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How the gold market was crashed 15 april 2013


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How the Gold Market was Crashed 15 APRIL 2013 from Chiefsworld

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How the gold market was crashed 15 april 2013

  1. 1. How the Gold Market was CrashedThere’s been a recent huge draw down of physical gold at the New York COMEX and at theJP Morgan Chase depository. Look at the physical market draw down on the charts below. Ithas taken a drastic plunge.HOUSTON -- we have a problem.Physical inventory drawdown at JPM
  2. 2. You can imagine the dilemma this is causing for the market interests behind theseinventories. If the inventory runs out and one cannot meet deliveries then it hasto be bought on the open market. Not only that but it could cause a run up inprices that would hurt the shorts in the market.
  3. 3. So what to do?There is only one way out of this for the market controllers would be to devise a plan that would collapse the market and trip up all thestops at the correction lows in gold of 1525 thereby setting off the stop loss orders under this important market low. And what if the planincluded a way to stop the physical market from purchasing gold under 1525 while that correction was underway?And how can that happen?They have to hatch out a plan and carefully orchestrate it in a series of events that takes the gold market by surprise and force the playersout of their positions.Read on for today’s lesson in market manipulation and allow me to relay my speculation about what transpired last week.A successful ambush usually involves surprise.One of the main new weapons in the FEDS arsenal is TRANSPARENCY.After a lifetime of silence the FED all of a sudden has come out of the closet and has decided that the best thing for the market is to betransparent and to that end they now have televised communication meetings with the general public so chairman Bernanke can explainthe FED policy and answer any questions that the market has on its mind as well as the usual minutes that get released to the markets thatreview the policy decisions and discussion of prior meetings.Why does the Fed need to explain what they are doing now?Well it isn’t because everything is going just fine. Put it this way. They must figure when you have 50 million people on food stamps andthe Dow Jones is going up a few hundred points a week and making all time highs and you have 16 trillion dollars in debt and interest ratesare zero, its best to have a communiqué every month before someone asks you to explain what is going on. It’s called staying ahead of thecurve if you will. If you tell them what’s going on it makes it look like you know what you’re doing. Otherwise all we have is the statisticsand by themselves they tell you something is wrong, something is terribly wrong. So they have become transparent.During the last communiqué the chairman made it abundantly clear that QE was here to stay until the unemployment rate reachedacceptable levels. This communiqué whether by personal appearance or by releasing the FOMC minutes of the prior meeting is somethingthe FED relies on so market participants can remain comfortable and abreast of Fed monetary policy.
  4. 4. Three strikes and you’re outThe FOMC minutes from the last meeting were due for release during last week. But a funny thing happened. They got released EARLIER thanexpected. It was all a big mistake and the FED let the SEC and the CFTC know right away that the error had occurred. And lo and behold evenwith all its transparency there happened to be some language we didn’t get updated on until the FOMC minutes were released. The notes saythat several members have been discussing cutting back on the stimulus. That was strike one. It got the gold market thinking that stimuluscuts might be coming.Strike oneSurprise number twoThen a bombshell was released from news sources. It was reported that Cyprus would have to sell 400 million Euro’s of gold as part of thebailout package of raising money for their failed banking system. Gold prices came down to 1550 on the news and the day passed by. Eventhough Cyprus bankers tell us the next day that they didnt discuss selling any gold, market jitters seemed to remain and Friday was justaround the corner. This was strike two.Now we need a strike three and you’re out. Gold is a nervous market to begin with as a lot of people have already lost a lot of money in thelast six months.With Gold at 1550, all that is needed for the market to drop is to get one more push where all the stops are (just below the 2 year low of1525).The selling began in the Friday sessions overseas. By time we got to the New York COMEX gold open, the price was down to 1542. Now all theplayers are there and the volume and liquidity is there to create the final blow to the market.And then the attack began. Wave after wave of selling until gold got to 1525. Then they break down the price below the two year low and allthe stops that have been accumulating there start getting tripped up and the selling accelerates as it begins to feed on itself. The physicalmarket for gold sees this as a gift and gets ready to make their move and buy up the gold.Now comes the part that is pure genius or a total coincidental thing that just so happens to be a gift to those who are short the market andthose who would be responsible to deliver gold should the inventory deplete.ALL OF A SUDDEN THE LONDON PHYSICAL PLATFORM THAT BUYS AND SELLS PHYSICAL GOLD GETS LOCKED UP. THE SYSTEM FREEZES.The screens all freeze.
  5. 5. What does that mean?No one can get to the physical market to buy at these low prices but at the same time, they can’t sell or protect their position either. Thesystem is frozen. Yes, just like at Bit-coin. The system locks up. And of course the results are going to be the same, just on a lowerpercentage level.What can the physical holders do?Meanwhile the futures market continues to drop.So what happens? The physical market holders begin to panic. How can they protect themselves as they can’t sell either?What would I do if I were in that situation?There is only one solution, especially during a panic. Short and ask questions later.Therefore it is my speculation that based on 350,000 contracts sold on Friday and the massive drop, some of those contracts was thephysical market having no choice but to enter into the futures markets and in order to hedge their physical position holdings, sell contractsor short the market. It’s either that or wait until Monday and be subject to potentially heavy losses should margin calls go out over theweekend. With no time to think and survival instinct kicking in, the physical holders most likely did what they could to protect themselves.They went in and shorted the futures market.From there the market goes into a free fall as the physical market can’t buy at these low prices because the computer system is down; theycan only sell futures to hedge their long physical holdings and so they do what they have to and begin selling futures.Now it gets worse. As the price drops even more, underfunded players are getting wiped out and now they begin to liquidate. The marketgoes into a total collapse as all the stops below 1500 get tripped up and the market tanks to 1490.The market finally closes in New York and returns to the 1500 area.But it’s not over. Theres another situation going on. The weekend is arriving and players begin wondering about margin calls? How areholders going to get money to their brokers over the weekend for the Monday trade session?But there is not enough liquidity as the COMEX has closed and only the aftermarket GLOBEX is there to execute trades.
  6. 6. But guess what folks?The banks and brokers are open all weekend and as long as it takes to go through all the accounts and issue all the MARGIN calls.If they get the margin calls out by Saturday, the customers have 24 hours to get more money to their brokers. If the money is not received bySunday night or Monday morning, the positions will have to be liquidated, just when the market is at its lowest liquidity and the longs havehad all weekend to think about it and the media has had time to tell everyone that the bull market in gold is over.Not only that but the shorts know exactly what is about to transpire.I hope you got the picture on how the control boyz forced a major sell off. I speculate the panic over low gold inventory had someone hatch aplan to save their accounts and a lot that is at stake.They started with leaked information with explosive potential changes in USA policy, and then they published information thatEurope/Cyprus would have to sell 400 million Euros of physical gold. Finally once the sell off began the physical gold market platform inLondon locks up and no one has buy or sell access in the physical spot market.As the market players begin to work this out in their mind there is only one thing left to do. Try and exit and get out in the Globex market. Sothe selling begins again. The market hits below 1500 and then 1490 get broken. The market sells as much as it can up until the very lastminute of trade at 5PM New York time. Even then it’s not over. For some reason the volume and the price keeps moving. Was there specialconsideration going on for those connected who wanted out? I dont know. But at 5:07 PM Eastern standard time the market closes at352,248 contracts and a price of 1476.10 down a whopping 5.67% -88.80 dollars.Did the control boys lock down the physical market platform or was it pure coincidence? Either way they have total plausible deniability.HOW?The computer system went down. It couldn’t handle the traffic and it shut down or a glitch happened in the server. It can be any one of manyreasons.This exact same thing happened during the last take down of gold in late December 2011.VOILA. The perfect excuse and the perfect scenario.The physical markets couldn’t buy at those low prices.Let me repeat that. The physical markets couldn’t buy. They could only sell futures to hedge their physical gold positions.Of course this will all be reported on the news and in the financials right?Wrong.
  7. 7. None of it will be reported as none of it was reported on Dec 29th, 2011 when the control boyz did the same thing and locked out thecomputer and left the physical market holding the bag. Not one word hit the papers.Most people are not even aware that the physical market is run by computers. They have never considered or thought about how thephysical market works and executes. Guess what folks? It works the same way as Futures via computers and programs.How do you think it works? Did you think that people show up with all their gold at an auction house and buying and bidding goes on with amediator who can speak two hundred words a minute and gold is auctioned off like rugs or art?No it runs off a computer system.How do I know all of this happened today?Because I was in direct contact with a big physical dealer out of the mid-east as it was happening. They have taken the time to explain thephysical market and how they get SHUT out of the game --- just like they did during the last panic (and physical shortage) in Dec of 2011.Here is the screen shot of the actual physical market in action from January 4th 2012 that the physical trader sent me.
  8. 8. That completes our lesson for today on how to force a major sell off. You start the ball rolling with disinformation and early leaks and surprisewith potential policy change considerations at the Federal Reserve level and you follow it up with a potential huge gold supply story thatcould come to the market.Youve shaken up the market and the selling begins and gets to within 20 dollars of two year lows where all the stops are and then you bringit down to where all the stops start getting tripped up and you just sit back and watch the market do the rest. Finally, you shut off thephysical system and stop gold buying and at the same time you force physical dealers to sell the futures to hedge themselves.Theres even a term for this in the trading world. Its called "Beat the Beehive." You smash the nest and then watch the total confusion feedon itself. By the next day all the bees are gone and all thats left is a smashed up beehive.There has been a lot of speculation on the markets and manipulation that is going on. What Ive offered in this report using the fact that goldcrashed on Friday is a scenario on how it could have been orchestrated. I leave it to the reader to pass judgment on the potential.. Here is the chart of the COMEX session. Note the low. That blue channel line was what we based our projection potential on. The rest asthey say is history.
  9. 9. What Next?I will be assessing the damage over the weekend.If there really is a shortage then there will be clues that should show up that should show up in the physical markets. We will be on the watchfor them if they develop. If we see these clues we will advise as they develop. The last system lock out was on December 29, 2011. The cluesshowed up then and a 270 dollar rally took place from 1525 to 1795 by February 29th. Interestingly on Feb 29th, gold fell 100 dollars anounce on a Bernanke announcement that the Fed was considering slowing down on QE.Let me say this. IF the Feds were to slow down on QE the entire system would collapse in a major deflationary spiral. In a speech two monthsago at a college Mr. Bernanke admitted that the FED always tries to "talk" control or what they want to see happen. When that doesnt workthey expand to other more important methods of policy.There are only two things that can bring gold down. A manipulated event like we just saw or a liquidity squeeze like we saw in 2008 where animmediate need for cash forced the liquidation of all assets. Can it happen again? Yes, but this time it would be on a global scale and muchmore powerful than the Lehman crisis of 2008. While many think a sovereign default would create an inflationary spiral, it’s the oppositecould happen. A default would result in liquidation and 99 cents out of every dollar in the banking system has been lent out. The need forcold hard cash would be enormous and the only way to get it to avoid leverage margin calls would be to sell assets at a low enough price toattract immediate cash. That is what happened in 2008. With one penny in banks and 99 cents of debt a spiral the other way could develop.But you say the FEDS could print the money. Would they have time?Once a deflationary collapse takes place, then a HYPER INFLATIONARY event can take place. But this is all for another report.Stay tuned as its probably going to get real interesting.We are now at a critical juncture in gold’s 21st century bull market. At we monitor the price patterns