轻一代!<br />10月 – 永不停歇的互联网进化史<br />11月 – 互联网对线下活动的影响日渐扩大<br />12月 – 今天你“低碳”了吗?<br />2009下半年刊 (7月 - 12月)<br />2007年<br />1月(上) - 聚合新旧媒体-快速发展的网络视频分享服务<br />1月(下) - 2007年首例Crisis2.0: 故宫星巴克<br />2月(上) -年轻一代引领地方时尚网站<br />2月(下) - 首届播客春晚:我的春晚我做主 <br />3月(上) - 多媒体分享平台日益显露危机制造者本色?<br />3月(下) - 戴尔直通车: 戴尔发布中文版公司博客<br />4月(上) - 网民对奖品并不总是趋之若骛<br />4月(下) - 快餐业巨头拥抱网络互动<br />5月(上) - 别克凯越HRV再掀真人秀热潮<br />5月(下) - 问答DIY-网民的问题网民答<br />6月(上) - 魅族平台 - 品牌化的粉丝社区<br />2007上半年刊 (1月 - 6月)<br />2008年<br />1月(上) - 追客 - 我追, 我追, 我追追追!<br />1月(下) - “爆吧“成为更多网民宣泄愤怒的手段<br />3月(上) - 陈冠希艳照事件同时引发时尚话题<br />3月(下) - 日渐流行的虚拟礼物<br />4月(上) - 达人活动: 一种简单却有效的营销方式<br />4月(下) - 最热古汉字“囧”引领新潮网络文化<br />5月 - 特别版 - 互联网及网络口碑全面直击四川地震<br />6月(上) - 黄氏激情解说,尽在新浪欧洲杯在线直播<br />2008上半年刊 (1月 - 6月)<br />7月(上) - 网民对于品牌活动滥用网络语言表示反感<br />7月(下) - 宽带山为其网站主办环保袋的设计、评选和销售活动<br />8月 - 北京奥运真正赢家:阿迪达斯还是李宁?<br />
  28. 28. APPENDIX<br />2006 – 2010Topics of IWOM watch<br />Sep(1st)- Eat McDonalds hamburger and get Taobao coupon<br />Sep(2nd)- From “ShaiKe” to “ShaiHei”<br />Oct(1st)- Will real name system strengthen social network sites?<br />Oct(2nd)- IBM plans to remove the blocks between different virtual worlds<br />Nov(1st)- Netizens love joining in controversial brand related conversation<br />Nov(2nd)- IWOM made OMO change its TVC?<br />Dec (1st)- Ku6 triggered netizens’ buzz through “Paike/拍客” concept<br />Dec (2nd) - Motorola Q8 cooperates with Tuzki<br />2007 2nd half year review (Jul - Dec)<br />Year 2006<br />Jul (1st) - AMD chooses world’s hottest blogger Xu Jinglei as spokesperson <br />Jul (2nd) - Welcome to the crisis 2.0 era <br />Aug (1st)- Lycra My Hero – new business on eBay <br />Aug (2nd)- Only great brands have online fan base? The Chery Army sounds-off online<br />Sep(1st)- “Gate” incidents frequently appears online in 2006 <br />Sep(2nd)- Most wanted – hunt Accord Girl through video <br />Oct(1st)- What kind of corporate blog fits your company? <br />Oct(2nd)- KFC’s Cyberspace Woes Continue<br />Nov(1st)- Want to engage / cooperate with e-fluencers? Let them stay independent for credibility<br />Nov(2nd)- Electronics retailer BestBuy sponsors gadget shopping blog – e-fluencers’ voice matters <br />Dec(1st)- Shanghai VW extends POLO experience into virtual gaming world<br />2006 2nd half year review (Jul - Dec)<br />Nov(1st)- SNS encourages netizens to write reviews and express opinions<br />Nov(2nd)- The Shan Zhai Spring Festival Gala highly anticipated by netizens<br />2008 2nd half year review (Jul - Dec)<br />Year 2009<br />Jan - Spring Festival online markets explode in popularity<br />Feb - Valentine logos on search engines creates buzz online<br />Mar - Education 2.0: New Oriental Promotes Q&A services<br />Apr - April Fools’ Day - A festival for netizens<br />May - Lohas juice successfully promotes its brand on the game ‘Kaixin Garden’<br />Jun – Social Media Getting Closer to Real Life<br />2009 1st half year review (Jan - Jun)<br />Jul – When We Live Together Online<br />Aug – The Birth of New Entertainment Ways<br />Sep – We are the Chinese Youth Generation!<br />Oct – The Ever Evolving Internet<br />Nov – Internet amplifies the impact of offline events<br />Dec - “Have you been ‘low-carbon’ today?”<br />2009 2nf half year review (Jul - Dec)<br />Year 2008<br />Jan (1st) - ZhuiKe (追客) – Let’s Chase<br />Jan (2nd) - “Forum Crushing” – a way for netizens to express their dissatisfaction<br />Mar (1st)- Edison Chen Photo Gate incident is not just about celebrities<br />Mar (2nd)- Virtual Gifts: Campaigns and SNS integrate popular Internet trend<br />Apr (1st)- DaRen Activity: A simple but effective marketing approach<br />Apr (2nd)- “囧 (Jiong)”, one of the oldest Chinese characters, now leads a new<br /> wave of net culture<br />May Special Edition - Internet and IWOM shape the Sichuan earthquake aftermath<br />Jun (1st)- Sina hires sports commentator favored by netizens<br />20081st half year review (Jan - Jun)<br />Jul (1st) - Netizens criticize the misuse of net language in brands advertisements<br />Jul (2nd) - In response to plastic bag ban, Chinese netizens go green on BBS communities<br />Aug (1st)- The IWOM winner in 2008 Beijing Olympics, Adidas or Li Ning?<br />Sep(1st)- First 90’s kids start college - “We are 90s, we are unique!”<br />Sep(2nd)- SNS applications target engaged consumers<br />Oct(1st)- The Forbidden City virtual game<br />Oct(2nd)- Microsoft releases “Black Screen” in China<br />Year 2007<br />Jan (1st) - Converge the new and the old – online Video Sharing Service<br />Jan (2nd) - First Crisis2.0 case in 2007: Starbucks in Forbidden City<br />Feb (1st)- Popular local site dominated by young fashionable generation<br />Feb (2nd)- Netizens created their own Spring Festival Gala<br />Mar (1st)- The growing status of multi-media sharing services in 2.0 crisis<br />Mar (2nd)- Dell launches Direct2Dell Chinese<br />Apr (1st)- Rewards are not always embraced by netizens<br />Apr (2nd)- Fast-food giants enjoy online interaction<br />May (1st)- Buick Excelle HRV drives The Truman Show<br />May(2nd)- Time for Q&A DIY<br />Jun (1st)- Meizu platforms - a case about branded destination for fans<br />2007 1st half year review (Jan - Jun)<br />Jul (1st) - MSN and MySpace have entered a partnership<br />Jul (2nd) - Crisis spreading through expanding IWOM landscape<br />Aug (1st)- “Forum Crushing Groups” – a rising destructive power? <br />Aug (2nd)- KFC nutrition page on Baidu Zhidao<br />Year 2010<br />Jan - Faster, Faster and Faster<br />Feb - Ahead of crisis<br />Mar – The power of netizens<br />Apr – The Internet can be infinitely creative<br />May – Making sense of “Tuan Gou”<br />Jun – Break out of “69 Jihad”<br />Jul – Have you VANCLIZED<br />
  29. 29. 更多了解CIC<br />Know more about IWOM Round table:<br />IWOM Roundtable (including IWOM Panel, IWOM Summit, IWOM Classroom, IWOM Gathering) is one of CIC's communication platforms aimed at IWOM related industries and clients. Initiated by CIC, IWOM Roundtable aims to share updated IWOM information, discuss questions and achievements of IWOM development and gradually promote and improve the IWOM industry.<br />Know more about IWOM White paper<br />As a thought leader in IWOM, CIC launched its first white paper in 2006. We have been launching regular white papers ever since. To get more details about these, please view here.<br />If you would like to find updated IWOM intelligence (CIC White paper, IWOM watch and eNewsletter, IWOM mark, Industry watch…) in one place, then apply for your IWOMmaster ID now.<br />CIC 2010 Syndicated reports<br />CIC proudly announces the launch of a new generation of syndicated reports covering high profile industries and topics (Including SNS, SKINCARE, HAIR CARE and NOTEBOOK). View our dedicated mini site for more detail.<br />了解IWOM圆桌会议:<br />IWOM圆桌会议(包括网络口碑座谈会,网络口碑峰会,网络口碑校园行,网络口碑聚会)是由CIC发起并组织的网络口碑相关行业和客户互动交流的平台,该平台旨在共享网络口碑(IWOM)最新信息、讨论网络口碑(IWOM)发展过程中的遇到的问题与研究的成果,帮助推动网络口碑(IWOM)行业的日臻成熟与完善。<br />了解IWOM白皮书:<br />在CIC,我们思考关于网络口碑的一切。CIC知识管理中心都会不断整理在中国网络口碑研究领域宝贵的经验,基于市场调研、信息技术、社会学、统计学等领域多样化的研究方法,同时引进先进思想和革命性概念,定期发布高质量的CIC网络口碑白皮书系列,不断向客户以及网络口碑研究与咨询行业分享CIC的网络口碑信息精髓以及开拓性的理念体系,推动在网络口碑领域的发展。<br />申请IWOMmaster ID即可第一时间获得最新的网络口碑资讯一站式服务 (包括CIC白皮书,网络口碑趋势观察,IWOM mark, 行业观察…)<br />CIC 2010年行业报告:<br />CIC发布了2010年新版行业报告,内容涉及目前广受瞩目的行业和话题,包括SNS, 护肤, 护发及IT笔记本),欲了解详情可访问我们的专题页面。<br />
  30. 30. ABOUTCIC<br />As China's first and leading provider of Internet intelligence and insights based on IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth), CIC provides customized research consulting services, syndicated reports, as well as technical solutions and platforms to help companies meet their business and marketing needs. Since coining the term IWOM in 2004, CIC has pioneered the industry by supporting strategic planning and innovations across the entire spectrum of communications including brand reputation, business intelligence, product development, advertising, media, campaign planning and execution all via an objective, third party perspective.<br />Utilizing its patent pending text mining technology and analytic tools, CIC makes sense of over 46 million naturally occurring consumer comments every month. CIC gathers these messages from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms including blogs, BBS and social network sites and applies its unique, China-derived methodology and indexes to provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of online discussions and their implications. CIC has analyzed and archived well over 1.5 billion mentions of brands and products from well over 1 billion consumer comments.<br />CIC has built and maintained strong, long term retainer relationships with multinational agencies and Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Pepsi, Intel, L'Oreal Group, BMW, P&G, Unilever and many more.<br />Website: <br /><br /><br />Blog:<br />Founder blog:<br /><br />@cicdata<br />Service platform:<br />IWOMdiscover:<br /><br />CIC_CN<br />IWOMexplorer:<br /><br />
  31. 31. 关于 CIC<br />CIC是中国领先的专业从事互联网、社会化媒体以及网络口碑(IWOM)研究的咨询公司,为客户提供定制化研究咨询服务、标准化行业报告、技术解决方案以及在线数据分析平台等产品和服务。作为网络口碑行业的领导者,CIC自2004年起率先投身于网络口碑领域中,定义并诠释了“IWOM-网络口碑” 这一概念,帮助客户认知社会化媒体及互联网文化的发展,以更好地将其运用于品牌公关、行业竞争分析、消费者研究与产品开发、营销沟通、媒体策划及执行、营销效果评估等领域的商业需求和战略创新,为客户和行业提供客观的第三方视野。<br />通过自主研发的专利文本挖掘技术和分析工具,CIC每月收集四千六百万条消费者自发讨论,分析研究消费者对品牌、产品以及服务的评价,并帮助客户从中挖掘出价值。五年来,CIC分析存储的各类品牌和产品相关的网络口碑数据总量已超过15亿,覆盖门户及垂直网站的论坛、博客和SNS网站等各类中国网络社区。同时,CIC特别针对与中国网络社区和中文语义特点研发的专属网络口碑研究体系和数据指标,定期为行业分析师和营销人员提供详细全面的中国网络口碑洞察。<br />CIC的长期客户和合作伙伴包括多家财富500强跨国公司,如耐克、百事、英特尔、欧莱雅集团、宝马、宝洁、联合利华等,并且和多家顶级代理公司建立了长期战略合作关系。<br />公司网站: <br /><br /><br />公司博客:<br />@cicdata<br />创始人博客:<br /><br />IWOMmaster平台:<br /><br />CIC_CN<br />IWOMdiscover平台:<br />IWOMexplorer平台:<br /><br />