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European consumers favorite desserts


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Aujourd'hui, nous avons la possibilité de consommer des desserts partout : boulangeries, supermarchés, stations-service, restaurants, etc. Cette étude nous permet de voir la pénétration de chaque type de points de vente en Europe et fournit des informations sur les desserts les plus consommés et sur ce qui influence le choix du dessert dans un restaurant. Une étude multi pays menée en Italie, en Espagne, au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne, en Norvège et aux Pays Bas. Alors, qui sont les champions des desserts en Europe ?

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European consumers favorite desserts

  1. 1. European consumer’s favorite desserts May 2018 2
  2. 2. Market context 3 Today, we have the option to consume desserts everywhere : bakeries, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, etc. This study allows us to see the penetration of each type of outlets and provides insights on the most consumed desserts and what influences the choice of dessert at a restaurant.
  3. 3. Who does this study concern ? Marketing teams in Foodservice Out of Home Foodservice operators, particularly restaurant owners Anyone wishing to obtain information on the dessert market 4
  4. 4. Added Values 5 In-depth examination by type of outlet and by consumer profiles. The study provides an overview of the dessert market so that professionals can grasp the potential and expectations of customers.
  5. 5. Business Model 6 For restaurant chains, this study makes it possible to adapt or validate the offer and the main arguments for generating sales. For manufacturers, this study provides insights on the latest trends and the expectations of the end consumers.
  6. 6. Purchasing process 7 3 Purchase the study by request or purchase it online on the CHD Expert website The report is delivered in PDF format Experts are available to respond to your questions STUDY
  7. 7. 8 Experts behind the study Nicolas Nouchi Charlotte Rondeau Global Head of Market Research More than 20 years of experience in studies and insights in the out of home foodservice market. In charge of the study In charge of all of our online studies and ou coutrny market sizing data (FACET)
  8. 8. Next Steps ? 9 #2 #3 #4 Purchase of the CHD Expert study Our experts can present these results to you and support you with a more personalized way to reach your objectives and tackle your challenges. The study is available for the following countries: UK, DE, SP, IT, NO, NL, and there is also a report available comparing all the countries, including France. #1 Research on the out of home consumption dessert market
  9. 9. Places of consumption Dessert ordering at the restaurant The most ordered desserts out of home Dessert selection criteria at the restaurant Summary 10
  10. 10. - Your Contact - Nicolas Nouchi Global Head of Market Research +33 (0) 11