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CHOReVOLUTION Platform v1 by Gianlucca Ripa, CEFRIEL
First Year Project Review in Brussels
11 February 2016

Published in: Software
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  1. 1. CHOReVOLUTION Platform Gianluca Ripa CEFRIEL 1st Review Meeting Brussels, January 11, 2016 1
  2. 2. WP6 description – partners and structure  64 PMs  Task 6.1: CHOReVOLUTION Platform Requirements and Integration Requirements  UDA,CEFRIEL,INRIA,OW2,THA,Tirasa,Softeco [M1-M6]  Task 6.2: CHOReVOLUTION Platform Continuous Integration and Testing  UDA,CEFRIEL,INRIA,THA [M1-M36]  Task 6.3: Release of the CHOReVOLUTION Platform  CEFRIEL,INRIA,UDA [M1-M36] 2
  3. 3. WP description - deliverables  D6.1:CHOReVOLUTION Platform Requirements and Integration Requirements (UDA) (M6)  D6.2:Initial Release of the CHOReVOLUTION Platform (CEFRIEL) (M12)  D6.3: Intermediate Release of the CHOReVOLUTION Platform (CEFRIEL) (M24)  D6.4: Final Release of the CHOReVOLUTION Platform (CEFRIEL) (M30) 3
  4. 4. Objectives The aim of this presentation is twofold: - Describe the CHOReVOLUTION platform building blocks - Describe the realization roadmap (from initial requirements to final release) and the achievements at the first annual milestone 4
  5. 5. 5 Development and release roadmap Iteration1 WP2 results integra tion release 1 (m12) Iteration 2 evalu ation refinement/ WP2-WP3 results integration (m18) release 2 (m24) Iteration 3 evaluation final release (m30) Refinements/support to use cases Cloud infrastructure set up Integration requirements
  6. 6. 6 Iteration 1: CHOReVOLUTION Platform Requirements and Integration Requirements 1. Identify an initial set of new challenging capabilities 2. Define the baseline requirements 3. Cross-verification and refinement of baseline requirements 4. the requirements are organized into local requirements, integration requirements, and development requirements
  7. 7. 7 Iteration 1: Platform Continuous Integration and Testing 1. Dev environment setup (tuleap/git, jira, wiki, maven/nexus, …) 2. Private cloud infrastructure setup 3. CHOReOS components reengineering/evolution 4. CHOReVOLUTION specific components development 5. CHOReVOLUTION use case services development 6. CHOReVOLUTION integrated demonstrator development
  8. 8. 8 Iteration 1: release 1. Define the license 2. Release sources (git) 3. Release executables (service inventory) 4. Installation and usage manuals (doc) 5. Prepare for publishing on an app store/dev portal (app-hub)
  9. 9. CHOReVOLUTION Platform building blocks Front-end platform components Back-end platform components Execution in the Cloud Design time Run time The CHOReVOLUTION platform is a toolbox of well-integrated frontend applications and backend (middleware) components enhanced by a flexible cloud infrastructure. 9
  10. 10. CHOReVOLUTION STUDIO The CHOReVOLUTION Studio is an eclipse-based IDE that allows choreography designers and service providers to: A. design a choreography exploiting the CHOReVOLUTION notation (based on BPMN2); B. define all the details needed for instrumenting the interaction among the services involved in the choreography (e.g. service signatures, protocols, QoS, identity attributes and roles) C. drive the generation of Binding Components, Security Filters, Adaptors, and Coordination Delegates exploiting the Synthesis Processor and the eVolution Service Bus (VSB) REST APIs A B C 10
  11. 11. CHOReVOLUTION CONSOLE The CHOReVOLUTION Console is a web-based application that allows choreography owners to: A. configure, administer and trigger corrective actions on running services and choreographies; B. monitor the execution of a choreography with respect to some parameters of interest A B 11
  12. 12. CHOReVOLUTION BACK-END The CHOReVOLUTION backend is composed by middleware components that exposes REST APIs that: A. generate the Concrete Choreography specification and all the related BCs, Ads, CDs, SFs. B. deploy configure and control BCs, Ads, CDs, SFs on the CHOReVOLUTION cloud infrastructure A B C D C. manage authentication and authorization for services at run-time that uses different security mechanisms at protocol level by storing different credentials on behalf of the caller and managing authorization policies. D. propagate/synchronize service/user profiles to/from external resources and provides managed services 12
  13. 13. CHOReVOLUTION CLOUD All the described components aim at putting into execution concrete service choreography instances on a cloud infrastructure and at adapting the execution based on the actual application context. Thus, at execution time, for each choreography, in the CHOReVOLUTION cloud there are: A. a set of choreography instances at different execution states; B. a set of virtual machines executing a custom-tailored mix of services and middleware components to serve different parts of the choreography. A B C 13
  15. 15. Licences Component o.s. license CHOReVOLUTION Studio Apache License 2.0. Synthesis Processor Apache License 2.0. Federation Server GPL 3.0 Identity Manager Apache License 2.0. Enactment Engine Apache License 2.0. VSB Apache License 2.0 15
  16. 16. 16 Achievements and what will you see in the demo session CHOReVOLUTION building block Component Feature CHOReVOLUTION STUDIO Choreography Modeler BPMN2 Choreography Modeling Service Modeler Interface Modeling Interaction Protocol Modeling Synthesis Processor Wizard Choreography Labelled Transition System (CLTS) Generation CLTS Editor Coord Model Generation Coord Model Editor Coordination Delegate Generation Adapter Model Generation (partially) Adapter Model Editor (partially) Adapter Generation (partially) Choreography architecture generation Choreography architecture editor “Concrete Choreography Specification” Generation CHOReVOLUTION Console Identity and Enactment Manager Console Service definition and publication on the service inventory Service identity role definition End-user profiles administration Service definition lifecycle management End-user management Synthesis Processor M2M Transformator BPMN2 Choreography Specification to CLTS model CLTS Model to Coord Models Behaviour Simulator Simulation of concrete services against choreography participants projections (partially) Adapters Generator Adapter(s) generation (partially) CDs Generator Coordination Delegate(s) generation Security Filters Generator Security Filter(s) generation (partially)
  17. 17. 17 Achievements what will you see in the demo session CHOReVOLUTION building block Component Feature Enactment Engine Rest API Receiving a choreography's specification Returning information related to a deployed choreography Choreography Deployer Instantiate the needed VMs on the underlying cloud infrastructure, configuring them with the needed software artifacts Generate the concrete ChorSpec XML file, with information about the actual VMs instantiated Federation Server Security Token Service (STS) Interface specification Interface Implementation Policy Decision Point (PDP) Interface specification Interface Implementation Access Policy management Security filter Interface specification Interface Implementation Identity Manager Service Inventory Service definition persistence and retrieval Service identity role definition and persistence Identity Manager Identity manager REST API eVolution Service Bus VSB Manager Interface for receiving the GMDL and the choreography protocol BCs Generation BCs Management BC Manager BC configuration BC monitor