1.23.13 Green Trips Advisory Committee Meeting


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  • Green Trips staff will provide support to our partner employers.
  • In return, employers will…
  • Answers the question of WHY we have/need green trips
  • 1.23.13 Green Trips Advisory Committee Meeting

    2. 2. Green Trips Staff TeamProject-Funded Staff: Jenny Park, Program Coordinator Cortney Mild, Membership SpecialistRPA Support & Oversight: Betsy Evans, Senior Air Quality & Transportation Planner Tim Moreland, Planning Analyst Melissa Taylor, Strategic Long-Range Planning Director Karen Rennich, RPA Deputy Director & TPO Coordinator
    3. 3. Green Trips Advisory Committee Blythe Bailey, Palmer Built Environment Bob McNutt, McNutt Consulting Christy Smith, Safe Routes to School National Partnership Elizabeth Crenshaw Hammitt, EPB Jim Frierson, Chattanooga Green Committee Joannah Duncan, Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System Jonathan Gibbons, United Way Community Impact Karen Rudolph, Lyndhurst Foundation Kristy Huntley, Benwood Foundation Morgan Reardon, EPB Philip Pugliese, Outdoor Chattanooga Philip Strang, Citizen Advocate Stefanie deOlloqui, Active Living & Transportation Network Tesia Gorka Jones, green|spaces Veronica Peebles, CARTA
    4. 4. Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program TDM programs increase efficiency in transportation systems.
    5. 5. Funded through CMAQ Congestion Mitigation  $600,000 for 3-year & Air Quality pilot Improvement (CMAQ)  Includes 20% local match Program  RPA, with some in-kind
    6. 6. Web-basedRidematchingSystemSet commute schedule& flexibilitySet preferences: • Gender • Smoker/non- smoker • Driver/passenger • Mode • Employer-specificCalendar
    7. 7. CMAQ Program GoalsCongestion mitigation!Air qualityimprovement!
    8. 8. Other Benefits Integrate physical activity into daily routine New community interactions Reduce demand for parking and new road infrastructure Keep more money in the regional economy
    9. 9. Turning Trips Into Choices So manyOPTIONS!
    10. 10. Program Updates TPO Board approved RideShark as ridematching system provider Researched other TDM programs Developing Program Plans Meeting with community partners
    11. 11. Mission StatementGreen Trips connectspeople with the rewards of driving less
    12. 12. Communications 3 audiences  Green Trips Members (Individuals)  Green Trips Partner Employers  Media and Community Contacts
    13. 13. Messages for Green Trips Members Green Trips can help you:  Save money  Feel healthy  Enjoy a productive commute
    14. 14. Member Materials & Information Transportation Options pocketbook Monthly e-newsletter Social media Blog
    15. 15. Messages for Partner Employers Green Trips can help your bottom line.  Improve productivity through a more active workforce  Reduce health insurance claims  Demonstrate health and emissions reduction data for employees  Reduce payroll taxes by implementing tax-free commuter benefits  Reduce parking demand  Attract professionals expecting a car-free or car-light lifestyle  Enhance corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts
    16. 16. Green Trips Partner Employers Partner Employers will receive:  Free consultation with Green Trips staff to develop company- specific promotional strategies for alternative commuting  Customized Green Trips sub-site for trip planning  1 free Bike, Walk, or Transit event for employees per season (May-October)  Sample press release and sample blog/company newsletter article announcing participation in the program  Health and emissions reduction data for employees  Information about how to reduce payroll taxes through implementation of IRS Commuter Tax Benefit
    17. 17. Employer Responsibilities Help promote Green Trips to employees by doing the following:  Designate a staff person to serve as point of contact for Green Trips program.  Encourage participation via articles in company newsletter, blog, or website.  Send a kick-off email to employees announcing the company’s participation.  Include Green Trips information in employee orientation materials.  Host a Green Trips lunch & learn or alternative transportation event.  Offer additional prizes and incentives to employees who regularly log alternative commutes.  Post Green Trips flyers in common areas.
    18. 18. Community/Media Messages Green Trips can:  Reduce public costs of health care and road infrastructure  Improve air quality  Reduce traffic congestion  Keep more money in the regional economy by reducing money spent on gas
    19. 19. Staff Work Plan See handout
    20. 20. Project Launch Timeline See handout
    21. 21. Kickoff EventYeah Green Trips!
    22. 22. Events Plan See handout
    23. 23. Events Plan Green Trips Events  Partner Events
    24. 24. Addressing Challenges Making the leap! Lessening the transit stigma Engaging non-internet users Including families
    25. 25. RewardsIf we could only purchase rewards from 5 businesses, which 5 would you choose? Please circle your choices
    26. 26. Trip Logging Point SystemsA. 1 point per trip leg; all modes equalB. Incentivize specific modes through “discounted” rewardsC. Maximum # points per dayD. 0.1 point for drive-alone trips?
    27. 27. Potential Program Additions 2014-2015 Emergency Ride Home Program Best Workplaces for Commuters/Bicycle-Friendly Business application support Green Trips Neighborhood  St. Elmo  Highland Park  Southside
    28. 28. Next Steps: Staff Contract for branding services  Committee reviews draft products Get beta site up  Committee reviews Launch employer outreach  Committee supplies corporate contacts as able Finalize event schedule
    29. 29. Next Steps: Role of the Committee Respond to staff requests for branding & event input Connect staff to business & community contacts Help us get the word out!  Invite friends & colleagues to the kick-off  Invite friends to our facebook page
    30. 30. ContactJenny ParkGreen Trips Coordinatorpark_jenny@chattanooga.gov423.643.5938Cortney MildGreen Trips Membership Specialistmild_c@chattanooga.gov423.643.5914