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Gujarati english dictonary


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Gujarati english dictonary

  1. 1. Gujarati- English Learner’s Dictionary Babu Suthar (Second draft) A Nirman Foundation Project Department of South Asia Studies University of Pennsylvania 820 Williams Hall 36th and Spruce Philadelphia PA 19104  Babu Suthar
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3 In Memory of Harivallabh Bhayani
  4. 4. 4 ↓ We will revise this draft again after we receive comments and suggestions from the scholars and the users. There are still problems with phonetic transcription of some words. We will fix them as soon as we get feedback from the scholars. Meanwhile, we request the users to consult us before using information from this dictionary in their reserach. ↓ Babu Suthar
  5. 5. 5 Introduction Gujarati is a poor language of the rich people. This language does not have scientifically written grammar books. Whatever grammar books it has are mainly pedagogic. It does not have well written dictionaries either. There are some, monolingual as well as bilingual, but many of them are impressionistic and outdated. This language is divided into many social and geographical dialects, but very few of them have been explored. Many dialects still await their documentation. It has attracted many linguists, but their impact on the language, speakers, and writers has been negligible. Gujaratis are everywhere, and so is Gujarati; but Gujarati rarely is taught systematically. The children of Gujarati Diaspora learn some Gujarati either from their parents or from Gujarati language classes run mainly by Hindu temples. There is no well written teaching material either. Some individuals have created some material, but much of it lacks professionalism. In addition, it is also faulty either in grammar or in pragmatics or both. This is unfortunate. In order to overcome this situation, partially if not fully, the Department of South Asia Regional Studies, University of Pennsylvania has taken a leadership role. They have encouraged designing teaching material under which we have created three textbooks: Gujarati Reader 1, 2 and 3. The Reader 1 is devoted to the writing system, while the Reader 2 is devoted to written conversations. The Reader 3 is a collection of Aesop’s fables rendered in Gujarati. This dictionary is a part of that project but it has been funded by the Nirman Foundation, Washington DC. It is perhaps the first dictionary of the language created for the beginning student who is learning Gujarati language as a second language. It is also the first dictionary in Gujarati which gives phonetic transcription of the head words in International Phonetic Alphabet. Besides, it is also the first one that gives graphemic transcription of each head words. This dictionary will certainly facilitate the learner in learning the differences between spoken and written Gujarati. I am thankful to Nirman Foundation. Without their support this dream would have remained unfulfilled. I am also thankful to Prof. Bhikhu Parekh and Dr. Chandrakant Shrof for taking personal interest in this project. I can not forget Prof. Guy Welbon, former Chairperson of the South Asia Regional Studies, University of Pennsylvania, who underlined the need of creating teaching material and supported all the projects. This dictionary is the third project that he supported. I am also thankful to Prof. Michael W. Meister, the Chairperson of the Department of South Asia, for encouraging me in finishing this work. Finally, I am thankful to Prof. Buckley, Department of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Bharti Modi, Ex. Chairperson, Department of Linguistics, The M.S. University of Baroda for ofering me guidance on various issues related to compiling dictionary. Babu Suthar Sunday, June 29, 2003
  6. 6. 6 Content 1. Explanatory notes 7 2. Abbriviations 10 3. Dictionary 12 A 12 Aa 20 ; 25 : 26 w 26 W 29 ¢ 30 Ae 30 AE 32 Ao 32 AO 33 k 33 ` 41 g 46 3 52 c 55 2 62 j 65 z 70 4 73 5 75 6 77 7 79 t 80 9 87 d 88 0 96 n 100 p 111 f 132 b 137 - 146 m 154 y 167 r 168 l 175 v 183 = 200 q 205 s 205 h 229
  7. 7. 7 x 235 }a 235 4. Gujarati Parts of speech 236 5. Numerals 255
  8. 8. 8 Explanatory Notes: Structure of the entries: Each entry contains five parts in the following order: 1. Head- word, 2. Phonetic transcription, 3. Graphemic transcription, 4. Grammatical designation and 5. Gloss. In addition, some entries may contain example. 1. Head-word: Head-word is the word to be glossed. It is given here in Gujarati script. Spellings such as gÅga, p¨jo, 5*6I, sNt and sMp are avoided in favor of more traditional spellings g&ga, p&jo, 5&6I, s&t and s&p. 2. Phonetic transcription: For each head-word phonetic transcription is given here in Broad transcription. Syllabic division is also marked. This will facilitate the learners in learning how to pronounce the words and how to relate them with their grapheme structure. However, stress pattern is left unmarked. Phonetic transcription is given in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is given bellow: Vowels: Front Central Back Close i u Close-mid e o Open-mid ´ ø Open a
  9. 9. 9 Consonants: Pharyngeal vl. h vd. g g˙ ˜ Velar vl. k k˙ vd. Ô Ô˙ µ j Palatal vl. c c˙ vd. Î Î˙ ¯ Æ Retroflex vl. ˇ ˇ˙ Post alveolar vl. ß Alveolar vd. r l vd. d d˙ n Dental vl. t t˙ s Labiodental vd. v vd. b b˙ m Bilabial vl. p p˙ non-asp. asp. Plosive Fricative Nasal Trill Approximant Lateral approximant
  10. 10. 10 3. Graphemic transcription: For each word graphemic transcription is also given using the following symbols. This will help students learning the relationship between sound and later with is not always symmetrical in Gujarati. Vowels: A Aa ; : w W ¢ a i ii u uu ru≤ Ae AE Ao AO A& AŠ e i o u m h Consonants: k ` g 3 k kh g gh c 2 j z c ch Ô Ôh 4 5 6 7 8 ˇ ˇh Î Îh ¯ t 9 d 0 n t th d dh n p f b - m p ph b bh m y r l v y r l v = q s ß s° s h X x }a h Æ kß gn 4. Gloss: Gloss illustrates the main sense of the word. In some cases, more than one meaning are given in the order of their prominence.
  11. 11. 11 Abbriviations adj. adjective advb. adverb conj. conjunction fem. feminine hon. honorific masc. masculine neut. neuter postp postposition pron. pronoun v.intr. intransitive verb v.dat. dative verb v.exp. experiencer verb transitive verb Symbols: / . / syllabic break < . > boundary of the letter
  12. 12. A Akb&0 /˙/ <.k.b~.dh> adj. . 1. intact. 2. neither opened nor broken. Ak6avu& /k.Î <.k.Î> v.intr. to get angry. Ak6avu& /k.Î <.k.Î> v.intr. to have cramp. AkmRk /.kr.m.k/ <.k.rm.k> adj. . intransitive. a verb that does not take a direct verb. AksIr /k.sir/ <.k.sii.r> adj. . effective. AkSmat /.ks.mat/ <.k.sma.t> neut. . accident AkSmate / <.k.sma.te> advb.. accidentally. AkXam8 /k.Æa.m¯/ <.k.Æa.m.¯> fem. 1. perplexity. 2. acute worry. AkXavu& /k.Æ <.k.Æ> v.intr. . to get angry. Akk6 /k.k.Î/ </.kk.Î> adj. 1. stiff. 2. unbending. AkkrmI / <.kk.r.mii> adj. unfortunate. Akkl /k.kl/ <.kk.l> fem. . sense. Axt /k.ß.t/ <.kß.t> adj. .1. whole. 2. unbroken. Axy /k.ß.j/ <.kß.j> adj. 1.imperishable. 2. inexhaustible. Axr /k.ß.r/ <.kß.r> masc. .1. a letter, 2. a syllable Axr /k.ß.r/ <.kß.r> adj. . indestructible. Axr=Š /k.ß.r.ß.h/ <.kß.r.ß.h> adv.. 1.literally. 2. letter by letter. 3. word by word. Axa&= /k.ßa~.ß/ <.kßa~.s> masc. a degree of latitude. A`&6 /.k˙¯.Î/ <.kh~.Î> adj. 1.unbroken. 2. ceaseless. A`&&i6t /.k˙¯.Îit/ <.kh~.Îi.t> adj. . 1.unbroken. 2. constant. A`tro /.k˙ <> masc. .1. an experiment. 2. a trial A`bar /k˙.bar/ <> neut. . a news paper A`a6o /.k˙a.Îo/ <> masc. . a gymnasium A`at /.k˙at/ <.kha.t> masc. .1. a bay. 2. a gulf Agi8t /.g.¯it/ adj. .<.g.¯i.t> 1. innumerable. 2. uncounable. Ag8otr /.g.¯ <.g.¯o.t.t> adj. . sixty nine. Ag*ya=I /.g.¯ja.ßi/ <.g.¯ja.ßii> adj. . seventy nine.
  13. 13. 13 AgTy /.gt.j/ <> neut. important. AgTyta /.gt.j.ta/ <> fem. . importance. Agm cetI /.gm.ce.ti/ <.g.m.ce.tii> fem. 1.forsight. 2. precaution. Agm va8I /¯i/ <¯ii> fem.1. prophecy. 2. mysterious words. AgMy /.gm.j/ <.g.mj> adj. .1. mysterious. 2. inaccessible. Agrb]aI / <.g.r.b.ttii> fem. . incense stick. Agv6 /g.vÎ/ <.g.v.Î> fem. inconvenience. Agaw /.ga.u~/ <.ga.u> prep.. before. AgawnI / <.ga.u.nii> adj. . previous (in terms of time). Agaw9I /.ga.u.t˙i/ <.ga.u.thii> advb. .in advance. AgasI / <.ga.sii> fem. . terrace. Aigyar /.gi.jar/ <.gi.ja.r> adj. .eleven. Aigyarmu& / <> neut. the eleventh day after death. Aigyars / <.gi.ja.r.s> fem. the eleventh day of a fortnight of a Hindu lunar month. AigyarI /.gi.ja.ri/ <.gi.ja.rii> fem. . a small fire temple in which Parsis keep their sacred fire. Agocr / <.go.c.r> adj. 1.beyond senses. 2. imperceptible. AiGn / <.gni> masc. .fire AiGndah / <.gni.da.h> masc. . cremation ceremony. AiGns&Skar / <.gni.s~.ska.r> masc. . cremation ceremony. A3i4t /.g˙.ˇit/ adj. improper. A3ru& /.g˙.ru~/ <> adj. difficult. Ac&bo / <> masc. .1. a surprise, 2. an astonishment Acank /.ca.nk/ <.ca.n.k> advb. . 1.suddenly, 2. accidentally AcUk /.cuk/ <.cuu.k> advb. .1.without a mistake, 2. sure A2t /.c˙t/ <.ch.t> fem. .1.scarcity, 2. shortage A2tu& /.c˙.tu~/ <.ch.tu~> advb. .1.secret, 2. hidden A2bDa /.c˙b.Îa/ <.ch.b.Îa> masc. . chicken-pox (honorific). A2Ut /.c˙ut/ <.chu.t> adj. . untouchable
  14. 14. 14 A2o6o /.c˙o.Îo/ <.cho.Îo> masc. a chain of gold or silver Ajgr /Ô.gr/ <.Ô.g.r> masc. . a python Ajb /.Ôb/ <.Ô.b> adj. .1. strange, 2. surprising Ajmavvu& /Ô <.Ô> 1. to try, 2. to test. Ajmo /Ô.mo/ <.Ô.mo> masc. . parsley AjvaXvu& /Ô.vaÆ.vu~/ <.Ô.va.Æ.vu~> .to cleanse. AjvaXIyu& /Ô.va.Æi.Ôu~/ <.Ô.va.Æii.ju~> neut. 1. the bright half of a lunar month, 2. Small holes in the roof foe admitting sun-light. AjvaXu& /Ô.va.Æu~/ <.Ô.va.Æu~> neut. .light Aj&po /.Ô.mpo/ <.Ô~.po> masc. . restlessness Aja8 /.Ôa¯/ <.Ôa.¯> adj. . ignorant Aja*yu& /.Ôa.¯yu~/ <.Ôa.¯ju~> adj.1.unknown, 2. stranger AjaybI /.Ô <.Ôa.j.bii> fem. .1. a wonder, 2. a surprise A@8R /.Ôir.¯/ <.Ôii.r¯> neut. indigestion Ajey /.Ôej/ <.Ôe.j> adj. . unconquerable Ajo6 /.Ôo.Î/ <.Ôo.Î> adj. . unique A}aan / <.gna.n> neut. . ignorance A}aanI / <.gna.nii> adj. .ignorant A4k /.ˇk/ <.ˇ.k> fem. .1. surname, 2. a family name. 3. last name. A4kvu& /.ˇ <.ˇ> v.intr. . to stop. A4kX /ˇ.kÆ/ <.ˇ.k.Æ> fem. . an inference A4p4u& /ˇ.p.ˇu~/ adj. <.ˇ.p.ˇu~> 1.intricate, 2. complex A4vavu& /ˇ <.ˇ> v.intr. . to wander. A5vai6k /ˇ˙.va.Îik/ <.ˇÎi.k> adj. . weekly A5vai6yu& /ˇ˙.va.Îi.ju~/ <.ˇÎi.ju~> neut. a week A5&g /.ˇ˙˜.g/ <.ˇh~.g> adj. . out and out. A55a; /.ˇ˙ˇ˙a.i/ <.ˇhˇha.i> fem. . a religious vows of the Jains. A person who takes this vow fasts for the period of eight days. A55a8u& /.ˇ˙ˇ˙a.¯u~/ <.ˇhˇha.¯u~> adj. . ninety eight. A55avn /.ˇ˙ˇ˙ <.ˇhˇha.v.n> adj. fifty eight. A5yotr /.ˇ˙ <.ˇhjo.t.r> adj. . seventy eight.
  15. 15. 15 A5yasI /.ˇ˙ <.ˇhja.sii> adj. . eighty eight. A6kvu& /.Î <.Î> .to touch. A6`e p6`e /Î.k˙e pÎ.k˙e/ <.Î.khe p.Î.khe> adv..1. beside, 2. adjacent to, 3. side by side. A6g /.Îg/ <.Î.g> adj. .1. immovable, 2. unperturbed. A6c8 /Î.c¯/ <.Î.c.¯> fem. . obstacle A6talIs /Î.ta.lis/ <.Î.ta.lii.s> adj. forty eight. A6d /.Îd/ <.Î.d> masc. a kind of pulse A60u& /Î.d˙u~/ <.Î.dhu~> adj. half. A6plu& /.Î <.Î> neut. .1.a mischief, 2. a prank A6vu& /Î.vu~/ <.Î.vu~> . to touch. A6s5 /Î.sˇ˙/ <.Î.s.ˇh> adj. .sixty eight. A6oA6 /Îo.Î/ <.Îo..Î> postp. .very closely. A66o /Î.Îo/ <.ÎÎo> masc. .a meeting place of unsocial element. A7Xk /.Î˙.Æk/ <.Î.Æ.k> adj. . plentiful. A7ar /.Î˙ar/ <.Îha.r> adj. . eighteen. A7I /.Î˙i/ <.Îhii> adj. . two and a half. A8gmo /¯ <.¯> masc. . dislike. A836 /¯.g˙Î/ <.¯.gh.Î> adj. . unskilled A80ayuR& /¯.d˙a.rju~/ <.¯.dha.rju~> adj. & advb. unexpected. A8manItu& /¯ <.¯.ma.nii.tu~> adj. .unfavorable. A8vr /¯.vr/ <.¯.v.r> masc. a relative of the bridgroom who assists him during marriage ritual. Ai8 /.¯i/ <.¯i> fem. sharp point of anything. Aiti9 /.ti.t˙i/ <.ti.thi> masc. . a guest who comes without prior information. Aitrek /.ti.rek/ <> masc. . an excess AtIt /.tit/ <.tii.t> masc. . past. Atu4 /.tuˇ/ <.tu.ˇ> adj. . unbreakable. A]ar /ˇ.ˇr/ <.tt.r> neut. .perfume ATy&t /t.jn.t/ <.tj~.t> adj. . excessive ATyacar / <> masc. . tyranny ATyare / <> adv.. just now A{a /t.r/ <.tr> advb.. at this place
  16. 16. 16 A96avu& /t˙.Î <.th.Î> v.intr. .1. to collide, 2. to hit against. A9a8u& /.t˙a.¯u~/ <.tha.¯u~> neut. . pickle Ada /.da/ <.da> fem. . action. Adalt / <.da.l.t> fem. . a judicial court. Adavt /.da.vt/ <.da.v.t> fem. . enmity. A±+y /.drß.j/ <.dr.ßj> adj. . invisible. Ade`a; /.de.k˙ai/ <.de.kha.i> fem. . jealously Ade`u& /.de.k˙u~/ <.de.khu~> adj. . jealous Ad-Ut /d.b˙ut/ <.d.bhu.t> adj. . wonderful A0kcru& /d˙ <> adj. partly baked or cooked. A0m /.d˙m/ <.dh.m> adj. mean. A0mUw& /d˙.mu.u~/ <> adj. . half-dead. A0mR /.d˙r.m/ <.dh.rm> masc. .1. the reverse of religion, 2. immoral. A0vc /d˙.vc/ <.dh.v.c> advb..1. in the middle, 2. midway. Ai0kar /.d˙i.kar/ <.dhi.ka.r> masc. . a right. A0Iru& /.d˙ <> adj. . impatient. A0uru& /.d˙ <> adj. . incomplete. A)0r /d˙.d˙r/ <.dhdh.r> advb..1. unsupported, 2. hanging in mid air. An9R /.nr.t˙/ <.n.rth> masc. . a misinterpretation. An&t /.nn.t/ <.n~.t> adj. .1.endless, 2. infinite. Anaj /.naÔ/ <.na.Ô> neut. .grain. Ana9 /.nat˙/ <> adj. . orphan. Ana9a[am /.na.t˙a.ßr.m/ <.na.tha.ßr.m> masc. . an orphanage. Anadr /.na.dr/ <.na.d.r> masc. . an insult. Anamt / <.na.m.t> fem. . deposit. AnamI /.na.mi/ <.na.mii> adj. . nameless. Ainyimt / <.ni.j.mi.t> adj. irregular. Aini¾t /.niß.cit/ <.ni.ßci.t> adj. . uncertain. AnIit /.ni.ti/ <.nii.ti> fem. immorality. Anukr8 /.nu.k.r¯/ <.nu.k.r.¯> neut. immitation.
  17. 17. 17 AnukUX /.nu.kuÆ/ <.nu.kuu.Æ> adj. . suitable. Anuk/m /.nu.krm/ <> masc. .1. order, 2. sequence. Anu-v /.nu.b˙v/ <> masc. experience. Anu-vI /.nu.b˙.vi/ <> adj. experienced. Anuman / <> neut. . an inference. Anuvad /.nu.vad/ <> masc. translation. Anusrvu& / <> v.intr to follow. AnuSnatk / <.nu.sna.t.k> adj. post-graduate. AnuSvar /.nus.var/ <.nu.sva.r> neut. a sign written on the top of a letter that indicates a nasal sound or nasalization of a vowel. Ane /.ne/ <.ne> conj.. and. Anek /.nek/ <.ne.k> adj. . many. ANyay /n.jaj/ <.nja.j> masc. . injustice. Apco / <> masc. . indigestion. Apj= /p.Ôß/ <.p.Ô.ß> masc. .disgrace. Apman / <> neut. . an insult Apvad /p.vad/ <> masc. . an exception. Apiv{a /.p.vit.r/ <> adj. unholy. Ap=Bd /p.ßb.d/ <.p.ß.bd> masc. an abuse. Ap=ukn /p.ß <.p.ßu.k.n> masc. . ill-omen. Ap&g /.p˜.g/ adj. . <.p~.g> 1. lame, 2. crippled. Apasro / <> masc. . a Jain monestry. ApUj /.puÔ/ <.puu.Ô> adj. . not worshipped. Apexa /.pek.ßa/ <.pe.kßa> fem. . expectation. Ap/g4 /.pr.gˇ/ <.pr.g.ˇ> adj. . unpublished. Aip/y /p.ri.j/ <.pri.j> adj. . disguisting. Afva /p˙.va/ <> fem. . a rumors. Afsos /p˙.sos/ <> masc. .1. repentance, 2. alas. Abj /.bÔ/ <.b.Ô> adj. . one thousand millions. Abjopit /.b.Ôo.p.ti/ <.b.Ôo.p.tii> adj. a millionaire A-8 /.b˙¯/ <.bh.¯> adj. . illiterate.
  18. 18. 18 A-av /.b˙av/ <.bha.v> masc. . dislike. Ai-n&dn /.b˙i.nn.dn/ <.bhi.n~.d.n> masc. congratulation. (Honorific) Ai-neta /.b˙ <> masc. . a male actor. Ai-p/a.y /.b˙i.pra.j/ <.bhi.pra.j> masc. . an opinion. Ai-man /.b˙ <> neut. . arrogance. Ai-manI /.b˙ <> adj. . arrogant. A_yas /b˙.ja.s/ <.bhja.s> masc. .1. study, 2. practice. Amr /.mr/ <.m.r> adj. immortal. Amaru& / <> pron.. our (exclusive). Amas /.mas/ <.ma.s> fem. . the last day of the dark half of a lunar month. Amuk /.muk/ <.mu.k> adj. . some. AmULy /.mul.j/ <.muu.lj> adj. .priceless. Ame /.me/ <.me> pron.. we (exclusive). AyoGy /.jog.j/ <.jo.gj> adj. . improper. ArIso / <> masc. .a mirror. Are /.re/ <.re> inter.. an exclamation expressing surprise, `oh’. A9R /r.t˙/ <.rth> masc. 1. meaning, 2. wealth. Alg /.lg/ <.l.g> adj. . separate. AlI /.li/ <.lii> fem. . a female friend for a female. Alop /.lop/ <.lo.p> adj. . invisible. AlOkIk /.lu.kik/ <.lu.kii.k> adj. . devine. Avd=a /v.d.ßa/ <.v.d.ßa> fem. . misfortune. Avnvu& / <> adj. . new. Avyv /.v.jv/ <.v.j.v> masc. .a limb. Avro0 /v.rod˙/ <> masc. .a hurdle. Avlokn / <.v.lo.k.n> neut. . observation. Av+y /vß.j/ <.v.ßj> advb. . surely. Avsr / <.v.s.r> masc. an occasion. Avsan /v.san/ <> neut. death. AvXa; /v.Æai/ <.v.Æa.i> fem. improper behavior.
  19. 19. 19 AvXu& /v.Æu~/ <.v.Æu~> adj. up side down. Avaj /.vaÔ/ <.va.Ô> masc. .1.voice, 2. sound. Avarnvar /.var.n.var/ <> advb. .frequently. AvaXu& /.va.Æu~/ <.va.Æu~> neut. . the gums of teeth. Aivny /.vi.nj/ <.vi.n.j> masc. .immodesty. A=kt /.ßk.t/ <.ß.kt> adj. . weak. A=a&t /.ßa~n.t/ <.ßa~.t> adj. . troubled. A=u)0 /.ßud˙.d˙/ <.ßu.dhdh> adj. . impure. A=u- /.ßub˙/ <.ß> adj. inauspicious. Aqa6 /.ßaÎ/ <.s°°a.Î> masc. ninth month of the Vikram era. AsTy /.st.j/ <> neut. .1. false, 2. untrue. Asr /.sr/ <.s.r> fem. .effect. Asl /.sl/ <.s.l> adj. .original. Ashkar /.sh.kar/ <.s.h.ka.r> masc. . non-co-operation. Ashay /.s.haj/ <.s.ha.j> adj. . helpless. As¬ /.sh.j/ <.s.hj> adj. . unbearable. As&~y /.s¯.k˙j/ <.s~.khj> adj. innumerable. As&toq /.sn.toß/ <°> masc. . dissatisfaction. As&-v /.sm.b˙v/ <> adj. .impossible. As&mt / <.s~.m.t> adj. .disagreeing. As&SkarI /.sams.ka.ri/ <.s~.ska.rii> adj. . uncivilized. Asa)y /.sa.d˙j/ <.sa.dhj> adj. . incurable. Asur /.sur/ <.suu.r> masc. . demon. AiS9r /.st˙i.r/ <.sthi.r> adj. . unstable. ASpQ4 /.spß.ˇ/ <.sp.s°ˇ> adj. . vague. ASvC2 /.svc.c˙/ <.sv.cch> adj. . impure. ASvS9 /.svs.t˙/ <.sv.sth> adj. 1.restless 2. sick. ASva-aivk /.sva.b˙ <> adj. . unnatural. ASvIkar /.svi.kar/ <.svii.ka.r> masc. 1.rejection 2. denial. Aih&sk / <.hi~.s.k> adj. . non-violent.
  20. 20. 20 Aihsa / <> fem. . non- vilence. AhI& /.hi~/ <.hi~> advb. . here. AhI&ya& /.hi~.ja~/ <.hi~.ja~> advb. .same as AhI&. Ahoho /.ho.ho/ <.ho.ho> excl.. an exclamation expressing surprise. AX`am8u& /Æ.k˙am.¯u~/ <.Æ.kha.m.¯u~> adj. .1. unfavorable 2. disagreeable. AXgu& /Æ.gu~/ <.Æ.gu~> adj. .1.detached 2. uncommon. A&kur /˜.ku.r/ <~.ku.r> masc. .1. a sprout 2. an offshoot. A&g /˜.g/ <~.g> neut. . the body. A&grxk /˜.g.rk.ß.k/ <~.g.r.kß.k> masc. .a body-guard. A&gU5I /˜.gu.ˇ˙i/ <~.guu.ˇhii> fem. . a finger ring. A&gU5o /˜.gu.ˇ˙o/ <ˇho> masc. .a thumb. A&g/ej /˜.g.reÔ/ <~.gre.Ô> masc. . an Englishman. A&g/e@ /˜Ôi/ <~.gre.Ôii> fem. .English. A&t /n.t/ <~.t> masc. . an end. A&tr / <~.t.r> neut. . distance. A&tr / <~.nt.r> neut. .1.the heart 2. the mind. [an abstract notion that refers to one’s conscience.] A&itm /n.tim/ <~.ti.m> adj. . last. A&te /n.te/ <~.te> advb. .1. finally 2. at last. A&dr /n.dr/ <~.d.r> postp. .1. in 2. within 3. inside 4. into. A&daj /n.daÔ/ <~.da.Ô> masc. . an estimate. A&0a0U&0I /n.d˙a.d˙u~n.d˙i/ <~.dha.dhuu~.dhii> fem. . chaos. A&0apo /n.d˙a.po/ <~.dha.po> masc. . blindness. A&0arIyu& /n.d˙a.ri.ju~/ <~.dha.rii.ju~> neut. . the dark half of a lunar month. A&0aru& /n.d˙ <~.dha.ri.ju~> neut. . darkness. A&bo6o /Îo/ <Îo> masc. . a knot of plaited hair of a woman. A&= /mß/ <~.ß> masc. .a part, a section Aa Aa /a/ <a> proun.. this. Aakar /a.kar/ <a.ka.r> masc. .1. shape 2. form. Aaka= /a.kaß/ <a.ka.ß> neut. . sky. Aaka&xa /a.ka~.kßa/ <a.ka~.kßa> fem. . desire.
  21. 21. 21 Aak<it / <a.kru≤.ti> fem. . a diagram. Aak/m8 /ak.r.m¯/ <¯> neut. . an attack. Aaxep /ak.ßep/ <a.kße.p> masc. .accusation. Aa`re /a.k˙.re/ <> advb. .finally. Aa`lo /ak˙.lo/ <> masc. . a bull. Aag /ag/ <a.g> fem. . fire. Aagbo4 /ag.boˇ/ <ˇ> fem. a steamer. Aagm / <a.g.m> masc. religious texts of the Jains. Aaglu& / <> adj. . previous. AagX /a.gÆ/ <a.g.Æ> advb. .1. in front of 2. in future. AagamI / <> advb. 1.ensuing 2. forthcoming. AagahI / <a.gaa.hii> fem. .a prediction. Aaigyo / <> masc. . 1. a fire fly, 2. a glowworm, 3. a lightning bug. Aag/h /ag.r.h/ <> masc. .a strong request. Aa3at /a.g˙at/ <a.gha.t> masc. a shock. Aa3u& /a.g˙u~/ <a.ghu~> advb. . distant. Aacrkucr / neut. .miscellaneous food or household articles. Aacar / <> masc. .behavior. AacayR / <> masc. 1. a principal 2. a spritual leader. (Honorific) Aa2u& /a.c˙u~/ <a.chu~> adj. dim. Aaj /aÔ/ <a.Ô> fem. today. Aa@@ /a.Ôi.Ôi/ <a.Ôii.Ôii> fem. an humble request. Aa@vn /a.Ô <a.Ôii.v.n> adj. . lifelong. Aaju baju /a.Ôu ba.Ôu/ <a.ÔÔu> adv. around. Aa4lu& /aˇ.lu~/ <a.ˇ.lu~> adj. .this much. Aa4o /a.ˇo/ <a.ˇo> masc. . flour. Aa5 /aˇ˙/ <a.ˇh> adj. . eight. Aa5m /a.ˇ˙m/ <a.ˇh.m> fem. . the eighth day of bright or dark half of the Hindu month. Aa68I /aÎ.¯i/ <a.Î.¯ii> fem. . a wooden round stood to shape rotali or puri . Aa6{aIs /a.Ît.ris/ <a.Î.trii.s> adj. . thirty eight. Aa6u& /a.Îu~/ <a.Îu~> adj. . crosswise. Aa6o=pa6o= /a.Îoß.pa.Îoß/ <a.Îo.ß.pa.Îo.ß> masc. neighbours.
  22. 22. 22 Aa8vu& /a¯.vu~/ <a.¯.vu~> .1. to fetch 2. to bring. Aa8u& /a.¯u~/ <a.¯u~> neut. . AaTma / <a.tma> masc. . soul. Aa9m8u& /a.t˙m.¯u~/ <¯u~> adj. . western. Aa9mvu& /a.t˙ <> v.intr .to set. Aadr /a.dr/ <a.d.r> masc. .respect. Aad=R /a.dr.ß/ <a.d.rß> adj. . ideal. Aada=I=I /a.da.ßi.ßi/ <a.da.ßii.ßii> fem. . migraine. Aaid /a.di/ <a.di> adj. first. Aaid /a.di/ <a.di> advb. . etc. AaidvasI / <> masc. .1. aboriginal, 2. tribal. Aadu& /a.du~/ <a.du~> neut. .green ginger. Aade= /a.deß/ <ß> masc. . an order. Aa0ar /a.d˙ar/ <a.dha.r> masc. .1. a support 2. an evidence. Aa0uink /a.d˙u.nik/ <> adj. . modern. Aa0e6 /a.d˙eÎ/ <a.dhe.Î> adj. . elderly. Aa)yaiTmk /a.d˙jat.mik/ <a.dhja.tmi.k> adj. spiritual. Aan&d /a.nn.d/ <a.n~.d> masc. .1. pleasure 2. joy. AanakanI / <> fem. 1.hesitation 2. indecision. Aap8e /ap.¯e/ <a.p.¯e> pron.. we (inclusive). Aapi]a / <a.p.¯e> fem. . trouble. AapmeXe /Æe/ <Æe> advb. . atomatically. Aaple /ap.le/ <a.p.le> fem. . give and take. AapvItI / <a.p.vii.tii> fem. .1. autobiography 2. good and bad events of life. Aapvu& / <> . to give. AapoAap /a.po.ap/ <a.po.a.p> advb. . automatically. Aafro /ap˙.ro/ <> masc. . gas due to indigestion. AafUs /a.p˙u:s/ <a.phuu.s> fem. . a kind of mango. Aab£ / <a.b.ruu> fem. .reputation. AabehUb / <> adj. . exact. Aabohva / <> fem. . climate. Aa- /ab˙/ <> neut. . sky.
  23. 23. 23 Aa-ar /a.b˙ar/ <a.bha.r> masc. . thanks. Aa-as /a.b˙as/ <a.bha.s> masc. .illusion. Aa-Uq8 /a.b˙u.߯/ <a.bhu.s°.¯> neut. . ornaments. Aam /am/ <a.m> advb. .in this manner. Aamjnta /am.Ôn.ta/ <a.m.Ô.n.ta> adj. .1. the common people, 2. laymen. Aam8e /am.¯e/ <a.m.¯e> pron.. these persons. Aamtem /am.tem/ <a.m.te.m> advb. .here and there. Aam9I /am.t˙i/ <a.m.thii> advb. .from this side. AamdanI / <a.m.da.nii> fem. .income. AamNya /amn.ja/ <a.m.nja> fem. . respect for the elders. Aamr8 /a.m.r¯/ <a.m.r.¯> advb. . till the end of life. AamlI / <a.m.lii> fem. .the tamrid tree. AamXvu& /a.mÆ.vu~/ <a.m.Æ.vu~> . to twist together. Aam&{a8 /¯/ <a.m.ntr.¯> neut. an invitation. Aam&{a8 pi{aka /¯ p.tri.ka/ <a.m.ntr.¯ p.tri.ka> fem. .an invitation letter. Aayno / <> masc. . a mirror. Aaya. /a.ja/ <a.ja> fem. . a maid servent. Aayat /a.jat/ fem. . import. Aayojn /Ôn/ <a.ja.t> neut. . management. AartI /ar.ti/ <a.r.tii> fem. .1. a sacred lamp 2. a religious prayer sung with a sacred lamp. Aarpar /ar.par/ <> advb. . through one end to another. Aar&- /a.rm.b˙/ <> masc. . beginning. Aaram /a.ram/ <a.ra.m> masc. . rest. AaroGy /a.rog.j/ <> neut. . health. Aarop /a.rop/ <> masc. . accusation. Aalvu& / <> .to give. Aavk /a.vk/ <a.v.k> fem. income. Aavkar /av.kar/ <a.v.ka.r> masc. . welcome. Aav6t /av.Ît/ <a.v.Î.t> fem. . a skill. Aav6vu& /a.vÎ.vu~/ <a.v.Î.vu~> v.exp.. to know.
  24. 24. 24 Aav6u& /av.Îu~/ <a.v.Îu~> adj. . of this size. Aavrda /a.vr.da/ <a.v.r.da> fem. .life-span. Aavvu& / <> v.intr. to come. Aavu& / <> advb. .of this kind. Aaveg /a.veg/ <> masc. . an excitement. Aave= /a.veß/ <ß> masc. . an emotional excitement. Aa=y /a.ßj/ <a.ß.j> masc. . an intention. Aa=re /aß.re/ <a.ß.re> advb. .1. about 2. approximately 3. roughly. Aa=ro /aß.ro/ <a.ß.ro> masc. .shelter. Aa=a /a.ßa/ <a.ßa> fem. . hope. Aa=a7 /a.ßaÎ˙/ <a.ßa.Îh> masc. . the nine month of the Hindu calendar. Aai=q /a.ßiß/ <a.ßi.s°> fem. . a blessing. Aai=vaRd /a.ßir.vad/ <a.ßi.rva.d> masc. a blessing. (honorific) Aa¾yR /aß.cr.j/ <a.ßc.rj> neut. . a surprise. Aa[am /aß.rm/ <a.ßr.m> masc. .a hermitage. Aa¼asn /aß <a.ßva.ß.n> masc. . consolation. Aasn / <a.s.n> neut. . a seat (formal). Aas pas /as.pas/ <> advb. around. Aasman / <> neut. . the sky. AaiStk /as.ti.k/ <a.sti.k> adj. . theistic. Aaso / <> masc. . the last month of Hindu calander. AaS9a /as.t˙a/ <a.stha> fem. .1. faith 2. devotion. AaSvad / <a.sva.d> masc. .a tasting. Aahaha /a.ha.ha/ <a.ha.ha> inter.. an exclamation signifying surprise. Aahar /a.har/ <a.ha.r> masc. . food (formal). AahIr /a.hir/ <a.hii.r> masc. . a shepherd community. Aahuit / <a.huu.ti> fem. .1. an offering 2. a sacrifice. AaXs /a.Æs/ <a.Æ.s> fem. .laziness. AaXo4vu& /a.Æoˇ.vu~/ <a.Æo.ˇ.vu~> v.intr. . to wallow. Aa&k /a~k/ <a~.k> masc. . tables of multiplications. Aa&k6a=aS{a /a~k.Îa.ßaß.tr/ <a~.k.Îa.ßa.str> neut. . statistics.
  25. 25. 25 Aa&k6o /a~k.Îo/ <a~.k.Îo> masc. .1. a number 2. a number-sign. Aa&kvu& / <> . to estimate a price. Aa&` /a~k˙/ <> fem. . an eye. Aa&g8u& /a~g.¯u~/ <a~.g.¯u~> neut. . open space in front of a house. Aa&gXIyat /a~.g.Æi.jat/ <a~.g.Æi.ja.t> adj. . a child of the former husband of a remarried woman. Aa&ckvu& / <> . to snatch forcfully. Aa&ckI / <a~.c.kii> fem. .hiccup. Aa&cko /a~c.ko/ <a~.c.ko> masc. . a jerk. Aa&jvu& /a~Ô.vu~/ <a~.Ô.vu~> . to anoint eyes with collyrium. Aa&tr6u& /Îu~/ <a~.t.r.Îu~> neut. . intestine. Aa&trraiQ4^y / raß.ˇri.ja/ <a~.t.r.ra.s°ˇri.j> adj. . international. Aa&trvu& / <> .to block. Aa&trIk /a~t.rik/ <a~.t.rii.k> adj. . internal. Aa&doln / <> neut. . agitation. Aa&08 /a~.d˙¯/ <a~.dh.¯> neut. . water boild for cooking food. Aa&bo / <> masc. . a mango tree. Aa&su& u/ <> neut. . a tear. ; ;C2vu& /ic.c˙.vu~/ <> . to wish. ;C2a /ic.c˙a/ <i.ccha> fem. .1. desire 2. wish. ;jner /iÔ.ner/ <i.Ô.ne.r> masc. . an engineer. ;jaro /i.Ô <i.Ô> masc. .monopoly. ;jjt /iÔ.Ôt/ <i.ÔÔ.t> fem. .1. reputation 2. a woman’s chasity. ;55oter /iˇ˙.ˇ˙o.ter/ <i.ˇhˇho.te.r> adj. . seventy eight. ;5yasI /i.ˇ˙ <i.ˇhja.sii> adj. . eighty eight. ;tr / <i.t.r> adj. . another. ;ithas /i.ti.has/ <i.ti.ha.s> masc. .history. ;nam /i.nam/ <> neut. .1. a gift 2. a present 3. a prize. ;mam /i:.mam/ <> masc. . the chief prise of Muslims (honorific). ;mart / <> fem. . a big building.
  26. 26. 26 ;yX /i:.jÆ/ <i.j.Æ> fem. . a kind of worm. ;laj /i:.laÔ/ <Ô> masc. .a cure. ;laycI / <> fem. .cardamom. ;+k /i:ß.k/ <i.ßk> masc. . love. ;iSptal /i:s.pi.tal/ <i.spi.ta.l> fem. . a hospital. ;Slam /is.lam/ <i.sla.m> masc. . Islam. ;N±Iy /in.dri.j/ <i.ndrii.j> fem. . a sense. : :ja /iŠ.Ôa/ <ii.Ôa> fem. .injury. :6lI /iŠÎ.li/ <ii.Î.lii> fem. . a South Indian food dish. :d /iŠd/ <ii.d> fem. . a festival of Muslims. :d6u& /iŠd.Îu~/ <ii.d.Îu~> neut. . a food item made out of fermented flour. :=an /iŠ.ßan/ <ii.ßa.n> fem. .north-east. :¼r /iŠß.vr/ <ii.ßv.r> masc. .god. :sa: /iŠ.sa.iŠ/ <> masc. a Christian. :&4 /iŠˇ/ <ii~.ˇ> fem. .a brick. :&6u& /i~Š.¯du~/ <ii~.Îu~> neut. . an egg. w wkr6o /Îo/ <u.k.r.Îo> masc. .a dunghill. wkXvu& /u.kÆ.vu~/ <u.k.Æ.vu~> v.intr. . to boil. wkXa4 /uk.Æaˇ/ <u.k.Æa.ˇ> masc. . uneasiness and perspiration caused by heat. wkaXvu& /u.kaÆ.vu~/ <u.ka.Æ.vu~> .to make something boiled. wkel /u.kel/ <> masc. . a solution. wkelvu& / <> .to read (in the sense of deciphering). wkelvu& / <> .to solve. wkelvu& / <> . to untwined. w`a8u& /u.k˙a.¯u~/ <u.kha.¯u~> neut. . a riddle. wgamvu& / <> . to raise something to strike. w3ra8I /ug˙.ra.¯i/ <u.g.ra.¯ii> fem. . collection of money due from. w3ravvu&& /ug˙ <> .to collect money by contribution. wca4 /u.caˇ/ <ˇ> masc. . restlessness. wcapt / <> fem. . misappropriation.
  27. 27. 27 wCcar / <u.cca.r> masc. . pronunciation. wCcarvu& / <> . to pronounce. wC2vas /uc.c˙.vas/ <> masc. . exhaling. w2Xvu& /u.c˙Æ.vu~/ <Æ.vu~> v.intr. 1. to jump, 2. to be tossed. w2aXvu& /u.c˙aÆ.vu~/ <u.cha.Æ.vu~> . to toss up. w2ervu& /u.c˙ <> . to raise. wjagro /u.Ô <u.Ô> masc. . abstinence from sleep. wja8I /u.Ôa.¯i/ <u.Ôa.¯ii> fem. a picnic. wjj6 /uÔ.ÔÎ/ <u.ÔÔ.Î> adj. barren (land) w5m8u& /u.ˇ˙m.¯u~/ <u.ˇh.m.¯u~> neut. a ritual performed after death. w5vu& /uˇ˙.vu~/ <u.ˇ> v.intr. . to get up. w5a6vu& /u.ˇ˙aÎ.vu~/ <u.ˇha.Î.vu~> . to wake up. w5a&trI /u.ˇ˙a~n.t.ri/ <u.ˇha~.t.rii> fem. . a theft. w6aw /u.Îa.u/ <u.Îa.u> adj. . extravagant. w6avvu& /u.Î <u.Î> . to make something fly. w6avvu& /u.Î <u.Îa.v.Î> . to use up. wtarvu& / <> . to unload. See wtrvu& wtarvu& / <> .to make a copy. wtaru& / <> masc. . a passenger. wtaro / <> masc. .1. an inn. 2. a lodging house. wtaro / <> masc. .1. a copy. 2. a transcript. wtavX /u.ta.vÆ/ <u.ta.v.Æ> fem. . haste. w]am / <> adj. . the best. w]ar / <> masc. . an answer. w]ar / <> masc. the North. w]aejk /ut.te.Ôk/ adj. . stimulating. wTpi]a / <u.tte.Ô.k> fem. . production. wTpadk / <u.tpa.d.k> masc. 1. a producer. 2. a manufacturer. wTpadn / <u.tpa.d.n> neut. . an act of producing. wTsv / <u.ts.v> masc. . a festival.
  28. 28. 28 wTsah /ut.sah/ <u.tsa.h> masc. .1. enthusiasm. 2. zeal. w9lavvu& /ut˙ <> 1. to depose. 2. to over turn. See w9lvu& wdar /u.dar/ <u.da.r> adj. . generous. wdas /u.das/ <u.da.s> adj. .1.unconcerned. 2. dejected. wdahr8 /u.da.h.r¯/ <u.da.h.r.¯> neut. 1. an example. 2. an illustration. wd3a4n /ud.g˙a.ˇn/ <u.d.gha.ˇ.n> neut. . an inauguration. w¥e= /ß/ <u.dde.ß> masc. . an intention. w)0ar /ud˙.d˙a.r/ <u.dhdha.r> masc. . salvation. wd-v /ud.b˙.v/ <> masc. .1. birth. 2. creation. wdyog / <u.djo.g> masc. .1. a vocation. 2. an industry. w0rs /ud˙.rs/ <u.dh.r.s> fem. . cough. w0ar /u.d˙ar/ <u.da.r> adj. . given or taken on credit. wnaXu& /Æu~/ <Æu~> adj. . pertaining to summer. wnaXo /Æo/ <Æo> masc. . summer. wpkar /up.kar/ <u.p.ka.r> masc. . an obligation. wpcar / <> masc. .1. a remedy. 2. cure. w pjvu& /u.pÔ.vu~/ <u.p.Ô.vu~> v.intr. .to grow wpjavvu& /up.Ô <u.p.Ô> to reproduce. wpde= /up.deß/ <ß> masc. . preaching. wpngr / <u.p.n.g.r> neut. . a suburb. wpnam /up.nam/ <> neut. . a nickname. wpyog /up.jog/ <> masc. . use. wpr / <u.p.r> postp. 1. above. 2. on. 3. over something. wpra&t /up.ra~t/ <u.p.ra~.t> advb. .1. additionally. 2. besides. wprI /up.ri/ <u.p.rii> masc. . a superior officier. wpvas /up.vas/ <> masc. . a fasting. wps&har /up.sam.har/ <u.p.s~.ha.r> masc. a summary. wpa6 /u.paÎ/ <Î> masc. . withdrawal of money. wpa6vu& /u.paÎ.vu~/ <Î.vu~> . to lift. wpay /u.paj/ <> masc. . a cure.
  29. 29. 29 wmda /um.da/ adj. . <u.m.da> 1. best. 2. excellent. wmr / <u.m.r> fem. . age. wmXko /u.mÆ.ko/ <u.m.Æ.ko> masc. . an outburst of warm feeling. wm&g /u.m˜.g/ <u.m~.g> masc. zeal. wmervu& / <> .to add. wmero / <> masc. . an addition. wl4avvu& /ul.ˇ <u.l.ˇ> . to turn up side down. wlecvu& / <> . to raise up water. wLle` /ul.lek˙/ <> masc. . a mention. w+kervu& /uß <u.ß> . to instigate. w&dr /un.dr/ masc. .<u~.d.r> 1. a rat. 2. a mouse. w&bro / <> masc. the threshold of a door. W WkXvu& /u.k .vu~/ <uu.k.Æ.vu~> v.intr. . to boil. WkaXvu& /u.ka.Æ.vu~/ <u.ka.Æ.vu~> .to boil. W`6vu& /u.k˙Î.vu~/ <Î.vu~> v.intr. . to be ripped off. W`a6vu& /u.k˙aÎ.vu~/ <uu.k˙a.Î.vu~> .1. to tear off, 2. to dismember. Wgrvu& / <> v.intr. . to escape. Wgvu& / <> v.intr. . to grow. Wgvu& / <> v.intr. . to rise. Wckvu& / <> .1. to life. 2. to raise. W2rvu& /u.c˙ <> v.intr. . to be brought up. Wjvvu& /u.Ô <uu.Ô> v.tra. .to celebrate. WjXu& /uÔ.Æu~/ <uu.Ô.Æu~> adj. .1. bright. 2. shining. W5vu& /uˇ˙.vu~/ <uu.ˇ> v.intr. . to stand up. W6vu& /uÎ.vu~/ <uu.Î.vu~> v.intr. . to fly. W8p /u.¯p/ <uu.¯.p> fem. .a deficiency. Wtrvu& / <> v.intr. . to climb down. W9lvu& /u.t˙ <> v.intr. . to be up-side-down. W9lo /u.t˙.lo/ <> masc. .1. an upset. 2. an overturning.
  30. 30. 30 W0; /u.d˙.i/ <uu.dh.ii> fem. . a white ant. Wn /un/ <uu.n> neut. . wool. Wpj /u.pÔ/ <uu.p.Ô> fem. .1. a farm product. 2. an income. Wp6vu& /u.pÎ.vu~/ <uu.p.Î.vu~> v.intr. .1. to be lifted. 2. to set out a journey. W-aW- /u.b˙a.ub˙/ <> advb. hurriedly. W-u& /u.b˙u~/ <uu.bhu~> adj. . standing upright. Wl4I /ul.ti/ <uu.l.ˇii> fem. . vomiting. Wl4u& /ul.ˇu~/ <uu.l.ˇu~> adj. .1. opposite. 2. contrary. WlXvu& /u.lÆ.vu~/ <uu.l.Æ.vu~> v.intr. . to be bumped. Whapoh /u.ha.poh/ <uu.ha.po.h> masc. . uproar. W&3 /u~˜.g/ <> fem. . sleep. W&ckvu& / <> .to lift up. W&ca; /u~.cai/ <> fem. . height. W&cu& / <> adj. . high. W&4 /u~ˇ/ <uu~.ˇ> neut. . a camel.. W&6a; /un.Îa.i/ <uu~.Îa.ii> fem. . depth. W&6u& /u~¯.Îu~/ <uu~.Îu~> adj. . deep. W&0Iyu& /u~n.d˙i.ju~/ <uu~.dhii.ju~> neut. . a food made of vegetables, various types of beans, roots and etc. Popular in South Gujarat. W&0u& /u~n.d˙u~/ <uu.dhu~> adj. . bottom upward. ¢ ¢ju /ru.Ôu/ adj. . <ru≤.Ôu> 1.soft. 2. gentle. ¢8 /ru¯/ <ru≤.¯> neut. . a debt. ¢tu /ru.tu/ <ru≤.tu> fem. . a season. ¢iq /ru.ßi/ <ru≤.s°i> masc. . a sage. Ae Ae /e/ <e> adj. .that. Aek /ek/ <e.k> adj. .one.1. Aek4a8u& /ek.ˇa.¯u~/ <e.k.ˇa.¯u~> neut. . a kind of fasting in which a person eats only once a day. Aek6o /ek.Îo/ <e.k.Îo> masc. . the sign of number 1. Aekta /ek.ta/ <e.k.ta> fem. . unity. AektaXIs /ek.ta.Æis/ <e.k.ta.Æi.s> adj. . forty one. Aek{aIs /e.k.tris/ <e.k.trii.s> adj. . thirty one. Aekdm / <e.k.d.m> advb. . at once.
  31. 31. 31 Aek0aru& /ek.d˙ <> adj. .1. constant. 2. incessant. AekpxI /ek.p.kßi/ <e.k.p.kßii> adj. . one sided. AekpiTn]v / <e.k.p.tni.ttv> neut. monogamy. Aekm / <e.k.m> fem. . fist day of bright or dark half of Hindu month. Aekma{a /ek.mat.r/ <> adj. . the only one of a type. Aekmek /ek.mek/ <> advb. . mutually. Aekrag /ek.rag/ masc. . <e.k.ra.g> 1. unity. 2. harmony. Aek£p /ek.rup/ <e.k.ruu.p> adj. . of similar form. Aekl dokl /e.kl do.kl/ <> adj. . lonely. Aeklpe4u& /ˇu~/ <e.k.l./pe.ˇu~> adj. . selfish. Aeklvayu& / <> adj. . lonely. Aekvgu& / <> adj. . all together. Aekvcn / <e.k.v.c.n> neut. . singular. AekvIs /ek.vis/ <> adj. . twenty one. Aeks5 /ek.sˇ˙/ <> adj. . sixty one. Aeksr`u& /˙u~/ <e.k.s.r.khu~> adj. . uniform. Aek&dr /ekn.dr/ <e.k~.d.r> advb. . totally. AekaAek /e.ka.ek/ <e.ka.e.k> advb. . suddenly. Aeka8u& /e.ka.¯u~/ <e.ka.¯u~> adj. . ninety one. Aekad=I /e.ka.d.ßi/ <e.ka.d.ßii> fem. . the eleventh day of dark or bright half of a Hindu month. Aeka=I /e.ka.ßi/ <e.ka.ßii> adj. . eighty one. Aeka&kI / <e.ka~.kii> adj. . one act play. Aeka&t /e.ka~n.t/ <e.ka~.t> neut. . lonely. AekI sa9e / sa.t˙e/ <> advb. . all at atime. Aekek /ek.kek/ <> advb. . one by one. Aekotr / <e.ko.t.r> adj. . seventy one. Aekya=I /e.kja.ßi/ <e.kja.ßi> adj. . eighty one. Ae4le /eˇ.le/ <e.ˇ.le> advb. . therefore. Ae5u& /´.ˇ˙u~/ <e.thu~> neut. . the left over food.
  32. 32. 32 Ae6I /e.Îi/ <e.Îii> fem. . heel. AelcI / <e.l.cii> fem. . cardamom. AelcI / <e.l.cii> masc. . an ambassador. (honorific) Aev6u& /ev.Îu~/ <e.v.Îu~> advb. . of that size. Aevu& / <> advb. . of that manner. Aevama& / <> advb. . in the mean time. Ae= /´ß/ <e.ß> masc. .enjoyment. . AE AEravt /i.ra.vt/ <i.ra.v.t> masc. . Indra’s elephant (with seven trunks). AE¼yR /i.ßv.rj/ <i.ßv.rj> neut. godliness. Ao Aog8calIs /o.g¯.ca.lis/ <o.g.¯.ca.lii.s> adj. . thirty nine. Aog8{aIs /o.g¯.tris/ <o.g.¯.tri.s> adj. .twenty nine. Aog8pcas /o.g¯.p.cas/ <o.g.¯.p›.ca.s> adj. .forty nine. Aog8sa;5 /o.g¯. sa.iˇ˙/ <o.g.¯.sa.i.ˇh> adj. .fifty nine. Aog*yaAe&=I./og.¯ja. ´~ßi/ <o.g.¯ja.e.ßii> adj. seventy nine. Aog8Is /og.¯is/ <o.g.¯i.s> adj. .nineteen. AoXgvu& /ø.gÆ.vu~/ <o.g.Æ.vu~> v.intr melt. AoicNtu& /ø.cin.tu~/ <> advb. . suddenly. AoC2v /oc.c˙v/ <o.cch.v> masc. . a festival. Ao2abolu& /o.c˙ <> adj. . reserved. Ao2u& /o.c˙u~/ <o.chu~> adj. . less than necessary. Aojar /o.Ôar/ <o.Ôa.r> neut. . an instrument. Ao4 /oˇ/ <o.ˇ> masc. . an ebb. Ao4lo /oˇ.lo/ <o.ˇ.lo> masc. . a raised platform adjoining the outer wall of a building. Ao4vu& /oˇ.vu~/ <o.ˇ.vu~> v.tran.. to hem. Ao7vu& /oÎ˙.vu~/ <o.Î> .1. to wrap over the body. 2. to wear a sari. Aor6o /or.Îo/ <o.r.Îo> masc. . a room. Aorvu& / <> . to sow seeds. AorI /o.ri/ <o.rii> fem. .1. small-pox 2. measles. Aolvvu& / <> . to extinguish.
  33. 33. 33 AosrI /os.ri/ <o.s.rii> fem. . the front open part of a house. Ao=Iku& /o.ßi.ku~/ <o.ßii.ku~> neut. . a pillow. AoX` /o.Æk˙/ <o.Æ.kh> fem. . idenitity. AoXvu& /oÆ.vu~/ <o.Æ.vu~> . to comb (hair). AoX&gvu& /o.Ƙ <o.Æ> . to cross over. AO AOicTy / <> adj. . appropriateness. AOdICy /u.diŠ.cj/ <u.dii.cj> masc. . a sub-caste of Brahmin AOpcarRIk / <> adj. . formal. AOq0 /u.ßd˙/ <u.s°.dh> neut. a medicine. Aodyoigk /u.djo.gik/ <> adj. . industial. K kkko /kk.ko/ <k.kko> masc. . alphabet. kckc /kc. kc/ <k.c.k.c> fem. .1. a boring talk. 2. a quarrel. kc6vu& /k.cÎ.vu~/ <k.c.Î.vu~> to trample. kcrape4I /kc.ra pe.ˇi/ <ˇii> fem. a dust bin. kcro / <> masc. . garbage. kcva4 /kc.vaˇ/ <ˇ> masc. .1. grumbling. 2. dissatisfaction. kca= /k.caß/ <ß> fem. 1.unripenness. 2. imperfection. 3. deficiency. kcu&br / <,b.r> neut. raw vegetables cut into pieces. kcorI / <> fem. . a type of food. kijya`or /k.Ôi.ja.k˙or/ <k.Ôi.ja.kho.r> adj. quarrelsome. kjo6u& /k.Ôo.Îu~/ <k.Ôo.Îu~> neut. . an unfit match. k4ko /kˇ.ko/ <k.ˇ.ko> masc. . a piece. k4ok4I /k.ˇo.k.ˇi/ <k.ˇo.k.ˇii> fem. . a crisis. k4oro /k.ˇ <k.ˇ> masc. . a bowl. k58 /k.ˇ˙¯/ <k.ˇh.¯> adj. . hard. k5In /k.ˇ˙in/ <k.ˇhii.n> adj. . difficult. ki5yaro /k.ˇ˙ <k.ˇ> masc. .a woodcutter. k5e6o /k.ˇ˙e.Îo/ <k.ˇhe.Îo> masc. . a railing.
  34. 34. 34 k5or /k.ˇ˙or/ <k.ˇho.r> adj. . harsh. k5oX /k.ˇ˙oÆ/ <k.ˇho.Æ> neut. . pulses. k6ko /kÎ.ko/ <k.Î.ko> masc. .1.a piece 2. penniless. k6vu& /kÎ.vu~/ <k.Î.vu~> adj. . bitter in taste. k6akU4 /k.Îa.kuˇ/ <k.Îa.kuu.ˇ> fem. . unnecessary botheration. k6Iyo /k.Î <k.Î> masc. .1. a mason 2. a brick-layer k6I /k.Îi/ <k.Îii> fem. .1. a hook 2. an earring. k6u& /k.Îu~/ <k.Îu~> neut. . an armlet. k7&gu& /k.Î˙˜.gu/ <k.Î> adj. .1. clumsy 2. awkward in shape. k7I /k.Î˙i/ <k.Îhii> fem. .a food item. k8 /k¯/ <k.¯> masc. a grain. k8svu& /k.¯ <k.¯> v.intr. . to groan. k9Xvu& /k.t˙Æ.vu~/ <Æ.vu~> v.intr. .to deteriorate. k9a /k.t˙a/ <k.tha> fem. . a stroy. k9akar /k.t˙a.kar/ <k.tha.ka.r> masc. . a story teller. kd /kd/ <k.d> neut. . size. kd£pu& / <k.d.ruu.pu~> adj. . ugly. kdavr /k.da.vr/ <k.da.v.r> adj. .huge. kn6gt /k.nÎ.gt/ <k.n.Î.g.t> fem. . harassment. kNya /kn.ja/ <k.nja> fem. .1. an unmarried girl. 2. Virgo. kp4 /k.pˇ/ <k.p.ˇ> neut. . deceit. kp6a&l]aa& /kp.Î <k.p.Îa~.l.tta~> neut. pl.. clothes. kp6u& /kp.Îu~/ <k.p.Îu~> neut. . cloth. kpru& / <> adj. . tough. kpaX / / <Æ> neut. . the forehead. kpas /k.pas/ <> masc. . a cotton plant. kpoX /k.poÆ/ <k.po.Æ> adj. . a sub caste in Bania community. kf /kp˙/ <> masc. .cough. kb@yat /k.b.Ôi.jat/ <k.b.Ôii.ja.t> masc. constipation. kbjo /kb.Ôo/ <k.b.Ôo> masc. . a blouse. kbr / <k.b.r> fem. . a grave. kba4 /k.baˇ/ neut. . a cup-board.
  35. 35. 35 kbUtr / <k.buu.t.r> neut. . a pigeon. kmnsIb /km.n.sib/ <k.m.n.sii.b> adj. . unfortunate. kmr / <k.m.r> fem. . a waist. kmX /k.mÆ/ <k.m.Æ> neut. . a lotus. kmXo /km.Æo/ <k.m.Æo> masc. . jaundice. kma; / <> fem. . earnings. kmavu& / <> v.intr. . to earn. kmurt / <> neut. inauspicious time or hour. kmot /k.mot/ <> neut. . unnatural death. kmosm / <> fem. .1. bad weather. 2. untimely. krksr / <k.r.k.s.r> fem. . economy. krgrvu& / <> v.intr. . to request humbly. krclo /k.rc.lo/ <k.r.c.lo> masc. . a crab. krj /k.rÔ/ <k.r.Ô> neut. . a debt. krmavu& / <> wither. krvu& / <> . to do. kra /k.ra/ <k.ra> masc. pl..1. hail- stones. krar /k.rar/ <k.ra.r> masc. . a written agreement. kirya8u& /k.ri.ja.¯u~/ <k.ri.ja.¯u~> neut. . grocery. kiryavr /k.ri.ja.vr/ <k.ri.ja.v.r> neut. . a bride’s father’s gift to bridegroom and his relatives. kru8 /¯/ <¯> adj. .1. pathetic 2. tragic. kru8a /¯a/ <¯a> fem. . kindness. k£p /k.rup/ <k.ruu.p> adj. . ugly. kro6 /k.roÎ/ <Î> adj. . ten millions. kro6 /k.roÎ/ <Î> fem. . a spine. kro6rjju /k.roÎ.rÔ.Ôu/ <Î.r.ÔÔu> fem. . the spinal cord. kroiXyo /Æ <Æ> masc. . a spider. kl&k /k.lnk/ <k.l~.k> neut. .1. a blot 2. a blemish. kla / <> fem. . art. klak /k.lak/ <> masc. . an hour. klakar / <> masc. . an artist.
  36. 36. 36 kLpna / <> fem. . imagination. kLpvu& / <> . to imagine. kLya8 /kl.ja.¯/ <k.lja.¯> neut. . well-being. kviy{aI /k.v.ji.tri/ <k.vji.tri> fem. .a female poet. kiv / masc. . <> a male poet. k=u& /k.ßu~/ <k.ßu~> adj. . whatever thing. k=u&k /k.ßu~k/ <k.ßu~.k> adj. . something. ksrt /ks.rt/ <k.s.r.t> fem. . an exercise. ksa; /k.sai/ <> masc. . a butcher. kso4I /ˇi/ <ˇii> fem. . a test. khe8 /k.he¯/ <k.he.¯> neut. . a message. khevt /k.he.vt/ <k.he.v.t> fem. . a proverb. khevu& / <> . to say. k¬agru& / <> adj. . obedient. kXtr /kÆ.tr/ <k.Æ.t.r> neut. . a kind of body pain. kXI /k.Æi/ <k.Æii> fem. . a bud. k;& /k.i~/ <k.ii~> advb. .1. where? 2. some. k;&k /k.i~k/ <k.ii~.k> advb. . something. k&kav4I /kn.ka.vaˇi/ <k~.ka.v.ˇii> fem. . a small bowl to keep k&ku> k&ku /kn.ku/ <k~.ku> neut. . a red powder/ paste used in rituals and certain social customs such as putting bindi on the forehead. k&kotrI /k.nko.t.ri/ <k~.ko.t.rii> fem. . an invitation letter. k&jUs /kn.Ôus/ <k~.Ôu.s> adj. . miserly. k&4aXvu& /kn.ˇaÆ.vu~/ <k~.ˇa.Æ.vu~> v.intr. . to be bored. k&4aXo /kn.ˇa.Æo/ <k~.ˇa.Æo> masc. . medium. k&5 /k¯t˙/ <k~.ˇh> masc. .1. the throat 2. a vocal tune. k&5I /k¯.ˇ˙i/ <k~.ˇhii> fem. . a kind of necklace. k&do; /kn.doi/ masc. . a confectioner. k&doro / <> masc. . a waist-band. k&parI / <> fem. . a shivering. k&pvu& / <> v.intr. .1. to shiver 2. to tremble. k&sar /km.sar/ <> masc. .a sweet.
  37. 37. 37 kak6I /kak.Îi/ <ka.k.Îii> fem. . cucumber. kaka /ka.ka/ <ka.ka> masc. hon.. paternal uncle. kaka@ /ka.ka.Ôi/ <ka.ka.Ôii> masc. . a brother of the father-in-law. kakI / <ka.kii> fem. . a paternal uncle’s wife. kakI@ /Ôi/ <ka.ka.Ôii> fem. . the wife of the brother of the father-in-law. kag6o /kag.Îo/ <ka.g.Îo> masc. . a crow. kagX /ka.gÆ/ <ka.g.Æ> masc. .1. paper 2. a letter. kagaroX /Æ/ <Æ> fem. . rowdism. kac /kac/ <ka.c> masc. .1. glass 2. mirror. kacbo / <> masc. . a tortoise. kaic&6o /¯.Îo/ <ka.c~.Îo> masc. . a chameleon. kacu& / <> adj. .1.unripe 2. raw. kajX /ka.ÔÆ/ <ka.Ô.Æ> neut. .eye-salve. kaju /ka.Ôu/ <ka.Ôu> neut. . a cashew-nut. ka4 /kaˇ/ <ka.ˇ> masc. . rust. ka7vu& /kaÎ˙.vu~/ <ka.Î> . to take out. ka8u& /ka.¯u~/ <ka.¯u~> adj. .1. a hole, 2. one-eyed. katr / <ka.t.r> fem. . scissors. katrvu& / <> . to cut with scissors. katrI /kat.ri/ <ka.t.rii> fem. .a wafer- thin slice. kadv /ka.dv/ <ka.d.v> masc. . mud. kan /kan/ <ka.n> masc. . an ear. kap /kap/ <ka.n> masc. . reduction. kap6 /ka.pÎ/ <ka.p.Î> neut. . cloth. kaplI / <ka.p.lii> fem. . a clipping of a paper. kapvu& / <> . to cut. kapo /ka.po/ <ka.po> masc. .1.a cut. 2 a mark made by cutting. kabr / <ka.b.r> neut. . a kind of bird. kabU /ka.bu/ <ka.buu> masc. . control. kam /kam/ <ka.m> neut. . work kam /kam/ <ka.m> masc. . sexual desire. kamclaw& /kam.c.lau~/ adj. .tentative.
  38. 38. 38 kamcor /kam.cor/ <> adj. . not inclined to work. kamdar /kam.dar/ <ka.m.da.r> masc. . a manual worker. kamdev / <> masc. . ther god of love. kam0&0o /ka.d˙n.d˙o/ <ka.m.dh~.dho> masc. .1. business 2. profession. kaydo / <> masc. . a law. kaym / <ka.j.m> adj. . forever. karkun /kar.kun/ <ka.r.ku.n> masc. . a clerk. kar`anu& /kar.k˙ <> neut. . a factory. kar8 /ka.r¯/ <ka.r.¯> neut. .1. a reason 2. a cause. kartk / <ka.r.t.k> masc. . the first month of Hindu year. kartUs /kar.tus/ <ka.r.tu.s> neut. . a cartridge. kar-ar /kar.b˙ar/ <ka.r.bha.r> masc. . management. kal /kal/ <ka.l> fem. .1.tomrrow 2. yesterday. kavtru& / <> neut. . fraud. kaVy /kav.j/ <ka.vj> neut. . a poem. kaX@ /kaÆ.Ôi/ <ka.Æ.Ôii> fem. . care. kaXju& /kaÆ.Ôu~/ <ka.Æ.Ôuu> neut. .1.the lever. kaXu& /la.Æu~/ <ka.Æu~> adj. . black. kaXotrI /ka.Æo.t.ri/ <ka.Æo.t.rii> fem. . a letter containg someone’s death’s message. ka&krI /ka~k.ri/ <ka~.k.rii> fem. . a smll pebble. ka&kro / <> masc. . a pebble. ka&4aXu& /ka~.ˇa.Æu~/ <ka~.ˇa.Æu~> adj. . throny. ka&4o /ka~.ˇo/ <ka~.ˇo> masc. . a thorn. ka&4o /ka~.ˇo/ <ka~.ˇo> masc. . a weighing machine. ka&5o /ka~.ˇ˙o/ <ka~.ˇho> masc. .1. a bank 2. a shore 3 a coast. ka&6u& /ka~¯.Îu~/ <ka~.Îu~> neut. . a wrist. ka&do /ka¯.do/ <> masc. . onion. ka&0 /ka~n.d˙/ <ka~.dh> fem. . one of the shoulders. ka&skI / <ka~.s.kii> fem. . a small comb mainly for women. ka&sko /ka~s.ko/ <ka~.s.ko> masc. . a comb. ikLlo /kil.lo/ <ki.llo> masc. . a fortress. ik=or /ki.ßor/ <ki.ßo.r> masc. . a minor boy.
  39. 39. 39 ik=orI /ki.ßo.ri/ <ki.ßo.rii> fem. . a minor girl. kI4lI /kiˇ.li/ <kii.ˇ.lii> fem. . a kettle. kI6I. /ki.Îi/ <kii.Îii> fem. . an ant. kI6o /ki.Îo/ <kii.Îo> masc. . an insect. kImt / <kii.m.t> fem. . price. kIitR /kir.ti/ <kii.rti> fem. . fame. ku4u&b /ku.ˇum.b/ <ku.ˇu~.b> neut. . a family. ku4ev /ku.ˇev/ <ku.ˇe.v> fem. . a bad habit. kutUhl /ku.tu.hl/ <ku.tu.h.l> neut. curiosity. kudrt /kud.rt/ <ku.d.r.t> fem. . nature. kUXdev /kuÆ.dev/ <ku.Æ.de.v> masc. . a family deity. kuStI /kus.ti/ <ku.stii> fem. . wrestling. kuseva / <> fem. . a disservice. kuha6I /ku.ha.Îi/ <ku.ha.Îii> fem. . a small axe. kuha6o /ku.ha.Îo/ <ku.ha.Îio> masc. . an axe. ku&6X /ku¯.ÎÆ/ <ku~.Î.Æ> masc. a kind of ear ring. ku&-ar /kum.b˙ar/ <ku~.bha.r> masc. . a potter. ku&varu& / <> adj. . unmarried. kUk6o /kuk.Îo/ <kuu.k.Îo> masc. . a cock. kUk6I /kuk.Îi/ <kuu.k.Îii> fem. . a hen. kUtrI /kut.ri/ <kuu.t.rii> fem. . a female dog. kUtru& / <> neut. . a dog. kUtro / <> masc. . a male dog. kU9lI /kut˙.li/ <> fem. . scandal. kUdvu& / <> v.intr. . to jump. kudavvu& / <> see kuda6vu. kUvo /ku.vo/ <ku.vo> masc. . a water- well. kU&cI / <ku~.cii> fem. .1. a key 2. a clue. kU&pX /ku.mpÆ/ <kuu~.p.Æ> fem. . a sprout. ke4lu& /keˇ.lu~/ <ke.ˇ.lu~> adj. . how much. ke6 /k´Î/ <ke.Î> fem. .a waist. ked /k´d/ <ke.d> fem. . a prison. kem /k´m/ <ke.m> advb. .why.
  40. 40. 40 kedI /k´.di/ <ke.dii> masc. .a prisoner. kerI /k´.ri/ <ke.rii> fem. .a mango. kev6u& /kev.Îu~/ <ke.v.Îu~> adj. .how big kevu& / <> adj. .of what kind. kesr / <ke.s.r> neut. .saffron. kesrI /kes.ri/ <ke.s.rii> adj. .saffron colored. keX /keÆ/ <ke.Æ> fem. .a banana-tree. keXv8I /ke.Æv.¯i/ <ke.Æ.v.¯ii> fem. .1. bringing up. 2. training. keXvvu& /ke.Æ <ke.Æ> .to bring up. keXu& /ke.Æu~/ <ke.Æu~> neut. .a banana. ko; /ko.i/ <ko.i> prono..someone. kogXIyu& /kø.g.Æi.ju~/ <ko.g.Æii.ju~> neut. cholera. kogXo /køg.Æo/ <ko.g.Æo> masc. .1. a mouthful of liquid 2. a gargle. ko5I /ko.ˇ˙i/ <ko.ˇhii> fem. .a large vessel to stor grain. ko6Iyu& /ko.Îi.ju~/ <ko.Îii.ju~> neut. .a kind of earthern lamp. ko7 /koÎ˙/ <ko.Îh> masc. .leprosy. ko8I /kø.¯i/ <ko.¯ii> fem. .an elbow. kotrvu& / <> .1. to engrave 2. to carve. ko9mIr /kot˙.mir/ <> neut. coriander. ko9XI /kot˙.Æi/ <Æii> fem. .a purse of cloth. ko9Xo /koˇ˙.Æo/ <Æo> masc. .a large beg of cloth. kodaXI /ko.da.Æi/ <ko.da.Æii> fem. .1. a hoe 2. a spade. konu& /kø.nu~/ <> pron.. whose. kopru& / <> neut. .a kernel of a coconut. kom /kom/ <ko.m> fem. .a caste-group. komvad /kom.vad/ <> masc. .1. communalism 2. castism. korvu& / <> .to bore a hole. kolso / <> masc. .coal. kolahl / <> masc. .a continuous loud noise. koi== /ko.ßiß/ <ko.ßi.ß> fem. .an effort. kohvu& / <> v.intr. .to rot. koXI /ko.Æi/ <ko.Æii> fem. .a caste. koXu& /ko.Æu~/ <ko.Æu~> neut. .a pumpkin. kO4uiMbk /ku.ˇum.bik/ <ku.tu~.mbi.k> adj. pertaining to a family.
  41. 41. 41 kO-a&6 /ku.b˙a~nÎ/ <ku.bha~.Î> neut. .a scandal. kO&s /kums/ <ku~.s> masc. .a bracket. Ex. [], {}, ( ). kyare / <> advb. .when. kya& /kja~/ <k.ja~> advb. .where. k/ur /kru.r/ <kru.r> adj. .cruel. k/o0 /kro.d˙/ <kro.dh> masc. .anger. ` ``6vu& /k˙.k˙Î.vu~/ <Î.vu~> v.intr. .to rattle. ``6avvu& /k˙k˙.Î <k˙.k˙.Î> .to knock (on a door etc.). `ckavu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to hesitate. `ca`c /k˙.ca.k˙c/ <> advb. densely. `Ccr /k˙ <> neut. .a mule. `jancI /k˙.Ô <kh.Ôa.n.cii> masc. .a cashier. `jano /k˙.Ô <kh.Ô> masc. .a treasure. `jUr /k˙.Ôur/ <kh.Ôu.r> neut. .a date fruit. `jU.rI /k˙.Ôu.ri/ <kh.Ôu.rii> fem. .a date tree. `jUro /k˙.Ô <kh.Ô> masc. .a centipede. `4kvu& /k˙.ˇ <kh.ˇ> v.exp.. to repent. `4p4 /k˙ˇ.pˇ/ <kh.ˇ.p.ˇ> fem. .an intrigue. `4ml /k˙ˇ.ml/ <kh.ˇ.m.l> masc. .a bug. `4mI5u& /k˙ˇ.mi.ˇ˙u~/ <kh.ˇ.mii.ˇhu~> adj. sour and sweet. `4rag /k˙ˇ.rag/ <kh.ˇ.ra.g> masc. .a quarrel. `4lo /k˙ˇ.lo/ <kh.ˇ.lo> masc. .a law- suit. `4vvu& /k˙.ˇ <kh.ˇ> .to make things sour. `4aro /k˙.ˇ <kh.ˇ> masc. .a motor truck. `4u&b6u& /k˙.ˇumb.Îu~/ <kh.ˇu~.b.Îu~> adj. slightly sour. `6k /k˙.Îk/ <kh.Î.k> masc. .a rock. `6klo /k˙.Îk.lo/ <kh.Î.k.lo> masc. .a pile. `6kI /k˙Î.ki/ <kh.Î.kii> fem. .a lane. `6tl /k˙Î.tl/ <kh.Î.t.l> adj. .a strongly built.
  42. 42. 42 `6bc6u& /k˙Î.bc.Îu~/ <kh.Î.b.c.Îu~> adj. .rough. `6ecok /k˙.Îe.cok/ <kh.Î> advb. publicly. `8vu& /k˙¯.vu~/ <kh.¯.vu~> .to scratch. `tro /k˙ <> masc. .danger. `tvvu& /k˙ <> .to make an entry in a ledger. `dbdvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to boil with a simmering sound. `pvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to be sold. `br /k˙.br/ <kh.b.r> fem. .news. `-o /k˙.b˙o/ <kh.bho> masc. .the shoulder. `m8 /k˙.m¯/ <kh.m.¯> neut. .a food item. `mvu& /k˙ <> .to tolerate. `mIs /k˙.mis/ <kh.mi.s> neut. .a shirt. `rpvu& /k˙ <> .to hoe. `rvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to fall (fruit, leaves etc.) `rab /k˙.rab/ <kh.ra.b> adj. .bad. `ru& /k˙.ru~/ <> adj. .correct. `re`r /k˙.re.k˙r/ <> advb. .1. truly 2. indeed. `cR /k˙r.c/ <kh.rc> neut. . expense. `las /k˙.las/ <> adj. .1. exhausted 2. the end. `lasI /k˙ <> masc. .a sailor. `lel /k˙.lel/ <kh.le.l> masc. .disturbance. `vas /k˙.vas/ <> fem. .name of a community. `s /k˙s/ <kh.s> fem. .scabies. `s`s /k˙s.k˙s/ <> fem. .poppy seeds. `se6vu& /k˙.seÎ.vu~/ <Î.vu~> .to move. `X`X /k˙Æ. k˙Æ/ <kh.Æ.kh.Æ> advb. .the rippling sound of a water flow. `&`ervu& /k˙n.k˙ <> .to pluck down. `&jrI /k˙µ.Ô.ri/ <kh~.Ô.rii> fem. .a small tambourin. `&jvaXvu& /k˙µ.Ô.vaÆ.vu~/ <kh~.Ô.va.Æ.vu~> .to seratch. `&6 /k˙¯.Î/ <kh~.Î> masc. .1. a part 2. a room. 3. a continent.
  43. 43. 43 `&i6yer /k˙¯.Îi.jer/ <kh~.Î> neut. .a ruin. `a; /k˙a.i/ <kha.ii> fem. .1. a ditch 2. a trench. `aw0ru& /k˙a.u.d˙.ru~/ <> adj. . gluttonous. `ajlI /k˙aÔ.li/ <kha.Ô.lii> fem. .a food item. `aju /k˙a.Ôu/ <kha.Ôu> neut. .a food item. `a4kI /k˙aˇ.ki/ <kha.ˇ.kii> masc. .a butcher. `a4lo /k˙aˇ.lo/ <kha.ˇ.lo> masc. .a cot. `a4vu& /k˙aˇ.vu~/ <kha.ˇ.vu~> .to be benefited. `a4u& /k˙a.ˇu~/ <kha.ˇu~> adj. .sour. `a6I /k˙a.Îi/ <kha.Îii> fem. .a creek. `a6o /k˙a.Îo/ <kha.Îo> masc. .a pit. `a8 /k˙a¯/ <kha.¯> fem. .a mine. `ai8yo /k˙a.¯ <kha.¯> masc. .a miner. `a8u& /k˙a.¯u~/ <kha.¯u~> neut. .a dinner. `atmurt /k˙ <> neut. .a ceremony of laying a foundation. `atr /k˙ <kha.t.r> fem. .hospitality. `atr /k˙ <kha.t.r> neut. .fertilizer. `atr /k˙ <kha.t.r> neut. .house- breaking (by theif) `atrI/k˙at.ri/ <kha.t.rii> fem. .trust. `atavhI /k˙a.ta.v.hi/ <kha.ta.v.hii> fem. a ledger. `atu& /k˙a.tu~/ <kha.tu~> neut. .an account. `a0a`orakI /k˙a.d˙ <kha.dha.kho.ra.kii> fem. .1. maintenance 2. livelihood. `angI /k˙ <kha.n.kii> adj. .secret. `anu& /k˙ <> neut. .a drawer. `aboicyu& /k˙ <> neut. .a puddle. `amI /k˙a.mi/ <kha.mii> fem. .a defect. `aru& /k˙ <> adj. .salty. `arek /k˙a.rek/ <> fem. .a dry date. `al /k˙al/ <kha.l> fem. .skin. `alI /k˙ <kha.lii> adj. .1. empty 2. poor 3. purposelessly. `avu& /k˙ <> .to eat. `as /k˙as/ <kha.s> adj. .1.special 2. personal. Ex. Aa maro `as ma8s 2e. `as /k˙as/ <kha.s> advb. .specially. Ex. hu& `as tmara 3er AavI=.
  44. 44. 44 `aisyt /k˙ <> fem. .a special quality. `aX /k˙aÆ/ <kha.Æ> fem. .a drain. `a&co /k˙ <> masc. .1. a turn 2. a lane. `a&6 /k˙a~Î/ <kha~.Î> fem. .sugar. `a&6vu& /k˙a~¯Î.vu~/ <kha~.Î.vu~> .to pound. `a&sI /k˙ <kha~.sii> fem. .cough. i`skolI /k˙ <khi.s.ko.lii> fem. .a squirrel. `Ic6I /k˙ic.Îi/ <khii.c.Îii> fem. .a food. `Ico`Ic /k˙˙ic/ <> advb. densely. `Ijvvu& /k˙i.Ô <khii.Ô> .to tease. `I8 /k˙i¯/ <khii.¯> fem. .1. a valley 2. a rift. `Ir /k˙ir/ <khii.r> fem. .a food item. `Il /k˙il/ <khii.l> masc. .a pimple. `Ilvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to blossom. `ISsu& /k˙ <khii.ssu~> neut. .a pocket. `ur=I /k˙ur.ßi/ <khu.r.ßii> fem. .a chair. `ulaso /k˙ <> masc. .a clarification. `uLlu& /k˙ <khu.llu~> adj. .open. `u= /k˙uß/ <khu.ß> adj. .joyful. `u=numa /k˙uß <khu.ß> adj. .pleasant (climate). `u=amt /k˙u.ß <khu.ßa.m.t> fem..flattery. `u=I /k˙u.ßi/ <khu.ßii> fem. .pleasure. `UjlI /k˙uÔ.li/ <khu.Ô.lii> fem. .itching sensation. `U4vu& /k˙uˇ.vu~/ <khu.ˇ.vu~> v.intr. .1. to be used up 2. to run out. `U8o /k˙u.¯o/ <khuu.¯o> masc. .1. an angle 2. a corner. `Un /k˙un/ <khuu.n> neut. .1. blood 2. murder. `Ub /k˙ub/ <khu.b> adj. .1. plentiful 2. much. `UbI /k˙ <khu.bii> fem. peculiar quality. `Ulvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to open. `U&cvvu& /k˙ <> .to snatch away. `U&cvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to prick. `U&0 /k˙u~d˙/ <khuu~.dh> fem. .a hump.
  45. 45. 45 `e6vu& /k˙eÎ.vu~/ <khe.Î.vu~> .to plow. `e6Ut /k˙e.Îut/ <khe.Îuu.t> masc. .a farmer. `etr /k˙ <khe.t.r> neut. .a farm. `etI /k˙e.ti/ <khe.tii> fem. .farming. `erat /k˙e.rat/ <khe.ra.t> fem. .1. alms- giving 2. charity. `el /k˙el/ <khe.l> masc. .1. a sport.2. a show (of play, cinema etc.) `elvu& /k˙ <> v.intr. to play. `ela6I /k˙Îi/ <Îii> masc. .a player. `evna /k˙ <khe.v.naa> fem. .care. `e&ca8 /k˙´¯/ <¯> neut. .attraction. `o`ru& /k˙ok˙.ru~/ <> adj. .1. dull 2. broken. `o`u& /k˙o.k˙u~/ <kho.khu~> neut. .an empty box. `oja /k˙o.Ôa/ <kho.Ôa> masc. .a Muslim caste. `o4 /k˙oˇ/ <kho.ˇ> fem. .loss. `o4kavu& /k˙oˇ <kho.ˇ> v.intr. to stop functioning. `o4u& /k˙o.ˇu~/ <kho.ˇu~> adj. .1.wrong. 2. false. `o6 /k˙oÎ/ <kho.Î> fem. .1. a defect 2. a deficiency. `o6vu& /k˙oÎ.vu~/ <kho.Î.vu~> .to erect. `otrvu& /k˙ <> .1. to scratch 2. to dig by scrapping. `odvu& /k˙ <> .to dig. `oda8 /k˙o.da¯/ <kho.da.¯> neut. .a digging. `oprI /k˙op.ri/ <kho.p.rii> fem. .the skull. `obo /k˙ <> masc. .the shape formed by the joined palms. `orvavu& /k˙ <> v.intr. .to be disrupted. `orak /k˙o.rak/ <kho.ra.k> masc. .food. `olvu& /k˙ <> .to open. `ovu& /k˙ <> .to miss. `osvu& /k˙ <> .1. to drive into 2. to penetrate 3. to pierce. `oXa-r8u& /kho.Æa.b˙r.¯u~/ <kho.Æ¯u~> neut. .the celebration of first pregnancy. `oXIyu& /k˙o.Æi.ju~/ <kho.Æii.ju~> neut. .1. a bed or pillow cover 2. the body. `oXo /k˙o.Æo/ <kho.Æo> masc. .the lap.
  46. 46. 46 g g;kal /gi.kal/ <g.ii.ka.l> fem. yesterday. gg6vu& /g.gÎ.vu~/ <g.g.Î.vu~> v.intr. .to roll down. gjro /gÔ.ro/ <g.Ô.ro> masc. .a bouquet of flowers. gjvu& /gÔ.vu~/ <g.Ô.vu~> neut. .a pocket. gzl /g.zl/ <g.Ôh.l> fem. .a type of poem. g4g4avvu& /gˇ.g.ˇ <g.ˇ.g.ˇ.vu~> .to swallow quickly. g4r / <g.ˇ.r> fem. .a gutter. g55o /gˇ˙.ˇ˙o/ <g.ˇhˇho> masc. .a lump. g6da pa4u& /gÎˇu~/ <g.Îˇu~> neut. .blows by hand and feet. g6do /gÎ.do/ <g.Î.do> masc. .a punch. g6b6 /gÎ.bÎ/ <g.Î.b.Î> fem. .1. a rowdyism 2. misappropriation. g6m9l /gÎ.m.t˙l/ <g.Î> fem. .hard work. g6I /g.Îi/ <g.Îii> fem. .a fold (of cloth, paper etc.). g7 /gÎ˙/ <g.Îh> masc. .a fortress. g7vI /gÎ˙.vi/ <g.Îh.vii> masc. .a keeper of a fortress. g7vI /gÎ˙.vi/ <g.Îh.vii> fem. .a community. g8karvu& /g¯ <g.¯> .to care for. g8g8vu& /g¯.g¯.vu~/ <g.¯.g.¯.vu~> v.intra..1. to murmur 2. to grumble. g8trI /g.¯t.ri/ <g.¯.t.rii> fem. .1. calculation 2. counting g8pit /g¯.pti/ <g.¯.p.ti> masc. hon..the god Ganpati. g8vu& /g¯.vu~/ <g.¯.vu~> .1. to count 2. to calculate. g8ve= /g¯.veß/ <g.¯.ve.ß> masc. .a uniform. gi8t /g.¯it/ <g.¯i.t> neut. .mathematics. g8e= /g.¯eß/ <g.¯e.ß> masc. the god Ganesh. g*yu&ga&5yu& /g.¯ju~. ga~.ˇ˙ju~/ <g.¯ˇhju~> adj. .a little. gtagm / <g.ta.g.m> fem. . understanding. git /g.ti/ <g.ti> fem. .1. motion 2. speed. gdy / <> neut. .prose. g0e6u& /g.d˙e.Îu~/ <g.dhe.Îu~> neut. .s donkey.
  47. 47. 47 gpgoXo /gp.go. o/ <gp.go.Æo> masc. .a rumor. gpsp /gp.sp/ <g.p.s.p> fem. .gossip. gPpIdas /gp.pi.das/ <g.ppii.da.s> masc. a rumor-monger. gflt /gp˙.lt/ <> fem. .1. a mistake 2. carelessness. gb6vu& /g.bÎ.vu~/ <g.b.Î.vu~> v.intr. .to roll down. gbI / <g.bii> fem. .a foolish girl or woman. gbo / <> masc. .a foolish boy or man. g-ra4 /gb˙.raˇ/ <ˇ> masc. .frightful confusion. g-ravu& /gb˙ <> v.intr. .to get frightened. g-ru& /gb˙.ru~/ <> adj. .simple- hearted. gm /gm/ <g.m> masc. .sadness. gmgIn /gm.gin/ <g.m.gii.n> adj. .sad. gMmt / <> fem. .merriment. gmvu& / <> v.exp.. to like. gmar /g.mar/ <> adj. .manner less. gr /gr/ <g.r> masc. .pulp. grj /g.rÔ/ <g.r.Ô> fem. .need. grju /gr.Ôu/ <g.r.Ôu> adj. .needy. grjvu& /g.rÔ.vu~/ <g.r.Ô.vu~> v.intr. .to thunder. grdn /gr.dn/ <g.r.d.n> fem. .the neck. grnaXu& /Æu~/ <Æu~> neut. .a culvert. grbI / <g.r.bii> fem. .a kind of poem. grbo / <> masc. .1. a kind of poem 2. a pot with holes that used during Navaratri festival. grm /g.rm/ <g.r.m> adj. .hot. grmI /gr.mi/ <g.r.mii> fem. .heat. grmagrm / <> adj. .fresh and hot. grvu& / <> v.intr. .to fall slowly (of leaves, flowers, dew etc.) grIb /g.rib/ <g.rii.b> adj. .poor. grIba; /g.ri.bai/ <> fem. .poverty. gru6 /g.ruÎ/ <Î> neut. .an eagle.
  48. 48. 48 groXI /Æi/ <Æii> fem. .a lizard. g-aR0an /gr.b˙a.d˙an/ <g.rbha.dha.n> neut. .impregnation. g-aR=y /gr.b˙a.ßj/ <g.rbha.ß.j> neut. .the uterus. gvR /gr.v/ <g.rv> masc. .proud. glkI / <g.l.kii> fem. .a kind of creeper (vegetable). glgo4o /gl.go.ˇo/ <g.l.go.ˇo> masc. .a kind of flower plant. glI / <g.lii> fem. .a street. glU6I/yu& /Îi.ju~/ <g.luu.Îii.ju~> neut. .a pup. glofu& /g.lo.p˙u~/ <g.lo.phu~> neut. .the inside of the cheek. gLla&tLla& / <g.lla~.t.lla~> masc. pl. .pretexts. gLlo /gl.lo/ <g.llo> masc. .a cash-box. gvn / <g.v.n> neut. .a kind of sari. gvEyo / <> masc. .a songster. gXc4u& /gÆ.c.ˇu~/ <g.Æ.c.ˇu~> adj. .sweetish. gXcvu& /g.Æ <g.Æ> .to over eat. gXcI /gÆ.ci/ <g.Æ.cii> fem. .1. the neck 2. the throat. gX8I /g.Æ.¯i/ <g.Æ.¯ii> fem. .a funnel. gXp8 /gÆ.p¯/ <g.Æ.p.¯> neut. .sweetness. gXvu& /gÆ.vu~/ <g.Æ.vu~> v.intr. .to ooze. gXa4U&po /g.Æa.ˇu~.po/ <g.Æa.ˇu~.po> masc. .a strangling. gXafa&so /g.Æa.p˙ <g.Æ> masc. .a strangulation. gXu& /g.Æu~/ <g.Æu~> neut. .the throat. gâyu& /g.Æju~/ <g.Æju~> adj. .sweet. g&@ /gµ.Ôi/ <g~.Ôii> fem. .a stack of hay. g&dkI / <g~.d.kii> fem .filth. g&du /gn.du~/ <g~.du> adj. .dirty. g&0 /gn.d˙/ <g~.dh> fem. .smell. g&0avu& /gn.d˙ <> v.intr. .to stink. g&-Ir /gm.b˙ir/ <g~.bhii.r> adj. .1. deep 2. cool-minded 3. serious. gaj /gaÔ/ <ga.Ô> neut. .a button-hole. gajr /ga.Ôr/ <ga.Ô.r> neut. .a carrot. gajvIj /gaÔ.viÔ/ <ga.Ô.vii.Ô> fem. .lightening and thunder together.
  49. 49. 49 gajvu& /gaÔ.vu~/ <ga.Ô.vu~> v.intr. .to thunder. ga6I /ga.Îi/ <ga.Îii> fem. .a vehicle. ga6u& /ga.Îu~/ neut. .a cart. ga7 /gaÎ˙/ <ga.Îh> adj. .thick. ga8u& /ga.¯u~/ <ga.¯u~> neut. .a song. ga9a /ga.t˙a/ <ga.tha> fem. .a moral or religous story. gadlu& / <> neut. .a mattress. gadI /ga.di/ <ga.dii> fem. .1. a throne, 2. a cushion. gab6u& /gab.Îu~/ <ga.b.Îu~> neut. .1. a hole 2. a pit. gam /gam/ <ga.m> neut. .a village. gayk /ga.jk/ <ga.j.k> masc. .a male singer. gaiyka /ga.ji.ka/ <ga.ji.ka> fem. .a female singer. galIco / <> masc. .a carpet. gavu& / <> .to sing. gaX /gaÆ/ <ga.Æ> fem. .a curse word. gaXvu& /gaÆ.vu~/ <ga.Æ.vu~> .1. to filter 2. melt 3. to pass time. ga&g6o /ga~g.Îo/ <ga~.g.Îo> masc. .a solid lump. ga&5 /ga~ˇ˙/ <ga~.ˇh> fem. .a knot. ga&6u& /ga~.Îu~/ <ga~.Îu~> adj. .1. mad 2. lunatic. gIc /gic/ <gii.c> adj. .overcroweded. gIt /git/ <gii.t> neut. .a song. gI0 /gid˙/ <gii.dh> neut. .a vulture. gIrvI / <gii.r.vii> adj. .on mortgage. gIro / <> adj. .on mortgage. gujrvu& /gu.Ô <gu.Ô> v.intr. .1. to pass by 2. to die. gujran /guÔ.ran/ <gu.Ô.ra.n> neut. .livelihood. gujarvu& /gu.Ô <gu.Ô> .to pass time. gu4ko /guˇ.ko/ <gu.ˇ.ko> masc. .a small booklet. gu8 /gu¯/ <gu.¯> masc. .quality. gu8gan /gu¯.gan/ neut. .an eulogy. gu8doq /gu¯.doß/ <gu.¯.do.s°> masc. .merits and demerits. gu8vu& /gu¯.bv~/ <gu.¯.vu~> .to multiply. gu8akar /gu.¯a.kar/ <gu.¯a.ka.r> masc. .multiplication.
  50. 50. 50 gu8o]ar /gu.¯o.ttr/ <gu.¯> masc. .a ratio. gunegar / <> adj. .criminal. guno / <> masc. .a crime. gupcUp /gup.cup/ <> advb. .quietly. guPt / <> adj. .secret. gufa /gu.p˙a/ <gu.pha> fem. .a cave. gumavvu& / <> .to lose. guru / <> masc. . a teacher. guru / <> adj. .1. big 2. large. gulmor /gul.mør/ <> neut. .a tree. gulab /gu.lab/ <> neut. .1. the rose plant. 2. a rose flower gulam /gu.lam/ <> masc. .a slave. guSso /gu.sso/ <gu.sso> masc. .anger. gu&jvu& /guµÔ.vu~/ <gu~.Ô.vu~> v.intr. .1. to hum 2. to buzz. gu&6o /gu¯.Îo/ <gu~.Îo> masc. .a bully. gu&dr /gun.dr/ <gu~.d.r> masc. .1. glue 2. gum. gu&bj /gum.bÔ/ <gu~.b.Ô> masc. .a dome. gU7 /guÎ˙/ <guu.Îh> adj. .secret. gU8 /gu¯/ <guu.¯> fem. .a sack. gUm6u& /gum.Îu~/ <guu.m.Îu~> neut. .a skin-boil. gU&gXavu& /gu˜.g.Æ <guu~.g.Æ> v.intr. .to be suffocated. gU&c /gu~c/ <guu~.c> fem. .1.a twisting of threads 2. intricacy. gU&9vu& /gu~t˙.vu~/ <> .to knit. gU&dvu& / <> .to trample. gerkayde / <> adj. and advb. .illegal. gerkaydesr / <> advb. .illegally. gerrSte / <ge.r.r.ste> advb. .wrongly. gerla- /ger.lab˙/ <> masc. .loss. gervLle /ger.v.lle/ <g.r.v.lle> advb. .at a wrong place. gervvu& / <> .to make things (fruits, leaves) fall. gervhIv4 /ger.v.hi.vˇ/ <ge.r.v.hii.v.ˇ> masc. mismanagement.
  51. 51. 51 gersmj /ger.s.mÔ/ <ge.r.s.m.Ô> fem. . misunderstanding. gokXgay /go.kÆ.gaj/ <go.k.Æ.ga.j> fem. .a snail. go`lo /gok˙.lo/ <> masc. .a small recess in a wall. go`vu& /gok˙.vu~/ <> .1. to cram 2. to memorize. gozaru& /go.Ô˙ <go.Ô> adj. .sinful. go4lI /goˇ.li/ <go.ˇ.lii> masc. .a mango seed (usually soft) go4lo /goˇ.lo/ <go.ˇ.lo> masc. .a mango seed (usually hard) go4lo /goˇ.lo/ <go.ˇ.lo> masc. .a hard muscle. go58 /go.t˙¯/ <go.ˇh.¯> masc. .one of the knees. go5vvu& /go.ˇ˙ <go.ˇ> .to arrange. goi5y8 /go.ˇ˙i.j¯/ <go.ˇhi.j.¯> fem. .a female friend. god /god/ <go.d> fem. .the lap. god6I /god.Îi/ <go.d.Îii> fem. .a kind of mattress. godam /go.dam/ <go.da.m> neut. .a store house. gobo / <> masc. .a hollow on a metallic surface. goma&s / <> neut. .beef. gor /gør/ <go.r> masc. .a priest (normally a Brahmin) gora8I /gø.ra.¯i/ <go.ra.¯ii> fem. .a priest’s wife. gorI /go.ri/ <go.rii> adj. .a white- skinned woman. golmal /gol.mal/ <> fem. . misappropriation. govaX /go.vaÆ/ <Æ> masc. .a cow- herd. govaX8I /Æ.¯i/ <Æ.¯ii> fem. .a cow-herd’s wife. goX /goÆ/ <go.Æ> adj. .round. goX /goÆ/ <go.Æ> masc. .a sub-group of a caste. goX /gøÆ/ <go.Æ> masc. .jiggery. goXgoX /goÆ.goÆ/ <go.Æ.go.Æ> adj. .evasive. goXpap6I /goÆ.pap.Îi/ <go.Æ.pa.p.Îii> fem. .a sweet food itm. goXm4oX /goÆ.m.ˇoÆ/ <go.Æ.m.ˇo.Æ> adj. .pulpy. goXI /go.Æi/ <go.Æii> fem. .1. a pill 2. a bullet. goXo /go.Æo/ <go.Æo> masc. .1.a globe 2. a round lamp 3. a bulb. gO8 /gu¯/ <gu.¯> adj. .secondary.
  52. 52. 52 gOrv /gu.rv/ <gu.r.v> neut. .pride. g/h /grh/ <gr.h> masc. .a planet. g/h8 /gr.h¯/ <g.h.¯> neut. .an eclipse. g/&9 /grnt˙/ <> masc. .a book. g/ahk / <gra.h.k> masc. .a customer. 3 3w& /g˙.u~/ <gh.u~> masc. .wheat. 3w&v8uR& /g˙.u~.v.r¯u~/ <gh.u.v.r¯u~> adj. .of whitish color. 34 /g˙ˇ/ <gh.ˇ> fem. .a shortage. 34k /g˙.ˇk/ <gh.ˇ.k> adj. component. 34tu& /g˙ˇ.tu~/ <gh.ˇ.tu~> advb. .properly. 34na /g˙ˇ.na/ <gh.ˇ.na> fem. .event. 34maX /g˙ˇ.ma / <gh.ˇ.ma.Æ> fem. a series of events. 34vu& /g˙ˇ.vu~/ <gh.ˇ.vu~> v.intr. .to dcrease. 34Sfo4 /g˙ˇ.sp˙oˇ/ <gh.ˇ.spho.ˇ> masc. .a revealing of secret. 34a /g˙.ˇa/ <gh.ˇa> fem. .a dense formation of trees, clouds etc. 34a4op /g˙.ˇa.ˇop/ <gh.ˇa.ˇo.p> masc. .1. thick clods 2. false show. 34a6vu& /g˙.ˇaÎ.vu~/ <gh.ˇa.Î.vu~> 1. to lessen 2. to reduce. 34a6o /g˙.ˇa.Îo/ <gh.ˇa.Îo> masc. decrease. 34avvu& /g˙.ˇ <gh.ˇ> to interpret. 36tr /g˙Î.tr/ <gh.Î.t.r> neut. .1. a thing made 2. training. 36p8 /g˙Î.p¯/ <gh.Î.p.¯> neut. .old age. 36vu& /g˙Î.vu~/ <gh.Î.vu~> .1. to shape 2. to mould 3. to manufacture. 36a; /g˙.Îa.i/ <gh.Îa.ii> fem. .wages for shaping, molding or manufacturing. 3i6yaX /g˙.Îi.jaÆ/ <gh.Îi.ja.Æ> fem. .1. a watch 2. a clock. 3i6yaXI /g˙.Îi.ja.Æi/ <gh.Îi.ja.Æi> masc. .a match maker. 36o /g.Îo/ <gh.Îo> masc. .a pot. 38 /g˙¯/ <gh.¯> masc. .a large heavy hammer. 38u& /g˙.¯u~/ <gh.¯u~> adj. .1. much 2. very. 3n /g˙n/ <gh.n> adj. .solid. 3m&6 /g˙.m¯Î/ <gh.m~.Î> masc. .a false pride.
  53. 53. 53 3m&6I /g˙.m¯.Îi/ <gh.m~.Îii> adj. arrogant. 3r /g˙r/ <gh.r> neut. .a home. 3rkam /g˙r.kam/ <gh.r.ka.m> neut. 1. a household work 2. a homework. 3r`cR /g˙r.k˙r.c/ <> neut. household expenses. 3rg(9u /g˙˙t˙u/ <gh.r.g.ththu> adj. produced at home. 3rcoXu& /g˙Æu~/ <Æu~> neut. 1.a silk bodies for women. 3rjma; /g˙r.Ô.mai/ <gh.r.Ô.ma.ii> masc. .a married man living with his father-in-law’s family. 3r6u& /g˙r.Îu~/ <gh.r.Îu~> adj. .old. 3rbar /g˙ <> neut. members of the family. 3rv`rI /g˙r.v.k˙.ri/ <> fem. . household things such as furniture, utensils etc. 3rs&sar /g˙r.sam.sar/ <> masc. . worldly life. 3rs&sarI /g˙ <> adj. .a person leading a worldly life. 3rak /g˙.rak/ <gh.ra.k> masc. .1. a customer 2. a client. 3re8u& /g˙.re.¯~/ <¯u~> neut. .an ornament. 3vavu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .to be wounded. 3s3sa4 /g˙s.g˙.saˇ/ <ˇ> advb. .to sleep soundly. 3s6vu& /g˙.sÎ.vu~/ <gh.s.Î.vu~> .to drag. 3s6avu& /g˙s.Î <gh.s.Î> to be dragged. 3srko /g˙.sr.ko/ <gh.s.r.ko> masc. 1. a cut 2. a scratch. 3savu& /g˙ <> v.intr. be rubbed 2. to be worn out 3. to sacrifice for others. 3&4 /g˙¯ˇ/ <gh~.ˇ> masc. .a bell. 3&46I /g˙¯ˇ.Îi/ <gh~.ˇ.Îi> fem. ..a small bell. 3&4I /g˙.¯ˇi/ <gh~.ˇii> fem. .a grinding hand-mill or machine. 3a /g˙a/ <gha> adj. .two dozen papers. 3a /g˙a/ <gha> masc. .a wound. 3a3ro /g˙g˙.ro/ <> masc. .a petticoat. 3a3rI /g˙ag˙.ri/ <> fem. .a small petticoat. 3a4 /g˙aˇ/ <gha.ˇ> masc. . a shape. 3a4Ilu& /g˙a.ˇ <gha.ˇ> adj. .well built.
  54. 54. 54 3a8 /g˙a¯/ <gha.¯> masc. .a unit of production. 3ayl /g˙a.jl/ <gha.j.l> adj. .wounded. 3arI /g˙a.ri/ <gha.rii> fem. .a kind of sweet. 3alvu& /g˙ <> .1. to thrust into 2. to penetrate. 3as /g˙as/ <gha.s> neut. .grass. 3I /g˙i/ <ghii> neut. .ghee (refined butter). 3uv6 /g˙u.vÎ/ <ghu.v.Î> masc. .an owl. 3U3rI /g˙ug˙.ri/ <> fem. .a small mealic balls (usually of ornaments). 3U3vvu& /g˙u.g˙ <> v.intr. .to roar (of sea) 3Umravu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .to turn or move around. 3UmrI /g˙um.ri/ <ghuu.m.rii> fem. .a whirlpool. 3Umvu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .to move around. 3Urkvu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .1. to roar angrily 2. to snarl. 3Usi8yu& /g˙u.s.¯i.ju~/ <ghu.s.¯i.ju~> adj. .a person with intruding nature. 3Usvu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .1. to thrust into 2. to enter forcefully or withour prior permission. 3U&48 /g˙u~.ˇ¯/ <ghuu~.ˇ.¯> masc. .the knee. 3U&4I /g˙u~.ˇi/ <ghuu~.ˇii> fem. .the shin- bone. 3U&4I /g˙u~.ˇi/ <ghuu~.ˇii> fem. .a puzzle. 3e4u& /g˙e.ˇu~/ <ghe.ˇu~> neut. .a sheep. 3en /g˙en/ <ghe.n> neut. .intoxication. 3ebr /g˙ <ghe.b.r> neut. .a kind of sweet. 3er /g˙er/ <ghe.r> masc. .circumference. 3ervu& /g˙ <> .to surround. 3eru& /g˙ <> adj. .deep or dark (usually a color). 3el2a /g˙el.c˙a/ <> fem. .a craze. 3elu& /g˙ <> adj. .craziness. 3o /g˙o/ <gho> fem. .a kind of lizard. 3o6aga6I /g˙o.Îa.g˙a.Îi/ <gho.Îa.gha.Îii> fem. .a horse- carriage. 3o6apUr /g˙o.Îa.pur/ <gho.Îa.puu.r> neut. .a sudden flood. 3o6Iyu& /g˙o.Îi.ju~/ <gho.Îii.ju~> neut. .a cradle. 3o6I /g˙o.Îi/ <gho.Îii> fem. .a mare.
  55. 55. 55 3o6o /g˙o.Îo/ <gho.Îo> masc. .a horse. 3or /g˙or/ <gho.r> adj. .terrible. 3orvu& /g˙ <> v.intr. .to snore. 3oXvu& /g˙oÆ.vu~/ <gho.Æ.vu~> .to soften by pressing on all sides. c ckckvu& / <> v.intr. shine 2. to glitter. ckckIt /ck.c.kit/ <c.k.c.kii.t> adj. .shining. ck6oX /ck.ÎoÆ/ <c.k.Îo.Æ> masc. .marry-go-round. cktI /ck.ti/ <c.k.tii> fem. .a name plate. cklo /ck.lo/ <c.k.lo> masc. .a male sparrow. cklI / <c.k.lii> fem. .a female sparrow. ckXivkX /c.kÆ.vi.kÆ/ <c.k.Æ.vi.k.Æ> adj. . frightened and puzzled. ckamu& / <> neut. .1. sun-burn 2. sore. ckasvu& / <> .to examine. ckor /c.kor/ <c.ko.r> adj. .alert. ckkr / <c.kk.r> neut. .a circle. ck/m /ck.rm/ <> masc. .a senseless person. ck/v<i)0 /ck.r.vrud˙.d˙i/ <≤.dhdhi> adj. . compound interest. ck/akar /ck.ra.kar/ <c.kra.ka.r> adj. .circular. cgdvu& / <> .1. to trample 2. to crush. cgXvu& /c.gÆ.vu~/ <c.g.Æ.vu~> .1. to chew slowly 2. to munch. cc8vu& /c.c¯.vu~/ <c.c.¯.vu~> v.exp. .to feel a burning pain. c4kvu& /c.ˇ <c.ˇ> .to string. c48I /cˇ.¯i/ <c.ˇ.¯ii> fem. .ketchup. c4p4 /cˇ.pˇ/ <c.ˇ.p.ˇ> advb. .instantly. c4p4I /cˇ.p.ˇi/ <c.ˇ.p.ˇii> fem. .uneasiness. c4a; /c.ˇai/ <c.ˇa.i> fem. .a mat. c6wtr /cÎ <c.Î.u.t.r> fem. .1. rise and fall 2. ascent and descent. c6c6vu& /cÎ.cÎ.vu~/ <c.Î.c.Î.vu~> v.intr. .to burn with a creaking sound. c6tI /cÎ.ti/ <c.Î.tii> fem. .1. rise 2. increase.
  56. 56. 56 c6tI p6tI /cÎ.ti pÎ.ti/ <c.Î.tii.p.Î.tii> fem. . rise and fall. c6tu& /cÎ.tu~/ <c.Î.tu~> adj. .rising. c6vu& /cÎ.vu~/ <c.Î.vu~> v.intr. .1. to climb 2. to rise. c6sac6sI /cÎ.sa. cÎ.si/ <c.Î.sa.c.Î.sii> fem. . intense rivalry. c6a; /c.Îai/ <c.Îa.i> fem. .an invasion. c66I /cÎ.Îi/ <c.ÎÎii> fem. .shorts. c8 /c¯/ <c.¯> masc. .grains for birds. c8vu& /c¯.vu~/ <c.¯.vu~> .to construct. c8vu& /c¯.vu~/ <c.¯.vu~> .to eat (by birds). ci8yo /c.¯ <c.¯> masc. .petticoat. c8o /c.¯o/ masc. <c.¯o> a grain of gram. ctur /c.tur/ <c.tu.r> adj. .clever. ctura /c.tu.ra/ <c.tu.ra> fem. .a clever woman (used mainly in literary language) ctura; /c.tu.rai/ <c.tu.ra> fem. .cleverness. cp4I /cp.ˇi/ <c.p.ˇii> fem. .a snap of fingers. cpX /c.pÆ/ <c.p.Æ> adj. .skilful. cpa4I /ˇi/ <ˇii> fem. .a bread. cpocp /c.po.cp/ <c.po.c.p> advb. .quickly. cPpu /cp.pu/ <cp.pu> neut. .a knife. cbr`I /˙i/ <c.b.r.khii> fem. .a small piece of paper (mainly hand written) cbrak /cb.rak/ <c.b.ra.k> adj. .1.clever 2. talkative. cbUtro / <> masc. .a public bird feeder. cmk / <c.m.k> fem. .brightness. cmco / <> masc. .a spoon. cmTkar / <c.m.tka.r> masc. .a miracle. cmelI / <> fem. .a kind of flower plant. crk /c.rk/ <c.r.k> fem. .a bird’s excrement. cr`o /cr.k˙o/ <c.r.kho> masc. .a spinning wheel. cr8 /c.r¯/ <c.r.¯> masc. .legs (formal).
  57. 57. 57 crbI / <c.r.bii> fem. .fat. crvu& / <> .to graze. cir{a /c.rit.r/ <> neut. .character. cru / <> masc. .a pot with broad mouth. ccRvu& / <> .to discuss. ccaR / <c.rca> fem. .discussion. cl8 /c.l¯/ <c.l.¯> neut. .currency. cva8u& /¯u~/ <¯u~> neut. .a type of food. cskvu& / <> v.intr. slip 2. to escape 3. to be lost- minded. csko /cs.ko/ <c.s.ko> masc. .1.mascular pain 2. addiction. chero / <> masc. .a face. cX /cÆ/ <c.Æ> fem. .itching sensation. cXvX /c.vÆ/ <c.Æ.v.Æ> fem. .a movement. cXvu& /cÆ.vu~/ <c.Æ.vu~> v.intr. .1. to move 2. to break a promise. cXam8 /c.Æa.m¯/ <c.Æa.m.¯> neut. .leftover after sifting. c&cX /cµ.cÆ/ <c~.c.Æ> adj. .unsteady. c&dn /cn.dn/ <c~.d.n> neut. .a sandal-tree. c&± /cn.dr/ <c~.dr> masc. .the moon. c&pl / <c~.p.l> masc. .sleeper. c&po /cm.po/ <c~.po> masc. .a flower plant. ca /ca/ <ca> fem. .tea. cakI / <ca.kii> fem. .a small metal bolt. caku /ca.ku/ <ca.ku> neut. .a knife. ca`vu& /cak˙.vu~/ <> .to taste. ca4vu& /caˇ.vu~/ <ca.ˇ.vu~> .to lick. ca5u& /ca.ˇ˙u~/ <ca.ˇhu~> neut. .1. a scar 2. a skin-burn. caplUsI / <> fem. .flattery. cab`o /cab.k˙o/ <ca.b.kho> masc. .1. a whip 2. a kind of poem that criticizes social evils. cabUk /ca.buk/ <ca.buu.k> masc. .a whip. cam6I /cam.Îi/ <ca.m.Îii> fem. .skin. cam6u& /cam.Îu~/ <ca.m.Îu~> neut. .leather. camacI6Iyu& /Îi.ju~/ <Îii.ju~> neut. .a bat.
  58. 58. 58 car /car/ <ca.r> fem. .1. fresh grass 2. fodder. car8 /ca.r¯/ <ca.r.¯> masc. .1. a bard 2. a name of a caste/ community. carpa; /car.pai/ <> fem. .a cot. cair{a /ca.rit.r/ <> neut. .character. caro / <> masc. .fodder. cal /cal/ <ca.l> fem. .style of walking. cal /cal/ <ca.l> fem. .a strategy. cal /cal/ <ca.l> masc. .1. a tradition 2. a custom. calclgt / <ca.l.c.l.g.t> fem. . behavior. calba@ /Ôi/ <Ôii> fem. cleverness. calvu& / <> v.intr. .to walk. calak /ca.lak/ <> adj. .1.clever 2. skilful. calakI / <> fem. .1. a trick 2. cleverness. calu / <> adj. .1.moving 2. a person with loose character. cavvu& / <> .to chew. cavI / <ca.vii> fem. .a key. cas /cas/ <ca.s> masc. .a furrow. caX8I /ca.Æ.¯i/ <ca.Æ.¯ii> fem. .a sieve. caXvu& /caÆ.vu~/ <ca.Æ.vu~> .to sift. calIs /ca.lis/ <> adj. .forty. co&c /cø~c/ <co~.c> fem. .a beak. ca&c6 /ca~.cÎ/ <co~.c.Î> masc. .a flea. ca&d /ca~d/ <co~.d> masc. .the moon. ca&dnI / <co~.d.nii> fem. .moonlight. ca&dlo /ca~d.lo/ <ca~.d.lo> masc. .an auspicious mark done on the forehead. ca&dI /ca~.di/ <ca~.dii> fem. .silver. ca&dI /ca~.di/ <ca~.dii> fem. .syphilis. ca&du& /ca~.du~/ <ca~.du~> neut. .an ulcer. ca&do / <> masc. .the moon. ca&p /ca~p/ <ca~.p> fem. .a switch. ca&plu& / <> adj. .over wise. ickar /ci.kar/ <ci.ka.r> adj. .full. iccyarI /cic.ja.ri/ <ci.c.ja.rii> fem. .a shrilling cry. ic55I /ciˇ˙.ˇ˙i/ <ci.ˇhˇhii> fem. .1. a note 2. a small informal letter. ic6avu& /ci.Î <ci.Î> v.intr. .to be vexed. icta /ci.ta/ <ci~.ta> fem. .a funeral-pyre.
  59. 59. 59 ictar /ci.tar/ <ci.ta.r> masc. .1.a picture 2. a detail narration. ic]a /cit.t/ <> neut. .the mind. ic]ao / <ci.tto> masc. .1.a panther 2. a leopard. ic{a /cit.r/ <> neut. .1. a picture 2. a drawing. icbavlu& / <> adj. 1.overwise 2. childish. icbuk /ci.buk/ <ci.buu.k> fem. .the chin. icr&@vI /ci.rn..Ô <ci.r~.Ôii.vii> adj. 1. having longevity 2. also used to address a son, a daughter or any person who is younger to the addresser. icrag /ci.rag/ <ci.ra.g> masc. .a lamp. ich.n /cih..n/ <> neut. .1. a mark 2. a trait. ic&tk / <ci~.t.k> masc. .thinker. ic&tn / <ci~.t.n> neut. .1. deep thinking 2. meditation. ic&ta /cin.ta/ <ci~.ta> fem. .worry. cIk8u& /cik.¯u~/ <ci.k.¯u~> adj. .1. sticky 2. greasy. cIkI / <cii.kii> fem. .a kind of sweet. cIku /ci.ku/ <cii.ku> neut. .1. a tree 2. a fruit of the cIku tree. cIj /ciÔ/ <ci.Ô> fem. .a thing. cI6 /ciÎ/ <cii.Î> fem. .disgust. cItrvu& / <> .1. to sketch 2. to draw. cItXo /cit.Æo/ <cii.t.Æo> masc. .a kind of serpent. cInI / <cii.nii> adj. .Chinese. cIp /cip/ <cii.p> fem. .1. a strip 2. a deal in the card game. cIipyo / <> masc. .pincers. cIbu& /ci.bu~/ <cii.bu~> adj. .flat-nosed. cImXvu& /ci.mÆ.vu~/ <ci.m.Æ.vu~> .1. to pinch 2. to twist. cIrvu& / <> .1. to tear 2. to split. cIrI /ci.ri/ <cii.rii> fem. .a slice of fruit or pickle. cIro / <> masc. .1. a cut 2. a long piece of cloth. cIv4 /ci.vˇ/ <cii.v.ˇ> fem. .care. cIs /cis/ <cii.s> fem. .a scream. cI&9ru& /ci~t˙.ru~/ <> neut. .a arg. cI&9rehal /cith˙.re.hal/ <> adj. 1. dressed in rags 2. extremely poor. cI&0vu& /ci~d˙.vu~/ <> .to point with a finger.
  60. 60. 60 cUkado / <> masc. .a judgment. cu6el /cu.Îel/ <cu.Îe.l> fem. .a kind of female ghost. cup /cup/ <cuu.p> adj. .quite. cUpkIdI / <cu.p.kii.dii> fem. .silence. cUpcap /cup.cap/ <> advb. .stealthily. cUSt /cus.t/ <> adj. .1. tight 2. staunch. cu&gal /cu˜.gal/ <> fem. .1. a claw 2. a trap. cu&gI /cu˜.gi/ <cu~.gii> fem. .a smoking- pipe. cu&bn / <cu~.b.n> neut. .a kiss. cu&maXIs /Æis/ <Æii.s> adj. .forty four. cu&moter / <> adj. .seventy four. cUkvvu& / <> .to make the payment. cUkvu& / <> v.intr. .to miss. cUgvu& / <> .to eat (by birds). cU6I /cu.Îi/ <cuu.Îii> fem. .a bangle. cUnI / <cuu.nii> fem. .a nose ring. cUmvu& / <> .to kiss. cUlo /cu.lo/ <cuu.lo> masc. .a fire-place for cooking. cUvu& / <> v.intr. .to ooze. cUsvu& / <> .to suck. cU&k /cu~k/ <cu~.k> fem. .stomach pain. cU&k /cu~k/ <cuu~.k> fem. .a nail. cU&9vu& /cu~t˙.vu~/ <> .to ransack. cU&d6I /cu~nd.Îi/ <cu~.d.Îii> fem. .a kind of sari. cekvu& / <> .to erase. cetn / <ce.t.n> adj. .animate. cetna / <> fem. .consciousness. cetv8I /¯i/ <ce.t.v.¯ii> fem. .1.a warning 2. caution. cetvvu& / <> .to warn. cetvu& / <> v.intr. .to be alert. cen /cen/ <ce.n> neut. .peace. cep /cep/ <ce.p> masc. .infection.
  61. 61. 61 celo /ce.lo/ <ce.lo> masc. .a male disciple. celI / <ce.lo> fem. .a female disciple. cev6o /cev.Îo/ <ce.v.Îo> masc. .a food item. ceh /ceh/ <ce.h> fem. .a funeral pyre. cEtNy / <c.t.nj> neut. .1. life-spirit 2. the supreme being. cE{a /cit.r/ <> masc. .the sixth month of the Vikram year. cok /cøk/ <co.k> masc. .a square. cok6I /cøk.Îi/ <co.k.Îii> fem. .1. a washing place in house 2. a place where four roads cross. cokks /cok.ks/ <co.kk.s> advb. .surely. coksI /cø <co.k.sii> masc. .1. a surname 2. a dealer in gold and silver. cokI /cø.ki/ <co.kii> fem. .1. a police station 2. a watch-gate. co`a /co.k˙a/ <co.kha> masc. .rice. co~`a.; /cok˙.k˙a.i/ <co.khkha.ii> adj. .cleanliness. co~`u& /cok˙.k˙u~/ <co.khkhu~> adj. .clean. cogan /co.gan/ <> neut. .a plain. co36Iyu& /co.g˙.Îi.ju~/ <Îio.ju~> neut. .a unit of time divided to determine auspicious and inauspicious period. co4 /coˇ/ <co.ˇ> fem. .a blow. co4vu& /cøˇ.vu~/ <co.ˇ.vu~> v.intr. .to stick. co6vu& /cøÎ.vu~/ <co.Î.vu~> .to strike. cotrf /co.t.rp˙/ <> advb. .on all sides. co{aIs /cøt.ris/ <co.trii.s> adj. .thirty four. co9 /cot˙/ <> fem. .fouth day of both of the fortnights of a lunar month. co0ar /co.d˙ar/ <co.dha.r> adj. .immense (tears and rain) copgu& / <> adj. quadruped. cop6vu& /co.pÎ.vu~/ <co.p.Î.vu~> .1. to lubricate 1. to grease. cop6I /cop.Îi/ <co.p.Îii> fem. .a book. cop6o /cop.Îo/ <co.p.Îo> masc. .an account book. copn / <co.p.n> adj. .fifty four. copanIyu& / <> neut. .a pamphlet. comasu& / <> neut. monsoon.
  62. 62. 62 cor /cor/ <co.r> masc. .a thief. corvu& / <> .to steal. cors / <co.r.s> masc. .1. a square figure 2. a square. cora=I /co.ra.ßi/ <co.ra.ßii> adj. .eighty four. corI /co.ri/ <co.rii> fem. .a theft. corI /cø.ri/ <co.rii> fem. .a square structure where marriage ritaul is performed. coro /cø.ro/ <> masc. .a public meeting place in villages. covIs /co.vis/ <co.vii.s> adj. .twenty four. cos5 /co.sˇ˙/ <co.s.ˇh> adj. .sixty four. coslu& / <> neut. .a thick block or slice. coXvu& /coÆ.vu~/ <co.Æ.vu~> .to rub. coXa /co.Æa/ <co.Æa> masc. .a kind of pulse. coXI /co.Æi/ <co.Æii> fem. a woman’s bodies. co&kvu& / <> v.intr. .to be startled. cOd /cud/ <cu.d> adj. .fourteen. 2 2 /c˙/ <ch> adj. .six. 2kvu& /c˙ <> v.intr. .to go astray. 2kko /ck.ko/ <ch.kko> masc. .the six in a suit of playing cards. 22u&dr /c˙.c˙un.dr/ <ch.chu~.d.r> neut. .a mole. 24kvu& /c˙.ˇ <ch.ˇ> v.intr. .1. to slip away 2. to escape. 24ku& /c˙ˇ.ku~/ <ch.ˇ> neut. .a trap. 25 /c˙ˇ˙/ <ch.ˇh> fem. .sixth day of the fortnight of the Hindu month. 26vu& /c˙Î.vu~/ <ch.Î.vu~> .to thrash. 26a /c˙.Îa/ <ch.Îa> masc. .anklets. 28kvu& /c˙.¯ <ch.¯> v.intr. .to speak angrily. 28ko /c˙¯.ko/ <ch.¯.ko> masc. .a rude angry uterance. 2t /c˙t/ <ch.t> fem. .availability. 2t /c˙t/ <ch.t> fem. .a ceiling. 2ta& /c˙.ta~/<ch.ta~> advb. .however. 2{aI /c˙t.ri/ <ch.trii> fem. .an umbrella. 2{aIs /c˙t.ris/ <ch.trii.s> adj. .thirty six.