Comm 350 group presentation 2_Group I


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Slides for Presentation 2, COM350.
Group: I
Topic: Travel

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Comm 350 group presentation 2_Group I

  1. 1. Shinsegae Spa Land is one of the biggest spas located in South Korea
  2. 2. July is the best times in Japan to experience a festival or two
  3. 3. July 10 F E S T I V A L S
  4. 4. Indonesia’s Komodo Island was one of the nominees of the World Seven Wonders
  5. 5. Links @spacehitch utm_content=buffercd690&utm_medium=social& @EZTravelHacks- utm_content=buffer9a844&utm_medium=social& @WitWiNina @travel_hacks @bizzabo
  6. 6. Links @SKoreaTravel @JapanTravelAdv @Tours_Indonesia World @theyatraproject @CountryCode101