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Describing pictures


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Describing pictures

  1. 1. Phrases for Describing Pictures in the foreground in the background in the upper part in the lower part in the left part in the right part in the central part in the … corner on the right on the left in the middle in front of sth/sb behind sth/sb next to sth/sb to the right of sth/sb to the left of sth/sb
  2. 2. Answer the Questions: •What do you see in the centre of the picture? • What is there in the foreground and in the background? • Where is the signature of the artist? • What is there in the lower and upper parts of the picture? • Where are the branches of the dry tree? • What is there in the left and right parts of the picture? • Is the shepherd behind or in front of the tree? • What is the shepherd doing? •What looks like the eyes of the man?
  3. 3. Now try to describe the following pictures REMEMBER TO: 1. Use the phrases of place 2. Use Present Continuous for actions 3. Use “look(s) like” for similarities