Developing local outcomes chyps workshop 2012, v2


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London Borough of Enfield

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  • Fairness for All Address the causes of child poverty Intensive support for families with complex needs Refocus Children’s Centres and extended school provision Reduce the need for specialist services Effective services for disabled children Sufficient number of school places Narrowing achievement gaps Focus on attendance and behaviour Keeping vulnerable children and young people safe from harm. Growth and Sustainability Helping young people to remain in education, employment and training Ensuring young people have the skills they need to achieve economic well-being in adulthood Strong Communities Reduce the number of children and young people involved in crime and anti-social behaviour Providing a range of positive activities that are affordable and accessible Ensuring young people gain experience in decision-making and taking responsibility for their own lives Preserving family life wherever feasible.
  • Developing local outcomes chyps workshop 2012, v2

    1. 1. Developing local outcomes - Workshop Aim:This workshop looks at the recently published “framework of outcomes for young people” produced by the Young Foundation (July 2012) and encourages participants to consider how they can develop their own set of outcomes drawing upon existing and emerging best local practice
    2. 2. Financial Costs of Poor OutcomesAverage cost of…. Outcomes for a cost neutral service• A young person NEET £57k over their • Number of NEETs reduced by 68 young lifetime people year on year or• A young person in care is in excess of • Number of new referrals into Care £100k per year reduced by 39 or• A Young person being sent to a Secure • Number of young people sent to Secure Training Centre for a year £150k Training Centre reduced by 26 or• Each teen murder is in excess of a £1 million • 4 Youth murders prevented• Each child born to a teenage mother £90k • Teenage Pregnancies reduced by 42*from local and national government audit commission reports
    3. 3. Enfield: Service Review reviewing quality, quantity & effectivenessQuestions we asked• What evidence exists to demonstrate the quality and outcomes of our work?• How can the work be undertaken more effectively and efficiently?• Are resources effectively deployed?• What are the effectiveness of integrated working & partnerships? Are there further opportunities to develop this?• What do young people say about our service?• What do parents/carers, partners, senior officers and elected members say about our service?• What can be done to improve our financial sustainability?• How the work fits with our priorities
    4. 4. Enfield: Priorities, Principles and StrategyPriorities:• Fairness for All• Growth and Sustainability• Strong Communities
    5. 5. Enfield: Principles• Child’s needs are paramount• Help families stay together• Do everything we can to help children and young people succeed• Work constructively together• Look after each other and develop our staff• Deliver – do what we say we’ll do• Stay our course
    6. 6. Enfield: Strategy (Building Resilience)• Early help and support• Targeted to need• Evidence based interventions• Clear intended outcomes• Greater integration between support/statutory services.
    7. 7. Enfield: Evidencing Outcomes• A common performance management framework is used by all youth centres/provisions• An online web based data-recording system is used to record attendance and achievements of young people (council and commissioned services)• Youth Provisions have annual and monthly targets and are clear on target audience• Clear engagement of Staff, recognising importance of evidencing impact of their work and value for money• Regular performance reports and robust management information
    8. 8. Enfield: Focus on targeted & vulnerable groups• Care Leavers (16+)• Looked After Children (-16)• LDD with statement• LDD without statement• Young offenders (YOS clients) and gang members• Child protection plan• Permanently excluded from school• Persistently absent from school• NEETS/at risk of being NEET• Teenage parents
    9. 9. Enfield: Focus on targeted & vulnerable groups
    10. 10. Enfield: % NEET/NOT KNOWN Percentage (%) of 13-19 Young People who are NEET/Not Known 12.00% 11.10%Percentage NEET/Not Known 10.00% 8.80% 8.00% 7.70% NEET 6.00% NOT known 4.90% 4.40% 4.20% 4.30% 4.10% 4.00% 2.00% 0.00% Final 2011/2012 April 2012 May 2012 June 2012 Year/Month
    11. 11. Enfield: Distribution NEET/NOT KNOWNBelow is a map showing where the NEET young people in Enfield live. Each blue dotrepresents one NEET young person. The underlying data and colours show thedeprivation in Enfield.. Dark red shows the most deprived areas and dark green theleast deprived areas.
    12. 12. Under 18 conception rate per 1000 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 March 70 June 1998 Sept Dec March June Sept 1999 Dec March June 2000 Sept Dec March June Sept 2001 Dec March Enfield June Sept 2002 Dec March June Sept 2003 Dec March June Sept 2004 Dec March June London 2005 Sept Quarter & Year Dec March June Sept 2006 Dec March June 2007 Sept Dec March June Sept 200830.4% below the baseline! Below London and England! Dec England March June Sept 2009 Dec March June Sept 2010 Dec March U-18 Conception: Enfield, London, England June Sept 2011 Dec
    13. 13. Enfield: Improving Outcomes• 96% of young people known to us • Improved outcomes across most are in education, employment and vulnerable groups of people in training particular young people in care,• Up to 30% reduction in ASB young people with disabilities,• Over 3,280 young people gain children in need improved life & social skills or • 65% of known Gang members nationally recognised awards & regular participants at youth qualifications provision• Over 2,100 young people improve • 780 young people from BME their local communities through groups achieving nationally volunteering recognised awards• Enfield’s ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award • 80 NEET young people, 60 young recently topped the London league offenders, 140 young people with table for the number of awards LDD and 35 persistent absentees gained achieved a recorded outcome• demonstrating that they had Reduction in under 18 conceptions improved their life and social skills.
    14. 14. Enfield: Quality Assurance• Quality assurance is paramount to our thinking• Centres conduct quarterly reviews of projects• Annual Peer inspection using national standards• Monthly Speak Outs in which users evaluate the offer and agree changes for the future with staff• Online Customer surveys• Young inspectors trained to be part of the next wave of internal inspections later this year
    15. 15. Questions?