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Publishing skos concept schemes with skosmos


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With more and more thesauri, classifications and other knowledge organization systems being published as Linked Data using SKOS, the question arises how best to make them available on the web. While just publishing the Linked Data triples is possible using a number of RDF publishing tools, those tools are not very well suited for SKOS data, because they cannot support term-based searching and lookup.

This webinar presents Skosmos, an open source web­-based SKOS vocabulary browser that uses a SPARQL endpoint as its back­end. It can be used by e.g. libraries and archives as a publishing platform for controlled vocabularies such as thesauri, lightweight ontologies, classifications and authority files. The Finnish national thesaurus and ontology service Finto, operated by the National Library of Finland, is built using Skosmos.

Skosmos provides a multilingual user interface for browsing and searching the data and for visualizing concept hierarchies. The user interface has been developed by analyzing the results of repeated usability tests. All of the SKOS data is made available as Linked Data. A developer­-friendly REST API is also available providing access for using vocabularies in other applications such as annotation systems.

We will describe what kind of infrastructure is necessary for Skosmos and how to set it up for your own SKOS data. We will also present examples where Skosmos is being used around the world.

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Publishing skos concept schemes with skosmos

  1. 1. Publishing SKOS concept schemes with Skosmos Osma Suominen AIMS Webinar 6th April 2016
  2. 2. About the National Library of Finland ● The National Library of Finland is the oldest and largest scholarly library in Finland. Our origins date back to 1640, when the Academy of Turku was founded. ● We are responsible for the collection, description, preservation and accessibility of Finnish printed national heritage and the unique collections under its care. ● We provide the Finnish Thesaurus and Ontology Service Finto, a platform for publishing controlled vocabularies, implemented using Skosmos software.
  3. 3. How do you put a thesaurus* on the web? * or any KOS: classification, authority file, term list, lightweight ontology...
  4. 4. LCSH MeSH STW Iconclass TheSoz EuroVoc GND SWD Agrovoc AAT
  5. 5. How do you put a thesaurus on the Semantic Web?
  6. 6. 1. Make a SKOS/RDF file 2. Put it in a triple store 3. Set up Pubby* to serve RDF and HTML 4. Maybe allow SPARQL access * or Elda, Loddy...
  7. 7. + User interface Linked Data RESTful Search API +
  8. 8. Skosmos SKOS publishing platform for SPARQL endpoints
  9. 9. SPARQL
  10. 10. SPARQL Skosmos
  11. 11. SPARQL Skosmos
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. Skosmos is open source software ● Available under MIT License ● Developed on GitHub ● Major versions released every 2-3 months ○ Skosmos 1.5 released 18 February 2016 ○ Skosmos 1.6 currently under development
  14. 14. Implementation ● PHP with Twig templates ● EasyRdf for SPARQL access and RDF parsing ● Several JavaScript libraries for the UI
  15. 15. System architecture RDF store SPARQL HTTP cache (optional) Skosmos REST API Skosify (optional) SKOS file Web UI
  16. 16. Key features ● Multilingual browser interface (10 languages) ○ Autocomplete search ○ Alphabetical index ○ Concept hierarchy display ○ Concept groups (thematic index) ○ New concepts ● REST API for enabling use of vocabularies in other applications ○ responses usually JSON-LD
  17. 17. User groups ● Indexers who describe documents ● Thesaurus managers ● Software developers
  18. 18. Skosmos around the world UN ● FAO: Skosmos used for publishing AGROVOC ● GACS project (FAO, CABI (UK), NAL (USA)) is using Skosmos ● UNESCO is planning to use Skosmos for publishing its thesaurus Germany ● Rheinland-Pfalz spatial data infrastructure: publishing classifications ● German National Library of Economics (ZBW) ● North Rhine-Westphalia university library centre (HBZ-NRW): publishing classifications France ● Institute for Demographic Studies INED: publishing Demovoc thesaurus ● Sparna (helping UNESCO and INED in deploying Skosmos) Italy ● University of Tor Vergata (developers of VocBench thesaurus editor) Austria ● University of Vienna, Phaidra projject Norway ● Oslo University Library Norwegian General Thesaurus project Finland ● Terminollogy Centre TSK ● Lingsoft Oy ● SeCo research group ● Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
  19. 19. AGROVOC browser
  20. 20. Requirements ● SPARQL 1.1 endpoint ○ with one or more SKOS vocabularies ○ recommended: Jena Fuseki with jena-text index ● server with Apache and PHP See documentation in the Skosmos wiki: - New install tutorial with Fuseki 2 and Skosmos Join the Google Groups user forum:!forum/skosmos-users
  21. 21. Finto service
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Major users of Finto ● Many libraries ● Many museums ● Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle ○ archives, Svenska Yle (Swedish language news) ● National Institute for Health and Welfare ● Prime Minister’s Office ○ government web portals ● Ministry of Employment and Economy ○ EnterpriseFinland portal ● National Land Survey ● City of Helsinki
  24. 24. Ontology development & publishing TopBraid Composer SE (local installs) Jena SDB triple store (MySQL) Jena Fuseki triple store TDB + text VPN connection Finto-data GitHub repository hourly dump Skosify daily conversion to SKOS immediate publishing after SKOS conversion Skosmos installation Varnish HTTP cache
  25. 25. Thank you! These slides: