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PLC and Automation SOLUTION (B. E. E & TC, In sem exam - august 2015)


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Solution to PLC and Automation SOLUTION (B. E. E & TC, In sem exam - august 2015)
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PLC and Automation SOLUTION (B. E. E & TC, In sem exam - august 2015)

  1. 1. B. E. E & TC (Elective II) (In sem exam) August 2015 PLC and Automation (Solution) Q1 ) a) Define the term automation. Explain in detail different types of automation. [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 1.11) b) Explain the term servomechanism with suitable example. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer section 1.2) OR Q 2) a) Draw and explain the block diagram of process control system with example. [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 1.3) b) What is the role of Automation in process industry. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer section 1.11.2) Q 3) a) Why transmitters are required ? Explain 2-wire and 3 –wire connection for RTD. [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 2.2.2 and 2.2.3) b) What is DPT ? Explain its working with neat diagram. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer section 2.8) OR Q 4) a) List various temperature sensors used in process industries ? Draw and explain the temperature measurement using RTD with appropriate signal conditioning system ? [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 2.5, 2.6 and 2.5) b) A temperature sensor has a span of 20 C- 250 C. A measurement results in a value of 55 C for temperature, specify the error if the accuracy is , i)  0.5 % of full scale value ; ii) 0.75 % of span. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer solved example no. 38 on page 2-66) Q 5) a) Explain cascade PID controller in detail. [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 3.11) b) Explain microprocessor based control system. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer section 3.12) OR Q 6) a) Write a note on stepper motors. [6 m] Ans.: (Refer section 3.22) b) Explain working principle of pneumatic actuator. [4 m] Ans.: (Refer section 3.24) (Note: All section and page references are given with respect to the PLC and Automation Book by Chinttan from Chinttan Publications. For details of the book, please visit :  PLC and Automation (B.E. E & TC) By Chinttan Size: A4, Pages: 568, Price : Rs. 339.00 (Offer price: Rs. 237.00) Read Table of contents To get latest offer and addition of solution and notes, Follow us on PLC and Automation Facebook page Buy online from: Flipkart Paytm