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Security and information privacy protection, in the context of mobile web applications


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Rosa Delgado, Director at WISeKey SA, and active with the International Organization for the Security of Electronic Transactions (OISTE). She served as trustee at Internet Society and is former Director of Internet at SITA. Previously she worked as expert for UNDP and ITU to assist telecoms organizations regarding policies and deployment of internet services.

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Security and information privacy protection, in the context of mobile web applications

  1. 1. Rosa Delgado Bienne, 5 October 2009 Mobile Monday 1
  2. 2.  What is at stake?  Digital Identitie’s applications  Mobile Municipalities  Features and Community Required services  eEvent services  Med Hub Mobile Monday 2
  3. 3. What is at the stake? Governments and national services (education & health programs) rely on efficient, secure and operational ICTs. Global partnerships are essential as, no nation or operator performing alone can guaranty its cybersecurity. What is the risk? •Did Governments learn from the Estonia attack? •What are the most vulnerable systems? •Are systems supporting transactions and communications, necessary in the current global economy? •Are international multilateral cooperative mechanisms evolving? •Are mobile devices adding additional risks to systems? Mobile Monday 3
  4. 4.  Connectivity ◦ Wireless Consortium; WiFi Providers; SMEs, Hotels ◦ Partnership collaboration through convergence of eID / WiFi  eIdentity ◦ Hightrusted: Single Sign-On; WISeCredits & Ads Toolbar; Geneva Citizen Card  Services ◦ Public: Citizen Portal; Public Web Sites; Public Projects Financing System ◦ Private: Security4Kids; Private Web Sites
  5. 5.  Secure identities  Secure messaging  Blogs and thematic forums  Instant notification (SMS)  Attendees profile creation  Relevant information upload
  7. 7. Questions? Mobile Monday 14