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MobileMonday Switzerland SBB - Digital transformation in an old economy company


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MobileMonday Switzerland SBB - Digital transformation in an old economy company

  1. 1. SBB - Digitaltransformationin an old economycompanySabine DeinhoferGeneva, 6.5.2013
  2. 2. “Logic will get you from A to B.Imagination will take you everywhere.”2
  3. 3. 33 Millionof downloads
  4. 4. 43 Millionof downloads
  5. 5. SBB Mobile - a success storyLaunch: Juli 20091’700‘000 DownloadsLaunch: März 20111.000‘000 DownloadsLaunch: Oktober 201060’000 DownloadsLaunch: Februar 2009240‘000 DownloadsStopped: Dec 2012that is not yet at the end
  6. 6. The digital transformation…6…… calls for digital answers:
  7. 7. The Digital TransformationMobile First!Smartphones led to exponentialdiffusion of „mobile“ in search,access, identification, dataexchange, navigation, commerce,payment, and media consumption.Customer NeedsAre EvolvingToday„s customers want convenient,ubiquitous, local, personalizedservices and products, PLUS shareall that within their (social) networksDigital CompetitionDigital disruptors enter more &more industries with new offeringsin many fields like search, pricecomparison, booking engines,payment & content provisioning etc.Valuable DataReal-time, personalized informationon status, journey planning,location, community, tailored offers /deals, all accessible on the moveforb2b2c use.Source: Booz & Company
  8. 8. 8Look back to look ahead –see through the hype!
  9. 9. It is very wrong to be rightbefore anyone elseApple NewtonPDAAugust 1993Laker AirwaysNo Frills AirlineAugust 1978Vanilla MobileShoppingAugust 2010
  10. 10. 10The digital economy is ourbakery……where we scale onassets
  11. 11. 1700Ticket vendingmachines atstations1 Mio.PAX per day3 Mio.registeredcustomers180manned trainstations>4 Billionof non-cashtransactionvolume> 800retailers in SBBtrains stationsand propertiessbb.chTop 3Website63 min.captive timeper guestper day>60customer mediatouchpointsCHF 17.80averagetransactionvalueLargestOperatoroftoilettesin CH
  12. 12. SBB Connect –Bridge «real Life» with «digital» communitiesZürich, Hauptbahnhof
  13. 13. «Sometimes customersdon‟t know what they want,until we‟ve shown them»The rules of the digital world are still being written. It is normalnot to know. Try things, fail, improve, never stop learning.
  14. 14. Merci!Sabine DeinhoferE Commerce Manager SBB MobileSchweizerische Bundesbahnen SBBPersonenverkehr – E-BusinessWylerstrasse 123/1253000 Bern 65Mobil +41 (0)79 745 43 60Mail
  15. 15. 21Take Home Messages#1 Protect the future from the Past!Change before you have to!Jack Welch#2 Look back to look aheadsee through the hype!#3 Accept the unknowns – not knowing is fine!#4 Create Intrapeneurship, scale on assets &steal it with pride!