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CIC Mobile Phone Report Teaser


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  • I was a big holdout before I finally broke down and got myself a cellular phone. I didn't honestly think it was that more convenient than using a land line and I certainly didn't want people to get a hold of me whenever they wanted to. I liked the little bit of anonymity I had and usually despised it when friends would get up from a nice dinner to answer their cell phones. It didn't benefit the matter that most of my friends were spending between twenty and forty pounds every month to cover their cell phone bills; the only way I could afford to pay that much for a phone was if I decided to stop eating for a month or two.
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  • Hi Anita, of course you can embed into your own site, we are very glad you like it. CIC juse released 2010 syndicated report teaser covering SNS, NOTEBOOK, Skin Care and Hair Care, you are also welcomed to read and spread to your friends if you like them all :) here is the linkage:
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  • Thanks for this slide (CIC Mobile Phone Report Teaser). Congrats, you've shared information clearly and concisely. It's one of my favorites. Seek your permission to embed it to my site at .

    Anita Gomez .
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CIC Mobile Phone Report Teaser

  1. 1. Mobile Phone Report Teaser An IWOM Category Overview Report focused on Mobile Phone in China: your guide to Mobile Phone consumer insight and digital intelligence from Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) Production: CIC Mobile Phone Team Time Period: 2008 Jan-Dec © 2009 CIC
  2. 2. ABOUT THIS REPORT: OVERVIEW CIC’s IWOM insightTM Category Report is a thorough introduction to the IWOM around the Mobile Industry. The report is ideal for brands and marketers who want to gain better insight into the influential Chinese Internet community and/or who are looking into create IWOM based marketing campaigns. In order to provide this level of insight, the report addresses the following questions: how much talk is going on, what’s being said, who’s saying it, where is it being said and what does that mean for brands. This IWOM insightTM Category Report gleans insight and digital intelligence from various Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) sources and provides insight into issues regarding reputation measurement, consumer research, new media strategy and marketing inspiration. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 2
  3. 3. ABOUT THIS REPORT: DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY To complete this Mobile Phone category overview report, CIC tracked and 6,612 models from 102 manufacturers during the period of 2008, collecting 58,183,562 BBS (online message board) messages from top mobile BBS in China. All collected messages were categorized and mined according to a library of terms (including Internet slang) that represents, companies, brands, products, and attributes. All obvious “spam” and troll messages called 灌水 (guan shui) were filtered out. Messages that contained the correct characters yet referred to something other than the intended object were also filtered out. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 3
  4. 4. ABOUT THIS REPORT: RESEARCH OBJECTIVES This report aims to generate significant insights and information for companies interested in the Mobile Phone industry and so will specifically focus on topics based around: • Marketing Research • Competitive Intelligence • Customer Relationship Management • Brand Equity Tracking And Reputation Management • Public Relationship And Crisis Management • Media Planning And Purchase • Campaign Ideation Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 4
  5. 5. Report Highlights:
  6. 6. • Product feedback: What are the most talked about mobile phone attributes? • Brand reputations: What are most discussed mobile phone brands? How does consumers think about these brands? • New media intelligence: Where are these conversations taking place? Who are the efluencers? • Marketing ideation: What could be leveraged for brands’ campaigns? Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 6
  7. 7. CONSUMER INSIGHT & DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE FROM IWOM Listen Know Participate IWOM INTELLIGENCE Product Feedback Brand Reputation New Media Intelligence Marketing Ideation • Trend analysis of brand, competitor and product related discussion • Consumer insight and attribute analysis for product positioning or re-positioning and product development • Analysis of current brand equity online for brand positioning • Competitor analysis for product development and/ or marketing initiatives Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 7
  8. 8. SOURCE OF IWOM AROUND MOBILE PHONE CATEGORY New Product Sharing is one of the hottest type of online buzz Summary: Nokia’s 5900XM’s news ignited netizens’ passion of discussion, among which configuration was one of the hottest topics. They also shared their opinions via commenting on each other’s views. Sample Quote: Subject: 诺基亚下一代全屏触控智能机5900XM曝光 Nokia’s next generation touch screen smartphone, 5900XM latest news. (link) (replies: 104; page view: 6489) Reply: CPU一样,不过屏幕大了些,和iphone一样,摄像头也升级了 The same cpu but the screen is bigger, just like iphone, and camera is also upgraded. Reply: 又是国外的PS高手产品 It’s just another photoshoped picture by some foreign designers. (link) (replies: 13; page view: 998) Reply: 5800屏幕太细长小气,这个屏幕还比较规范,出来了,我也换一个 5800’s screen is too slim, it seems 5900’s is better and I will buy one if it rleased. Reply: 主频为369MHz太低了,这种怎么也得500MHz以上,最好达到1G。 CPU is just only 369MHz, too low, and I think it should be 500MHz, 1GHz is better. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 8
  9. 9. PRODUCT DISCUSSION ANALYSIS – NOKIA 6233 Theme, music and color are the most talked attributes Unit: Post Sample Color Quote: Appliation: 2,814 也基本没有了,黑色也很少了。楼主出手太迟了 (link) Now, the black one is also hard to buy. It’s really later 3 for the poster to buy 6233 now. Video: 2,547 Color: 3,315 Sample Music Quote: 6233外放音乐效果真是太厉害了 (link) 1 6233’s outspeaker has very good effect on playing Theme: 10,995 Music: 3,440 music. 2 Screen Sample Theme Quote: Parameter: 2,982 Nokia6233同系列(70,80等)的主题:无需安装,放 卡里或手机里直接应用即可。 (link) Nokia 6233 themes: No need to install, just put them Summary: into your card or mobile and then it works. Theme is a common topic for personalization among online talk. Besides, consumers think 6233 is a good music phone and they prefer the white one more to the black one, which could be the selling points for brands to communicate further with consumers. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 9
  10. 10. CONSUMER INSIGHT & DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE FROM IWOM Listen Know Participate IWOM INTELLIGENCE Product Feedback Brand Reputation New Media Intelligence Marketing Ideation • IWOM performance tracking and evaluation • On-going tracking for crisis issues or campaign ideas • Timely tracking for crisis issues • Online crises analysis to understand impact of crisis on brand reputation and consumer perception Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 10
  11. 11. MOBILE PHONE BRAND IWOM HEALTH CHECK Overall, Nokia was a healthy mobile phone brand with high buzz volume and net sentiment rate (NSR) in 2008 NSR Main Brand IWOM Health Landscape Motorola SonyEricsson Samsung Dopod Nokia 1.1 1.0 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 *Unit: 0.2 X Axis: Number of Post Y Axis: Net Sentiment Rate 0.1 Z Axis: Number of Poster 0.0 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 *Note: hollow ball refers to 1st half year and solid ball refers to 2nd half year Buzz Volume Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 11
  12. 12. CRISIS CASE STUDY: MOBILE PHONE BATTERY EXPLOSION Battery explosion become a marked crisis in 2008, while most consumers feel surprised and blame the brand right after the crisis happened Sample Quote: Summary: Subject: During 2008, buzz about Nokia mobile battery might 港行的BP-6M电池发胀随时会爆炸 (link) (replies: explode were widely spread in BBS. Most consumers feel 29; page view: 2,786) surprised when hearing such news and blamed Nokia. BP-6M battery HK edition might explode. Reply: 诺基亚竟然不管? 那个全国联保还有什么用,不 CIC View: 是忽悠人吗 Brand should consider to monitor these crisis to sense Nokia isn’t responsible for it? Then the warranty is the consumers feedback at the very beginning, so as to useless, it’s deception. react timely. Reshape IWOMTM Influence Mainstream Media Shape Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 12
  13. 13. CONSUMER INSIGHT & DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE FROM IWOM Listen Know Participate IWOM INTELLIGENCE Product Feedback Brand Reputation New Media Intelligence Marketing Ideation • E-community analysis for marketing and engagement initiatives • Efluencer identification and insights and tactics for engagement • IWOM performance analysis Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 13
  14. 14. E-COMMUNITY ANALYSIS - IT168 (I) IT 168 is one of the hottest e-community for mobile phone with huge number of netizens (CRP). Check out other CIC indexes as below Community CRP = 217,027 Participation CR (Community Register Poster) is one of the online Community interaction indexes, measured by the average register poster/month of this community. Sample Quote: Community PR = 6.9 IT168诺基亚论坛N95专区新手指南 Passion New guys guide of N95 sub-forum in it168 BBS. (link) PR (Posting Rate) is one of the online Community passion indexes, measured by the average posting number per poster. Community TCF = 0.5 Creativity TCF is one of the online Community creativity indexes, measured by the ratio of new topics. Community CPR = 15.9 Summary: Interactivity It168 BBS has detail rules and guide for the new comers. CPR (Conversation Participation Rate) is one of the online Community interaction Forum administrators give scores to the poster in order to indexes, measured by the average post inspire netizens post more original posts to make the BBS number per conversation. hotter and hotter. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 14
  15. 15. SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS BASICS For a E-community, netizens relationships can be mapped via the interation activities among the members. SNA Map of in 2008 (TOP20 Efluencer: Red Nodes) *Each node represents an registered id in BBS (node size related to the number of netizens followed his/her conversations) *Follow: We say one follow takes place when netizen A join some other netizens conversation by replying. Multiple replying posts from A to the same topic post will be counted as the same one follow. Multiple replying posts from A to different topic posts of another netizen will be counted as multiple follows. The number of the follows equaling those topics, disregarding the number of replying posts. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 15
  16. 16. CONSUMER INSIGHT & DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE FROM IWOM Listen Know Participate IWOM INTELLIGENCE Product Feedback Brand Reputation New Media Intelligence Marketing Ideation • Net culture analyses for marketing inspiration, and consumer insight and understanding • Pre-campaign study and competitor campaign for tactics and media planning • Campaign tracking • Campaign analysis • Post-campaign study Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 16
  17. 17. UNIQUE NETIZEN LANGUAGE IN CHINA The existence of online culture is represented by a unique lexicon Common Net Language Mobile Phone Net Language •Mamba •摩托骡拉 •555 •打酱油 •JS •兽 •818 •Yao •砳 •诺记 •小三 •诺机 •大神 •VS Sample Explanations Sample Explanations 雷 (Lei):to shock somebody E兔:Motorola ROKR E2’s nickname 宅男/宅女 (Zhainan/Zhainv): people who prefer 机油:The netizen who use the same brand’s to stay at home mobile as the poster Data source: CIC Mobile Phone Practice, 2007 Q1 Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 17
  18. 18. NETIZENS’ PASSION TOWARDS MOBILE PHONE Mobile Phone fans are creative and good at on leveraging brand assets to recreate original content Recreating content among brand fans Original Moto Slogan Recreated Slogans 摩托再好也要骡拉 Slogan recreating 即使摩托可以骡拉,到 头来还要挪鸡鸭 Motorola’s official Nokia fans said Nokia is better. slogan, Moto need Rola. iPhone 3G Design “Next Generation” iPhone Design Design recreating Transformers Movie Recreated Videos TVC recreating Link Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 18
  19. 19. What is the research methodology?
  20. 20. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY CIC buzz measurement process Identify relevant source of online conversation source Data Collection Using customized tools and industry term library collecting data Filter out irrelevant and duplicate data and assess data quality Expert construct product & driver categorization Data Mining Data mining by powerful natural language mining tools Human quality assurance for data mining result Using customized tools to analyze buzz volume and content Data Analysis Experienced analyst to dig out insights behind IWOM dynamics Buzz findings Delivery on regular basis in flexible format Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 20
  21. 21. IWOM RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: DATA COLLECTION Mobile Phone Report Industry Analysis FIXED FORUM Empowered by CIC self- developed patent BBS message Spider/Robot CIC Mobile Phone Industry Practice Fixed Research Data Panel Industry Practice CIC Mobile Phone Data Panel Database Collect average 7 million messages every Mobile Phone month from CIC selected and fixed BBS related IWOM forums related to Baby Care and Mobile Phone industry practice. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 21
  22. 22. IWOM RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: DATA ANALYSIS Product Buzz evaluation, to identify which product is being discussed Structured Brand/Product Analysis Diversified Attribute Analysis Our experts construct detailed customized product According to naturally occurring online discussion buzz categorization based on natural online and the scope of the interests, we also look into the discussion using powerful language mining tools to attributes and aspects of the online buzz and the measure the quantity of buzz and brand mentions. associations with product related talk. Sample Product Tree Sample Driver Tree *Note: the tree showed here is a small part of the tree structure, which for example. Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 22
  23. 23. How do I learn more?
  24. 24. FULL CONTENT FOR MOBILE PHONE CATEGORY OVERVIEW REPORT (1) Introduction of Category Overview • Report Description: A comprehensive overview of the Mainland China Mobile Phone IWOM environment which includes “how much Mobile Phone talk, what’s being said, who’s talking, where they are talking, what does it all mean and what brand/agency should do”. • Data Coverage: 11,404,911 BBS (online message board) messages generated by 969,861 conversations on parenting communities during year 2008. Part I: China IWOM Introduction • The Power of The Internet Community: key statistics, perspectives, and case studies that demonstrate how Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) is redefining the brand/consumer relationship in China • IWOM as Strategic Intelligence: selected cases for “Brand Reputation Management”, “Consumer Insight from Product Talk”, “New Media Intelligence” and “Marketing Ideation” Part II: Brand Reputation Management • IWOM Health Analysis  Buzz volume and buzz trend of overall Mobile Phone category  Brand IWOM health (including buzz volume and sentiment)  Buzz volume and trend of leading brands  Hot positive or negative topics around brand discussion • IWOM Crisis Case Study  Introduction of crisis 2.0  Key crisis case review in 2008 • IWOM Based Brand Image Analysis  Brand image analysis of key brands (analyzing the brand image of key brands in netizens’ mind via qualitative methods) Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 24
  25. 25. FULL CONTENT FOR MOBILE PHONE CATEGORY OVERVIEW REPORT (2) Part III: Consumer Insight from Product Talk • IWOM Dynamics of Product Discussion  Buzz volume of key attributes (i.e. origin, marketing approach, formula)  Qualitative analysis of key attributes to provide in-depth understanding  Buzz volume of key sub-attributes (i.e. origin’s sub-attributes are imported milk powder and exported milk powder)  Buzz volume of brand related key sub-attributes • Consumer Insights from Interesting Topics (i.e. emerged purchase channels and substitutes for Mobile Phone after “Sanlu” Crisis, etc.) Part IV: New Media Intelligence • Hot Communities Analysis (via CIC community analysis index as below)  Participation & Passion  Creativity & Interactivity • Key Efluencer Analysis • Community Case Study: a look inside the culture and key functions of an influential community Part V: Marketing Ideation • Digital Culture Analysis for Mobile Phone Category  Hot net language in Internet  Hot keywords within Mobile Phone talk  Hot conversations within parenting communities • Campaigns and Inspiration  Creative ideas from netizens  Successful campaign case study Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 25
  26. 26. HOW CIC CAN HELP ON SOCIAL MARKETING IN CHINA • Market evaluation: evaluate the IWOM performance of Mobile Phone brands and other various brands (buzz volume and sentiment) • Competitive intelligence: understand how key competitors’ performance and marketing activities in social media • Consumer insight: find out netizens’ needs and feedback on various Mobile Phone products • PR management: understand netizens’ feedback on potential/ current crisis and enable the brand learn quickly with the help of CIC experience on crisis management • Media buy: tell the brands where it could launch its social media advertisement • Online campaign tracking and evaluation Category Overview Report for Mobile Industry 26
  27. 27. Contact us: Production: CIC Mobile Phone Team Time Period: 2008 Jan-Dec CIC Contact: Ouris Gao ( Read more: Sample Case:
  28. 28. OUR BLOGS: (Chinese) (English) Thank You OUR WEBSITE: www.ciccorporate.comm CONTACT US: This report is copyrighted material owned by CIC. Any improper use of this document or its content will be considered a violation of CIC IP copyright and CIC has the right to take legal action. 本研究报告归CIC公司版权所有。任何对本研究报告或报告中任何内容 的不当使用都将被视为对CIC知识产权的侵犯,CIC有权诉诸于法律。