Mobile Advertising today and in future


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From Ronie Bürgin, head of mobile at web2com (Publigroupe), specialized in consulting, planning and implementation of cross-media campaigns. Ronie will describe how mobile as an ad-channel fits into media-plans today and in the future and how it compares with other online/offline ad-channels.

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Mobile Advertising today and in future

  1. 1. Mobile Advertising today and in future Zürich | 20.04.2010
  2. 2. web2com AG within PubliGroupe: Part of the segment Digital & Marketing Services
  3. 3. How does PubliGroupe/web2com fit into the Mobile Advertising value chain? We do not have any explicit activities for Mobile Advertising at the moment. However we do not under estimate the value of this additional Advertising media and stay prepared: Opportunistic Observation Trials We are looking forward to start explicit activity in Central Europe in the near future
  4. 4. Where does the Mobile Channel fit into media campaigns today? Today's Mobile Internet in Switzerland is driven by the iPhone Ecosystem and is positioned as a single advertising channel: Mobile Advertising for iPhone apps is well established and grows fast Almost all Publisher of larger Online Sites offer their own Mobile Site, iPhone App's and dedictated Mobile Advertising formats Aside mainly companies present in the mobile business directly already explored Mobile Advertising First Publishers started to migrate their iPhone apps into other manufacturer's download platforms (e.g. OVI) Mobile Advertising has not become a frequent advertising media for regular campaigns yet and is still used occasionally.
  5. 5. Why doesn't the Mobile Channel fit into media campaigns today? Major reasons that Mobile Advertising outside the iPhone Ecosystem does not take off: Limited reach creates doubts Lack of metrics implicates risks Lack of mobile sites builds an obstacle High CPM pricing builds a significant inhibition threshold To build knowledge on the Advertiser's side about values of Mobile Advertising and to offer an easy entrance is key for future development
  6. 6. Where does the Mobile Channel fit into media campaigns in future? The big player's new smart phones and download platforms in combination with the operators flat rate pricing models are pushing the Mobile Internet significantly: Google's, Microsoft's and Nokia's smart phone Ecosystem competes with the iPhone one and strengthen browsing apps as gateway to the Mobile Internet Publisher are forced to build and launch apps for the other ecosystems as well The seamless interplay of mobile phones and Mobile Internet becomes commodity for the massmarket A new user experience replaces the poor surf image of the Mobile Internet Due to a massiv growth of usage Mobile Advertising will become a frequent advertising media and extension for any kind of regular campaigns soon
  7. 7. Why does the Mobile Channel fit into media campaigns in future? Dialog Marketing as today's major driver for the growth within the Online Advertising market creates a new value for Mobile Advertising: Unlimited reach Interaction and performance as new metrics Mobile sites and apps as sales channel CPx price models The current trends in Online Advertising position the Mobile Channel as new Advertising media ideally
  8. 8. Differences between Mobile and Online advertising? Even Online and Mobile advertising show a lot of similarties there are major differences between the two media: Display limitation Device recognition Format regulation The differences and the fact that Mobile Advertising is a new media generates a 5-10 times higher clickrate for Mobile than for Online!
  9. 9. Thank you Zürich | 20.04.2010