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Silvia García: (1º ESO) The Simpsons


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The Simpson family

Published in: Education
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Silvia García: (1º ESO) The Simpsons

  1. 1. The simpsons Made by: Silvia García
  2. 2. One day one family called the simpsons appeared
  3. 3. The father’s name was Homer. He wasn’t a smart man. He was very lazy and he loved donuts.
  4. 4. The mother name is Marge, she is a clever woman and loves her family.
  5. 5. Lisa was the middle daughter. she was very smart and studious and she liked reading books.
  6. 6. Bart was the eldest son, he made plenty of mischief and he did not study at all.
  7. 7. Maggie was the youngest daughter and she loved her red pacifier.
  8. 8. Abraham Simpson was the grandfather. Homer's father lived in a nursing home and he was a bit obstreperous.
  9. 9. The Simpsons family. <ul><li>This family had a most impressove adventure every day. </li></ul>