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MobileMonday Switzerland - SITA Mobility takes flight in the air transport industrySita mobile monday v4


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MobileMonday Switzerland - SITA Mobility takes flight in the air transport industrySita mobile monday v4

  1. 1. MOBILITY TAKES FLIGHTIN THE AIR TRANSPORTINDUSTRYMobile Monday6 May 2013By: Dominique El BezDirector, Messaging & Mobility Solution Line
  2. 2. AIRLINESGOVERNMENTSGLOBALDISTRIBUTIONSYSTEMSAIRPORTSAEROSPACEINTERNATIONALORGANIZATIONSAIRCARGOWHO WE AREWe are the specialists in air transportcommunications and IT servicesWe’re focused on helping our customers’businesses perform as effectively as possible.AIRNAVIGATIONSERVICEPROVIDERSAIRCRAFT& AIRFRAMEMAKERS
  3. 3. OUR PEOPLE & PRESENCE3 | Presentation Title | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  4. 4. OUR PORTFOLIOThe broadest portfolio for air transport4 | Presentation Title | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  5. 5. SURVEYS & REPORTSAirline IT TrendsSurveyAirport IT TrendsSurveyBaggagereportPassengerSelf-ServiceSurvey5 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  6. 6. BY 2015 MOST AIRLINES & AIRPORTS WILLLEVERAGE MOBILE FOR COMMERCE6Source: Airline/Airport IT Trends survey 2012Promotion Sales| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  7. 7. BY 2015 MOBILE WILL BE THE PRIMARYCHANNEL FOR PASSENGER INTERACTION7Passenger InteractionSelf ServicePax Process Customer Services| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  8. 8. PASSENGERS WELCOME MOBILEEVERYWHERE BUT HAVE PRIORITIES8Bag ClaimTransferBoardingDwell TimeSecurityBag DropCheck InBookingBaggageTransferBoardingBoardingMobile CommerceInformationalAccessTransactional| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  9. 9. 75% OF AIRLINES & AIRPORTS AREPLANNING TO INVEST IN MORE APPSFUNCTIONALITY9Complaintshandling12%61%15%59%Flight StatusNotification10%68%MissingBaggageCommsAirport StatusUpdatesAirportDirections &Maps9%58%FlightRebooking| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  10. 10. THE MARKET SINCE 2011• For many years we could see ruggedized devicesin use across the ATI (esp. Baggage, Cargo andGround Ops)• The mobile revolution started with the deploymentof mobile services onto passengers’ own device(mobile phone check-in, etc.)• Gartner reports that Mobile Technology is in theTop 2 priorities for CIO in the Transport Industry• 36% of airlines reported “mobile device basedservices for staff” as a major IT investmentprogramme as per the 2011 Airline IT Trends Survey.• An additional 36% expressed the ambition to enterinto Pilot / R&D modeWorkforce mobility is now strategicExample:Major US CarrierMobility 5 Year Strategy• Migrate all remoteconnections to mobile 4G• Move from rugged devices toconsumer based devices• Wide-scale rollout of tabletsto replace PCs and Laptops• Already using EFB on iPadacross their fleet10 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  11. 11. THE MARKET SINCE 2011Mobile deployment has been highly visible11Cabin Flight Deck Entertainment AirportSource: Public &Press Announcements2012| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  12. 12. THE MARKET SINCE 2011Device• Move from Ruggedized to Consumer – especially in passenger facing roles• Tablet adoption driven by Crew, EFB, supervisor and passenger facingprocesses• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) remains limited for operational use casesNetwork & Connectivity• 3G is seen as primary communication option• Airport Wi-Fi is see complex and difficult to manage for airlines• Limited 4G (specifically LTE). Only starting.Application• New apps. Real move from paper to digital .• Application owners already developing new - mobile specific - apps3 dimensional equation in a very fast changingenvironment12 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  13. 13. MRO CabinCrewEFBIncubation Take-offChallengeIFEGroundhandlingCargohandlingBag MgmtResourceMgmtFreighttrackingTablets are being integrated intoan increasing number of Air Transport ProcessesGlobalRoamingPaxAssistTHE MARKET SINCE 2011Where & What13 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  14. 14. THE DNA OF ATI MOBILITY14Device and DeviceManagementNetwork andConnectivityApplication and AppManagement3G Wi-FiTablets for CrewTablets for PilotsDevice SourcingDevice ManagementSupportGlobal 3G ServicesAirport Wi-FIQAR ConnectionsConnection ManagerBusiness GradeCrew Specific AppsApp IntegrationApp ManagementApp Staging| Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013SITA’s ambition & value proposition
  15. 15. CASE STUDYPilot E-DocumentationTHE BUSINESSPRIORITYAir France needed globalmobile access to theireDocumentation applicationTHE CHALLENGESupport for 4,500 iPadsIncluding PreparationConfiguration DeploymentSupport and DeliveryTHE SOLUTIONSITA manages the completerollout and support for all ofAir France’s pilot iPadsStock managementDevice EnrolmentLocal On-site SupportRemote Troubleshooting15 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013
  16. 16. CASE STUDY:Ground OperationsTHE BUSINESS PRIORITYeasyJet needed consistent andsecure access to theirmobile boarding application(HALO Project)THE CHALLENGEComplexity to handleconnectivity at over 130 AirportsCost EffectivelyTHE SOLUTIONSITA provided a singlemanaged mobile solutionwhich included support,connectivity and sourcing.
  17. 17. MOBILITY MOVES INTO THE CABIN17 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013DEMO
  18. 18. THANK YOU18 | Mobile Monday | Confidential | © SITA 2013