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Shop at The Savoy : Issue 1


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Issue one of Alphabet City - Shop at The Savoy\'s launch magazine

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Shop at The Savoy : Issue 1

  3. 3. EDITOR’S LETTER When was the last time you looked through a keyhole? Hopefully not too long ago, as we’ve covered The Savoy foyer cabinets with keyholes inviting you to discover SHOP at The Savoy, who we are and what we are prepared to do for you. And the answer is pretty much anything. First we’d like to show you around with our A to Z, essential reading for anyone in London. Let this be your guide to unwrapping insiders’ London or talk to our staff at SHOP who await your call. Take a peek at our carefully curated Collection, or ask us about a perfect day’s shopping, an ambitious shopping goal or just help with the souvenir you promised but haven’t had time to find. We are the first aid service for anyone short of time, new to the city, hungry to discover it, or who needs a door to open. Call SHOP. Let us be the key to everything. Jo CravenSHOP is on extension 2062 or if you’re already out and about, call 020 7420 2062 W W W.S HOPATT HESAVOY.CO M
  4. 4. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M
  5. 5. q Narcisse scarf Erdem for the V&A Exclusive to the V&A shop £185 Limited edition ‘Diaghilev’ fragrance Roja Dove Created especially for the V&A exhibition £75 q Newspeak: British Art Now Part Two The Saatchi Gallery The Saatchi Gallery Duke of York’s HQ London SW3 4SQ Tel: 020 7811 3070 Homage 10 x 5 – Blakes Artists Waddington Galleries 11 Cork Street London W1S 3LT Tel: 020 7851 2200 Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes 1909 – 1929 V&A Museum Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL Tel: 020 7942 2000 Other Criteria 14 Hinde Street London W1U 3BG Tel: 020 7935 5550 q A s or Art FORGET ABOUT THE ROLLERCOASTER RIDES IN THE AUCTION ROOMS AND GET UP CLOSE TO GREAT ART Prepare to be blown away by the inspiring uber-fresh contemporary art in Newspeak at the Saatchi Gallery. On a smaller but perfect scale, Peter Blake, of Sergeant Pepper Beatles’ album fame, has a covetable new show of work for sale – boxes of found or collected objects at Waddington Galleries. While the granddaddy of creativity who hadChanel design his dancers’ dresses, Picasso his scenery and Stravinsky, Matisse, Braque and Nijinsky do their thing, yes, the master of the Ballets Russes, Serge Diaghilev’s enduring influence is on display at the V&A. But if a souvenir is more your thing, Other Criteria, sells too-cool Elizabeth Peyton bath towels, or unique pieces by someone called Damien Hirst, oh, it’s his shop. S H O P O U T O N T H E TOW N
  6. 6. q the secret garden puffin designer classics ltd edition of 1000 £100 qlondon review bookshop 14 Bury Place London WC1A 2JL Tel: 020 7269 9030lutyens and rubinstein Kensington Park Road London W11 2EU Tel: 020 7229 1010 daunt books Marylebone High Street London W1U 4QW Tel: 020 7224 2295 r d Franks 5 Winsley Street London W1W 8HG Tel: 020 7636 1244 heywood hill 10 Curzon Street London W1J 5HH Tel: 020 7629 0647 persephone books Lambs Conduit Street London WC1N 3NB Tel: 020 7242 9292 q . B s or B oks Book lovers are in a frenzy in London at the moment. At the London Review Bookshop (just two steps round the corner from The British Museum) a heavenly edit of brilliant books, author talks and even a singles night for the synonymous newspaper’s Lonely Hearts column, keep this bookshop’s heart beating fast. In Notting Hill at Lutyens and Rubinstein, the creation of two maverick literary agents, there are candles and C B perfume on sale as well as a superlative book collection in this intuitively designed shop. While Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street, famous for its travel section, makes you grateful for their canvas totes as you stagger out heavily laden. At R D Franks, the fashion and photography mecca for art directors and creatives across the capital, the atmosphere is that of a Woody Allen film. But it is to Heywood Hill that the old school go, where Nancy Mitford was once a shop assistant and book parcels are still tied with string and brown paper and the country’s great minds order the latest fine tomes. It could be that you just seek a single slim volume of perfection, and the new specially commissioned editions of Puffin Classics deliver; all at £100, they are works of art. Frank Gehry designed Treasure Island, Orla Kiely transformed The Secret Garden into a 3D paper cut-out of an orchard. Or try Persephone Books with their fabric print endpapers, inside dove grey covers, of out-of-print or rediscovered great authors. They are everything a Kindle isn’t. . S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  7. 7. q trilby with fur felt trim purdey £495 classic tweed jacket purdey £550 q purdey Audley House 57 – 58 South Audley Street London W1K 2ED Tel: 020 7499 1801 thomas goode 22 South Audley Street London W1K 2BN Tel: 020 7499 2823 scott’s 20 Mount Street London W1K 2HE Tel: 020 7495 7309 C s or C lt C assics William & son 10 Mount Street London W1K 2TY Tel: 020 7493 8385 Everyone’s talking about cult classics, for good reason, they’re money well spent and also, hopefully, something to pass onto the next generation. mount street printers So where do you track down the best of today and tomorrow? 4 Mount Street London W1K 3LW Take a walk down Mount Street and South Audley Street in Mayfair. Tel: 020 7409 0303 The recently transformed hub for the hippest boutiques, as well as the allen & co beating heart of all things traditional. 117 Mount Street London W1K 3LA Start at Purdey for the kind of hunting ‘n’ shooting gear many of us Tel: 020 7499 5831 who don’t shoot covet for its pared-back quality and style. You’ll be q jostling past many a girl in fierce heels pondering the merits of shooting tweeds, having just finished a blitz in Balenciaga on Mount Street. Over to Thomas Goode where wedding lists of the smart set have always been held, then maybe spy on the magazine editors and beautiful people lunching on Dover Sole or oysters at the bar in Scott’s, perhaps dawdling later atWilliam & Son, a family run business with a Royal Warrant, which sells luxury items handmade by artisans. They can customise their accessories and also make bespoke guns and rifles. As for stationery, the Mount Street Printers will make you vow to write only letters and never text again. And lastly, Allen & Co is a Mayfair institution, the kind of butcher that you thought only existed in vintage films. S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  8. 8. q Jaguar further information call SHOP on 020 7420 2062 q D s or D eams _____________________ DREAM A LITTLE DREAM Give thanks to the clever team at Jaguar who have dreamed up what many thought could only ever be a fantasy: ‘The best luxury green car money can buy’ – and not one that looks like the postman might pop out of it. The Jaguar XJ is a genuine looker, we’re talking serious design credentials, and luxury on a level never usually associated with all things eco – and it is all-British too, from design to build. Did we mention that it drives like a sports car? Like a new best friend, there’s too much to mention, you must meet up soon. I F Y O U FA N C Y A T E S T D R I V E C O N TA C T S H O P _____________________ W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M
  9. 9. q God Save McQueen scarf Alexander McQueen £495 q moody & Farrell Mentmore Studios London E8 3PN Tel: 07906 990390 call shop to book an appointment lee broom Tel: 020 7820 0742 call shop to book an appointment alexander mcQueen 4–5 Old Bond Street London W1S 4PD Tel: 020 7355 0088 q E or English E centricsIn keeping with the long and inspiring tradition of English eccentrics, thelate great Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen, to name just two who Lee Broom is a different kind of eccentric, who channels his originality into lighting. A prize-winning designer, he has breathed new life intoembodied the tradition, London has a reputation for original creativity to interiors lighting and applied it to furniture. Illuminating stuff. There’suphold. Take Moody & Farrell, exquisite hat maker, (isn’t a hat essential for nothing ordinary about his pieces. And while Alexander McQueen isall eccentrics?) whose creations perch humorously and on close inspection intensely missed, Sarah Burton, his closest colleague and newly appointedreveal luxurious detailing in ribbons and super-soft leathers. And hats are creative director, keeps the flame alive with collections and accessories thathaving such a style moment with Panamas, Trilbys and flat caps taking continue his macabre, fantastical and exceptional eccentric vision. Best totheir turn on the cool kids. Eloise Moody, the creator, has also recently start gently though, by coating Britain’s most controversial breakfast spread,collaborated with Bobbin Bicycles (see the entry for ‘Z’) to make reflective tweed Marmite, on your morning toast. Love it or hate it, it definitely sets you apartspats, clearly with a few of life’s originals in mind. from the competition. _____________________ S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  10. 10. q For details of one of our private stylists phone 020 7420 2062 ‘The Hurricane’Diamond pendant necklace Jessica McCormack Select Collection £1,400 Lanvin dolls Matches Fashion Limited edition £320 q Matches Fashion Tel: 0845 602 5612 q F s or F shion Love fashion? Serious about shopping? Whatever your relationship with fashion, as a devotee or reluctant follower, everyone needs a helping hand to keep up with what’s new or track down the old stuff that’s good. Whether you’re just missing the perfect pair of flats, want to buy your entire spring wardrobe today, just want to know where the cool kids shop or where women in-the-know go, we at SHOP have the solution. And if you don’t know what you want, we can call on the best stylists from the worlds of film, fashion and magazines to advise you. London is the fashion capital, so let us make it easy for you to experience it with a private stylist. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M
  11. 11. q Beat check studded walker umbrella £295 Soft shearling cropped aviator jacket with funnel neck £2,995 Classic trench coat £695 Burberry Sport chronograph watch £395 All Burberry q Burberry 21 – 23 New Bond Street London W1S 2RE Tel: 020 3402 1444 q G s or Great Burberry is the very British, luxury fashion brand giving new meaning to the click of a button. This season they created ‘retail theatre’ by inviting VIP customers to watch a live broadcast of theircatwalk show and pre-order items to receive them well ahead of the shops, calling it ‘Runway toReality’. Fashion keeps getting speedier, so this is one way to stay ahead of the game. While their flagship store on Bond Street is very much worth a visit to get up close to the famed Trench and Aviator coats and their sumptuous shoes and bags. Elegant, yet irreverent, this global megabrand shows how the vintage house check print lives on. S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  12. 12. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M H s or Help Who hasn’t been short of time, ideas, and especially insider knowledge? Help is at hand:‘Find, Fetch, Fabulous’ is SHOP’s first aid service, whatever your need. Our team can access parts of London you never thought were open to you, no request is too big or too small and when time is short, our couriers slip through traffic on their motorbikes so you don’t have to. A LL YO U N E E D TO D O I S A S K
  13. 13. q Wallpapers Miller Harris £75 per 10m roll Teas Bellocq W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M £6 – £25 q Postcard Teas 9 Dering Street London W1S 1AG Tel: 020 7629 3654 Miller Harris Miller Harris Store 21 Bruton Street London W1J 6QD Tel: 020 7629 7750 Verde 40 Brushfield Street Spitalfields London E1 6AG Tel: 020 7247 1924 Cocomaya 12 Connaught Street London W2 2AF Tel: 020 7706 2770 Fortnum & Mason 181 Piccadilly London W1A 1ER Tel: 020 7734 8040 I s orInsider q ….A N D BE I N G O N E Insiders know that there comes a moment in the day when you want to let time slow down. In London, it is teatime. In Postcard Teas, a serene corner off Bond Street, the finest teas of Asia are lovingly served in traditional cups and hand-crafted pots. Their tins of tea make uber-stylish gifts too. While Miller Harris, the perfumier, has created her own rare teas and her tiny gem of a perfume shop, where her distinctive prints adorn the banquettes, (and her newest venture, the wallpaper) and champagne and tea-flavoured cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery caress your tastebuds. A sensory dream, where the wallpaper, olive oils, and signature-printed notebooks are all on sale. At Verde, in Spitalfields Market, author Jeanette Winterson’s teeny café serves an English cup of tea with the finest Pierre Marcolini chocolates as a possible accompaniment. Surround yourself by more chocolate delicacies at Cocomaya which now serves Bellocq tea. And not forgettingthe children’s favourite, ice cream sodas at Fortnum & Mason and cucumber sandwiches for the grown ups.
  14. 14. q bompass and parr B, Flatiron Yard 14 Ayres Street London SE1 1ES Tel: 020 7403 9403 gelupo 7 Archer StreetLondon W1D 7AU Tel: 020 7287 5555 the chin chin 49–50Camden Lock PlaceLondon NW1 8AF Tel: 07885 604 284 q J s or Jell ….& i ce cr ea m Brits just love nursery food, and jelly and ice cream come top of the list. Jelly has grown up and now thanks to the creative innovations of the jelly king duo, Bompas & Parr, it comes in bespoke forms – even black – or stacked so high on the table it nudges the chandelier. And then there’s ice cream. Well, that became a fantasy too, Gelupo serves pine nut and fennel seed, avocado and honey and simple pistachio. While Chin Chin in Camden has ‘nitro’ ice cream. Using frozen nitrogen, the ingredients are frozen in a white-coated laboratory environment, before your eyes. Part performance art, part taste bud extravaganza, the crazy scientists are currently working on glow-in-the-dark ice cream. S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  15. 15. q All products shown are Dunhill q Alfred Dunhill W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M Bourdon House 2 Davies Street London W1K 3DJ Tel: 0845 458 0779 Dunhill 48 Jermyn Street London SW1Y 6LX Tel: 020 7290 8609 q K s or Kit One can never have too much kit. Thank goodness for Dunhill, where a generous dose of classic style with that all important differentiator, a little bit of ‘edge’ is at hand. This is the home of the foremost British men’sluxury brand which personifies masculine elegance using their years of experience, craftsmanship and extensive knowledge of what men want. From custom-made shirts and suits, to wallets that include an electronic device for when it is misplaced. They’ve thought of everything and even have ‘The Homes of Alfred Dunhill’ impressive addresses in London, Shanghai and Tokyo, where their vision is on show and VIP customers can benefit from their Dunhill customised Bentley Continental Flying Spurs. Or closer to home, whatever your kit desire, call SHOP at The Savoy and we can deliver direct to you, in your room. D O N ’ T T RY T O O H A R D T O R E S I S T T H E A L L U R E
  16. 16. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M Reproduced by permission of Geographers’ A-Z Map Co. Ltd. ©Crown Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Licence number 100017302. L s or L ndon Overfamiliar with London? Or completely new to the city? Either way, at SHOP we’ve devised ‘London Unwrapped’ just for you. First, sit down and tell us what kind of day (or half day) you want: it couldbe a Fashion Day, or a Music Day, or an Art Day, or any other kind of day you can imagine. Once youve shared your dream day with us, our expert guides will devise a plan, remove all obstacles and either escort you every step of the way, or send you off to explore and discover on your own. The result is a brand new London; off the beaten track, behind the scenes, beyond the obvious.
  17. 17. q The School of Life classroom The School of Life q Vaishaly Vaishaly Clinic 51 Paddington Street London W1U 4HR Tel: 020 7224 6088 The School of Life 70 Marchmont Street London WC1N 1AB Tel: 020 7833 1010 Blink Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks Tel: 020 7408 0689 Cecconi’s 5A Burlington Gardens London W1S 3EP Tel: 020 7434 1500 Inn the Park St Jamess Park London SW1A 2BJ Tel: 020 7451 9999 Boxes of cigars: Cohiba, Siglo VI Monte Cristo 2 Romeo y Julieta Partagas Serie D No. 4 All available at SHOP Tel: 020 7420 2062 q M s or M Do you crave an organic facial with super facialist Vaishaly or need some soul food from an inspiring talk at The School of Life or just want your eyebrows threaded at Blink? Perhaps you’d prefer just to watch London go by from a window seat at Cecconi’s. Or visit the London of children’s books and walk through St James’s Park,stopping at the impressive Inn the Park, Oliver Peyton’s delectable restaurant. Possibly you may wish to emulate that famed regular of The Savoy, Winston Churchill, and take the opportunity to puff on a Romeo y Julieta cigar, available from SHOP, as you go on your way, slowly. S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  18. 18. q love basque £225 agent provocateur love brief £50 agent provocateur q rigby & pellerwww.rigbyandpeller.com22A Conduit StreetLondon W1S 2XT Tel: 0845 076 5545 agent 6 Broadwick Street London W1F 8HL Tel: 020 439 0229 myla 77 Lonsdale Rd London W11 2DF Tel: 0870 745 5003 q N s or N ught What you wear next to your skin can transform how you feel. Top of its game is Rigby & Peller, the underwear store, by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. They also take bookings for their famous bra fittings. At Agent Provocateur, the underwear may be more risqué, but it’s a lot of fun as well. Whereas Myla dig deep into a seam of luxury and adventure. i t ’s a ll u p to yo u S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  19. 19. q anya hindmarch bespoke range £1400 – 2500 q anya hindmarch / bespoke 15 – 17 Pont Street London SW1X 9EH Tel: 020 7838 9177 q O s or h On n OnlAnya Hindmarch, the quintessentially British bag designer, is obsessed with getting the details right, and herBespoke range covers every conceivable aspect of beautiful personalised bags, books and boxes. Think of a box for your wedding day which includes a secret drawer for love letters, with photos inlaid; an evening clutch with your name engraved on the clasp; a bespoke man’s wallet for a rock ‘n’ roller who wants space for his guitar picks; or her famous Ebury bag which can have a handwritten message. There are books and travel folios, as well, with exquisite endpapers. In handwriting you recognise, the message ‘Hurry home darling!’ should tug a few heart strings when you open your wallet. Heirlooms for tomorrow, and all as original as can be. S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  20. 20. qmoomin hot water bottle selfridges £25 q selfridges & co 400 Oxford Street London W1A 1AB Tel: 0800 123 400 q P s or P rfection If it wasn’t reassuring enough that earlier this year Selfridges was declared the best department store in the world, maybe you should investigate the claim in person? Perhaps you’ll swoon over the exclusive 900ml bottles of Chanel No5 they have this Christmas, or the Moomin anniversary hot water bottle cover may be more your thing? Or maybe you will install yourself with a balcony view at Hix, the in-house restaurant? It would be foolish to try and list the temptations on offer, suffice to say that at Selfridges there are times when you feel like you’re watching several circus shows at once, and at others you get so excited you convince yourself you need every single thing you see to take home, this instant. This is the ultimate temple of temptation, so go explore. S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  21. 21. q The Impossible Project Tel: +43 (1) 890 31 90 Polaroid PoGo q Q s or Q ick It’s all about instant, it’s all about Polaroid cameras. The Impossible Project was the inspiration of everyone who mourned the end of the Polaroid camera and instead kept the factory alive, Lady Gaga included, who did a shoot to publicise the project. This Christmas the iPad may even be knocked off the top Miss Popularity spot by the Polaroid PoGo, the revamped Polaroid with super cool printouts. FIGHT FOR ONEAll Photos © The Impossible Project. S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  22. 22. q 0383 sunglasses cutler and gross £279 q cutler and gross www.cutlerandgross.com16 Knightsbridge Green London SW1X 7QL Tel: 020 7581 2250 q R s or Retr -C ol The Savoy has seen its share of icons – Uma Thurman and Claudia Schiffer for instance – and they all had something else in common – they wore Cutler and Gross sunglasses. The designs are renowned for being handmade, often using vintage acetate – they’ll make you see London through new eyes. S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  23. 23. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M S s or S vv We all want to be savvy shoppers these days, and what better way than using SHOP’s ‘Respectfully Yours’ service. A chance for London’s doors to open for you with the greatest of ease, we will bring the best ofLondon to you, or take you on an appointment to see them. From crafts and craftspeople, from Savile Row to Cork Street, the Silver Vaults to Jermyn Street, our little black book brings the best of London directly to you, no fuss, no bother. Whatever your interest, we will find experts for some personal show and tell.
  24. 24. qbc-s2/Wh watch bremont £2495 q bremont www.bremont.comThe Watch Gallery 129 Fulham RoadLondon SW3 6RT Tel: 020 7581 3239 marc Tel: 020 7932 0990 q T s or T ck–T ck Whatever your favoured wrist candy, we at SHOP can save you time, and help you find it, or even bring a selection to you. Perhaps Bremont, a British made luxury watch, appeals? It calls itself the ‘quintessentially British Swiss watch’ and they’ve taken their watches to freezing temperatures, and 100,000 feet in the air, to achieve the status as the most tested watch. Or perhaps Marc Newson’s pared back Pod watch catches your eye? First designed in 1986, or the Ikepod from 2006, both speak to the contemporary design-aware timepiece aficionado. The clock’s ticking, let us guide you to the watch for you.
  25. 25. W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M U s or Uniqu At SHOP we’ve carefully curated the best of London to compile our ‘Collection’ for you. Beautifully crafted, finely detailed and completely of the moment, the SHOP Collection is hand-picked byexperts and is an eclectic, electric mix of the beautiful and the bold, the iconic and the iconoclastic, the innovative and the definitive. Constantly changing and evolving, the SHOP Collection presents the key pieces from Londons most exciting design talent and is guaranteed to surprise and delight. We also sell The Savoy Collection, from the mattress you’re lying on to exclusive vintage-style Christmas tree decorations, take a little piece of The Savoy home with you.
  26. 26. q lampsatelier abigail ahern From £195 – 325 q paul smith no. 9 9 Albemarle Street London W1S 4BL Tel: 020 7493 4565 soane 50–52 Pimlico Road London SW1W 8LP Tel: 020 7730 6400atelier abigail 137 Upper Street London N1 1QP Tel: 020 7354 8181 ben pentreath ltd. 17 Rugby St London WC1N 3QT Tel: 020 7430 2526 V s or V r There are days when you don’t just want to shop for shoes, and cushions start looking super attractive. marianna kennedy Thankfully there are many fabulous boutiques that do for interiors what fashion boutiques 3 Fournier Street From Atelier Abigail Ahern via artisan perfection at Marianna Kennedy. And if furniture is your thing, London E1 6QE seek inspiration at Paul Smith or Soane where handmade classics of yesteryear predominate. Tel: 020 7375 2757 All share a pursuit of fine craftsmanship and design from whichever era. q n e st i n g t i m e i s h e r e Photographer: Graham Atkins Hughes S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  27. 27. q Fawn Prince of Wales check suit Hardy Amies £1600 q Liberty Great Marlborough Street London W1B 5AH Tel: 020 7734 1234 Savile Row Hardy Amies 14 Savile Row London W1S 3JN Tel: 020 7734 2436 q W s or W t Where would we be without wit? The Brits live and breathe it, and wear it too, actually. Wit at Liberty sees bicycles covered in Liberty lawn print, its windows always awash with a hyper-creative vision. While across in Savile Row, it could be the silk lining of a jacket or that extra button at the cuff, all tiny nods to individuality and hints at the wit at the heart of the most seriously suited. In the middle of the Row you have Hardy Amies whose very first show in 1945 was in The Savoy and is now experiencing an injection of cool with the designs of Oliver J Benjamin. Thanks to the dawn of the street-style blog, The Sartorialist, style has become dependent on such wit, and everything else is dull.Photographer: Roger Rich S HO P AS YOU LI KE I T
  28. 28. q love bird ringprice on application qboodles at the savoy Tel: 020 7240 6070 q X s or Kisses Feel the love down in the foyer of The Savoy where Boodles, jewellers of distinction since 1798 and a sixth-generation family business, sell jaw-dropping jewels and stones the size of birds’ eggs. Each jewellery need, from statement to necessity via frivolity and the very serious, is covered. It’s just up to you to decide what is completely essential to really feel the love. In celebration of the opening of The Savoy, Boodles have created ‘Iolanthe’, named after the Gilbert and Sullivan masterpiece that was performed in The Savoy Theatre. l oV e a n d k i s s e s S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T
  29. 29. q Jacket on Coral, 2010 Ink and gloss paint on paper 12x8 inches £750 Image courtesy of W W W. S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M T : 0 2 0 74 2 0 2 0 6 2 E : C U R I O U S @ S H O PAT T H E S AV OY. C O M Eleven Gallery, London q Y s or Y u As our lives speed ever faster, a portrait stops the clock, forces us to sit still and shows us and all who lookupon us, how we look now, forever. Natasha Law is the choice of gorgeous girls with an outline worth tracing, while Adam Fuss is the master of a photographic portrait in shadow form. If a traditional old school portrait is more your thing, and why not, then Georgina Barclay is for you. T H E S E A R E J U S T A TA S T E R
  30. 30. qSkeppshult Natur bicycle Bobbin Bicycles £899 q Pashley Tel: 01789 292 263 Tokyo Bikes Tel: 020 7608 0206 Bobbin Bicycles 397 St John St London WC1V 4LD Tel: 020 7837 3370 Barclays Cycle Hire Tel: 0845 026 3630 q Z s or Zip Bikes are suddenly a byword for cool. Every mid-life crisis worth its salt has a slim line man’s racer in its trail, while sit-up-and-beg bikes from Pashley (check out the all new Guv’nor with its loveable leather handles), and witty interpretations from Tokyo Bikes or Bobbin Bicycles are for the young Turks. Even the Mayor of London spotted the trend – check out the Barclays Cycle Hire all over the capital, where you get the first 30 minutes free. T WO W H E E L S G O O D S HO P OUT ON T HE TOWN
  31. 31. S HO P HOW YO U LI KE I T