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Joiz Erik Funk MOMO42


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Social TV and lessons of online TV for B2B

Published in: Mobile
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Joiz Erik Funk MOMO42

  1. 1. joiz social TV building a mobile community marketing B2B platform Eric Funk, Head of development joiz Global
  2. 2. A few words about joiz TV (CH) ● Founded 4 years ago by a group TV enthusiasts ● Young target audience ● nearly 100% own content produced every day (concerts, talks, shows,news) ● Social TV - Lives through interaction on cross media stories all platforms
  3. 3. Social TV ● What happens online happens on the TV channel ○ Viewer Interactions (Checkin, Chat message, Skype in) ○ Social Content from Twitter/ Instagram / FB on the TV screen ● What happens on the TV channel happens on online / mobile ○ Live stream ○ Live Trigger ( Second Screen Information, Adverts, Polls) ○ VOD / Comment/ share ○ Youtube / Social Media
  4. 4. Mobile from the first day ● Mobile Site (reduced offering) ● Iphone App
  5. 5. Expansion to Germany ● Needed an Android App ○ Not just a clone ○ Double development efforts ○ Hard to deal with as a small startup! ● Building a new website (CMS) ● Connect to a new studio ● We “forgot” the mobile website!
  6. 6. >70% mobile traffic on the website
  7. 7. Problem - we don’t have a mobile website ● (Twitter) Bootstrap to the rescue ● Implement the bootstrap responsive to the existing sites ○ Add Break points ○ Remove all Popups ○ Use responsive forms
  8. 8. Demo Pro Tip :) Impress your developers and check your mobile performance by using the Chrome Developer Console - ALT- CMD -J ( Windows F12)
  9. 9. The downside Making the site responsive is OK but it doesn’t improve the overall experience. ● Slow Loading ● Too much content ● Not optimized for touch
  10. 10. The B2B idea
  11. 11. Transforming B2B ● Whitelabel you website, apps ● standardise your offering ● build standard interfaces ○ simplify ○ trigger data ● offer SDK’s, API’s
  12. 12. Re-engineering the front-end ● Usability ● Fast loading times ● Customisable for existing and future clients ● Modular / “Plugins” Stop current PHP based website-development -->build a Javascript Application!
  13. 13. Going AngularJS ● Why AngularJS? ○ Re-Use the existing mobile (smart TV) API ○ Load only “data” ○ Render the website on the client ○ Extend the Browser DOM (HTML) with own directives ■ Create Re-usable components ● Unit Testing the Frontend a good read:
  14. 14. But! ● There are disadvantages too ○ High Learning Curve for your developers ■ its application development ■ developers need special skills ○ SEO needs special attention ○ Initial higher loading time ○ Needs a stronger Browser / faster device It’s not a website - it’s a web application !!!
  15. 15. Coming soon - (mid September)
  16. 16. Lessons learned ● Build one common powerful API for all your applications ● Never underestimate mobile browser traffic! ● Review your technologies constantly / Adopt and Redevelop ● Dont try to make existing website concept to work on mobile
  17. 17. Thank you!