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Coffee Facts Infographic


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We consume 2 billion cups of coffee every day worldwide. But do you know where coffee is produced and what challenges coffee producers face?

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  • Could be interesting to know, the economocs on the value chain and the future trends ond the growing of this important and delicious crop.
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Coffee Facts Infographic

  1. 1. Facts cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide 1 cup of coffee The maximum daily recommended intake is 400 mg There are smallholders directly dependent on coffee for their livelihoods in the world, mostly of the world’s coffee90% is produced in developing countries Main producers are BRAZIL VIETNAM COLOMBIA Sources:; Food Standards Agency; International Coffee Organization. Billion Arabica Robusta 2 COFFEE 100mg of caffeine contains an average of The Coffee Bean Belt There are 2 main varieties of coffee: Arabica coffee is of higher quality and more expensive. It grows at higher altitudes. 25 million Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Equator coffee exports amounted to a total of 2009/2010In 15 billion “comfort zone” and moving it up to coffee producers Climate change is reducing Arabica’s higher altitudes and cooler climates US dollars