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Overview of ciat vision on wue & nue


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Overview of ciat vision on wue & nue

  1. 1. Overview of CIAT Vision on WUE & NUEGRiSP Workshop for Rice Breeders in Latin America and the Caribbean Michael Gomez Selvaraj and Manabu Ishitani Agro biodiversity Research Area
  2. 2. CIAT Phenotyping Platform Rice Traits Agronomic Abiotic Biotic Yield & Yield components  Water Productivity  Blast NUE  Extreme temperatures Nutritional Quality 2
  3. 3. Phenotyping Platform Activities Explore germplasm Crop Geneticresources Improvement Detect minor difference Tools Genotype Identify gene marker Molecular Breeding Trait Test and apply Identification Gene Discovery and Validation MAS Eco-efficient Crop 3
  4. 4. Breeding for WaterProductivity Traits in Rice
  5. 5. Development of Abiotic StressTolerant Crops by DREB Genes IRRI-CIAT-JIRCAS-RIKEN MAFF funded project
  6. 6. What We Would Like to Address 1) To evaluate plant performance under real field conditions. (G x E ) 2) To evaluate gene technology for plant performance in different genetic background under water-limited conditions. (G x G)(1) Does gene technology work (2) Does gene technology works in commercial varietyin field conditions? ? Yield under water limited conditions X gene/ promoter ? vs. By conventional breeding Y gene/ promoter Screenhouse field Many other factors altered gene expression Plant performance A A + gene B B+ B + C gene Model plant Commercial variety
  7. 7. Our Challenges and Solutions• Product concept (target environments)• Field evaluation of crop performance under drought conditions• Biosafety risk management for GM materials• Gene effects in different genetic background