Wastewater Generation and Management in Underground Utility Vaults and Manholes


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Underground utility networks face a number of maintenance challenges, including chronic water intrusion, debris and sediment build-up, and the presence of oil and sheen. Dewatering methods for vaults and manholes are forced to evolve with the Increasing environmental regulations in storm water management, but there are risks and tradeoffs involved. Passive and active protection systems are accessible and can be easily implemented as solutions to certain underground challenges, as illustrated by Dan Parker during this presentation at the USWAG 2015 Decommissioning and Low-Volume Waste Committee Workshop in Detroit, MI.

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Wastewater Generation and Management in Underground Utility Vaults and Manholes

  1. 1. Wastewater generation and management IN UNDERGROUND UTILITY VAULTS AND MANHOLES Presented by Dan Parker, CEO & Founder, C.I.Agent Solutions
  2. 2. underground networks most utilities have some types of
  3. 3. different challenges they all have
  5. 5. why the SECRECY?
  6. 6. PART UNDERGROUND NETWORKS Here’s What We Know 1
  7. 7. of electrical transmission in the U.S. is currently underground 18% Source: Edison Electric Institute, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2012: An Updated Study on the Undergrounding of Overhead Power Lines.”
  8. 8. An Aging Underground Infrastructure Until the Great Blizzard of 1888, most of NYC’s electric was overhead. Much of the country’s underground infrastructure was built in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, and is near or even past the end of its service lives. Source: Black & Veatch 2014 Strategic Direction Report
  9. 9. 80% 20% Underground Networks Manholes Vaults There are an estimated underground manholes underground utility vault per every
  10. 10. Inspection schedules for vaults/manholes vary by NEED & REGIONAL LOCATION
  11. 11. Maintenance & Inspection schedules underground room providing access to energized equipment, such as transformers or switchgear Utility Vaults year years Manholes inspected one time per year, every the start and end point of a run of cables through ducts or troughs
  12. 12. 25%of scheduled inspections are delayed by an unforeseen deterrent Source: Dan Parker’s research and math estimates
  13. 13. deteriorating vaults Deterrents such as aging infrastructure because of the
  14. 14. Most of the time, underground vaults have no maintenance problems
  15. 15. But when they do, the most common issues are: Oil Debris Water • Chronic water intrusion can overwhelm pump • Water flow brings debris, oil & sheen, and other pollutants from the surface • Sediments adsorb/carry hydrophobic toxins • From street runoff • From leaking equipment in the vault 1. Water 2. Debris/Sediment 3. Oil/Sheen
  16. 16. PART WASTEWATER IN VAULTS Dewatering Risks & Tradeoffs 2
  17. 17. What dewatering methods are there for wastewater in vaults? What are The RISKS and TRADEOFFS?
  18. 18. Donothing • Bad for environment • Negative public perception • Risk heavy regulatory penalties and FINES Illegallydischarge • Negative public perception • Risk heavy regulatory penalties and FINES Vacuumtruck • Expensive to pump and process wastewater • Time consuming • Wasted productivity Automatedpumpingsystem • Correct components must be present to avoid pumping contaminants into storm drain • Risk of pump failure • Regular inspections/ maintenance required FilterSock • Positive public perception • Reduces non- productive time of routine maintenance • Lower overhead & operation costs Options for dewatering underground vaults and manholes: Risks & Tradeoffs …
  19. 19. Where there is energized equipment, should there also be a pump for wastewater? Yes! And WHY is that?
  20. 20. don’t MIX because water & electricity Source: New York Post article “Underground transformer fire forces evacuations”; Jan. 6, 2014
  21. 21. Deron B. Oberkorn Product Development Manager Zoeller Pumps
  22. 22. • Typical sump pumps can process spherical solids sized ½” to ¾” or smaller • About the size of a marble • Anything larger or elongated will clog the pump • Items that typically clog/burn up pumps • Sand • Gravel • Cleaning wipes • Trash Debris & Sediment
  23. 23. • No one-pump-fits- all • Examples: • Improper power/size • Not designed for short cycling • Misapplied electric Incorrect Applications
  24. 24. PART Underground solutions Passive Protection Systems 3
  25. 25. Vault Sump Filter systems • Complete filtration system protects pump from sediment, debris, oil & sheen • Components can be used separately or as part of one complete system • Designed to protect any pump • Available in round & square (paneled) configurations White perforated Polypropylene, 0.125 gauge, 3,175 micron holes on ⁄3 16” centers Filter Housing
  26. 26. Debris & Silt Vault Sump Filter White Nylon Monofilament fabric filters to 100 micron Durable, washable & reusable 100µ = .00394 inches, is the average diameter of a strand of human hair, and the length of a dust particle Did you know?
  27. 27. Agent-Q Oil & Sheen Filter Four layers of patented* Agent-Q, a unique, non-woven composite fabric structure embedded with C.I.Agent Polymers** for oil solidifications that prevents oil from reaching the pump One layer of Agent-Q flows 400 gallons/minute/m2 Average grab strength of a nominal 60 pounds (ASTM D5034 testing) and a burst strength of a nominal 70 psi (ASTM D3786 testing) *U.S. Patent No. 8,986,822 **C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers are listed in the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule* for oil cleanup and are effective in temperatures ranging from -30°F to +130°F.
  28. 28. • Temporary structural vault shoring systems • Designed to mitigate potential failure risks in underground structures while waiting for repair/replacement • Not a permanent solution Source: Strongwell® EXTREN STRUCTURAL FIBERGLASS VAULT SHORING COMPONENTS brochure
  29. 29. PART Underground solutions Active Protection Systems 4
  30. 30. EVAC Filtration System Absorbs hydrocarbons Removes large & fine sediment Polishes the water
  31. 31. EVAC Filtration System Comes with 2” male cam lock quick connect fitting in a 6.5 gallon UN certified pail
  32. 32. Dewatering system add-ons Enhancements to solve ANY vault and manhole challenge Super Sediment Filter EVAC Lite EVAC Lite Plus
  33. 33. EVAC Lite with Agent-Q Combo Vinyl Filter Casing w/ Super Sediment Filter and an EVAC Vinyl Filter Casing w/ Super Sediment Filter Vinyl Filter Casing Dewatering system add-ons Enhancements to solve ANY vault and manhole challenge
  34. 34. C.I.Agent Solutions is a global leader in solutions for SPCC secondary containment compliance, vault and manhole maintenance, and hydrocarbon filtering needs. We’re constantly creating new and innovative solutions to tackle whatever challenges arise within the markets we serve. Have a hydrocarbon management challenge? We will create a solution. www.ciagent.com
  35. 35. QUESTIONS? www.ciagent.com