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Advising Presentation Sp12


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Advising Presentation Sp12

  1. 1. Spring 2012 PresentationAcademic Services CenterZane Showker 205, 540-568-2785 Academic Services Center -
  2. 2. Session Overview Academic Services Center and Advisors COB Degrees, Majors, and Minors COB 300 and Requirements Transfer Credit and Summer School Non-business electives Overrides Key Dates Looking AheadQ & A Academic Services Center -
  3. 3. What is the ASC?Academic Services CenterProvides academic advising services; developsacademic plans; coordinates formal admission into theCOB; assists with enrollment in COB 300; monitorsand certifies graduation applications for COB majors;assists students with academic related questions andconcerns Academic Services Center -
  4. 4. ASC Mission The College of Business Academic Services Center supports educational goals and student success by providing a quality advising experience.We are dedicated to serving our academic community with integrity and professionalism. Academic Services Center -
  5. 5. Your Pre-COB 300 Advisors Accounting – Christine Harriger Computer Information Systems – Mary Dykes Economics – Anne McGuigan Finance – Tammy Mendyk International Business – Sharon Newman Management – Anne McGuigan Marketing – Marsha Shenk Quantitative Finance – Michelle Duncan Academic Services Center -
  6. 6. Types of Degrees OfferedB.B.A. – Bachelor of Business AdministrationB.A. – Bachelor of ArtsB.S. – Bachelor of Science Academic Services Center -
  7. 7. Majors Accounting (B.B.A.) Computer Information Systems (B.B.A.) Economics (B.A., B.S., B.B.A.) Finance (B.B.A.) International Business (B.B.A.) Management (B.B.A.) Marketing (B.B.A.) Quantitative Finance (B.S.) Academic Services Center -
  8. 8. Minors Chinese Business Studies (18 credit hours) Economics (18 credit hours) Computer Information Systems (18 credit hours) Business Analytics (formerly Management Science – 18 crs) Academic Services Center -
  9. 9. What is COB 300? COB 300 is the first course you will take when formally accepted into the College of Business. It is unique only to JMU and very popular with employers! COB 300 is an integrated class consisting of four courses (12 hours): Finance, Management, Marketing and Operations Management. Includes developing a Business Plan with a group of fellow students; Provides a business foundation for future major coursework COB 300 is offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer Students generally take during their Junior year to stay on track! Academic Services Center -
  10. 10. Antwerp Program COB 300 is also offered in Antwerp, Belgium Offered Fall and SpringFor additional information, contact:Ms. Christina RoederZSH 627roedercc@jmu.edu540-568-3143 Academic Services Center -
  11. 11. B.B.A. Lower-Level Core Classes (Must be completed PRIOR to COB 300) MATH 205 or  COB 204 MATH 235  COB 218 (Calculus COB 191 (Stats)  COB 241 ECON 201  COB 242 – must have GECON 200 completed COB 241 COB 202  COB 291 – must have (Sophomore) completed MATH 205/235 and COB 191 Note: If MATH 220 (Statistics) credit is already earned, it will substitute for COB 191; otherwise COB 191 should be taken. Academic Services Center -
  12. 12. COB 300 Acceptance Requirements Completion of 10 lower-level BBA core courses BBA Core GPA of 2.7+ for assured acceptance* Fill in COB 300 Application: For Fall and Summer COB 300 – March 1 deadline For Spring COB 300 – October 1 application deadline• All application below 2.7 are ranked and “wait listed”. Acceptance will be granted pending resource availability. Academic Services Center -
  13. 13. Calculating Your BBA Core GPA MATH 205 (calculus) is not used in calculating the BBA Core GPA MATH 220 (statistics) is only used when COB 191 is not taken Only grades earned at JMU are used in the BBA Core GPA “Repeat-Forgive” grade is used (replaces original grade) “Repeat-Credit” grade is used (averaged with original grade)Be sure to visit the COB ASC website for a BBA Core GPA Calculator! Academic Services Center -
  14. 14. Repeat Forgive vs. Repeat CreditRepeat Forgive Repeat Credit Only allowed TWO RF’s  No limit on the number of during entire time @ JMU times that RC’s can be used Old grade taken out of GPA  Averages old grade and new and new grade included grade into GPA however grade is still listed on your transcript.**MUST ENROLL ON MYMADISON AS REPEAT/FORGIVE – IF NOT LABELED AS REPEAT FORGIVE ON TRANSCRIPT MUST GO TO OFFICE OF REGISTRAR AND CHANGE IMMEDIATELY! THE CHANGE MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE COURSE ADJUSTMENT PERIOD ENDS! Academic Services Center -
  15. 15. Transfer Credit Form available in the ASC and on the Registrar’s website shown below (“Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit Form”) See your advisor for details regarding the process Be sure to get course approved PRIOR to enrollment at another institution! Academic Services Center -
  16. 16. Permission to Take Courses for Transfer CreditAcademic Services Center -
  17. 17. Transfer Credit BBA transfer credits are only accepted from AACSB accredited four year colleges or universities The exception is Math 205, GECON 200 and ECON 201 which can be transferred from community colleges!The exception is MATH 205, GECON 200, and ECON 201, which can be transferred from community colleges There is a listing of approved universities for COB 291 available in the ASC (Zane Showker 205) Academic Services Center -
  18. 18. JMU Summer SessionsMay (4 weeks) – generally all COB pre-req’s offeredJune (4 weeks) – generally COB 291 and 242 offeredNote: Registration begins March 19! Academic Services Center -
  19. 19. Non-Business CoursesB.B.A. students must complete 60 credits outsidethe COB to satisfy graduation requirements.These credits can be earned through: taking generaleducation classes, a non-business minor or any otherclasses of interest to you!Check Academic Requirements Report on MyMadison Academic Services Center -
  20. 20. Override Requests Application for override requests will be available on the COB ASC website! Request system opens at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 16 and closes at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 19 Academic Services Center -
  21. 21. Important Dates March 16 – Last day to withdraw from a class and receive a “W” on your transcript March 19 – Summer Registration Begins April 3 – Fall Registration Begins April 16-19 – Override Request Period Academic Services Center -
  22. 22. Looking Ahead It’s time to build your resume – join organizations within the College of Business! Consult with Career and Academic Planning Join Recruit-a-Duke to search for internships Participate in on-campus interviews and attend career fairs! Come to the ASC for additional assistance! Academic Services Center -
  23. 23. ASC Contact InformationZane Showker Hall, Suite 205Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 Thanks and have a great day! Academic Services Center -